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Startup StoriesClean Slate, envisioned building a GPS platform for the indoor world, now helps factories and warehouses track thingswith 7x better accuracy than traditional technologies. The founding team, alumni from IIT Bombay and SRM Chennai,added their years of work and research experience in supply chain, positioning technologies and software engineeringto produce solutions comprising Kreto sensors, inLocate 6.0 tracking middleware engine and inLog visualizationplatform. Customers can access any module of inLog platform to improve the utilization of their MHE fleet, minimizeinventory inaccuracy and improve productivity and safety of their workforce. Following COVID, they've added modules tothe same infrastructure to monitor social distancing and enable contact tracing, allowing customers to build a foundationfor digital twin and process automation projects.Journey with Cisco LaunchPad Optimize OEE and utilization of MHE assets Minimize inventory inaccuracy and TAT Enable productivity and safety enhancement of workforceChallenges Integrated with Cisco IW6300 and Cisco 9100Cisco Mobility Services Engine (DNA Spaces)Kreto Transmitters & Kreto GatewaysKreto Wearable and Kreto Vehicle-Equipment TagsinLog Industry 4.0 Mobility Platform 25% higher utilization of MHE fleet assets 3% reduction in inventory inaccuracy 40% higher productivity of workersBenefitsSolutions

Startup StoriesIndia is a power surplus country, but the distortions in the power sector cost the Indian economy 86 billion in 2016alone. These losses can be prevented by enhancing the power distribution infrastructure through digitization andautomation. Probus IoT enabled wireless, modular hardware and data analytics platforms are reducing the number ofbreakdowns, energy losses, and optimizing the field personnel allocation, enabling electrical utilities to provide reliablelast mile connectivity and efficient electricity grid management. They plan to strengthen their communication andsoftware technology and expand to different geographies.Journey with Cisco LaunchPad Unwanted asset breakdown (48%) Energy losses at multiple junctions (35%) No visibility of field-personnel performance (17%)Challenges Wireless modular sensors Lug Temperature Oil Temperature & Oil LevelBenefits Automatic Meter Reader Integrated with CISCO LoRAWANIXM Gateway Probus NMASolutions Savings of 70 per asset per month providing the ROI of the initialinvestment in less than 5 months Reduced number of breakdowns (5%) Reduced the average restoration time by 66% Identified and fixed the technical losses (unbalancing, overloading) Efficient resource utilization

Startup StoriesVernacular.Ai Is a Series A funded startup, an AI-First SaaS business with a mission to become the leading VoiceAutomation/AI Platform in the world. It started with an idea of bridging the gap between businesses and multilingualcustomers. Hence, they launched two products - VIVA, a Next Gen Multilingual Voice AI Platform designed to havenatural conversations and VASR, state of the art STT technology that enables enterprises to convert audio to text byapplying powerful neural network models in an easy-to-use API. They also raised a seed fund by Kalaari Capital andprovide services to top clients across industries. Recently, they closed Series A funding of 5.1 Million USD.Journey with Cisco LaunchPadChallenges Businesses facing a hard time engaging with their multilingualcustomers due to language barrier Contact centres face a number of challenges which affect their KPIs.Hence, the goal is to transform this sector and deliver a superiorcustomer experience and engagement, which will help in positivelyimpacting businesses VIVA supports 10 languages and 100 dialects Integrated with Cisco Unified Voice Portal 12.5 via MRCP v2.0 Further integrated with Cisco ACD to do a contextual transfer toagents (based on priority, skill, timing or anything else) Handles complex use cases like alphanumeric, collection ofmultiple entities to drive conversations end to endBenefits Up to 70% contact centre automation20-30% increase in first contact resolution4.5 CSAT score40 to 50% reduction in average handling timeSolutions

Startup StoriesSatSure is working on providing decision intelligence to the public sector and financial services using data from space inconjunction with data from the field and then building Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze them for making theinsights actionable. SatSure was founded in 2017 by three friends Abhishek, Prateep, and Rashmit to democratize thepower of data from space, focused on the sustainability nexus of food, water, and climate security.Their bespoke geospatial big data platform combines satellite imagery, proprietary algorithms, with weather, IoT, droneimagery, social and economic datasets, and cadastral amongst others to generate near real time location specific insights.Journey with Cisco LaunchPadChallenges Real-time analysis at micro-scale (Farm Level) data acquisition fromthird parties Monitoring micro-climate changes (temperature, soil moisture, pH etc) Precision farming Smart Greenhouse Integrated with Cisco IR1101 for LTE connectivity Cisco LoRaWAN IXM Gateway & Actility Server for readingdata from Agri-LoRa Sensors LHT65 - LoRa based temperature, humidity & pH sensor(TATA Communications) Amazon Web Services - AWS IoT Managed ServicesBenefitsSolutions 25% decrease in operations cost by automation 30% reduction in data acquisition cost 40% increase in farm productivity which in turn leads to higherrevenue realization

