STATE OF NORTH CAROLINAREQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. 54-JC-11422631Department of TransportationBids will be publicly opened: March 4, 2015PurchasingContract Type: Open MarketRefer ALL Inquiries to: Jeff ConkenDate Issued: February 11, 2015Telephone No. (919) 707-2623Commodity Number: 920Commodity: Information Technology Service Management Tool(ITSM)E-Mail: [email protected] Agency Name: Department of Transportation(See page 2 for delivery instructions)Agency Requisition No. 11422631OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE: This solicitation advertises the State’s needs for the services and/or goods describedherein. The State seeks proposals comprising competitive bids offering to sell the services and/or goods described in thissolicitation. All proposals and responses received shall be treated as offers to contract. The State’s acceptance of anyproposal must be demonstrated by execution of the acceptance found below, and any subsequent Request for Best andFinal Offer, if issued. Acceptance shall create a contract having an order of precedence among terms as follows: Specialterms and conditions specific to this RFP, Specifications of the solicitation documents, except as amended, the NorthCarolina Information Technology Procurement Office General Terms and Conditions for Goods and Related Services, theNorth Carolina Office of Information Technology Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Software and Services, if any,Best and Final Offers, if any and the awarded Vendor’s proposal together with negotiated changes, if any.EXECUTION: In compliance with this Request for Proposal, and subject to all the conditions herein, the undersignedoffers and agrees to furnish any or all services or goods upon which prices are bid, at the price(s) offered herein, withinthe time specified herein. By executing this bid, I certify that this bid is submitted competitively and without collusion.Failure to execute/sign bid prior to submittal shall render bid invalid. Late bids are not acceptable.BIDDER:STREET ADDRESS:P.O. BOX:ZIP:CITY & STATE & ZIP:TELEPHONE NUMBER:TOLL FREE TEL. NOPRINT NAME & TITLE OF PERSON SIGNING:FAX NUMBER:AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE:DATE:E-MAIL:Offer valid for ninety (90) days from date of bid opening unless otherwise stated here: daysACCEPTANCE OF BID: If any or all parts of this bid are accepted, an authorized representative of NCDOT shall affixtheir signature hereto and this document and the provisions of the special terms and conditions specific to this Request forProposal, the specifications, and the State’s General Terms and Conditions shall then constitute the written agreementbetween the parties. A copy of this acceptance will be forwarded to the successful Vendor(s).FOR NCDOT USE ONLYOffer accepted and contract awarded this day of , 20 , as indicated on attached certification,by (Authorized representative of NCDOT).Rev. 1/07/2014Page 1 of 58

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: Vendor must deliver one (1) signed original and four (4) copies of the Proposal toIssuing Agency in a sealed package with Company Name and RFP Number clearly marked on the front. Vendor mustreturn all the pages of this solicitation in their response. Vendor must also submit one (1) signed, executedelectronic copy of its proposal on USB Flash Drive or read-only CD/DVD(s). The files should not be password-protectedand should be capable of being copied to other media.Address envelope and insert bid number as shown below. Please note that the US Postal Service does not deliver anymail (US Postal Express, Certified, Priority, Overnight, etc.) on a set delivery schedule to this Office. It is theresponsibility of the Vendor to have the bid in this Office by the specified time and date of opening. DELIVERY BY US POSTAL SERVICE: DELIVERY BY OTHER MEANS: RFP NUMBER: 54-JC-11422631 RFP NUMBER: 54-JC-11422631 Department of Transportation Department of Transportation Attn: Jeff Conken Attn: Jeff Conken 1510 Mail Service Center 1 S. Wilmington Street, Room 412 Raleigh, NC 27699-1510 Raleigh, NC 27601Sealed bids, subject to the conditions made a part hereof, will be received at 1 S. Wilmington Street until 2:00pm EasternStandard Time on the day of opening and then opened, for furnishing and delivering the commodity as described herein.Proposals for this RFP must be submitted in a sealed package with the Execution of Proposal signed and dated by anofficial authorized to bind the Vendor’s firm. Failure to return a signed execution of proposal shall result in disqualification.All proposals must comply with Section VI, Proposal Content and Organization.Proposals will not be accepted by electronic means.This RFP is available electronically at All inquiries regarding the RFP requirements are to be addressed to the contact personlisted on Page One.DIGITAL IMAGING: The State will digitize the Vendor’s response if not received electronically, and any awarded contracttogether with associated contract documents. This electronic copy shall be a preservation record, and serve as the officialrecord of this solicitation with the same force and effect as the original written documents comprising such record. Anyprintout or other output readable by sight shown to reflect such record accurately is an "original."Written questions concerning this RFP will be received until February 18, 2015 at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. Theymust be sent via e-mail to: [email protected] or faxed to 919-715-8743. Please insert “Questions 54-JC11422631” as the subject for the email. The questions are to be submitted in the following format:CitationVendor QuestionThe State’s ResponseBid Section,Page NumberThe State will prepare responses to all written questions submitted, and post an addendum to the Interactive PurchasingSystem (IPS) Oral answers are not binding on the State.Vendor contact regarding this RFP with anyone other than Jeff Conken may be grounds for rejection of said Vendor’soffer.Rev. 1/07/2014Page 2 of 58

