On With Life, Inc.headway magazineSUMMER 2018a letter from our CEOOn With Life, Inc.715 SW Ankeny RoadAnkeny, IA e.orgAbout the Cover:Ryan Jansa, person served, and Jillian Jones,Outpatient physical therapist.Photo by Brice Musgrove, Images by BriceBoards of DirectorsOn With Life, Inc.Janet Phipps Burkhead, JD, MPA, ChairThomas J. Friedman, Vice ChairKate Benson Larson, MA, CRC, CDMS, CLCP, SecretaryTracy Bollin, CPA, CMA, TreasurerGail Boliver, JD, MBA, MSArthur Filean, MBAMarc Harding, JD, DOCarl Harris, FSA, MAAA, FCAMeredith Lamberti, JDVilia M. Tarvydas, Ph.D., CRCDonna Walter, MBAEli J. Wirtz, JDDavid Zielke, CPAOn With Life, Ltd.Eli J. Wirtz, JD, PresidentWilliam Campbell, Ph.D., Vice PresidentJean Shelton, MBA, FACHE, SecretaryLarry Kruse, TreasurerKate Benson Larson, MA, CRC, CDMS, CLCPSybil Finken, BADiana Hoogestraat, MSW, LISWJohn Snyder, AIAOn With Life Supportive Housing, Corp.Arthur Filean, MBA, PresidentJean Shelton, MBA, FACHE, Vice PresidentDonna Walter, MBA, Secretary/TreasurerMeredith Lamberti, JDOn With Life FoundationJeffrey Lamberti, JD, PresidentGail Boliver, JD, MBA, MS, Vice PresidentArthur Filean, MBA, SecretaryThomas J. Friedman, TreasurerWilliam Campbell, Ph.D.Libby CrimmingsCarl Harris, FSA, MAAA, FCAJean Shelton, MBA, FACHEDouglas A. West, CFPAndrea WoodardSteve Van OortHeadway Magazine is published bi-yearly by On With Life, a not-forprofit organization and a Midwest leader in brain injury rehabilitation.Email change of address information or request to be removed from ourmailing list to [email protected] - onwithlife.orgI recently had the pleasure of having lunch with one of our foundingfamily members. We dined at a local restaurant and each receiveda fortune cookie. Hers read “Someone is interested in you,” andmine read “You are embarking on a new journey.” Both fortunes fitus to a T! I was a bit nervous about meeting with a founder – whatdo you say to someone who with several other committed familiescreated something so great where nothing existed? Imagine workingrelentlessly to build a dedicated program for those living with a braininjury.From these founding families came more chapters to our story,including our long-term care facility in Glenwood which was originallydesigned to respond to the huge lack of facilities for adolescents,young adults and adults who needed more care than a homeenvironment could offer. Thanks to the leadership of local Glenwoodbusiness leaders, Dr. William Campbell and Marv Tooman, we wereable to again fill a huge need and offer hope and comfort to ourpersons served and family members. Dr. Campbell still serves onseveral of our boards and always joins us with a song and a smile.Many of our persons served have been with us for many years and areno longer ‘young adults,’ but they still benefit from the compassionateand dedicated therapy and care offered by our team.Our mission is to join hands, hearts and minds to help personsliving with brain injury get "On With Life." Our continuum and teammembers are here because of this mission, and because of thehard work of our founders: Mary Berg, Daniel Bruflodt, Dr. WilliamCampbell, Shirley Cook, Charles Denhart, Betty Rose Gerberich, FranHerring, Kathy Rabe Herring, Paul Jorgensen, Renee King, DorisKonkol, William McMordie, Ruth Sandvick, John W. Smith, BobbieSpeer, Marv Tooman and Eli Wirtz. They began this journey manyyears ago based on the concept of hope, and I now thank them for thegreat honor of allowing me to be a part of this journey!Jean Shelton, CEOSeptember 14September 28October 18On With LifeBrain Injury RehabilitationFall ConferenceFFA Enrichment CenterCelebrate LifeFundraising EventFFA Enrichment CenterSips. Sounds. Support.Fundraising EventVine Street CellarsAnkeny, IAGlenwood, IAAnkeny, IA

