ProAdvisor Product Overview KitQuickBooks 2005: EasyStart, Basic, Pro, Premier & Premier Custom EditionsIncluding: How New Enhancements in Basic/Pro/PremierCan Benefit Your ClientsUpdated December 30, 2004Purpose of DocumentThis document was created to provide accounting professionals, tax professionals, and consultants with theinformation they need to understand the new features in QuickBooks 2005, specifically the new functionalityin Basic, Pro, and Premier Edition 2005.In addition to this document, QuickBooks Financial Software trials and online product demonstrations areavailable for professionals who wish to evaluate these products. These resources are accessible in themembers-only section of

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Table of ContentsHow QuickBooks ProAdvisors can use this document3Product line overview4QuickBooks Financial Software & Client Fit5Recommended System Configuration6Key Existing Benefits and Features7Why Choose QuickBooks?15Which QuickBooks is right for your business16Who is QuickBooks ideal for?17QuickBooks Editions comparison chart18QuickBooks Year-Over-Year comparison chart20ProAdvisor discount pricing information24ProAdvisor purchasing with discounts information25ProAdvisor Reward Points26ProAdvisor Inventory Request Form28ProAdvisor Solutions Form292

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004HOW QUICKBOOKS PROADVISORS CAN USE THIS DOCUMENTThe ProAdvisor Sales Kit is designed to keep ProAdvisors up-date on product releases, features andpromotional pricing for all QuickBooks products. Our goal is to educate you so that you can deliver the best,most current service to your clients. With this kit, you’ll be able to: Deliver current QuickBooks product information to your clients and prospects before they learnabout it through other distribution channels.Offer your clients special promotional pricing (the pricing offered is the best available to Intuitclients).Accumulate ProAdvisor Reward Points through the QuickBooks sales you complete.How to Use your Inventory Items during Client / Prospect VisitsStep 01During a client or prospect visit, use this document to support your QuickBooksrecommendation that is Right for Your Clients Business.Step 02Call 1 .800.823.0083. Confirm with your ProAdvisor Liaison (PAL) that you are a ProAdvisorwith QuickBooks Inventory – and the PAL will take proper sale / Advisor & client information.Step 03Repeat steps 1 & 2. As a ProAdvisor your reward points can be accumulated towards aFREE membership renewal as well as additional Summer Bonus items.Sections of the ProAdvisor Sales Kit includes: Product Line OverviewRanging from QuickBooks EasyStart to QuickBooks Premier, the product line overview provides informationon features, system requirements, benefits and support/payroll options. Who needs QuickBooks?QuickBooks small business accounting software consists of several products including, EasyStart Basic, Pro,Premier, and industry-specific Premier Editions. Product Comparison ChartsProduct comparison charts provide a quick QuickBooks comparison between all products. ProAdvisor Promotional Pricing Sheet?Help you quickly identify promotional pricing available to you and your clients – as well as the differentoffers currently available and their expiry dates. Purchasing for Yourself and Your Clients?Help you quickly identify promotional pricing available to you and your clients – as well as the differentoffers currently available and their expiry dates. Professional Rewards for Recommending QuickBooksReward Points are a powerful method to be rewarded for recommending QuickBooks purchases to yourclients and prospects. This section describes the program, as well as how you and your clients canaccumulate points that can be redeemed for: 3FREE ProAdvisor membershipsFREE Intuit software products

