Excel & Analytics CoursesTable of Contents1. Excel Ninja . 22. Excel VBA . 83. Excel Dashboard. 114. Power Query . 135. MS PowerPoint . 156. MS Word . 197. MS Access . 238. MS Outlook . 269. MS Visio . 2810. Power BI . 3011. Tableau. 3212. Alteryx . 3413. KNIME . 3514. 360 Financial Modeling & Valuation Ninja Course . 3715. Project Finance Financial Modelling . 3916. Python for Finance . 4017. QlikSense. 4218. Power BI DAX . 4419. SQL Ninja . 4520. PMP . 4821. Libre Office . 5322. SAS Programming. 5423. Excel for HR . 5624. Excel for Sales & Marketing . 5625. New Microsoft Excel 2019 and Office 365 Features . 5626. Google Sheets for Excel Users. 56

Excel & Analytics CoursesExcel NinjaSN01020304050607080910Lecture NameSection 1: Ninja Shortcuts0000 Introduction0101 How to use this section?0102 The "ONE" Universal shortcut & a faster Copy-Paste technique0103 AutoFill selected cell(s) with pre-defined formula/text/no.0104 Navigating across Worksheets; Data Table selection & manoeuvring0105 Adding/Deleting/Selecting Rows/Columns0106 For "Formula" One Speedstars0107 Formatting cells0108 Using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)0109 Formula auditing :09Section 2: Business Math Calculations111213141516170201 MAX() in Financial Modeling0202 LARGE() & SMALL() - for bidding/auction pricing strategies0203 Advanced ROUND() Tricks with ROUNDUP() & ROUNDDOWN() - 1 of 20204 Advanced ROUND() Tricks with ROUNDUP() & ROUNDDOWN() - 2 of 20205 COUNT() vs. COUNTA() vs. COUNTBLANK() vs. COUNTIFS()0206 SUMPRODUCT() for weighted average computation0207 POWER() vs. Caret sign ( )2:072:063:076:063:033:062:06Section 3: Formatting Tricks18192021222324250301 Formatting Tricks incl. Special Custom Formats0302 Format Painter - "Uninterrupted Click-ability"0303 Defining Cell Style - for "one-click" universal change0304 Transferring (Merging) Cell Style from one workbook to another0305 Cell drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options Activation Setting0306 Cell drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options - Yr-end, Month-end, AlphaNumeric, Fill Justify0307 Cell drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options vs. EOMONTH() - End ofYear/Quarter/Month0308 Paste Special - Transpose vs. TRANSPOSE()5:031:094:001:031:032:081:024:03Section 4: Formula Pre-Requisite26270401 Cell Referencing ( ) - 1 of 20402 Cell Referencing ( ) - 2 of 23:003:03Section 5: Special Cell selections2829303132330501 Go To (Special) - Formulas with Errors0502 Go To (Special) - Formulas without Errors0503 Go To (Special) w. Ctrl Enter0504 Go To (Special) - Fill Intermittent Blank Cells - Case 10505 Go To (Special) - Fill Intermittent Blank Cells - Case 20506 Go To (Special) - Visible Cells w. Shortcut2:072:002:016:002:012:04

