WEL-HANDYMULTIMulti-Purpose Mechanized Welding CarriageFeature & Benefits Two Models AvailableStandard and ProgrammableStitch/Tack Multi Weld ProcessStandard and ProgrammableStitch/Tack Multiple Welding OptionsTwin-Torch, Weaver/ Oscillator,Corner Welding Horizontal and Vertical UseBase machines can be used forout-of-position welds Light Weight at 7kgs (15lbs)Makes transport and set-up easier Pulling Power of 30kgs (66lbs)Provides stable welding even underheavy loads No Track RequiredFillet welds and corner joints canbe done without the need for track.Butt and Lap Joints are possible byusing angle iron as a guide Permanent MagnetRare earth magnet holds unit secureto the work piece without the needfor electricityPortable Welding AutomationAutomation of welding not only improves quality and production times, it saves money inmeasurable ways that are very often overlooked. Welding wire and shield gas use aregreatly reduced. Working conditions are improved for the welder by reducing fatigue,fumes and sparks. Wel-Handy Multi portable welding carriages are used by a wide rangeof customers, from one man mobile welding businesses to large shipyards with hundredsFilletWeldof welders.KOIKE ARONSON, INC.

Lightweight, Compact, Welding CarriageEasy Set UpNo guide rails means fast and easy setup. In most cases existing welding equipmentcan be used.Welding automationprovides precisecontrol over thebelow weldingparametersAutomatic Height ControlThe Wel-Handy Multi runs directly on the work piece. On a fillet weld weld this keepsthe contact tube to work distance set without the need for a torch height control.Travel SpeedAutomatic Shut Down at the end of the weldLimit switches at each end of the carriage allow the operator to set up a pre-determinedstop point using a magnetic block. Once the limit is tripped, the machine travel and weldingStops.Standard Features on All CarriagesŸ A solid aluminum body design makes for a lightweight and durable machineŸ Use on steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate in horizontal positionŸ Vertical weld position use, when steel base plate is min 25mm (1in) thickŸ Wide range of torch adjustment for flux core or solid wire useŸ Various welding attachments options availableTransverse GunAngleKey Features Make Set Up Faster and Operation SimpleGun Travel AngleStandard Model PanelStitch Model PanelLift HandelMagnet On/OffTorch AdjusterContact Tube toWork DistanceGuide RollersBottom Stainless Heat ShieldAll Wheel Dive SystemLimit SwitchesTorch HolderElectrode PositionOne of our many customers describes Koike’s portable Wel-Handy Multi carriage:“Basically, we were able to take the hand torch from the welder and mount it on thecarriage. It was really that simple! We were able to use the same welding settings,only now the welder was able to concentrate on the actual weld without becomingfatigued. The most obvious increase in production was the amount of weld that wasdone in a day. The same welder that was producing 110 feet of weld a day was nowable to produce 250 to 300 feet of weld a day.” Miller Marine Inc.