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004PRODUCT LINE OVERVIEWQuickBooks is the #1 best-selling small business accounting software in North America: over 2.5 millionsmall businesses have QuickBooks. It offers comprehensive set of accounting tools, including generaljournal, chart of accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and financial reporting. Intuitpayroll service integrates with the l Software to provide payroll functionality.The QuickBooks Financial Software line consists of several products, including, Easy Start Basic, Pro, , andPremier Edition. Separate, industry-specific Premier Editions, which contain all the functionality of thegeneric Premier product, are also available. With the new product line launch in August 2004, there are nowa total of three distinct Premier Editions (see list below).Following is a list of the available QuickBooks Financial Software products as of August, 2004: QuickBooks: EasyStartQuickBooks: Basic 2005QuickBooks: Pro 2005QuickBooks: Premier 2005 (for any business)QuickBooks: Premier Industry-Specific Editions:QuickBooks: Premier Accountant Edition 2005QuickBooks: Premier Contractor Edition 2005QuickBooks: Premier Retail Edition 2005For additional details about the difference between the products, see the Comparison Chart section of thisdocument.QuickBooks products offers many benefits, both to the professional accountant/consultant and to his or herclients. For the professional, the decision to work with and support QuickBooks has the following benefits:Improved efficiency. QuickBooks standardizes the financial data coming from different clients, which makesthe professional’s job easier.Reduced software support requirements. Because QuickBooks is so widely used, professionals have theoption to spend less time learning about and working with other accounting software products.Opportunity to build business. Working with QuickBooks allows the professional to grow his/her practiceby tapping into a base of over 2.5 million small business ownersSome of the benefits for the professional’s business clients include:Quickly and easily manage basic accounting tasks. QuickBooks allows clients to easily print cheques,pay bills, track expenses, payments, and sales taxes, invoice customers, generate reports, and managepayroll.Fast and easy to set up, learn and use. Clients don’t need to be accounting experts to use QuickBooks.They can fill in familiar forms, such as cheques and invoices, onscreen.Organizes information one place. QuickBooks acts as the repository for important business data, and canfacilitate the accountant-client exchange of information.4

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004QUICKBOOKS & CLIENT FITWe understand that decisions regarding which software product to recommend to which client are made on acase-by-case basis, and depend on the client’s industry, business requirements, level of sophistication, andneed for training and support, among other factors. In most instances, professionals will want to consult theavailable product comparison charts and feature information to determine client-product fit. That said,understanding a few of the general characteristics of potential users may help in the product identificationand selection process. The following criteria should be considered directional; they are, of course, not asubstitute for a thorough client-needs evaluation.QuickBooks Premier – Right for clients who meet any one of the following criteria:Work in construction businesses, or retail businesses, and who have industry-specific needs (for moreinformation on the industry-specific versions of QuickBooks Premier, visit Aspire to considerable growthHave more complex financesInterested in planning and analysisHave a product-based business with inventoryNeed to access their finances remotelyAre planning to apply for a small business loanQuickBooks Pro – Right for clients who meet any one of the following criteria: Are expecting moderate growthAre interested in presenting a professional imageNeed estimating, time tracking, or job costingNeed simultaneous user capabilityNeed integration with other business applicationsQuickBooks Basic – Right for clients who meet any one of the following criteria: 5Anticipate little growthHave very basic needs such as cheque printing, paying bills, and tracking expensesWould benefit from automated data backups and easy to use in-product Help

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004RECOMMENDED SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONIBM PC or compatible PC with at least 350 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent) with 96 MB of RAM.Minimum System Requirements IBM PC or compatible PC with 200 MHz Intel Pentium (or equivalent) computer with 64 MB ofRAMMicrosoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP400 MB of disk space for QuickBooks Premier installation; 250 MB of disk space for QuickBooksPro installation; 230 MB of disk space for QuickBooks Basic installation.2X CD-ROMAt least 256 color SVGA video with 800 x 600 resolution with small fontsAll online features/services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps modemMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6.0 required (6.0 provided on CD; requires an additional 70 MBhard disk space)Works with any printer supported by Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XPIntegration Requirements (Premier and Pro only, Basic has no integration capability) Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Microsoft Word and Excel 97, 2000, or 2002Microsoft Outlook synchronization requires Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, or 2000Symantec ACT! synchronization requires Symantec Act 3.08, 4.02, 2000, or Interact 2000Multi-User (Premier and Pro only, Basic has no multi-user capability) 6Multi-user mode is optimized for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows Server2003 client-server networks, and Microsoft Windows 98

