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Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookTable of ContentsVerification of Receipt4Mission Statement & A STATEMENT OF BAPTIST HIGHER EDUCATION VALUES5Curriculum6Course Descriptions8Program Outcomes and Student Competencies10Policies and ProceduresAcademic PoliciesAdmission CriteriaAdmission ProcedureProgressionWithdrawalGraduation RequirementsCourse Substitutions for Transferred Credits121315171819Student ServicesStudent Services for Distance Education StudentsBadgett Academic Support ServicesUniversity Bookstore ServicesBusiness Office ServicesEmail CommunicationsFinancial Aid ServicesLibrary ServicesLearning Management SystemDisability Services212223252627283133Health and Safety RequirementsPracticum RequirementsImmunization RequirementsNursing Liability InsuranceName Tags343537382

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Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookVerification of Receipt of the RN to BSN Student HandbookThe RN to BSN Student Handbook will be distributed through the online RN to BSN ResourceRoom. Any questions or concerns that arise when reading the handbook should be submitted tothe student’s assigned advisor or to the Director of the RN to BSN Program. Each course thestudent will post a statement in the designated area of the course room stating that they have readthe handbook and all questions have been answered to the student’s satisfaction.Revised 06/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 8/2015Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/174

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookMission StatementThe RN to BSN Program is committed to the mission of Campbellsville University. The missionof the RN to BSN Program is to offer a higher level of nursing education through an innovative,highly accessible curriculum. Tailored to the working adult, the program will provide an avenuefor the adult learner to further his or her education in a Christian environment. The programserves the nurse through incorporation of professional values, improved interprofessionalrelationships and leadership qualities, and enhanced ability to provide care and health promotionfor a diverse aggregate community. The program serves the community and the region throughpromoting lifelong learning and contributing to the profession of nursing and the health ofsociety.A STATEMENT OF BAPTIST HIGHER EDUCATION VALUESCampbellsville University is committed to providing a quality educational experience within theBaptist tradition and in keeping with a strong Christian emphasis. Under the Lordship of Christ,the institution affirms historic Baptist principles including: the priesthood of the believer, theauthority of Scripture, freedom of conscience, integration of faith and learning, pursuit of truth inan academically challenging environment, student involvement in servant ministry, andaffirmation of others in a spirit of grace and love. While the University continues to maintainvery close ties to Baptist Churches and bodies, the institution exists to provide Christ-centeredhigher educational opportunities to a diverse student population. Campbellsville University,while Baptist in affiliation and Christ-based in practice, is neither a church nor an ecclesiasticalauthority. Since 1906 the institution has existed to provide higher educational opportunities tomen and women in a positive and academically challenging Christian environment. In that samespirit, we affirm the challenges and opportunities of Baptist higher education in the 21st Century.(Approved by Campbellsville University Board of Trustees on October 23, 2001)In compliance with A Statement on Baptist Higher Education Values as noted above,Campbellsville University affirms the historical religious exemption granted under the CivilRights Act of 1964, and other applicable federal and state statutes and regulations, as a Christianuniversity in the Baptist tradition, and to develop and implement all policies and proceduresrelative to employment practices and student and employee behavior to conform with thishistorical relationship to the Baptist church and the larger Christian community. These policiesand procedures will be the basis for the mission and activities of all campus organizations anduse of all Campbellsville University facilities.As God extended His love for all human beings through his Son Jesus Christ and as an institutionthat affirms the “whosoever will gospel of Jesus Christ” (John 3:16), Campbellsville Universityextends love for mankind through a commitment to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20;Acts 1:8) and in the spirit of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40). Therefore,Campbellsville University will implement the development and administration of all policies andprocedures in the recognition of the diversity of God’s creation and His infinite grace toward allpeople.Reviewed 1/175