Excel & Analytics CoursesSection 6: Sort & Filter34353637383940414243444546470601 Vertical Sort - 1-level & 2-level0602 Custom Sort0603 Sort Trick - add alternate blank rows in-between existing rows0604 Horizontal Sorting (Left to Right) - auto-realigning 100s of columns0605 Filter - Basics0606 Filter - Choosing the dataset correctly0607 Filter analysis w. shortcuts0608 Filter - SUBTOTAL() for calculations0609 Filter - SUBTOTAL() 9 vs. 109 series0610 Filter - Applying 2 or more Filters simultaneously on the same sheet0611 Filter - Color Filter & Text Filter0612 Advanced Filter - Basics0613 Advanced Filter - Differential Criteria0614 Advanced Filter - More 1:024:054:023:01Section 7: Working with Dates484950515253545556570701 Dates - Important Concepts 1 of 20702 Dates - Important Concepts 2 of 20703 Date Formulas - DAY(), MONTH(), YEAR(), DATE()0704 Date Formulas - TEXT()0705 Date Formulas - WEEKDAY(), WORKDAY(), NETWORKDAYS()0706 Date Formulas - WORKDAY.INTL() for deadline/due date calculations w.custom weekends/holidays0707 Date Formulas - NETWORKDAYS.INTL() for no. of business days calculationsw. custom weekends/holidays0708 Date Formulas - TODAY() and NOW() w. Shortcut0709 Date Formulas - EOMONTH() for Financial Modeling, Budgets, Due Dates0710 Date Formulas - EDATE() for Financial Modeling, Budgets, Due on 8: Data Input5859606162630801 Data Validation - Drop Down List using hard coded text & pre-defined range0802 Data Validation - Drop Down List using named range0803 Data Validation - Numbers w. Error Alert and Input Message0804 Data Validation - Dates w. Error Alert and Circle Invalid Data0805 Data Validation - Text Length w. Error Alert0806 Data Validation - Custom w. formula logic2:063:081:063:091:062:00Section 9: Organising Data64656667680901 Grouping/UnGrouping Columns and Rows - 1 of 20902 Grouping/UnGrouping Columns and Rows - 2 of 20903 Grouping Trick: Changing placement of Grouping Button0904 Cell Gridlines: Turning On/Off0905 Trick - Hide/Unhide Rows and Columns and Freeze panes3:000:071:070:085:05Section 10: Pivot Table691001 Pivot Table - Why should you learn?4:00

Excel & Analytics Courses7071728586871002 Pivot Table - Pre-requisites1003 Pivot Table - How to create one?1004 Pivot Table - Exploring Pivot Table grid (Fields)1005 Pivot Table - Value Field Settings - "Summarize Values By" - Sum, Average,Count, Max etc.1006 Pivot Table - Value Field Settings - "Show Values As" - Percentage (%) ofGrand Total1007 Pivot Table - Value Field Settings - "Show Values As" - Percentage (%) ofColumn/Row Total1008 Pivot Table - Grouping - Numbers1009 Pivot Table - Grouping - Dates [Years, Months etc.]1010 Pivot Table - Grouping - Text1011 Pivot Table - Refresh vs. Refresh All, Change Data Source and creatingDynamic Table Data Source1012 Pivot Table - Auto Refresh1013 Pivot Table - Pivot Chart Shortcut and Sparklines1014 Pivot Table - Drill Down option1015 Pivot Table - Report Filter - Generating 100s of reports in few seconds1016 Pivot Table - Slicer vs. Report Filter1017 Pivot Table - Practice - Sales Data Analysis - 1 of 2I (%, Grouping, Chart,Report Filter Pages)1018 Pivot Table - Practice - Sales Data Analysis - 2 of 2 (Slicer)1019 Pivot Table - Practice - Closing Stock 1061101 VLOOKUP() for Starters1102 VLOOKUP w. TRUE vs. FALSE1103 VLOOKUP w. TRUE - applications1104 HLOOKUP() vs. VLOOKUP()1105 MATCH() - Basics1106 MATCH() match type: -1 vs. 0 vs. 11107 2-D Lookup (Vertical Horizontal) - VLOOKUP w. MATCH1108 2-D Lookup - VLOOKUP w. MATCH - Framework1109 2-D Lookup - VLOOKUP w. MATCH - Common Mistake #11110 2-D Lookup - VLOOKUP w. MATCH - Common Mistake #21111 2-D Lookup - VLOOKUP w. MATCH - Practice Exercise1112 2-D Lookup (Horizontal Vertical) - HLOOKUP w. MATCH1113 INDIRECT() - Basics1114 INDIRECT() w. Range Naming - Applications1115 3-D Lookup - VLOOKUP() w. MATCH() w. INDIRECT() - Question1116 3-D Lookup - VLOOKUP() w. MATCH() w. INDIRECT() - Answer1117 Reverse Lookup - Question1118 Reverse Lookup - INDEX() w. MATCH() - 1 of 21119 Reverse Lookup - INDEX() w. MATCH() - 2 of tion 11: Lookup & Conditional 036:026:084:036:004:037:023:048:026:01