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004NEW QUICKBOOKS 2005 FEATURES, AND KEY EXISTING FEATURES AND BENEFITSFor those professionals new to QuickBooks Financial Software, a brief review of some of existing features inthe product line may be beneficial.QuickBooks 2005 compatible with QuickBooks 2004 file format - NewCustomerIssueQuickBooks ProAdvisors and accounting professionals are required to keepmultiple versions (years) of QuickBooks on their computer to supportclients’ older version data files.QuickBooks2005 SolutionThere is no need to have both products installed if you have a client with2005 you can read and work on the file in 2004, and vice versa. Thiseliminates the need to have many QuickBooks installs.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierIntegrated Customer and Contact Manager - NewCustomerIssueCustomers are unable to see at a glance all the activities they have with acustomer, including meetings, reminders, and outstanding receivables.QuickBooks2005 SolutionCustomer Manager Provides a complete overview of your customerinformation all on a single screen with key customer documents accessiblewith a single click. Integrates with QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook , soyou save time on data entry and reduce errors due to inaccuracies.Available in: PremierLoan Manager - NewCustomerIssueCustomer cannot automatically track loans with an amortization schedule,or payment schedule.QuickBooks2005 SolutionHelps you track the loans that you've set up in QuickBooks based on theinformation in your long-term liability and other current liability accounts.Keeps track of all your loans in one location and reminds you of upcomingpayments.Available in: Premier7

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Cash Flow Projector - NewCustomerIssueA lack of information regarding cash flow can lead to “surprise” out-of-cashsituations. Previously, QuickBooks did not provide users with the ability toeasily estimate future cash flows.QuickBooks2005 SolutionThe Cash Flow forecaster has a six-week forward-looking horizon, on aweekly basis. Our research shows that this is the period most vital to smallbusiness owners, one that they can take action on. The horizon movesforward automatically as a week passes.First, select which relevant accounts you want to include in the projection.You can manually adjust the balance of the sum of those accounts.Next, choose the method by which the next six weeks of cash receipts willbe projected from the following:ManuallyUse last six weeksUse an average of the last six weeksUse a weighted average of the last six weeksSame six week period as last year (for example, if you have seasonality)Average of same six week period last yearFor each of the six weeks you can make a manual adjustment up or downto take into account foreknowledge you have that isn’t reflected in the pastnumbers.After that, business expenses are brought in. This is also an opportunity toset up recurring known expenses that might be outside the automaticprojection period. For example, you can enter a biannual car insuranceexpense; then when that time comes, it will be included in your projection,even though it didn’t happen in the past six weeks (assuming yourprojection method is one of those that looks at the last six weeks).Finally, your accounts payable are brought in. You have the ability tomanually modify the planned payment date (some you may want to payearlier, others later) as well as make manual adjustments.‘The output is a weekly cash flow projection report that you can print or saveas a PDF. It shows Cash Available for Disbursement as well as EndingCash Balance for the next six weeks.Available in: PremierFollow-Me Help - NewCustomerIssueThere is no easy way to see all relevant help topics for a screen. For someit is difficult to navigate though the help system.QuickBooks2005 SolutionWe've made it even easier for you to get your QuickBooks questionsanswered with help that follows what you are doing in QuickBooks andautomatically gives you important information without you searching for it.Available in: Basic, Pro, Premier8

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Help 1-2-3 - NewCustomerIssueSome users are not aware of the ways to search for help in QuickBooks, orsearch online. Some are unaware of other support options such asProAdvisors or the variety of technical support methods.QuickBooks2005 SolutionType in your QuickBooks question and click "Ask." QuickBooks will firstsearch the extensive on-screen help system to find your answer. Still stuck?Next, QuickBooks goes online to search the entire knowledgebase for themost up to date information. Still no luck? No problem - we'll show you howto contact a QuickBooks Consultant or an ProAdvisor.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierLearning CD - NewCustomerIssueSome users would like to have video tutorials to help them learn theproduct. Some users would like a manual available with the software.QuickBooks2005 SolutionThe QuickBooks Learning CD contains multi-media tutorials and electronicUser Guides, which can get you up and running with QuickBooks quicklyand with confidence.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierGST and Payroll Overviews - NewCustomerIssueGST and Payroll are areas that are hard to understand for some users.These are complex tasks with unfamiliar steps for some small businessowners.QuickBooks2005 SolutionWe've enhanced our help to include step-by-step illustrations on how tocollect, pay, track, file, and report sales tax as well as set up payroll, payemployees, and remit payroll deductions.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierShow-Me Videos - NewCustomerIssueIt would be beneficial to have training in specific problem areas whenlearning the software.QuickBooks2005 SolutionMaster QuickBooks procedures and learn hundreds of tips and tricksthrough over 30 "show-me" videos. Videos are context sensitive and wererecorded by Intuit Canada employees familiar with the feature.Available in: Basic, Pro, Premier9

