Adobe Experience Manager DeveloperAdobe Certified Expert Exam GuideExam number: AD0-E103Contents Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam InformationTarget AudienceThe Adobe Experience Manager Developer RoleAdobe Experience Manager Developer Exam TopicsWhat Resources are Available to Prepare for the Exam?How Do I Register for the Exam?

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 2019About Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) ExamsAn Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the valueof their Adobe solution.Adobe's certification exams are developed following industry-accepted standards to ensure validity andreliability. We work with industry experts to create our exams, which represent real-world requirementsand objectives for the job roles we certify.This guide is designed to provide you with the recommendations needed to prepare for the ACE examand help you determine when you are ready to take the exam.The content of this exam guide is subject to updates and changes. Please check for latest versions atAdobe Certification.Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam Information Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam Exam number: AD0-E103 Number of questions: 50 Time limit: 90 minutes Format: Multiple choice, multiple select Language offered: English Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored Passing score: All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for eachexam is 550. For more information about scaled scoring, visit the FAQ page.Target Audience2 Java developersDevelopers with CMS experienceDevelopers with AEM experienceDevelopers with an understanding of REST architecture Developers with front end skills looking to migrate to AEM

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 2019The Adobe Experience Manager Developer RoleAt a minimum, the candidate seeking certification should have and be able to: A minimum of 1-year AEM development experience using version 6.3 or higher.Create, extend and configure templates and componentsBuild and configure OSGi components and servicesUse Sling and JCR APIHave general knowledge about building using Apache Maven and be able to set-up their ownenvironment (e.g., Java SDK, and AEM)Test applications and troubleshoot AEM projectsThe minimally-qualified AEM Developer should be familiar with the following tools and comfortable inthe following environments: Apache Maven FileVault (vlt) Java SDK Unit testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit, TestNG, AEM Mocking) LinuxAdobe Experience Manager Developer Exam TopicsThe tasks measured by the exam are grouped into these domains:SectionSection 1:Section 2:Section 3:Section 4:Section 5:3DomainInstallation and Configuration of AEMTemplates and ComponentsOSGi ServicesPackaging and Deploying AEM projectsTroubleshooting AEM projectsDomain Weight10%40%20%10%20%

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 2019How do I know if I am ready to take the exam?There are no guarantees that you will pass the test. However, taking note of the recommended trainingcourses and the minimum tasks listed under the Adobe Experience Manager Developer role will helpyou determine if you are ready to take the test.Since Adobe exams measure knowledge and skills for a specific job role, one of the best ways to preparefor the exam is to have the minimum work experience, as described in this guide.Am I ready?Section 1: Installation and Configuration of AEM Identify the steps needed to install AEM developerinstances Identify the steps necessary to setup and manage users,groups, and Access Control List (ACL) permissions afterinstallation Determine the correct approach to configure and managereplication agents Apply procedural concepts necessary to manage existingdispatcher configurations Determine the appropriate method to install service packsand hotfixes on an existing AEM environmentSection 2: Templates and Components Determine the correct approach to create and managecustom components and their Touch UI dialogs Determine the correct approach to create and use clientlibsfor CSS and JavaScript files Apply procedural concepts to extend out-of-the-box andAEM Core components to create new templates andcomponents Determine the correct approach to extend functionalityusing out-of- the-box APIs Apply procedural concepts necessary to create and managecustom AEM templates Apply procedural concepts to use FileVault (vlt) to exporttemplates, components, and pages to the local filesystem Apply procedural concepts to implement workflow stepsand processesSection 3: OSGi Services Determine the correct approach to create custom OSGiservices and components Determine the correct approach to create and managecustom OSGi configurations through code and Felix console Apply procedural concepts to manage OSGi bundlesSection 4: Packaging and Deploying AEM projects Identify the steps necessary to create AEM contentpackages using Maven Determine the correct method to deploy packages in AEM4

