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AgendaRoadmap Release ReviewCentricity Practice Solution (CPS) 10.1 TaskManagementCPS 10.1.3CPS 113/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Significant changes inAmbulatory Practice MarketRegulatory MU ICD10 CMS SequestrationAnnouncement Bundled PaymentsIndustry Value-based ACO/PCMH Population Health ConsumersTechnology Modular SOA Mobile, Cloud Analytics InteroperabilityIntegrated Care4/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Revenue features by versionV2006V10V10.1V11 Combined PM & EMR Payment Plans / Bad Debt Guarantor Based Collections 5010 Compliance Financial Dashboard New database Maintenance Reports Task Management Insurance CollectionsDesigned incollaborationwithcustomerinput ICD 10 Compliance Account Summary5/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity Practice Solution 10.1Task Management for Insurance CollectionsAccelerates collection workflowCreate self-updating work listsand balancing user workloadsHelps you increase profitabilityImprove your ability to prioritizecollection tasks6/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity PracticeSolution 11 ICD10 both PM and EMR Regulatory compliance Intelligent cross-mapping of terms, withside-by-side view New smart/easy term searching, based onthe power of MQIC Pre-population of possible ICD10 matchesenabling your code selection and assignment Standalone CPS EMR on SQL Bringing new commercial flexibility to netnew stand-alone EMR opportunities New Account Summary & Billing Notes Generally available since January 1, 20137/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Planned EMR evolution20122013Centricity EMR9.8 ICD-10 Support Standalone EMR Scalability MU 2014 Clinicalreconciliation1112Centricity Practice Solution2014Descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute acommitment to provide specific functionality. Timing and availability remain at GE’s discretion and are subject to change and applicableregulatory clearance.

Future revenue cycle investmentsTechnology 014 Content and dates subject to Change based on regulatory and business prioritiesDescriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposedonly and do not constitute a commitment to provide specific functionality. Timing and availabilityremain at GEHC’s description and are subject to change and applicable regulatory approvals.9/GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

GEHC’s commitment to improve Deliver Higher Quality Deliver Consistently Continue to Partner with our Customers Deliver What Customers Want and Need10 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Service pack releases quarterly All releases are consecutive You can wait to upgrade when you are readyand still receive all fixes Content determined through customer andservice input to Product Management11 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

2013 service pack releases planDeliver consistentlyCPSQ1 201310.1.3 P1 & P2Q2 201311.0.1Q3 201312Q4 201312.0.1Q3 2012R3Q4 2012R4EDIQ1 2013R1Q2 2012R2Release version and time subject to change12 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Task Management – CentricityPractice Solution 10.1

Centricity Practice Solution 10.1Task Management for Insurance CollectionsAllows customers to focus resourceson key areas in the insurancecollections process.Provides workload balancing toolsfor administrators to effectivelymanage their teams effortsProvides tools to prioritize work forend users14 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Accelerates Collection Workflow“The tasking moduletremendously helps our workflows becausewe do not have to search the system as much.It narrows down items we are looking for.“- Christy Chester, Insurance SpecialistTexas Institute of Orthopedic Surgeryand Sports Medicine, PLLC

Focus Key ResourcesAdministrators can Create a task listQueues can be targeted for specific users orgroups based on billing specific criteria16 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Workload BalancingView Task assignments by queue17 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Prioritize WorkPrioritize work base on balance, stats, age, etc.18 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity Practice Solution 11

CPS 11 RCM Features1. System & Payer ICD 10 Transition Date Setting2. ICD Mapping tools for both clinical and businessworkflows3. Account Summary4. Secured Billing Notes20 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

System date will drive code requirementby Visit DOS for VisitsAbility to set a systemwide implementation datefor ICD-10 – Defaults to10/01/201421 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

ICD 10 Diagnosis will map back toICD 9 for payers who are not readyfor ICD 1022 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Payers will allow for flexible transition dateThis date will determine whether ICD 9 or ICD 10 is billed forVisits with DOS after System DateProvides the ability todesignate payers thatare not yet ready forICD-10 codes23 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Documentation and Training Training Release wnloads/cps 11/cps release notes.pdf What’s loads/cps 11/whats new.pdf24 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

What is Account Summary?A tool to supportFinancial Counselors ina practice by providinga centralized place toreview accountinformation andtroubleshoot guarantoraccount status.25 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

26 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Billing Notes SecurityDate time StampsSecurity EnabledAudit capabilities to track users and changesAbility to archive27 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

New Billing Notes Financial Tab in Registration Charges Tab of Billing visit28 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

What should practices be doing? Determine when your practice can adopt an ICD 10compatible version of the product Confirm you are hardware ready Make sure you have a plan to train internal staff onICD 10 this could include but is not limited to: Understanding internal process changes Identifying current common ICD-9 usage that willneed more specificity in ICD-10 Tracking payer adoption of ICD-10 via CEDIGateway29 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

What versions are compliant forwhich regulatory requirements?Version Version GACPSEMRRegulationCertification9.5MeaningfulUse Stage 1CCHIT2011Meaningful Use2010(3 year cert)1011129.510/20109.810/2011 50101/2013ICD 10ETA 2013 ICD 10MeaningfulUse Stage 2Meaningful Use2014(3 year cert)Descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposed only and do not constitute a commitmentto provide specific functionality. Timing and availability remain at GEHC’s description and are subject to change and applicable regulatoryapprovals.

Confirm you are hardware readyYou can upgrade to CPS 11 From (PM04, CPS 2006,CPSv9.5, CPSv10)If upgrading from CPS 10 client machines must berunning Windows 7 at a minimum, which also impliesthat Internet Explorer 9 is the minimum version for theweb browserVersions Prior to 10 refer to the CPS 11 Systemsplanning ownloads/cps 11/system planning requirements.pdf31 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity Practice SolutionPractice Management Health Check32 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity EDI ServicesCentricity EDI Services is a proven all-payerclearinghouse solution and proactive servicesoffering that is currently helping over 1900Centricity revenue cycle managementcustomers reduce costs, reduce A/R days andoptimize profitabilityKey business benefits: Optimize financial performance and profitability Reduce costs and improve billing efficiency Insight for improving revenue cycle performance33 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Hosted ClaimsManagerOne of the best ways to reduce rejections & denials is to preventthem before they occur!Hosted ClaimsManager is a pre-claim, clinical editing solution and proactiveclaim analysis service that identifies and resolves posting errors that wouldlater result in a rejection or a denial. Reduce clinical rejections and denials before theynegatively impact financial performanceReduce costs associated with addressing rejectedor denial claimsSupport regulatory compliance by evaluating claims against specifiedcoding rules while detecting Medicare Correct Coding Initiative editsSupport regulatory compliance by comparing claims to local payercoding regulations and guidelines34 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

GE Healthcare is committed to thetransitionsHelping our customers achieve regulatoryand standard business needs35 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Thank you for joining us.Questions36 /GE Title or job number /4/24/2013

Centricity Practice Solution 11 ICD10 both PM and EMR Regulatory compliance Intelligent cross-mapping of terms, with side-by-side view New smart/easy term searching, based on the power of MQIC Pre-population of possible ICD10 matches enabling your code selection an