Excel & Analytics Courses1071081091101111121120 SUMIFS(): Conditional Summation (1 criteria)1121 SUMIFS(): Conditional Summation (2 criteria)1122 SUMIFS(): Conditional Summation (3 criteria) w. date range1123 SUMIFS(): Condition based Selective Cumulative Running Total1124 COUNTIFS() - Single/Multiple Criteria: Duplicate Count, Instance No.1135 OFFSET() with MATCH()4:044:025:035:056:0115:00Section 12: Data 1271281291301311321331341201 Text Formulas – Change Case using UPPER(), PROPER() & LOWER()1202 Text Formulas – Remove Leading, Trailing & excess Intermittent spaces usingTRIM()1203 Text Formulas – Using LEN() & TRIM() together1204 Text Formulas – T(), N() & VALUE()1205 Text Formulas – REPT() for artifical Column Chart in a Cell1206 Text Formulas – REPT() & LEN() for adding leading zeroes before incompleteCheque Nos.1207 Joining data strings using CONCATENATE, & - to be updated1208 Find & Replace – Using Wildcard character ( * )1209 Find & Replace – Using Wildcard character ( ? )1210 Find & Replace – Neutralising Wildcard characters to remove them from data1211 Find & Replace – Word vs. Excel1212 Find & Replace – Cell Format1213 Text to Columns – Basics (Delimited)1214 Text to Columns – Basics (Fixed Width) Hidden Trick1215 Text to Columns – Cleaning up numbers w. trailing minus sign1216 Text to Columns – Cleaning up numbers w. leading "Dr/Cr" text1217 Text to Columns – Correcting invalid Dates (DMY)1218 Text to Columns – Correcting invalid Dates (YMD)1219 Text Formulas – LEFT(), RIGHT() & SEARCH() - 1 of 21220 Text Formulas – LEFT(), RIGHT() & SEARCH() - 2 of 21221 Text Formulas – MID() & LEN()1222 Text Formulas – REPLACE() & Section 13: Logical Formula1351361371381301 Logical formulas: ISNUMBER(), ISTEXT(), ISBLANK(), ISERROR(), ISFORMULA()1302 Logical formulas: Basics of IF() and Nested IF()1303 Logical formulas: AND(), OR()1304 Logical formulas: Combining IF() w. AND() & OR()4:035:035:023:06Section 14: Conditional Formatting1391401411421431441401 Conditional Formatting: Actual vs. Budget Comparison through Arrows1402 Conditional Formatting: w. Drop-down list based Input1403 Conditional Formatting: Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets1404 Conditional Formatting: Blanks, Errors, Values, Duplicates1405 Conditional Formatting: Formula based (Colored rows based in user input)1406 Conditional Formatting: Formula based w. AND() - 2-way input Coloring5:083:022:055:004:025:03

Excel & Analytics Courses1451407 Conditional Formatting: Formula based w. COUNTIFS() - Highlighting inputs iffrom restricted list4:02Section 15: What-If Analysis1461471481491501511521531501 What IF Analysis – Using Form Control Buttons from Developer Tab (Spin Bar,Scroll Bar)1502 What IF Analysis – Limitations of Spin Bar, Scroll Bar1503 What IF Analysis – Scenario Managers1504 What IF Analysis – Goal Seek1505 What IF Analysis – Data Tables Basics (Sensitivity Analysis) - 2 Inputs & 1Output1506 What IF Analysis – Data Tables Basics (Sensitivity Analysis) - with PMT forLoan EMI1507 What IF Analysis – Data Tables Basics (Sensitivity Analysis) - 2 Inputs &multiple Output - Question1508 What IF Analysis – Data Tables Basics (Sensitivity Analysis) - 2 Inputs &multiple Output - Answer5:014:007:004:058:035:038:038:03Section 16: Subtotal1541551561571581591601611621631641601 Subtotal - Creating a 1-level SubTotal on a Sorted list1602 Subtotal - Deleting a SubTotal1603 Subtotal - Creating a 2-level SubTotal on a Sorted list1604 Subtotal - Coloring the Subtotal rows with different Color1604A Subtotal - Trick to Merge blocks of cells with similar names1605 Consolidate - 2 Dimensions1606 Consolidate - 3 Dimensions1701 Cell level Security1702 Cell level Security Challenge1703 Sheet level Security1704 File level 08Section 17: Printing & Comments1651661671681691701711801 Printing - Rows to Repeat at Top (Print Titles)1802 Printing - Gridlines1803 Printing - Custom Header & Footer1804 Printing - Page Order - Vertical vs. Horizontal1805 Printing - Tricks for Financial Analysts - Check underlying formulas1806 Printing - Tricks for Financial Analysts - Cell Comments1807 Printing - Print Entire Workbook2:031:022:092:021:081:081:00Section 18: Security & Password1721731741751901 Comments - Shortcuts, Inserting Picture in Comment Box1902 Split Windows, Viewing multiple Windows - For working with differentworkbooks, worksheets & scattered cell ranges simultaneously1903 Hyperlinking (Ctrl K)2001 New Feature in v. 2013 - FlashFill (Hindi)Section 19: Charts4:047:013:06