WEL-HANDY MULTI WELDING CARRIAGE TYPESSPECIFICATIONSSTANDARDSTITCHPart Number610007056100205261001072Input Power120 Volt220 volt120 220 VoltStandard MachineConnectionLincoln Electric Connection StandardMiller Electric Connection Adapter AvailableWeight6.9kgs (15.2 lbs)DimensionsLxWxH6.8kgs (15.0lbs)259 x 259 x 264mm(10.2 x 10.2 x 10.4in)Pulling Power30kg (66lbs)Drive SystemAll Wheel Drive, attached by permanent rare earthmagnetTravel Speed152 1524mm/min (6 60in/min)Tracking MethodAutomatically follows rib of fillet joint using guiderollers or optional attachmentsWEL-HANDY MULTI OPTIONSSPECIFICATIONSPart Number(s)Input Power120 VoltDimensionsLxWxHOperating PanelControlsSPECIFICATIONS220 Volt2.2kgs (5.0 lbs)16.0kgs (35.3lbs)175 x 85 x 230mm(7.0 x 3.4 x 9.0in)518 x 269 x 485mm(10.2 x 10.2 x 10.4in)1. Start / Stop2. DirectionN/A3. Travel Speed4. Arc Test/ Jog / RunCORNER WELDING KITMiller Electric Connector Adapter111159929010868583600DimensionsLxWxH254 x 357x 152mm(10 x 14 x 6in)457mm long(18 in long)Add on kit allows tracking Wire feeder control conand positioning torch onnector adapter. Changeedge of plate or box type from Lincoln to Millerweld. Perform fillet, lappconnectorand butt joint welds.0 90 Torch Up/Down45mm (1.77in)Torch Fwd/BwdSPECIFICATIONSUn-Welded AreaLimit switch on both ends of carriage - shuts offwelding and machine travel1.2.3.4.Start / StopDirectionTravel SpeedArc Test/ Jog / Run1. / StopDirectionTravel SpeedArc Test/ Jog/ RunDigital Display (highintensity display)Programing ButtonsWU-1 Weaving Option Parameters1. Welding Width2. Weaving Cycle3. Dwell Time -(Left, Center and Right )4. Adjust Mid Point of Weld5. Save parameters in MemoryPart Number1115992900K115976300DimensionsLxWxHTorch Dia from 30 45mm (1.187 1.75in)Qty (2) 178 x 19x13mm(7 x .75 x .5in)DescriptionAllows larger torch diameters to be used for welding or cutting. Sub Arctorch holderAllows positioning thecarriage farther fromthe weld. May be usedwith Corner Welding kit.SPECIFICATIONSStitch Model Parameters1. Welding Length10 1000mm (.4 40in)2. Skip Length10 1000mm (.4 40in)3. Crater Fill Time0.1 9.9 sec4. Puddle Fill Time0.1 9.9 sec7” Guide WheelExtensionsLarge Torch HolderAdapterStart 124mm ( 5in) / End 140mm (5.5in)Automatic StopOperating PanelControls120 Volt61004784Part NumberAdjustable 10mm 25mm ( .39 1 in)Torch AngleTWIN TORCH OPTIONBUH21007 & BUH21008 61001071WeightDescriptionGuide Roller HeightWU-1 WEAVERSUB Arc Kit OptionPart NumberWHMSUBM15WHMSUBL15DescriptionWel-Handy Multi Miller style connector Sub ArcOption, 550A @60% Duty 15' leads. Specify WireSize when ordering (3/32,5/64,1/16)Wel-Handy Multi Lincoln style connectorSub Arc Option, [email protected]% Duty 15' leads.Specify Wire Size whenordering (3/32,5/64,1/163 25mm (.12 1.0in)3 120 / min0 3 sec0 360 degreeMain CarriageTwin Torch )270mm(10.6”)WEL-HANDY MULTI DIMENSIONS

WEL-HANDY MULTI APPLICATIONSBelow Picture:Below Picture:Box beam facbrication lapp jointweld using corner welding kit andguide wheel extensionsWide flange beam fabricationfillet weld in an incline positionAbove Picture:Double H- beam for bridgeFabrication. Butt joint weld usingWU-1 Wevaer option and angle ironas a guideBelow Picture:Below Picture:Trailer fabrication. Stitch modelused to tack or skip weld a filletweldShipyard using WU-1weaver in a vertical up fillet weldAbove Picture:Truck manufaturer using a WelHandy Multi plus an Aronson headand tail stock positioner to weld abox bed

Welding Application OptionsWU-1 Weaver (torch oscillator)The WU-1 weaver option can be used with the Standard or Stitch models.The WU-1 can also be used as a stand alone weaver (oscillator) or on awelding manipulator . Weaving functions include: weave width, oscillatorfrequency, torch dwell (left, center and right) and torch origin control. Settingscan be stored in memory and can be changed during operation.Twin TorchWU-1 WeaverThe Twin Torch option features dual torch holders for welding both sidesOf a vertical plate (rib or stiffener ). May be used with the Wel-Handy MultiStandard or Stitch model. Easy to set up with two welding guns. Torch slideare designed to allow optimum torch positioning.Corner Welding KitThe corner welding kit option is designed for building custom box beams orcan be used in any application where an edge of a plate can be followed. Lappjoints and butt joints can be accomplished by using the plate edge as the guide.Therefore the need for track is eliminated. The included welding arm set allowsa wide range of welding torch positions to be archived.Twin TorchSub Arc Torch KitSeveral options are available for a sub arc use with wire sizes ranging from 1/16”to 3/32” . Applications that previously may have been unachievable using largerand heavier mechanized system can now be accomplished with this compactsub arc welding option. The Sub Arc Torch Option can be used together with theCorner Welding Kit.Large Torch Holder KitCorner Welding KitThe large torch holder option allows the use of larger diameter torches such asa machine torch, water cooled torch or models with fume extraction capabilities.A machine plasma torch can also be added to the machine for gouging or cutting.Allows 30 45mm (1 3/16” 1 3/4”) torch diameter use.Guide Wheel ExtensionsGuide wheel extensions allow moving the guide rollers further away from themachine. These extensions position the machine and torch further away from theedge of the plate. They are useful for performing lapp joints and butt joints. Theseextension can be extremely useful when combined with the Corner Welding Kit toreach into difficult welding positions.Guide Wheel ExtensionComplete Welding Turnkey PackageComplete ready to weld automation set. Perfectly matched system designed tomeet the most demanding applications. The welding package including the WelHandy Multi, welding machine, running gear, welding gun, sample flux corewelding wire and gas regulator.Sub Arc Option