Addendum to RFP: If a pre-bid conference is held or written questions are received prior to the submission date, anaddendum comprising questions submitted and responses to such questions, or any additional terms deemed necessaryby the State will be posted to the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS),, and shall becomean Addendum to this RFP. Vendors’ questions posed orally at any pre-bid conference must be reduced to writing by theVendor and provided to the Purchasing Officer as directed by said Officer.Critical updated information may be included in these Addenda. It is important that all Vendors bidding on this proposalperiodically check the State website for any and all Addenda that may be issued prior to the bid opening date.Basis for Rejection. Pursuant to 9 NCAC 06B.0401, the State reserves the right to reject any and all offers, in whole orin part; by deeming the offer unsatisfactory as to quality or quantity, delivery, price or service offered; non-compliance withthe requirements or intent of this solicitation; lack of competitiveness; error(s) in specifications or indications that revisionwould be advantageous to the State; cancellation or other changes in the intended project, or other determination that theproposed requirement is no longer needed; limitation or lack of available funds; circumstances that prevent determinationof the best offer; or any other determination that rejection would be in the best interest of the State.NOTICE TO VENDORS: The State may, but will not be required to, evaluate or consider any additional terms andconditions submitted with a Bidder’s response. This applies to any language appearing in or attached to thedocument as part of the Bidder’s response. By execution and delivery of this Invitation for Bids and response(s),the Bidder agrees that any additional terms and conditions, whether submitted purposely or inadvertently, shallhave no force or effect unless specifically accepted by theState.LATE PROPOSALS: Regardless of cause, late proposals will not be accepted and will automatically be disqualified fromfurther consideration. It shall be the Vendor’s sole risk to ensure delivery at the designated office by the designated time.Late proposals will not be opened and may be returned to the Vendor at the expense of the Vendor or destroyed ifrequested.VENDOR REGISTRATION AND SOLICITATION NOTIFICATION SYSTEM:Vendor Link NC allows Vendors toelectronically register with the State to receive electronic notification of current procurement opportunities for goods andservices available on the Interactive Purchasing System at the following web site: 1/07/2014Page 3 of 58

North Carolina Department of TransportationInformation Technology Service Management ToolImplementation – ITP.00248Technology SolutionRev. 1/07/2014Page 4 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation ProjectSection I: Introduction . 6Section II: Bidding Information . 7A.Instructions to Vendors . 7B.General Conditions for Proposals . 7C.Evaluation Process . 10Section III: Technical Specifications . 13Section IV: Cost Proposal . 35Section V: Other Requirements and Special Terms. 36Section VI: Proposal Content and Organization . 40Section VII: North Carolina Information Technology Procurement Office General Terms andConditions for Goods and Related Services . 42Section VIII: North Carolina Office of Information Technology Supplemental Terms and Conditions forSoftware and Services . 51Appendix A: Cost Form . 57Appendix B: Service Level Agreement . 58Rev. 1/07/2014Page 5 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation ProjectSection I: IntroductionThe purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit responses for a vendor to provide and implement anInformation Technical Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation solution (hereinafter referred to as “ITSMsolution”) for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) that meets the requirements of the ITSM ToolImplementation project specified in this RFP. This ITSM solution will be used by the NCDOT Office of InformationTechnology (IT) as an agency-wide standard to bring uniformity to NCDOT’s IT service delivery and operations in fiveNCDOT help desks. The ITSM solution shall be configured for use by NCDOT IT, agency-wide. The objective is tostandardize the service delivery process within NCDOT. The standardized processes are identified in the phasedimplementation outlined in this RFP.Approximately 350 NCDOT IT professionals are responsible for the support of over 9,500 NCDOT knowledge workers.The key business objectives for the project are to procure and implement an ITSM Solution that: replaces the currently used tools:o FrontRange HEAT Version 8.6 for the IT Help Desk Ticketing system ando Open Technology Real Service (OTRS) ITSM Cloud Edition to manage the NCDOT-IT changemanagement process, and consolidates efforts onto a single common platform for NCDOT ITSM.This RFP includes the following which are needed to implement the specific Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) processes: technical specifications for the acquisition and configuration of the ITSM solution implementation of the ITSM solution ITSM solution and process training, and professional servicesOnly Vendors with documented and demonstrable experience in providing