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Automatic Base TD1 Amount Update - NewCustomerIssueWhen updating to the new tax table, if there is a change to the base TD1amount, you have to manually update each employee.QuickBooks2005 SolutionIf the Base TD1 amount changes for a Tax table, then QuickBooksAutomatically changes it to the new one. Non - base TD1 amounts need tobe changed manually.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierRequired Fields for Employee Set up - NewCustomerIssueSetting up employees could lead to errors or omissions of important data.QuickBooks2005 SolutionRequired fields let you know what is essential for set up.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierAutomatic Ph# Formatting- Preference for ( ) or dashes - NewCustomerIssueCustomers had to format phone numbers themselves by entering ( ) forarea codes.QuickBooks2005 SolutionNow choose in the preferences how you want Phone Numbers displayedand just enter the digits, QuickBooks will auto format the rest.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierAutomatic Postal Code Formatting- Keeps Postal Code fields in Capital letters only - NewCustomerIssueIt takes a tedious amount of time to enter a postal code. As the field islower case.QuickBooks2005 SolutionThe postal code fields now are caps only fields.Available in: Basic, Pro, Premier10

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Easily Print Cheques, Pay Bills, and Track ExpensesCustomerIssueWriting cheques by hand, completing purchase orders manually, andkeeping track of bills and expenses on paper all require a significantinvestment of time for the small business owner.QuickBooks2005 SolutionEasily type in information in the onscreen check form and print checks withone click. Or store checks and print them later in one batch.Easily create purchase orders, receive bills, and enter them intoQuickBooks with their due date. QuickBooks will automatically remind youwhen you need to pay them.QuickBooks helps keep track of expenses so you can easily see the moneyyou’re spending in each category.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierEasily Invoice Customers, Track Payments and Sales TaxesCustomerIssueManual invoicing is very time consuming. It can be difficult to matchpayments to invoices (matching one payment to multiple invoices, forexample). Small businesses need to track GST and PS, as well as theyneed a method of recalling which items were or were not taxable.QuickBooks2005 SolutionEasily Create an invoice with a click of a button, or select from QuickBooksspecialized invoice templates.Easily track customer payments and apply payments to invoices. You caneven apply specific credits to invoices or apply a single customer paymentto multiple jobs or invoices.The “Paid” stamp on invoices quickly lets you know which invoices are paidor unpaid.QuickBooks helps you fill out your sales tax form in minutes and makessure your sales tax balance is accurate and up-to-date. Use the new salestax codes to indicate more accurately why an item is non-taxable.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierManage Payroll Processing and Direct DepositCustomerIssueVarious tax and withholding issues can make managing payroll complex.Errors can lead to penalties and/or dissatisfied employees.QuickBooks2005 SolutionProcess your employee payroll and handle payroll taxes right fromQuickBooks. You can also use Direct Deposit by signing up for theintegrated service.Available in: Basic, Pro, Premier11

