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ContactsCBC Innovis Pittsburgh Customer Service– Phone: 1-800-216-3463– Fax: 1-800-688-7816– E-Mail: [email protected] Pittsburgh Tech Support– Phone: 1-800-216-3463– Fax: 1-888-977-1067– E-Mail: [email protected] Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

Logging In To access CBCWeb, go to: This will bring up the area to enter your Login ID and Password Note that Logins and Passwords arecase sensitive You can bookmark the login screen Select “problem with login” and atemporary password will be emailedto youCBC InnovisCBC Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

Entry Form Select the Products you wouldlike to order Loan Numbers can be enteredthat follow your numberingscheme, or will be populatedwith the applicant’s SSN ifnothing is entered The Requested By field can befilled with the processor’s name,or will automatically populatewith the requestor’s login ifnothing is enteredCBC InnovisCBC Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

Pulling CreditCBC Innovis The next section is the applicant box where the borrower’s information isadded There are two required fields that must be populated:– Name and Address– However it is recommended the reports are pulled with all availableinformation: Name , Address, Social, and Date of Birth While only the required fields need to be filled out, the more informationprovided, the more likely an accurate result will be returned If a SSN is not provided, it could result in a fragmented file. Tax ID’s arenot supported by the repositories and cannot be used in place of a SSNCBC Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

Retrieving ReportsCBC Innovis From the Report Status screen, users can find existing credit reports inthe CBCWeb system There, users can search for various criteria, to narrow their Loan NumberReference NumberRequested BySSNDate Clicking Retrieve All/Selected will download reports from CBC Clicking Search will return all previously downloaded reports Your search will return your results as shown below – click on theComplete / View Report link to view the credit reportCBC Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

CBC InnovisNeed additional assistance from CBCInnovis?Contact our Customer Supportdepartment at1-800-216-3463CBC Companies Proprietary &Confidential Information

Complete / View Report link to view the credit report Retrieving Reports CBC Companies Proprietary & Confidential Information . CBC Innovis Need additional assistance from CBC Innovis? Contact our Customer Support department at 1-800-216-3463 CBC Companies Propr