ITSM solutions are encouraged to respond.In addition, the State reserves the right to make partial, progressive or multiple awards: where it is advantageous to awardseparately by items; or where more than one supplier is needed to provide the contemplated requirements as to quantity,quality, delivery, service, geographical areas; and where other factors are deemed to be necessary or proper to thepurchase in question.Rev. 1/07/2014Page 6 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation ProjectSection II: Bidding InformationA. Instructions to VendorsAdditional acronyms, definitions and abbreviations may be included in the text of the RFP.1) Proposals submitted electronically, or via facsimile (FAX) machine will not be accepted.2) EXECUTION: Failure to sign under EXECUTION section will render proposal invalid.3) TIME FOR CONSIDERATION: Unless otherwise indicated on the first page of this document, Vendor’s offer mustbe valid for ninety (90) days from the date of proposal opening4) FAILURE TO MEET PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: While it is not anticipated that the awarded Vendor will failto meet the proposal requirements, if such should occur, the right is reserved to further evaluate the responses tothis RFP and then to recommend an award to the next Vendor response that represents the best interest of theState.5) PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: Vendors are urged to compute all discounts into the price offered. If aprompt payment discount is offered, it will not be considered in the award of the contract except as a factor to aidin resolving cases of identical prices.6) MISCELLANEOUS: Masculine pronouns shall be read to include feminine pronouns and the singular of any wordor phrase shall be read to include the plural and vice versa.7) VENDOR REGISTRATION AND SOLICITATION NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: Vendor Link NC allows Vendors toelectronically register with the State to receive electronic notification of current procurement opportunities forgoods and services available on the Interactive Purchasing System at the following web ss.asp8) ORGANIZATION: Vendors are directed to carefully review Section VI herein and fully comply with the content andorganizational requirements therein.9) E-PROCUREMENT: This is an e-procurement solicitation. See paragraphs #47 and 48 of the attachedInformation Technology Terms and Conditions for Goods and Related Services. The Terms and Conditions madepart of this solicitation contain language necessary for the implementation of North Carolina’s statewide eprocurement initiative. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to read these terms and conditions carefully and toconsider them in preparing the offer. By signature, the Vendor acknowledges acceptance of all terms andconditions including those related to e-procurement.a. General information on the e-procurement service can be found at Within two days after notification of award of a contract, Vendor must register in NC E-Procurement @Your Service at the following web site: As of the RFP submittal date, the Vendor must be current on all e-Procurement fees. If the Vendor is notcurrent on all e-Procurement fees, the State may disqualify the Vendor from participation in this RFP.10) E-VERIFY: Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 147-33.95(g), the State shall not enter into a contract unless the awardedVendor and each of its subcontractors comply with the E-Verify requirements of N.C.G.S. Chapter 64, Article 2.Vendors are directed to review the foregoing laws. Any awarded Vendor must submit a certification ofcompliance with E-Verify to the awarding agency, and on a periodic basis thereafter as may be required by theState.B. General Conditions for Proposals1) Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations. Generally, see 9 NCAC 06A.0102 for definitions. The following areadditional defined terms:a) The State: Is the State of North Carolina, and its Agencies.b) ITS: Office of Information Technology Services.c) Goods: Includes intangibles such as computer software; provided, however that this definition does notmodify the definition of “goods” in the context of N.C.G.S. §25-2-105 (UCC definition of goods).b) Vendor: Company, firm, corporation, partnership, individual, etc., submitting a response to a solicitation.c) Open Market Contract: A contract for the purchase of goods or services not covered by a term,technical, or convenience contract.Rev. 1/07/2014Page 7 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation Projectd)24x7: A statement of availability of systems, communications, and/or supporting resources every hour(24) of each day (7 days weekly) throughout every year for periods specified herein. Where reasonabledowntime is accepted, it will be stated herein. Otherwise, 24x7 implies NO loss of availability of systems,communications, and/or supporting resources.e) Reasonable, Necessary or Proper: as used herein shall be interpreted solely by the State of NorthCarolina.f) RFP: Request for Proposalg) ITSM: Information Technology Service Managementh) ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Libraryi)NCDOT: North Carolina Department of Transportationj)IT: Information Technologyk) PMO: Project Management Officel)SAP: Systems Application Productsm) CI: Contract Initiationn) CMDB: Content Management Data Baseo) SCCM: System Center Configuration Managerp) MS SCOM: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager2) Read and Review. It shall be the Vendor’s responsibility to read this entire document, review all enclosures andattachments, and comply with all requirements and the State’s intent as