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Create Purchase Orders and Track InventoryCustomerIssueTracking inventory and POs separately, and receiving goods against a PO,require manual reconciliation, knowledge of whether a PO had beenfulfilled, and the average cost of inventory.QuickBooks2005 SolutionCreate complete purchase orders with detailed vendor and item informationfrom within QuickBooks.Use QuickBooks inventory reports, the Items list, and the Purchase Orderslist to get the following information about your inventory:Average cost of itemsCurrent pricesCurrent value of your inventoryStatus of your purchase ordersQuantity on hand or on order for itemsUse the pending builds report to get the following information aboutinventory assembly builds:Status of pending buildsAvailable in: Basic, Pro, PremierBuild Inventory AssembliesCustomerIssueProduct-based businesses needed to perform substantial manual work tokeep track of inventory items that are part of an assembly. In worst casescenarios, incorrectly monitored inventory might lead to surprise out-ofstock situationsQuickBooks2005 SolutionTrack both individual inventory items (components, raw material) and“assemblies” (combined inventory items, finished goods or products)QuickBooks makes it easy to define the assemblies you wish to track.Easily assign a unique sales price to assembliesSet alerts to remind you when you need to build new assembliesAvailable in: PremierInstantly Generate ReportsCustomerIssueLocating data and manually entering it into a spreadsheet to create a reportcan take time, and with each step in the process there’s the possibility oferror.QuickBooks2005 SolutionInstantly generate the reports you need, including standard Profit and Loss,Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Sales Reports, and many moreQuickBooks has over 120 ready-to-go reports to show how your business isdoing.The Report Finder helps you easily find the right report by showing thetypes of reports and a preview of what reports will look like.Available in: Basic, Pro, Premier12

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Easy “Find” FeatureCustomerIssueSmall business owners waste valuable time searching through paper files orspreadsheets to find important business information.QuickBooks2005 SolutionEasily search for specific transactions using customer information likename, phone, address or email. You can also search by date, dollaramount, invoice number, or a combination of fields to find the exactinformation you’re looking for.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierUp to 5 Simultaneous UsersCustomerIssueMultiple employees sharing one software application among them leads todecreased work productivity and inefficient business processes.QuickBooks2005 SolutionUp to 5 users can simultaneously work in QuickBooks Pro and PremierEditions across a local area network (LAN).Up to 5 people can work on the same company file at the same time.Set different levels of access permissions for each user, and assign them apassword.QuickBooks Pro and Premier Edition 2005 work together when networked.Note: Requires multiple copies of QuickBooks Pro or Premier Edition 2005and LAN. Simply buy copies for the number of users you have or save withthe 5-user Value Pack.Available in: Pro, PremierAdvanced Journal Entry OptionsCustomerIssueAccounting professionals and more sophisticated small business ownerswant to work quickly and effectively by making direct entries into the generaljournal.QuickBooks2005 SolutionMake general journal entries, easily auto-reverse entries and automaticallynumber entries.Use a repeatable memo line to save time.Available in: Premier13

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Class TrackingCustomerIssueUsers need to track information using categories other than customername, account, or item (for example, by office branch or sales region/areacovered).QuickBooks2005 SolutionTrack all income and expense items more precisely by classTracking capabilities include finance charges, service charges, interestearned, discounts on received payments, and paid billsAvailable in: Basic, Pro, PremierAudit TrailCustomerIssueIdentifying the events behind a transaction is difficult, and locating the rootcause of an error can take considerable time.QuickBooks2005 SolutionTurn on the audit trail to have a record of all changes made to yourQuickBooks data so, if necessary, you can go back and understand thesequence of events around particular transactions.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierPassword Protected Closing DateCustomerIssueChanges are sometimes made in an accounting period that has beenclosed.QuickBooks2005 SolutionSet a closing date and password-protect it to limit access to the transactionsof prior accounting periods so that no one changes the transactions withoutyour knowledge.Available in: Basic, Pro, PremierClosing Date Exception ReportCustomerIssueChanges made after the closing date are sometimes difficult to track down.QuickBooks2005 SolutionEasily see any changes made before the closing date in a convenient reportThe report shows the transactions that were changed after the period wasclosed, along with details of the original transaction so you can easily trackdown what was changed.Available in: Premier14

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Why Choose QuickBooks?All QuickBooks products Have Superior ReportingOther accounting software products require you to learn another application just to get at your own businessinformation. We don’t.One click and your data is automatically shown in up-to-the-minute reports. No need to know how to set upfinancial reports – it’s already done for you. Use the pre-set templates or customize your own.Are Much Easier to UseNo complicated set-up required. Get started right away by entering expenses, sales whatever you like. Youcan set up QuickBooks as you go. Simply follow a series of illustrated steps to complete a task.Are Designed for Small BusinessNo accounting knowledge is needed. QuickBooks handles the accounting for you – flawlessly. You work inbusiness language, not accounting language and simply fill in familiar forms – like cheques and sales orders –onscreen.Are Supported and Recommended by AccountantsAccounting professionals and advisors across Canada support and recommend QuickBooks. QuickBooksadvisors are available to small businesses through a free online referral database.Are Risk Free and GuaranteedPut QuickBooks to the test for your own business for a full 60 days. It’s completely risk free. If you’re notcompletely satisfied, return your product for a full refund.15