contentsSUMMER 20182A Letter from Our CEO4Happenings5Photo Page: On With Life Experts6Reports from the Community8An Unquestionable Commitment10People Making a Difference12Q&A with Our Rehabilitation Clinical Liaison13Photo Page: Therapy Grounds Update14Spotlight on Supported Community Living15Lolo - Man's Best Friend InspiresFOUNDATION FEATURES16A Note from Our Development Specialist17Upcoming Fundraising Events18Philanthropy in Action20On With Life Fall ConferenceJon, person served at On With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Care program in Glenwood, IA, can’t decide if he wants to hang out in Iowaor Nebraska during a recent visit to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Also known as the Footbridge, the walking path connectsCouncil Bluffs to Omaha’s Riverfront. Jon is pictured with therapeutic activity specialist, Jennifer Barbour.headway magazine - 3

happeningsParkinson’s Association Optimism Walk at On With LifeOn With LifeOutpatient staffand personsserved at the 2017LSVT Parkinson'sProgram ReunionOn With Life is proud to hostthe inaugural Optimism Walk forParkinson’s Disease on Saturday,September 29, 2018! The walk will takeplace within the therapy grounds ofthe On With Life Ankeny Campus andis part of a nationwide movement tomobilize and inspire people to help putan end to Parkinson’s Disease.“We are honored to have to opportunityto host this event in honor of thosewe serve at On With Life and acrossIowa who are living with Parkinson’sDisease,” said Tammy Miller, outpatientcare manager at On With Life andcurrent American Parkinson DiseaseAssociation Iowa Chapter boardmember. “It is an important part of ourmission within the Outpatient programto create programing and advocate forthose living with the disease.”On With Life began offering aParkinson’s Disease LSVT Big and Loudprogram in 2013 and has helped morethan 500 individuals living with thedisease to increase function, increaseindependence and improve their qualityof life. In addition to the LSVT Big andLoud programing, On With Life offersan LSVT/Parkinson’s support group, aParkinson’s boxing program, adaptedyoga classes and individual Parkinson’stherapy programming depending on theneeds of each individual.To learn more about the Optimism Walk orOn With Life’s Parkinson’s programming,please visit With Life to Add New Team MemberOn With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Careprogram in Glenwood, Iowa, will be addinga new team member to their programsoon – a golden retriever companionshipdog.David, person servedin the Long-Termprogram, enjoys visitsfrom volunteer pettherapy dogs.4 -“Having an in-house pet will enhance ourperson-centered care approach at On WithLife,” said Belinda DeBolt, administratorof the Long-Term program. “The dog willbe interacting with persons served andproviding spontaneous engagement withthem on a daily basis.”On With Life has a strong history ofinvolving pets into the rehabilitation andcare of those served, including the use ofpet therapy visits from outside volunteersand utilizing them in therapy interventionsto increase engagement.“The persons served and staff are alreadyplanning ways to welcome the puppy,including a contest to name the newpuppy!” said Belinda. “We’re excitedto see how the dog enriches the uniqueprogram we’ve built here.”Help us prepare for our new teammember by checking out our AmazonWish List at

