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ContentsContents . 3Getting Started . 6Important Notice . 6Training. 6easyjob 4.0 Mobile Editions . 6easyjob 4.0 Mobile Phone Edition . 6easyjob 4.0 Mobile Scanner Edition . 6easyjob 4.0 Mobile IPhone/Safari Edition . 7System Requirements . 7Concept. 8Performance . 8Parallel operation with the scanner service . 8Licensing. 8easyjob 4.0 Mobile Activation . 9Mobile Server Service Configuration . 9Server Service Configuration:. 10Release of the necessary TCP Ports. 10Windows Firewall Configuration . 10Non-Windows Firewall Configuration . 12Mobile device installation (Phone/Scanner) . 13Installation . 14Connecting to a mobile device . 14Selecting the operating system . 17Installing the components . 18Completing component installation. 20Configuring the mobile device . 22Software updates . 22Simulation of the functional range . 23Manually configuring the server connection . 24Device settings . 25License assignment . 25Authorizing a device . 26Controlling mobile devices with easyjob . 27Data Synchronization. 29Synchronization settings . 30Automatic synchronization upon initial system startup. . 30Automatic synchronization in the base station. . 30Automatic synchronization when loading and unloading a job. . 31Manual synchronization . 32Overview of data created offline. 33Working offline . 34User rights and Login . 36Configuration password . 39Mobile Phone functions . 42 2008-2009 by protonic software GmbH

easyjob Today . 42View Project . 43Creating a Project . 44Adding a new job . 46Project Cost Planner . 46Resources . 48Editing the resource type . 49Assigning an address and changing resource status . 50Bill of Items . 52Address Book . 55Item Master Data. 58Managing devices . 60Tracking devices . 61Printing a barcode . 63Checking item availability . 63Address Master Data . 64Opening actions from the address master data . 65Scanner mode . 67Improvements to warehouse conditions . 67Pen mode. 67Touch-control with lists . 68Server connection status . 69Barcode scanner functions . 70Barcode processing . 70Acoustic message when scanning . 70Scanner Start Screen . 71Loading/Unloading Jobs . 71Loading Jobs. 71Using the loading and unloading function . 73List Views . 74Loading and unloading transport containers . 76Booking items manually in a workshop activity . 80Loading and overloading unscheduled items . 81Manually loading and unloading items and devices . 82Loading and unloading parts lists . 83Loading and unloading normal and optional associated items . 84Loading and loading linked associated items . 84Do not scan linked associated items when loading . 84Scan linked associated items when loading . 84Do not scan linked associated items when unloading. 86Scan linked associated items when unloading . 86Reassign devices of linked associated items when unloading . 86Loading and unloading items due for maintenance . 86Loading items from multiple groups laden . 87Assigning sub-hired equipment . 88Tracking items . 89 2008-2009 by protonic software GmbH

Checking out a job . 89Manually checking out a job . 90Quick Load and Adjusting Target Figures . 91Printing the delivery note . 91Unloading Jobs . 92Unloading projects . 93Manual check-in . 94Checking in a job manually . 94Quick unloading and missing items. 95Advanced barcode functions . 97Assigning a serial number . 99Inventory . 100Conflict management . 103Conflict management with easyjob . 104Conflict solution with the barcode scanner . 106Troubleshooting . 108Desktop Computer remote access . 108Troubleshooting when connecting the local device . 111Troubleshooting the entire system . 112Trouble-shooting . 114Error Code 001 The Diagnostic Tool was started on the Server . 114Error Code 002 Server IP Address cannot be determined. . 114Error code 003 Server Computer unavailable. . 115Error Code 004 Cannot determine if processes are running on the Server Computer. . 115Error Code 005 Scanner Service not started. . 115Error Code 006 Scanner Service Unavailable . 115Error Code 007 Pocket Scanner not available . 115Error Code 008 Device is not authorized . 115Manual determination of the scanner's IP address . 115Manually configuring the easyjob Access Point . 118Access Point . 118Manual scanner network configuration . 123Pocket PC Scanner Reset . 127Pocket PC Scanner Cold Start . 128Configuring the pistol grip for Symbol PPT 88xx . 129 2008-2009 by protonic software GmbH