specified herein. If a Vendor discoversan inconsistency, error or omission in this solicitation, the Vendor should request a clarification from the State’scontact person listed on the front page of the solicitation. Questions and clarifications must be submitted inwriting and may be submitted by personal delivery, letter, fax or e-mail within the time period identifiedhereinabove.3) Vendor Responsibility. The Vendor(s) will be responsible for investigating and recommending the most effectiveand efficient technical configuration in accordance with the technical specifications of this RFP. Considerationshall be given to the stability of the proposed configuration and the future direction of technology, confirming tothe best of their ability that the recommended approach is not short lived. Several approaches may exist forhardware configurations, other products and any software. The Vendor(s) must provide a justification for theirproposed hardware, product and software solution(s) along with costs thereof. Vendors are encouraged topresent explanations of benefits and merits of their proposed solutions together with any accompanying services,maintenance, warranties, value added services or other criteria identified herein.4) Oral Explanations. The State will not be bound by oral explanations or instructions given at any time during thebidding process or after award. Vendor contact regarding this RFP with anyone other than the Agency contact orprocurement officer named on Page 2 above may be grounds for rejection of said Vendor’s offer. Agency contactregarding this RFP with any Vendor may be grounds for cancellation of this RFP.5) Insufficiency of References to Other Data. Only information that is received in response to this RFP will beevaluated. Reference to information previously submitted or Internet Website Addresses (URLs) will not sufficeas a response to this solicitation.6) Conflict of Interest. Applicable standards may include: N.C.G.S. §§ 147-33.100, 14-234, 133-32. The Vendorshall not knowingly employ, during the period of this contract, nor in the preparation of any response to thissolicitation, any personnel who are, or have been, employed by a Vendor also in the employ of the State and whoare providing services involving, or similar to, the scope and nature of this solicitation or the resulting contract.7) Contract Term. A contract awarded pursuant to this RFP shall have an effective date as provided in the Notice ofAward. The term shall be one (1) year, and will expire upon the anniversary date of the effective date unlessotherwise stated in the Notice of Award, or unless terminated earlier. The State retains the option to extend thiscontract for two (2) additional one (1) year periods at its sole discretion.8) Effective Date. This solicitation, including any Exhibits, or any resulting contract or amendment shall not becomeeffective nor bind the State until the appropriate State purchasing authority/official or Agency official has signedthe document(s), contract or amendment; the effective award date has been completed on the document(s), bythe State purchasing official, and that date has arrived or passed. The State shall not be responsible forreimbursing Vendor for goods provided nor services rendered prior to the appropriate signatures and the arrival ofthe effective date of the Contract. No contract shall be binding on the State until an encumbrance of funds hasbeen made for payment of the sums due under the contract.Rev. 1/07/2014Page 8 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation Project9) Recycling and Source Reduction. It is the policy of this State to encourage and promote the purchase of productswith recycled content to the extent economically practicable, and to purchase items which are reusable, refillable,repairable, more durable, and less toxic to the extent that the purchase or use is practicable and cost-effective.We also encourage and promote using minimal packaging and the use of recycled/recyclable products in thepackaging of goods purchased. However, no sacrifice in quality of packaging will be acceptable. The Vendorremains responsible for providing packaging that will protect the commodity and contain it for its intended use.Vendors are strongly urged to bring to the attention of the purchasers at the Statewide IT Procurement Officethose products or packaging they offer which have recycled content and that are recyclable.10) Historically Underutilized Businesses. Pursuant to General Statute 143-48, 143-128.4 and Executive Order #13,the State invites and encourages participation in this procurement process by businesses owned by minorities,women, disabled, disabled business enterprises and non-profit work centers for the blind and severely disabled.Additional information may be found at: Clarifications/Interpretations. Any and all amendments or revisions to this document shall be made by writtenaddendum from the IT Procurement Office. Vendors may call the purchasing agent listed on the first page of thisdocument to obtain a verbal status of contract award. If either a unit price or extended price is obviously in errorand the other is obviously correct, the incorrect price will be disregarded.12) Rights Reserved. While the State has every intention to award a contract as a result of this RFP, issuance of theRFP in no way constitutes a commitment by the State of North Carolina, or the procuring Agency, to award acontract. Upon determining that any of the following would be in its best interests, the State may:a) waive any formality;b) amend the solicitation;c) cancel or terminate this RFP;d) reject any or all proposals received in response to this document;e) waive any