Excel & Analytics 90191192193194195196Charts - Basic Setting 01Charts - Basic Setting 02Trendline with Column ChartThermometer Chart 01Thermometer Chart 022 axis Chart with Ghost linesHorizontal Bar Chart100% Stacked Bar ChartWaterfall Chart - A Quick DemoWaterfall Chart - LogicWaterfall Chart - Exercise 01Waterfall Chart - Exercise 02Combo Stacked Dual-axis Chart100% Stacked Column ChartRinged Doughnut ChartRadar or Spider ChartGantt ChartCharts Aesthetics - 7 tipsCase Study - NBFS Company 01Case Study - NBFS Company 02Tornado / Butterfly :017:033:033:085:005:017:058:003:098:00

Excel & Analytics CoursesExcel VBASN0102Lecture NameSection 1: Introduction0101 Why do we learn Excel VBA Macros?0102 How to learn Excel VBA Macros?Duration4:441:41Section 2: Basic Settings030405060201 How to enable Developer Tab in Excel?0202 Basics of Developer Tab in Excel0203 Important Macro Security Settings in Excel0204 How to save Macros in Excel for future use?1:591:012:113:45Section 3: Record & Run Macros0708091011120301 How to create a Macros in Excel - Part 10302 How to run a Macro in all open Workbooks - Part 20303 Using a Button to run a Macros in Excel - Part 30304 Running a Macro in different ways in Excel - Part 40305 Understanding VBA Workspace in Excel (Basics) - Part 50306 Watch a Macro being recorded - Part 65:532:012:554:352:552:07Section 4: Google Readymade VBA Codes13140401 Searching Google for VBA Codes - using the 3 magic words0402 Searching Google for VBA Codes - in Blogs vs Forum8:096:55Section 5: Know your Workspace151617180501 VBA Workspace - a detailed tour0502 How to increase the font size of the VBA Codes0503 3 shortcuts to write VBA Codes faster0504 VBA Code Testing Tricks2:561:222:338:33Section 6: Objects, Properties, Methods192021220601 Concept of Objects, Properties, Methods in Excel VBA - Part 10602 Concept of Objects, Properties, Methods in Excel VBA - Part 20603 Concept of Objects, Properties, Methods in Excel VBA - Part 30604 Concept of Objects, Properties, Methods in Excel VBA - Part 43:142:272:231:27Section 7: Range & Cells Object2324250701 Range & Cells Object in Excel VBA0702 Example - Using Cells Object with a simple Do-While Loop in Excel VBA0703 What is OFFSET property in Excel VBA6:296:213:39Section 8: Range Navigation2627280801 Range Navigation in Excel VBA (Basics)0802 Exercise - Finding Last filled Row & Next Row in Excel VBA0803 Exercise - Finding Last Column No.3:515:193:42Section 9: Variable Declaration290901 Variables - Concept, How & Why declare Variables, Initialization - Part 17:43