The team of experts at On With Lifehave dedicated their careers to helpingthose we serve and are often invitedto share their expertise on a nationallevel. We’d like to introduce you to a fewof our experts and share why they chooseOn With Life as their employer of choice.fostrepxEehT on with lifeTo learn more about career opportunities atOn With Life visit“I am encouraged to pursueadditional certifications whileworking at On With Life. Thisallows me to grow professionallyto provide the very best carepossible for the individuals I’mprivileged to serve.”Andrea Cherry, RN, EMT,CBIS, MANDTNurse1 YEAR“Using the power of music tocreate experiences to help usexpress, move, motivate, relaxor communicate with eachother instantly is priceless. I amreminded daily what hard workand perseverance are all aboutfrom our persons served andtheir families.”Amy Bishop, MT-BC, CBISMusic Therapist16 YEARS"As a CARF surveyor Ireviewed a number ofrehabilitation programsnationwide and would putOn With Life up againstanyone in this country inour proficiency in pursuingrehabilitation for personswith brain injuries andstrokes."David Demarest, Ph.D.,CBISTNeuropsychologist10 YEARS“I chose healthcare informationtechnology as my career path forone reason – it allows me to connectmore with people. I am grateful forthe opportunity to help many of ourpersons served and families betterunderstand the health insurance worldduring one of the hardest times intheir life.”Jillian Noah, CPC, CPBMedical Billing andCoding Coordinator1 YEAR"I have been fortunate to becomeclose to our volunteers whogenerously give of their time andgifts – they are really specialpeople. I am very grateful to workwith such wonderful people whopassionately serve our families andeach other every day."Ann LenaghanExecutive Assistant andVolunteer Coordinator9 YEARS"Working at On WithLife reminds me howcompassion giveseveryone joy--not onlypersons served, but alsoteam members whowork here. Gentlenessand kindness are sharedevery day."Belinda DeBolt,MHA, LNHAAdministrator1 YEAR“The atmosphere and quality ofstaff at On With Life are trulyunmatched. From extensive trainingto conversations with my peersand persons served, I’m constantlylearning as a professional andas a person.”Magen Renner, CRTS, CBISResidential Support Lead2 YEARSheadway magazine - 5

reportsFROM THEcommunityonlia, at law school graduatiSam (right) with friend, JuA NEW PERSPECTIVESAM NORDSTROMPost-Acute Inpatient RehabilitationAdmit: 08/17/17Discharge: 11/10/17Outpatient Neuro RehabilitationAdmit: 01/03/18Discharge: 3/29/18Determined to overcome, Sam Nordstromwouldn’t let a brain tumor get in her way offinishing law school. Surgery to remove thebenign tumor left her confused with virtually nofeeling on the left side of her body. The doctorswere able to relieve the pressure on her brain,but she was still unable to walk or move her leftside.Set on finishing her final year and graduatingwith her class at Drake University, Sam wantedthe best possible rehabilitation. “I had heardgreat things about On With Life and knew thatit was where I wanted to be,” she says. “Icouldn't wait to get there.”For Sam, it was important to keep with heractive lifestyle during rehabilitation, so shecoordinated a talent show for persons servedand a food drive for the Animal RescueLeague. She was also able to continue with6 - onwithlife.orgher law degree by finishing up coursework andtaking a licensing test while at On With Life.Her therapists and nursing team were theresupporting her every step of the way.“One of the nursing assistants drove me tocampus at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday to take mylicensing exam,” Sam says. “I passed, whichwas a pretty big deal!”Sam graduated from law school with highhonors in May. She walked with her class atcommencement just ten months after her braininjury, and she credits On With Life for gettingher to where she is today.“Just about one year ago I didn’t know what myfuture would look like, but today I have a careerto work towards that I’m really excited about,”she says. “Things are really coming full circle.”