undesirable, inconsequential, or inconsistent provisions of this document, which would nothave significant impact on any proposal;f) if the response to this solicitation demonstrate a lack of competition, negotiate directly with one or moreVendors;g) not award, or if awarded, terminate any contract if the State determines adequate State funds are notavailable; orh) if all responses are deficient, determine whether Wavier of Competition criteria may be satisfied, and ifso, negotiate with one or more Vendors.13) Alternate Bids. Vendor may submit alternate bids for various levels of service(s) or products meetingspecifications. Alternate bids must specifically identify the RFP requirements and advantage(s) addressed by thealternate bid. Any alternate proposals must be clearly marked with the legend as shown herein. Each proposalmust be for a specific set of services or products and bid at specific pricing. If a Vendor chooses to respond withvarious service or product offerings, each must be bid with a different price and a separate proposal response.Vendors may also provide multiple proposals for software or systems coupled with support and maintenanceoptions, provided, however, all proposals must satisfy the specifications.Alternate bids must be clearly marked“Alternate Bid for ‘name of Vendor’”and numbered sequentially with the first bid if separate proposals are submitted.This legend must be in bold type of not less than 14-point type on the face of the bid, and on the text of the alternativeproposal.14) Co-Vendors. Vendors may submit offers as partnerships or other business entities. Such partners or other “coVendors”, if any, shall disclose their relationship fully to the State. The State shall not be obligated to contractwith more than one Vendor. Any requirements for references, financial statements or similar reference materialsshall mean all such partners or co-Vendors.15) Submitting a Proposal. Each Vendor submitting a proposal warrants and represents that:a) The proposal is based upon an understanding of the specifications and requirements described in thisRFP.Rev. 1/07/2014Page 9 of 58

Request for ProposalNCDOT Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Tool Implementation Projectb)Costs for developing and delivering responses to this RFP and any subsequent presentations of theproposal as requested by the State are entirely the responsibility of the Vendor. The State is not liablefor any expense incurred by the Vendors in the preparation and presentation of their proposals.16) All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the State and are to be appended to anyformal documentation, which would further define or expand any contractual relationship between the State andVendor resulting from this RFP process.17) A proposal may not be unilaterally modified by the Vendor for a ninety (90) day period following the delivery of theproposal, or of any best and final offer.18) Non-Responsive Bids: Vendor bid responses will be deemed non-responsive by the State and will be rejectedwithout further consideration or evaluation if statements such as the following are included: “This bid does not constitute a binding offer”, “This bid will be valid only if this offer is selected as a finalist or in the competitive range”, “The Vendor does not commit or bind itself to any terms and conditions by this submission”, “This document and all associated documents are non-binding and shall be used for discussion purposesonly”, “This bid will not be binding on either party until incorporated in a definitive agreement signed byauthorized representatives of both parties”, or A statement of similar intent.C.Evaluation Process1) "Best Value" procurement methods are authorized by N.C.G.S. §143-135.9. The award decision is made basedon multiple factors, including: total cost of ownership, meaning the cost of acquiring, operating, maintaining, andsupporting a product or service over its projected lifetime; the evaluated technical merit of the Vendor's proposal;the Vendor's past performance; and the evaluated probability of performing the requirements stated in thesolicitation on time, with high quality, and in a manner that accomplishes the stated business objectives andmaintains industry standards compliance. The intent of "Best Value" Information Technology procurement is toenable Vendors to offer and the Agency to select the most appropriate solution to meet the business objectivesdefined in the solicitation and to keep all parties focused on the desired outcome of procurement.2) Source selection. A two-step procurement process shall be used together with the trade-off method ofevaluation. Vendors shall submit technical proposals for evaluation. Evaluations shall be performed on thetechnical proposals and may be conducted together with clarifications, communications, and if permitted herein,negotiations to establish a competitive range. Upon determining the technically acceptable proposals, theevaluation committee may then request pricing proposals and a live demonstration from only those Vendorsdeemed technically compliant. Price adjustments and negotiation may be accomplished by the BAFO process atthe discretion of the State.a) The evaluation committee may request clarifications, an interview with or presentation from any or all Vendorsas allowed by 9 NCAC 06B.0307. However, the State may refuse to accept, in full or partially, the responseto a clarification request given by any Vendor. Vendors are cautioned that the evaluators are n

o FrontRange HEAT Version 8.6 for the IT Help Desk Ticketing system and o Open Technology Real Service (OTRS) ITSM Cloud Edition to manage the NCDOT-IT change management process, and consolida