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004WHICH QUICKBOOKS SHOULD I CHOOSE?QuickBooks Qualifying QuestionsDo you run a business that you want to keep separate fromyour personal bank account?Are you managing your expenses with pen and paper, or a simple spreadsheet?Do you want the simplest way to manage sales, expenses, and customers?Do you carry inventory?Do you have employees?Do you need to create and manage budgets?Do you pay your bills on payment terms (e.g. 30 days after receipt)Will more than one person work on your financial files at the same time?Do you have customers or suppliers outside of Canada?Do you need to integrate with other business software (Microsoft Excel, Word,Outlook )?Do you assemble inventory items to create finished goods?Do you have employees that need to track mileage or company cars?Do you want to access your QuickBooks files while traveling, or working from differentlocations?Do you want advanced accounting controls and features?Are you tired of settling for accounting software designed for just anyone?Do you want accounting software that uses correct terminology for your industry?Do you want accounting software designed and set-up for you with industry-specifichelp?Are you in one of the following industries:Accounting, Contractor, Retail & Repair16QuickBooks ProQuickBooksPremierQuickBooks Premier:Custom Editions

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004WHO IS QUICKBOOKS IDEAL FOR?QuickBooks EasyStartNew or start-up businesses with no payroll or inventory requirements.Anyone new to business or new to software.QuickBooks BasicSmall businesses wanting to add integrated payroll servicemore accounting features such as inventory, budgeting, payables, or more reporting.QuickBooks ProSmall businesses that may have more than one person accessing their bookkeeping at a time, deal in multicurrency, or want to integrate Microsoft Excel/Word/Outlook , Symantec Act! or other businessproducts.QuickBooks PremierCompanies who want top-of-the-line accounting software for their business. They may travel, work from home,or have employees who need to enter expenses, quotes, or run reports when they are way from the office.QuickBooks Premier: Retail & Repair EditionAny retail business including gift or flower shops, hair salons, and more.QuickBooks Premier: Contractor EditionPlumbers, carpenters, roofers, mechanical contractors, landscapers, concrete workers, electricians, painters,framers.QuickBooks Premier: Accountant EditionAccountants and bookkeepers who want their software to work with their clients' software – seamlessly, whoare working with current QuickBooks customers, or are setting up their practice and looking for new clients.17

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004PremierProBasicEasyStartQuickBooks Editions Comparison Chart (2005)SPEED & PERFORMANCE Remote AccessCustomizable Estimates and Bids Archive/condense data Onscreen Tutorial & set-up wizard Email Forms Online Banking POWERFUL ACCOUNTING CAPABILITIESVehicle Mileage Tracker Change orders for estimates Auto-reverse, auto-number, repeatable memo line for journal entries rack changes in reconciliation reports and view reports from previous periods View any changes made in data file with Closing Date Exception Report Fixed Asset Tracker Create Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices from Estimates Enhanced Price Levels Create a budget Multiple estimates per job Multicurrency Track all income & expenses by class Automated Job CostingProgress Invoicing Time Tracking (TT) / Timer Program (TP) Locate Reconciliation DiscrepanciesAutomated GST/PST Tracking Audit Trail 18

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Inventory / Sales Kit DocumentAugust 2004Job Costing: Basic or AdvancedBAAFLEXIBLE, COMPREHENSIVE REPORTINGCombined reporting for multiple companies or projectsSave reports, invoices, sales orders, pur

FREE membership renewal as well as additional Summer Bonus items. Sections of the ProAdvisor Sales Kit includes: Product Line Overview Ranging from QuickBooks EasyStart to QuickBooks Premier, the product line overview provides information on features, system requirements, benefits and support/payroll