ACHIEVINGNEW GOALSMATT DIERCKSPost-Acute InpatientRehabilitationAdmit: 10/05/10Discharge: 04/22/11LIFE COMESFULL CIRCLEMatt with hisniece, Brynn,at the 2017 Iowa State FairDILLON SCHNITZLERPost-Acute InpatientRehabilitationAdmit: 04/06/17Discharge: 07/12/17Dillon and his son,IvanMatt Diercks knows firsthand that life canchange in the blink of an eye. A motorcycleaccident left him in a coma for more thanfour months, including some of his first daysat On With Life. His father, Jeff, remembershow terrifying those first months really were.Nobody knew what Dillon Schnitzler’s recoverywould be after a motor vehicle accident in 2017left him in a coma. The young father suddenlyhad little memory of life before the accident. Hisfamily fought for him to get to On With Life forlife-changing rehabilitation.“Being told your son has a brain injury is oneof the hardest things you could ever hear,”Jeff says. “When you first start out, you justdon’t know where you’re going to be. It wasa long haul, but luckily Matt was up for thechallenge.”Adjusting to On With Life was difficult forDillon, but his family called him every night andinspired him to keep working toward recovery.He is still grateful for the compassion his teamat On With Life showed him, even in sometough moments.After emerging from his coma, Matt beganreaching milestones in record time. The oneon-one therapy he received at On With Lifehelped him turn the corner and eventuallywalk on his own. One activity that heparticularly enjoyed was aquatic therapy.“The staff at On With Life were incredible,”he says. “I could be challenging to work withduring my recovery, but my team was so caringand kept me focused on recovery.”“He loves the water and has his whole life,so his therapists seized any opportunity theycould to work with him in the pool,” Jeffsays.These days, Matt continues to achieve hisgoals. His passion for the water grew intoa business where he provides tours of theMississippi River on his pontoon boat. Bothhis business and job as a driver for Enterprisegive Matt an opportunity to meet new peopleevery day.Matt formed close bonds with his team at OnWith Life, and he even attended the weddingof one of his nurses. Matt and his familystill try to get back to On With Life and givethanks to the people who changed his life.“On With Life is more than great – they’rethe best,” Matt says. “They made me who Iam today.”Dillon’s therapy at On With Life helped himregain the skills he needed to return to his jobas a machinery operator at a manufacturingplant. He is thankful that his therapy teampushed him to keep going, and he wasimpressed with how much he has achieved.“The fact that I’m able to walk on my own andremember how to perform the tasks I did on thejob is remarkable,” Dillon says. “Nobody wouldhave guessed I would be able to continue at myjob.”Dillon’s time at On With Life also helped himrefocus on what was important in his life,including his son. Today, he cherishes the timehe gets to spend with his family and credits OnWith Life for rebuilding him as an individual anda father.“If I wouldn’t have come to On With Life aftermy accident, I’m not sure where I would beright now,” Dillon says. “My therapy helped mebecome the person I am today.”headway magazine - 7

Ryan, Loloand hisOutpatientphysicaltherapist,Jillian JonesRyan during an inpatienttherapy session withtherapists Megan Ihrkeand Amy BishopANU NQUESTIONABLECOMMITMENTWhile life throws him obstacles,Ryan Jansa is focused on his future.There were so many questions when Ryan Jansa was found clinging to lifewith severe head injuries in an Iowa City alley in the early morning hours ofMay 14, 2016.What happened? How did he end up there?What was his prognosis? Was he going to make it?With all the questions swirling, there was onething that there was no question about: Ryan’swillingness to fight.Ryan and his family relaxing outdoorsduring his Inpatient stay at On With Life8 - onwithlife.orgThe 24-year-old had been out with friends the night before. He was separatedfrom his group as the night wound down and, to this day, it is unclearwhat happened to him. Ryan arrived at the hospital in a coma, a conditionhe remained in for days. After enduring several surgeries to alleviate thepressure and swelling in his brain, he recovered to the point that he couldbegin the arduous process of rehabilitation.