Excel & Analytics Courses3031323334350902 Variables - Data Types - Part 20903 Variables - Best Practices to name Variable - Part 30904 Variables - How to remember to declare Variables (Option Explicit) - Part 40905 Variables - DIM vs SET - Part 50906 Pvt vs Public - Part 10907 Pvt vs Public - Part 22:061:321:392:432:165:31Section 10: Loops36373839404142431001 Loops - For Next Loop - Basics1002 Loops - If Then Else with For Next Loop1003 Loops - For Each Next - Basics1004 Loops - If Then Else with For Each Next Loop1005 Loops - Do While Loop - Basics1006 Loops - Do Until Loop - Basics1007 Loops - With Statement1008 Loops - Select Case - Basics5:066:085:313:446:274:594:287:01Section 11: Input Box & Message Box4445464748495051521101 Input Box - Basics - Part 11102 Input Box - Inserting user input in a cell - Part 21103 Input Box - Different Value Types - Part 31104 Input Box with IF Then Else Statement - Part 41105 Introduction1106 MsgBox - Part 11107 MsgBox - Part 21108 MsgBox - Part 31109 MsgBox - Part 43:303:323:385:521:353:486:261:232:16Section 12: User Forms5354555657585960616263646566671201 TextBox & CommandButton - Basics - Part 1 - Project 11202 TextBox & CommandButton - Designing - Part 2 - Project 11203 TextBox & CommandButton - Configuring - Part 3 - Project 11204 TextBox & CommandButton - Load button - Part 4 - Project 11205 Option Button & CommandButton - Basics - Part 1 - Project 21206 Option Button & CommandButton - Configuring - Part 1 - Project 21207 Option Button in Multiple Clusters (3 ways) - Part 1 - Project 31208 Option Button in Multiple Clusters (3 ways) - Part 2 - Project 31209 Multi Page - Introduction1210 Multi Page - Part 11211 Multi Page - Part 21212 Multi Page - Part 31213 Check Box - Part 11214 Combo Box - Method 11215 Combo Box - Method 36:372:204:57Section 13: User Defined Functions (UDF)681301 Basics6:15

Excel & Analytics Courses697071721302 Example 1 - ScoreResult with IF END IF1303 Example 2 - CellComments1304 Samples - Series A1305 Samples - Series B7374401 Form Controls vs ActiveX Controls1402 MouseMove Event w. Appln Statusbar3:534:044:550:59Section 14: ActiveX Controls3:494:43Section 15: Events75767778798081821501 Introduction1502 Events - Workbook Open and Worksheet Activate1503 Exercise 1 - Tracking Workbook Opens1504 Exercise 2 - Tracking Workbook Save1505 Event - Worksheet BeforeDoubleClick1506 Event - Worksheet Change1507 Event - Worksheet Calculate1508 Pivot Table - Refresh - ection 16: Speeding up Code Execution8384851601 Speed up the code running - Part 11602 Speed up the code running - Part 21603 Speed up the code running - Part 33:162:332:22

Excel & Analytics CoursesExcel DashboardSNLecture NameSection 1: Introduction01020101 Introduction to Dashboard Course0102 Introduction to 1st Dashboard0304050607080910111213140201 Understanding the Data0202 Text Function0203 Dynamic Data Create Table0204 Naming the dynamic data and using it in the function0205 Preparing 1st Pivot & updating data0206 Classic View & Filling blank with zero in Pivot0207 Create Chart for comparison from the Pivot0208 Create Trend Line from the Pivot0209 Creating Pie Chart from Slab Report from Pivot0210 Preparing Framework for Dashboard0211 Inserting Slicer using Chart0212 Customize Slicer 36370301 Brief on 2nd Dashboard0302 Importing Data from the Internet0303 Converting Line Item into a Currency Table0304 Calculation of Currency using INDEX & MATCH0305 Creating Slabs using Vlookup True Parameter0306 Creating Qtrs based on Financial or Calendar Selection0307 Preparing the base by removing duplicates for Dashboard0308 AverageIF for calculating Country Wise Salary0309 Substituting ERROR with zero using IFERROR0310 Introduction to Function INDIRECT Part 1 & 20311 Using Function INDIRECT to Retrieve AverageIF from relevant sheet0312 Using Function CountIF with INDIRECT to calculate No. of Emp0313 Calculating Contribution Country wise No Of Emp0314 Using NameRange to simplify calculation0315 Using NameRange with formula in 2nd Dashboard0316 Introduction to Offset Function0317 Offset Function in Excel0318 Using Offset Function in Dashboard0319 Use of MINIF in Dashboard0320 Use of MAXIF in Dashboard0321 Using Average to get Designation Wise Experience result0322 Using MAXIF with multiple conditions0323 Using MINIF with multiple conditionsDuration3:081:06Section 2: 1st Dashboard using :30Section 3: 2nd Dashboard using 28