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam Guidemanually or by using MavenSection 5: Troubleshooting AEM projects Identify the steps necessary to create custom logs andchange their logging levels Troubleshoot run time, build, and dependency issues forOSGi bundles Identify the steps to configure AEM to enable remotedebugging Given a scenario, determine the correct method to accessand analyze AEM log files Troubleshoot and debug problems using AEM systemconsoles Troubleshoot local rendering of pages using browser clientside tools Troubleshoot caching issues related to the Dispatcher andbrowsers5April 2019

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 2019What Resources are Available to Prepare for the Exam?You are not required to complete training before taking the exam. However, training can significantlyincrease your knowledge of and skills with Adobe Experience Manager. It is important to note thattraining alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. Successful,on-the-job experience is critical to providing you with the knowledge needed to pass the exam.Recommended training: Develop Websites and Components in Adobe Experience Manager Extend and Customize Adobe Experience ManagerAdditional study materials: AEM Sites Implementation GuideTraining for Adobe PartnersA variety of training and resources are available for Adobe Solution Partners. To access these resources, youcan log in to the Solution Partner Portal with your Adobe ID and visit the Training landing page, whose linkis highlighted, as shown.6

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 2019From there, you can select your solution of interest and access on-demand, instructor-led, and onsitetraining options. On-demand Training: All Partners have access to on-demand training resources for sales, technical,and delivery roles. Resources include self-paced learning modules, eSeminar videos, quizzes, exams,and “test outs” to help measure comprehension - all at no cost! Virtual Instructor-led (vILT) Training: Partners at the Business level and above can access vILTthrough the learning management system (LMS). These trainings are 100% subsidized. In-person Instructor-led (ILT) Training: Partners also have access to training delivered throughAdobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS). ADLS offers comprehensive, hands-on courses across all jobroles. Learn from Adobe experts in a virtual classroom or live, in-person training at any one of ourworldwide Adobe training centers. The cost of these courses vary. However, Partners receive a 1530% discount based on their Partner level in the Solution Partner Program (SPP). On-site Training: Get your team up-to-speed quickly with on-site training where we come to yourlocation or you can bring your team to one of our worldwide training centers. ADLS offers flexible,convenient instructor-led training for teams virtually or in-person. We can also customize contentto match your unique learning requirements.Partners also have access to Certification Learner Journeys and Certification Paths. Please visit the SolutionPartner Portal Certification page to access these valuable resources. Not registered for the Solution PartnerPortal? Please follow these instructions to register.How Do I Register for the Exam?To register for the exam at a PSI testing center:1. Visit Adobe’s credential management system logon page. The logon requires that you have an AdobeID. If you do not have an Adobe ID, click the Get an Adobe ID link.2. After logging on, if you have never taken an Adobe exam before, you will be instructed to create aProfile. Click the blue Profile link (1) in the message area or click My Profile (2) at the top of the pageto open the My Profile page.3. After creating your Profile, you will be instructed to update your opt-in Settings. Click the blueSettings link to configure your settings.7

AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam GuideApril 20194. Once logged on, click “Home” then click “Schedule your exam at PSI.”5. You will be directed to a new page within CertMetrics. where you will click “Click here to log in toPSI.”6. You will be taken to a page hosted by our exam delivery vendor, PSI, that allows you to search for,display, and register the available exams.7. Click the Schedule Exam button.8. Select the Delivery mode: Test Center or Remote Online Proctored Exam and then click Continue. Apop-window displays, asking if you want PSI to know your location. Click Allow to have PSI use yourlocation information or Block to search manually.9. Scroll through the list of available exams and press the “Schedule Exam” button for the exam youwant to take.10. Select a delivery mode for your exam by choosing either Test Center or Remote Online ProctoredExam.11. Select your exam language from the Select Language drop-down menu.12. Click through the calendar to select an available date, which will appear as a green date in thecalendar. Once the date is selected, available times display in the right column. Select a start time.13. Click Continue to display and confirm the schedule details. Once you have reviewed the details, clickContinue to receive a booking confirmation and proceed to payment information.14. The Payment window displays. Fill out all the required fields and click Pay Now to process yourpayment.15.8After the payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation with your registration detailsand a receipt.

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Solution Partner Portal with your Adobe ID and visit the Training landing page, whose link is highlighted, as shown. AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer Exam Guide April 2019 . 7 . From there,