Making ProgressSeeing the SignsWith his family by hisside, Ryan began hisrehabilitation at On WithLife in Ankeny. Whenhe arrived it was unclearwhat level of function hewould regain. One thingtherapists and supportstaff knew, he wasn’t inthe fight alone.But even with the tall task of helpingRyan get back to living life on his ownterms, Amy says she saw signs earlyin his care that made her confidenthe was going to leave On With Life inmuch better shape than he arrived.Ryan and On With Life staff celebrateon his Inpatient graduation day“I could tell instantly that Ryan was special with howhis family described him when we first met,” saysAmy deBuhr, DPT, CBIS, CCI, Ryan’s primary physicaltherapist when he arrived in Ankeny. “Their love,devotion, and positive attitude proved that Ryan wouldbe successful in his rehab.”Now two years removed from the accident, Ryan isthriving as he continues to put his life back together.“What I appreciate most in life is being able to do allthe little things that I used to take for granted, that Iwasn't able to do after my accident,” Ryan says. “Thisinjury really helped me to see all the things that reallymatter in life."Making ConnectionsBeing surrounded by family and a care team that wasfocused on helping him recover was crucial for Ryan.When he arrived at On With Life, he was completelydependenton othersThis injury really helpedto take careme to see all the thingsof even histhat really matter in life.most basicneeds.Ryan had to re-learn to eat, read, write, walk andtalk. Looking back on his care, he says it was theconnections he was able to make that motivatedhim to work as hard as possible to get back to livingindependently.“There were so many staff members I bondedwith,” Ryan says. “Everyone there was so friendlyand personable. The CNAs all helped take care ofa lot of my personal needs, I bonded well with thekitchen staff, and the therapists were always amazing.Everyone worked together to help me be moreindependent again.”The bonding was a two-way street. Amy recalls vividlyhow impressed she was with the commitment Ryan’sfamily made to his recovery.“His family was very easy to get close to and havingPatti (Ryan’s mother) in sessions every day madegetting to know Ryan easier, especially when hecouldn’t communicate at first,” Amy says. “They wereopen and honest and positive, but also realistic inRyan’s journey.”“When Ryan started followingcommands for movement andwriting forcommunication I knew he wasgoing to make great progress,”Amy says. “Once he was ableto communicate, his sassypersonality, sense of humor, andzest for life was evident. Thismade working with him each daya blessing. It also aided Ryan inhis progress and helped him getto where he is today.”Ryan also recalls a milestonein his recovery. One that manywould dismiss as minor."My most memorable thing atOn With Life was the excitementI had when I was able to movemy left leg for the first time," heRyan and his mom,says. "It was a team effort to getPatti, during anme back to doing everyday tasksOutpatient sessionagain." Ryan's mom, Patti Jansa,was an important part of that teameffort. "Ryan came to me and said 'Whatever it takes, Iwant to fight for my life back,' and we all supported thatevery step of the way" Patti says. "The On With Life staffgave him the tools and confidence to know he couldaccomplish anything - they helped him realize he had alife to fight for."Focused on the FutureAmy says there are no sure things when it comes totraumatic brain injuries, but that she saw somethingspecial in Ryan.“Every brain injury is different, and Ryan is certainlyunique in the fact that he recovered well both physicallyand cognitively,” she says. “I still see him working hardevery week in Outpatient to continue his rehabilitationwhich further proves his determination to succeed.”“I can't thank everyone involved in my therapy, thestaff and my family, enough for all they did to help meget on with my life,” Ryan says, choosing not to dwellon that fateful night in the spring of 2016 but instead tolook forward to what life offers him moving forward.“It has really given me a new purpose in life,” hecontinues, “and I am grateful for the life that I nowhave.”headway magazine - 9

people making aWalnut Creek ChurchWalnut Creek ChurchvolunteersInstead of celebratinga long three-dayweekend with a party,a group from WalnutCreek Church in DesMoines has spent thelast five years givingup their Memorial Dayweekend to volunteerat On With Life. It’s partof their Mission to theCity program, wheremembers of the churchset aside their busyschedules for a week and servingGreater Des Moines with thousandsof hours of community service.“Mission to the City is aconcentrated effort to serve ourcommunity through many differentfacets. We aim to introduce ourpeople to all the different needs ofthe community around us with ahope to cultivate a heart to serveand bless,” said Shaly Moyal,Administrator and Conference and10 - onwithlife.orgEvents Coordinator at Walnut CreekChurch. “We chose On With Lifebecause Alison Whitaker, a speechlanguage pathologist at On WithLife, suggested it. We aim to servein places where our people arealready connected, getting to lovethose with whom they interact.”Mission to the City has beeninstrumental in helping with variouslandscaping and exterior projects atOn With Life.“The group has watched On WithLife grow and expand over thepast five years in the same waywe’ve watched their group growand expand with marriages andchildren,” said On With Life’senvironmental planner, CindyFriedrichsen. “They are an amazinggroup doing amazing things in theircommunity.”Interested in volunteering? and complete ourvolunteer inquiry form.