Excel & Analytics Courses38394041424344454647480324 Dynamic Dropdown List0325 Longitude and latitude with plotting data on dashboard0326 Using REPT Function based on the percentage calculation0327 Activation of Developer Tab and creating Scroll Bar0328 Inserting Trend chart based on data0329 Advance INDEX and MATCH with multiple references0330 Inserting Spark Line0331 Insert World Map into the chart0332 Plotting Data on Map Chart0333 Controlling Map Preview from dropdown0334 Summarising 2nd Dashboard49505152535455565758596061620401 Brief on 3rd Dashboards0402 Implementation of OFFSET for dynamic data0403 Creating Trend Chart from 2 Pivot Table0404 Modifying the Chart Settings for better view0405 Using Macro recording for Trend Chart 010406 Using macro to update pivot based on the Job Type0407 Triggering macro with any change in sheets0408 Creating Name Range using shortcut0409 Use of MAXIF and MINIF with single and multiple parameters0410 Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 010411 Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 020412 Preparing data for Spiderweb chart and change the graph setting0413 Using macro to Hide and Unhide working sheets0414 Inserting Trendline and formatting for better ction 4: 3rd Dashboard using Functions 4:396:313:15Section 5: Conclusion630501 Conclusion of all 3 dashboard3:25

Excel & Analytics CoursesPower QuerySNLecture NameSection 1: How to Consolidate and Append Data01How to Append Multiple Worksheets within the same Excel fileHow to find the Relationship between Append, Duplicate/Replicate andReferencing of multiple QueriesLearn about Importing data from files in a folderLearn about Importing data from multiple excel files in a folderVendor Ageing analysis with Approximate Match in Power QueryHow to Change the file path for source tion 2: The Beauty of Power Query07Understanding What is Power Query. Why to learn Power Query and what isCovered in Power Query14:28Section 3: How to Import Data from External Data Source into Power Query0809How to Import Data from Excel FileVendor Ageing analysis with Approximate Match in Power Query5:556:55Section 4: Loading and Refreshing Data10How to load and Refresh a query as per Data Modeling1112How to do Column Transformation in Power QueryHow to do Row Transformation in Power Query7:44Section 5: Define the Multiple Transformation Steps8:597:21Section 6: How to do Inbuilt Transformation in Power Query13141516How to do Text TransformationHow to do Numbers transformationHow to do Date transformationHow to do Conditional Column transformation7:023:092:432:10Section 7: How to use Merge Feature to Combine Multiple Joins in Power Query171819What are the Multiple JOINS in power queryWhat are the Different Joins in Power QueryLearn how to create a Cross Joins and Cartesian Product Joins with Power Query8:1911:476:10Section 8: Fundamentals of M: The Formula Language for Power Query21222324Learn what are the roots of M, the Formula Language/ Power Query FormulaSyntaxLearn about the Text functions in Power QueryLearn about the Date functions in Power QueryLearn about the Conditional Functions in Power Query5:118:006:537:03Section 9: Case Studies2526272829Using Power Query to Convert the Financial Statement Data into a TableConverting the Payroll Data into a Tabular format with Power QueryHow to pull Stacked Data from the Address Book to the Excel?How to apply Multiple filters on single column using Merge Query OptionHow to Convert a Row data set into a Tabular Format using Power Query?7:146:406:426:235:17

