Home Health Value-Based PurchasingHome Health AgencyRegistrationDecember 17, 2015

Presenters Marcie O’Reilly, CMS Innovation Center,Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Jennifer Wiens, The Lewin Group2

AgendaTBP) Model The Home Health Value-Based Purchasing(HHVBP) Model Overview Registration Overview and Instructions Resources for Competing Home HealthAgencies (HHAs)3

The HHVBP Modele Home Health (HHVBP) Model Background Information Quality Measures Reporting Timeline4

Background Information5

Background InformationCMS published the final rule for the HomeHealth Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP)Model on November 5, 2015. The model:– Incentivizes Medicare HHAs to provide higherquality and more efficient care;– Tests whether a payment incentive of up to 8%significantly improves provider performance;– Tests the use of new quality measures in thehome health setting; and,– Enhances the current public reporting process.6

Background Information (cont.)The Model includes all Medicare-certifiedHHAs in nine orth CarolinaArizonaFloridaTennessee7

Background Information (cont.) Model begins January 1, 2016 and runsthrough the end of CY 2022 HHA payment adjustments tied to qualityperformance HHAs scored based on the quality of caredelivered to all patients receiving servicescompared to:– performance of their peers within their state,defined by the same size cohort, and– their own past performance on the measures.8

Background Information (cont.)Prime ContractorsTechnical Assistance (TA)Contractor NameThe Lewin GroupImplementation and MonitoringAbt AssociatesEvaluationTBDHHVBP TA Team9

Background Information (cont.)PerformanceYearsCalendar Yearfor ymentAdjustment(up or down)3%5%6%20192020202120227%8%10

Quality Measures11

Quality Measures Each competing HHA’s total performance score will becalculated from a set of measures already reported viathe Outcome Assessment Information Set (OASIS)and Home Health Consumer Assessment ofHealthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) for allpatients serviced by the HHA, or determined by claimsdata, plus 3 New Measures where points are achievedfor merely reporting data. Payment adjustments will be made to each HHPPSfinal claim.12

Quality Measures Six (6) process measures from existing OASIS datacollection Eight (8) outcome measures from existing OASIS datacollection and two (2) outcome measures from claimsdata Five (5) HHCAHPS consumer satisfaction measures Three (3) New Measures– points are achieved for merely reporting data– submitted through the HHVBP Portal13

Timeline for Start-up ThroughPayment Adjustmentst1Model CommencementFirst Annual Payment Adjustment Report1/1/20162015 Achievement Thresholds &Benchmarks AvailableBaseline Year1/1/2015-12/31/201520157/2017First annual payment /2017Quarterly Performance ReportQuarterly Performance Report & NewMeasure Submission7/2017Quarterly Performance Report & NewMeasure Submission4/2017Quarterly Performance Report & NewMeasure Submission1/2017Quarterly Performance Report & NewMeasure submission10/2016Quarterly Performance Report & first NewMeasure submission14

CMS Secure Portal Access15

Registration Provides Access to: Submission of New Measures Performance Reports All communications Webinars Website resources (coming soon)16

Registration Three main registration components1. CMS Secure Portal [Enterprise IdentityManagement (EIDM) system]2. Innovation Center Portal3. HHVBP Portal User ID notification process17

User ID Notification ProcessHHAs notify HHVBP Helpdesk of theirprimary point of contact (POC) for the ModelPOCs create a User ID through theCMS Secure Portal (EIDM)HHA POCs submit EIDM User ID to theHHVBP Helpdesk18

CMS Secure Portal (EIDM) What is the CMS Secure Portal (EIDM)system? Why is it used? What is expected of you? What happens if your information isinaccurate?19

Registration ComponentsCMS SecurePortal (EIDM) Users create a User ID HHA single point ofcontact (POC)encouraged to obtain aUser ID ASAPInnovation Center Users request access toInnovation Center forthe IC Privileged Userrole Users’ identity is verifiedHHVBP Portal Users request access tothe HHVBP Portal Each HHA POC will assignroles to other users for eachCCN Users submit data forNew Measures Users obtain performancereports20

CMS Secure Portal RegistrationWalkthroughLink: user clicksregistration link21

User agreement screenUser agreesTo terms andconditionsOnce terms andconditions areaccepted userclicks next22

User informationUser provideshis or herinformationAfter providingall informationuser clicks next23

User choosesUser ID andPasswordUser selectschallenge questionsand answersAfter providing allinformation userclicks next24

User ID and Password Criteria User ID Must be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 74characters Special characters permitted: dashes (-), underscores ( ),apostrophes ('), periods (.), and at signs (@) Password Must be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20characters– Must contain at least:– 1 number, 1 letter, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 lowercase letter– Cannot contain your User ID and must differ from your previous6 passwords– Must be changed every 60 days– EIDM will prompt for password change via an email 7 daysbefore the password is due to expire25

User is notified of accountcreation on-screen and viaemail to the address providedin the previous pageUser clicks OK and isredirected to CMSPortal page( this point CMS Secure Portal Registration (EIDM registration) is complete26


Resources for Competing HHAs A collaboration site called HHVBP Connect willcontain:–––––Learning session webinar recordingsSupporting materialsNewslettersFAQsA chat function that will allow HHA’s to share Guidance on obtaining access to HHVBP Connectwill be sent to POCs as soon as the site isavailable28

Anticipated Learning SessionWebinar Topics HHVBP Overview for StaffQuality Measure Overview and Data CollectionIntroduction to the HHVBP PortalUnderstanding Quarterly Performance ReportsImproving Quality: Related to Individual MeasuresQuarterly Data Submission for New MeasuresCalculating the Total Performance ScoreBest Practice Resources for Quality Improvement29

Thank you! If you have questions, contact the HHVBPModel helpdesk at:[email protected] at (844) 280-562830

2017 2019 5% 2018 2020 6% 2019 2021 7% 2020 2022 8% Background Information (cont.) 10 . 11 Quality Measures Each competing HHA’s total performance score will be calculated from a set of measures already reported via the Outcome Assessment Informati