David Zielke, Board MemberAs CFO of The Iowa Clinic, David Zielkerecognizes and appreciates the importance ofsmall, independent healthcare organizationslike On With Life. He joined the On WithLife, Inc. Board of Directors in 2011, and OnWith Life has grown and expanded under hisstrategic planning expertise.What drew you to the On WithLife mission?David ZielkeThe organization draws youin, and you very quicklyfeel a part of it. This isn’tjust volunteering for acommunity organization –this is something different,unique and special that’s ledby the servant leadership ofthe staff. Their compassionand dedication to theindividuals they serve areinspiring.What inspires you to continue serving on theBoard of Directors?I enjoy special projects that make adifference. I like change and looking at howwe can take an impossible challenge andmaking something good. This is a fascinatingchallenge for me, as we look at how we canbest provide for the future. On With Life willthrive with its commitment to innovation,growth and change.What are your goals for On With Life?On With Life is uniquely situated acrossthe country with its expertise in brain injury.People will travel wherever they are goingto receive the best care, and that’s On WithLife. On With Life deserves a much granderreputation beyond Central Iowa, and we’repoised to do it. I’m really excited about thefuture of On With Life.First United Methodist ChurchWhat started as an opportunityfor first-time runners to trainfor a 5k together has turned into an annual race that benefitsOn With Life’s programs andservices. The First UnitedMethodist Church in Ankenyholds Miles for Miracles, anannual 5K race that welcomesrunners of all abilities tocomplete and give back to a localnon-profit.“We chose On With Life becausea member of our church wasserved at On With Life. Herrecovery was truly a miracle,”said Marcie Mulford, ministrysupport specialist and educationassistant. “We witnessed firsthand the great work being doneby On With Life, and it inspiredus to give back.”While the race is open to anyonein the community, includingseasoned runners, Marcie saysher favorite part is watchingfirst-time runners complete theirfirst 5k.“The first year we chose OnWith Life as our recipient,we invited persons served toparticipate in the race. Onewoman was so determined tofinish the race; she kept goingeven in the pouring rain, but shefinished the race,” said Marcie.“As I cheered her on at thefinish line, I felt so proud andjoyful to be a part of her victory."Learn more about the 2018race on October 7 by, past person served, andtherapist Sarah Becker during aprevious Miles for Miracles event.headway magazine - 11