Excel & Analytics Courses303132How to get data from Multiple lookup Values using Power QueryInvoice/Order data Modeling (Converting Pivoted Data using Unpivot Function)with Power QueryShape and Combine Data from Multiple Sources in Power Query. Here, Salesanalysis using MaxIF, MinIF9:404:4320:34Section 10: Power Query Objects33343536List all the object and functions in Power Query and how it can be usedHow to Record as object and details about the Record functions in Power QueryTable & other objects and Table functions in Power QueryQuick Recap on What are the Power Query Objects11:429:163:101:15Section 11: Advanced Case Studies37383940Learning to Extract only relevant data in Power QueryHow to Create a dynamic Calendar tableMode of Calculating and finding Individual sales to total sales percentageHow to apply Multiple filters on single column12:435:577:563:34Section 12: Bonus4142What are the Conditional Functions?Using the Extract & Transform Column4:134:58

Excel & Analytics CoursesMS PowerPointSN010203Lecture NameSection 01: Warm Up0101 Quick Tour for Beginners0102 Slide Background (Color & Picture)0103 Slide Header n FooterDuration2:094:001:09Section 02: Evergreen Shortcut040201 QAT and Alt KeyTips2:08Section 03: Working with Shapes05060708091011121314151617180301 Basics0302 Drawing Symmetrical Shapes0303 Cloning Shapes with Auto Alignment0304 Drawing in Lock Drawing Mode0305 Highlighter0306 De Highlighter0307 Rotate Shortcut0308 Resize Shortcut0309 Copy Paste Format0310 Duplicate Shortcut0311 Redo or Repeat last action Shortcut0312 Group & UnGroup Shortcut0313 Scribble0314 Eyedropper (Color 82:092:021:09Section 04: SmartArt trick19200401 Converting Multiple Pictures in SmartArt0402 Converting Bullet Point Text in SmartArt1:032:07Section 05: Magnifier effect212223242526270501 Magnifier - A Quick Demo0502 Magnifier Method 1 - for 20070503 Magnifier Method 2 - for 2010 & above0504 Magnifier - Map 10505 Magnifier - Map 20506 Magnifier - Software Screenshot0507 Magnifier - Special Trick4:004:082:043:005:002:025:07Section 06: Aligning Objects282930313233340601 Alignment - A Quick Demo0602 Align to Slide0603 Align Selected Objects0604 Align using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)0605 Align vertically placed pictures0606 Align horizontally placed pictures0607 Align Exercise2:073:094:004:022:033:023:02

Excel & Analytics Courses350608 Align with SmartGuides & Rotate2:07Section 07: De-Assembling Objects3637380701 De Assembling SmartArt0702 De Assembling Charts0703 De Assembling Tables3940410801 Slide Master - Introduction0802 Topic Tracker - A Quick Demo0803 Creating a Topic Tracker3:054:044:00Section 08: Slide Master with Topic Tracker4:084:0710:06Section 09: Key Slideshow Shortcuts42430901 Slideshow Shortcut 010902 Slideshow Shortcut 021:002:07Section 10: Presenter's Secret44454647481001 LIVE magnification1002 Flat Icons1003 Google recommended color combinations1004 Inspiration for Illustrations1005 HD Images (free)2:042:081:081:051:00Section 11: Working with Pictures495051525354551101 Picture Pop-Up Effect 011102 Picture Pop-Up Effect 021103 Compressing pictures' size1104 Layering1105 Picture Effects1106 Picture with Text for Section Headers1107 Using Visuals to add Punch6:007:034:062:073:012:041:09Section 12: Working with Tables56575859601201 Editing Design & Layout 011202 Editing Design & Layout 021203 Adding Impact 011204 Adding Impact 021205 Adding Impact 036162636465661301 Resize1302 Change Case1303 Alignment1304 Replace Fonts1305 Working with Text Paragraph 011306 Working with Text Paragraph 026:002:034:046:026:05Section 13: Text Editing Shortcuts1:051:051:002:072:052:07Section 14: Copying from PDF67681401 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 011402 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 022:053:00

Excel & Analytics Courses6970711403 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 031

1011 Pivot Table - Refresh vs. Refresh All, Change Data Source and creating Dynamic Table Data Source 6:03 80 1012 Pivot Table - Auto Refresh 0:07 81 1013 Pivot Table - Pivot Chart Shortcut and Sparklines 2:02 82 1014 Pivot Table - Drill Down option 1:00 83 1015 Pivot Table - Report Filte