Startup StoriesEder Labs cares deeply about privacy and due to the current rate of AI adoption across industries, privacy needs moreattention than ever. In early 2018, they started experimenting with various distributed architecture and differentapproaches to perform privacy-preserving machine learning. Their journey includes working on advanced technology likesecure multiparty computation, fully homomorphic encryption, federated learning, and trusted hardware-based methodsto achieve privacy.Journey with Cisco LaunchPadChallenges Complexity in machine learning workflow Concerns over privacy: AI solutions need continuous access to vasttroves of data Lack of quality talent: To solve this, enterprises are actively exploringworking with AI startups/vendors who have developed talent andunique solutions of specific use-cases and workflows The Fluid solution is an MLOps tool with two parts:AI orchestration and AI deployment Remotely annotate the data and securely transfer byencrypting them and pushing directly to the ConfidentialCompute instances hosted at Eder Labs mothership process Distributed ML techniques at EdgeBenefitsSolutions can deploy on their Enterprise customer’s environmentwith little investment in resources can learn from their customer’s data while keeping thedata in the Enterprise environment, thus ensuring data security andprivacy to their customers Faster Business Conversions, data/IP privacy stops being a roadblockin these engagements

arth Desai – ://www.probus.ioRahul Mishra- bh Gupta – Co-Founder & [email protected]://satsure.coPrateep Basu – Co-Founder & [email protected]://eder.ioSharat Satyanarayana - Co-Founder & [email protected]

About CiscoLaunchPadCore Focus AreasCisco LaunchPad believes in the truepotential of startups and recognizes theimportance of giving back to thestartup community by creating anconnect,collaborate & conquer.exciting environment toEnterprise TechIoT & DigitizationFuturistic TechCisco LaunchPad offers a structured program revolvingaround the following technology ilityHealthcareData CentreAnalyticsData/image/videoRetail & User IoTAgri and EnergyEmerging TechIndustryverticalsSurveillance &Asset TrackingSecurityEnterprise TechIndustrial IoT

Program OfferingsMentorshipInternal Cisco mentors and external expertswith immense industry experience andsubject matter expertise, to guide startupson their growth journey.Tech Platform and SupportStartups can leverage Cisco’s Technologies& Platforms like Cisco IoT – Kinetics, EdgeIntelligence, IOx, IR Gateway Routers,LoRaWAN , SD-WAN, Meraki Wireless,Access Points, Data centre – UCS & ACI,Enterprise Networking – DNAC , DNASpaces and Collaboration products –WebEx, CMS and many more.Customer Partner AccessEcosystem VisibilityStartups get global visibility to showcasetheir solutions. Our rich ecosystemconnects ensure that startups get fullexposure thus taking their products to awider spectrum of customers.Investor ConnectInteractions with the angel investors andventure capitalists community to tap intonew opportunities.Co-Working SpaceA world class co-working space in theCisco campus for startups to learn andbounce off ideas with peers.Opportunity to become CiscoSolutions/Channel Partner. Extended accessto various Cisco sales teams. Startups willalso get access to identified customers,events and opportunities for PoC/demos andjoint solution developments.Access toCustomers/PartnersBusiness and TechMentorshipCo-Working SpaceTech Platforms andSupportValidatedUse CasesInvestor Connect

Are you the next big thing?Post engagement, startups have seen increased follow-on funding, increased revenue,and opened up more employment opportunities. Overall, it has been a great journeytogether – we have seen some fantastic startups in the deep-tech space and we arevery proud to be associated with them.- Krishna Sundaresan, VP, Engineering, CiscoWe're looking for ambitious startups who:Are complementary toCisco’s product lineHave compelling valuepropositionsReach out to the capabilityto scale up

Solutions Benefits Optimize OEE and utilization of MHE assets Minimize inventory inaccuracy and TAT Enable productivity and safety enhancement of workforce Integrated with Cisco IW6300 and Cisco 9100 Cisco Mobility Services Engi