GET TO KNOWQ AJanice PlewRehabilitation Clinical LiaisonJanice PlewRN, CBISJanice and husband, KevinExperience:Registered Nurse withexperience in PostAnesthesia Care, TelephoneTriage, Physical Medicineand Rehab/Orthopedics,Clinic Management, andHome Care. RehabilitationClinical Liaison at On WithIowa StateLife for one and a half years.Universitygraduate Education:studentAlejandraAssociates Degree inFeliciano Nursing,stands Des Moinesnext to herteam’sAreaCommunity College,proposal Certifiedfor the Brain InjuryOn With LifeSpecialisttherapy garden.Family:My husband, Kevin, and I liveTo help prepare,in Ankeny with our Americanstudents StaffordshireusedTerrier, Nassir.wheelchairsto experienceThree Interesting Facts:navigating Icurbsgrew up on a small farmand to see intheMonroe, Iowa.I decided in the secondoutdoors froma different grade that I was going tobe a nurse.perspective. I like to read, craft, andride my motorcycle.12 - onwithlife.orgSelecting a rehabilitation program following a stroke or traumatic brain injurycan be a very hard decision. Taking some time to understand options isan important part of the process for any family. There are various settingsthat offer programs for inpatient rehabilitation. Janice Plew, On With Life’sRehabilitation Clinical Liaison, discusses the various rehabilitation levels ofcare, including the unique level offered at On With Life.What are the different levels of careprovided in rehabilitation facilities?A: There are three common levelsof care for those individuals needingrehabilitation including acuterehabilitation (often in a hospitalsetting); long-term acute care (oftenin a hospital setting); and skillednursing facilities (often outsideof a hospital setting). The majordifferences between these settingsincludes the amount of therapyreceived, the level of medical needsof those served, the frequency ofphysician visits, nursing hours perperson served, areas of specialtyexpertise and length of stay.Q: What is the rehabilitation level of careprovided by On With Life?A: On With Life is a particularlyunique program as we are a hybrid ofthe traditional levels of rehabilitationand our sole focus is brain injury(such as stroke, traumatic braininjury, tumor or aneurysm). Weprovide 3-5 hours of therapy a day inour intensive inpatient rehabilitationprogram, similar to a hospital-basedacute rehabilitation program. Ourphysicians and rehabilitation nursingservices can manage medicallycomplex cases, similar to a long-termacute care hospital. We are locatedoutside of a hospital with longerlengths of stay, similar to skillednursing facilities.Q: What is CARF accreditation andwhy is it important in selecting arehabilitation program?A: CARF is the acronym for theCommission on Accreditation ofRehabilitation Facilities. It is aninternational, independent, nonprofit organization that providesaccreditation services worldwide.Programs that receive accreditationmeet rigorous quality standardsand have demonstrated theircommitment to being among thebest rehabilitation facilities available.Most rehabilitation facilities havea general CARF accreditation forrehabilitation. Because of On WithLife’s uniqueness, we are theonly freestanding program in theworld that has earned accreditationby CARF as a “ComprehensiveIntegrated Inpatient RehabilitationProgram in Brain Injury for Adults andChildren.”

Drone footage taken by Nathan Smith, EMC,of the therapy grounds under constructionNow completed - the all-inclusiveplayground and obstacle courseGROUNDS EXTRAORDINAIREOn With Life’s Ankeny campus is currently undergoing a 1.5-acre grounds expansion projectthat will create one of the largest dedicated outdoor therapeutic spaces in the United States.The project was made possible by generous donations to our On With Life Foundation andincludes an all-inclusive playground, enabling garden, 32-foot pavilion, amphitheater,basketball court, music zen garden, putting green, butterfly garden, agricultural explorationarea, maze area and obstacle course. Much of the space will be completed by the fall of 2018.Outdoor musical equipmentin the Music Zen GardenCountry Landscapes crew, our landscape partner on the grounds projectBasketball court inlay withinthe amphitheater areaheadway magazine - 13

programSPOTLIGHTSupportive Community LivingOn With Life's Supported Community Living (SCL) program was created to provide specialized support toallow persons who have experienced a brain injury or other neurological impairment to maintain and improvetheir independence. Our community living specialists collaborate with the person served, his or her family,support system and case managers to develop a coordinated plan focused on maximizing personal skills.ADAM SANDLINA self-proclaimed Internet junkie and comic book fan, Adam Sandlinlights up a room with his good sense of humor. When he’s notsearching for his next adventure, he likes to spend his time visitingwith friends and crafting through the Workspace at Iowa StateUniversity and the Society for Creative Anachronism. It’s safe to saythat Adam’s creativity knows no bounds – he once sculpted a ceramiczombie gnome for a member of his support staff!With the help of the Supportive Community Living program, he hasgained the confidence to socialize throughout the community. “I’mnot as shy as I used to be,” Adam said. “Now I answer questionsbefore my staff does. They help keep me organized, and they helpme get out more.” Steve, a member of his support staff, immediatelyagreed. “He can m

business leaders, Dr. William Campbell and Marv Tooman, we were able to again fill a huge need and offer hope and comfort to our persons served and family members. Dr. Campbell still serves on several of our boards and always joins us with a song and a smile. Many of ou