Getting Startedeasyjob 4.0 Mobile is a re-designed phone and scanner software. In the past, there were two different applications for this.easyjob 4.0 Mobile combines both applications. A large part of the Phone and Scanner Edition can also be used off-line formobile use. In this way, you can use your phone while on the go to open your Address Book or view the Bill of Items for aProject or a Staff Plan. This Scanner also continues to work in the Warehouse also after the termination of the WLANConnection and can be used as a mobile device at external warehouses or at production sites. When the server is againavailable easyjob 4.0 Mobile automatically synchronizes all data created offline. Conflict management will e used to correctconflicts created during offline use.In order to limit the amount of configuration required for the device, the device settings are configured via easyjob. Installationtakes place via the installation routines integrated in easyjob.Important NoticeThis document is meant to provide a general overview of the activities as well as the use of the program module.The implementation of the program module as well as the documentation has been done with great care. The individualprogram functions are constantly checked through our Quality Assurance Process. However, errors can still occur.TrainingWe offer customized training programs for the following extensive topics.To learn more, please contact our sales office or visit the following link 4.0 Mobile Editionseasyjob 4.0 Mobile is a specially developed easyjob application for mobile data access. easyjob 4.0 Mobile is available in threedifferent editions:easyjob 4.0 Mobile Phone EditionFeatures at a glance: Offline synchronizationView and create addressesUse telephone functions from the address bookView and create projectsView item scheduleBook items in a job created offlineView resource planningBook resources in a job created offlineeasyjob 4.0 Mobile Scanner EditionThe easyjob Mobile Scanner Edition is based on the Phone Edition and additionally includes components that are necessary forthe barcode scanner. 2008-2009 by protonic software GmbH

Features at a glance: Load and unload jobsUnload projectsStart barcode printingAssign a device serial number via the scannerInventoryeasyjob 4.0 Mobile IPhone/Safari EditionThe easyjob 4.0 Mobile IPhone/Safari Edition is available based on a web application. This is mainly what sets it apart from theother Mobile Editions. The data is accessed via the Safari Browser. The server components are made available at companies.Communication takes place in real time via an http connection to your own company.Features at a glance: Online web applicationView and create addressesUse telephone functions from the address bookView and create projectsView item scheduleBook items in a jobView resource planningBook Resources in a jobIn order to differentiate between the individual editions, the individual manual chapters are marked with Phone, Scanner orSafari.System RequirementsDeviceServerPhone EditionScanner EditionIPhone/Safari EditionBarcode scanner symbol withWindows Pocket PC 5.0 orWindows Mobile 6.0 orhigher.Barcode scanner symbol withWindows Pocket PC 5.0 orWindows Mobile 6.0 orhigher.IPhone with Safari BrowserDisplay resolution 240x320or higherPPT 8846, MC 50, MC 55. MC9090Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Windows2008, Windows 7Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Windows2008, Windows 7Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Windows2008, Windows 7Installed .net Framework 3.5SP 1Installed .net Framework 3.5SP 1Installed .net Framework 3.5SP1Internet Information Servermin. 6.0 2008-2009 by protonic software GmbH

InfrastructureConnection to MicrosoftActive Sync or WindowsMobile CenterConnection to MicrosoftActive Sync or WindowsMobile Centerhttp access to the servercomputer via a fixed IPaddress or a dynamic DNSFor real time data exchangein the warehouse, WirelessLAN infrastructureConcepteasyjob 4.0 Mobile consists of three components with the Mobile Server, the Mobile Software as well as the control andinstallation components.The Mobile Server is in charge of administration, synchronization and conflict management. The device's mobile softwareprovides the user interface as well as the offline access. Mobile devices are configured and controlled with the easyjobcomponents.PerformanceBased on the offline functions, all necessary data must be stored locally on the device. The device's processor and memory arenot very powerful, therefore the performance of some functions is limited. When loading or unloading a job, all updates areloaded onto the device during the start-up process. For larger jobs and larger inventories of items and devices, this processmay take longer.Performance optimization was a high priority during development.Parallel operation with the scanner serviceIn theory, parallel operation of the scanner service is possible to use an older Datalogic scanner.The scanner service and the easyjob 4.0 Mobile Service are not able to communicate with each other. In the cas

In order to differentiate between the individual editions, the individual manual chapters are marked with Phone, Scanner or Safari. System Requirements Phone Edition Scanner Edition IPhone/Safari Edition Device Barcode scanner symbol with Windows Pocket PC 5.0 or Windows M