WEL-HANDY MULTI AUTOMATION PACKAGESPECIFICATIONSSTANDARDPACKAGEWHMX500Part NumberIncluded in PackageŸŸŸŸŸŸWel-Handy Multi VoltagePowerMaster VoltageTotal WeightWel-Handy Multi StandardPowerMaster 500Running GearWire FeederAccuflow Gas RegulatorKobleco Flux Core Wire120 Volt 50/60Hz208 460,3Ph 50/60Hz91kgs (200 lbs)Dimensions L x W x HPower MasterThermal Arc ProfessionalPowerMaster 500Rated Output500 Amp @ 40V60% Duty Cycle450 Amp @ 38V100% Duty CycleMax . Open Circuit Voltage75V DCAmperage Range5 - 560 AmpInverter DesignHeavy DutyCompactEnergy EfficientSTITCHPACKAGEWHMT500ŸŸŸŸŸWel-Handy Multi StitchPowerMaster 500Running GearWire FeederAccuflow Gas RegulatorKobleco Flux Core Wire120 220 Volt 50/60Hz208 460,3Ph 50/60Hz91kgs (200lbs)679 x 379 x 597mm(26.75 x 15 x 23.5in)Multi processŸ Standard set up for GMAW and FCAW.Ÿ Electronic control ensures extremely smooth arc characteristics across welding processes.Ÿ Other processes include: Lift TIG (GTAW), Stick (SMAW)and CAG (Carbon Arc Gouging)Tweco Spay Master Mig GunŸ Designed for Wel-Handy Multi Machine and hand use.Portable Running GearŸ Easy to load cylinder rack, cable storage, robust handleeasily moves welding system on large 8in (200mm) frontand rear wheelsUltrafeed VA 4000 wire feederŸ Heavy-Duty 4 roll drive systemŸ Digital Display of welding parametersŸ Timed control of pre flow/post flow, wire burn back andspot weld timer.Ÿ Wire feed set up includes : inch, purge and gun trigger holdŸ Standard wire set up of .045” wire with a range of .024 .125” ( 0.6 3.2mm)Ÿ Wire Speed Range 50 875 IPM ( 1.25 22.1m/min)Accuflow Mix 30DGas RegulatorArgon/Co2 mix gas regulator.One touch precise gas flow control system allows accurate gas flow control by simply adjustingthe dial, saving both time and gas.Kobelco Welding WireSample SpoolFrontiarc - 711 .045. All position flux core welding wire with lessspatter and good slag removal.Power Master 500SetWel-Handy MultiIn Vertical UseHeavy Duty 4 - Roll DriveAccuflow Mix 30 RegulatorKoike Aronson, Inc.635 W. Main St., P.O. Box 307Arcade, NY 14009Phone (585) 492-2400 Fax (585) 457-3517Visit us at www.koike.comKobelco Frontiarc -711Flux core sample spool

Kobelco Welding Wire Sample Spool Frontiarc - 711 .045. All position flux core welding wire with less spatter and good slag removal. Power Master 500 Set Wel-Handy Multi In Vertical Use Heavy Duty 4 - Roll Drive Accuflow Mix 30 Regulator Kobelco Frontiarc -7