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookCurriculum RequirementsADN Requirements (transferred) .39Area requirements from ADN transferred in minimum of 5Medical Surgical NursingGeneral Education Requirements (see catalog) 41Core Nursing Requirements . . . 24NUR 350 Advance Health Assessment4 creditsNUR 360 Cultural Comp4 creditsNUR 370 Community I3 creditsNUR 371 Community II3 creditsNUR 380 Gerontology Nurse I3 creditsNUR 381 Gerontology Nurse II3 creditsNUR 410 Leadership Cap4 creditsBSN Specific Requirements 16*May be included in general electives as noted above.CHE 100 – Introduction to Chemistry*(Preferred)(3 credits)CJ/ECO/PSY/POL/SOC 361 – Social Statistics3 creditsCJ/ECO/PSY/POL/SOC 362 – Research Methods3 creditsBIO 322 – Medical Microbiology with Lab4 creditsNUR 340– Nursing Informatics3 creditsTake one course from this list:3 creditsBA 300 – Contemporary Healthcare Management (3)BA 375 – Health Economics (3)BA 400 – Financial Management in Healthcare (3)Total Credits . 120 hoursReviewed 1/17Revised 5/17Revised 7/176

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookCourse Descriptions for Core Nursing Requirements RN to BSN ProgramNUR350—Advanced Health AssessmentThis course is designed to further develop knowledge of the practicing nurse in the areaof advanced health assessment. The course will focus on the comprehensive holistic health andphysical assessment of the client. Using evidence-based practice and quality improvementstandards the course will focus on the client’s physical, behavioral, psychological, spiritual,socioeconomic, and environmental parameters. The course will also promote health promotionand well-being of the individual, families, groups, and communities using developmentally andculturally appropriate approaches. The course will also incorporate evidence-based practices toguide health promotion and illness prevention objectives such as health teaching, healthcounseling, screening, outreach, disease and outbreak investigation, referral, and follow-upthroughout the lifespan. These evidence-based practices and interventions will be based oneffectiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and equity using compassionate, patient-centered,evidence-based care that is respectful to the client and the family and retaining their preferences.NUR360—Transcultural NursingThis course is designed to introduce the student to culturally competent nursing careacross the lifespan. The course will identify different cultures and the health-illness attitudes,beliefs and practices inherent in those cultures. Students will have assignments designed toenhance self-reflection and awareness of cultural orientation to enable a greater understanding ofculture-specific care. Students will learn how to perform culturally-sensitive assessments withattention to safeguarding, preserving, advocating and protecting diverse cultures in the healthcaresetting. Students will focus on delivery of compassionate, patient-centered, evidence-based carethat respects patient and family preferences.NUR370—Community Health Nursing IThis course is designed to further develop knowledge of the practicing nurse in the areaof community health nursing. The course will focus on assessment of community health needs,use of evidence-based practice and quality improvement standards in promoting health and wellbeing of the individual, the family and the community. Basic public health concepts of thewellness-illness continuum, population needs, and prevention strategies will be incorporated intothe course. The course will also cover the public health nurse role and values-oriented decisionmaking, along with current cultural principles involved in providing such care.7

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookNUR371—Community Health Nursing IIThe purpose of this course is to apply the principles of community health nursing aslearned in NUR370. Students will utilize the community assessment from the prerequisitecourse to build a virtual community project. Students will interview selected persons involved incommunity health to identify how the nursing process is utilized to deliver competent care withfamilies, communities, clients with developmental needs, and vulnerable populations. Studentswill identify settings that are appropriate to community health nursing and care delivery methodsutilized within those settings.NUR380—Gerontology Nursing IThis course is designed to further develop the practicing nurse’s knowledge in the area ofgerontology nursing. The course will guide students in reflecting upon their own and society’sviews on aging, and specifically, how an aging population impacts the nation’s health policy andnursing care demands. Theories of aging and the physical and functional changes thataccompany aging will be incorporated into the nursing process for providing safe care andpromoting healthy practices in the older adult. Quality of life measures for the older adult livingwith chronic illness and transitioning through care settings will be emphasized.NUR381—Gerontology Nursing IIThe second course in gerontology nursing will focus on the older adult who has impairedphysical or functional changes. Older adults’ differing responses to illness are presented,including delirium states versus dementia. Case studies will explore acute and chronic states ofillness and how evidence based practice and quality care can promote health, prevent furtherillness or complications, and restore and rehabilitate. Palliative care will also be addressed in thecourse.NUR410—Leadership CapstoneThis course will provide the BSN student with the knowledge and resources to gain aperspective on the day to day and long term responsibilities of the nursing leader. The professionis examined with multiple viewpoints regarding the various departments, and how nursingcontributes to the overall health care goals of the institution. Assignments will includeinteractions with a selected professional nurse leader.This course is not a part of the nursing core, but is a related requirement for the RN to BSNProgram:NUR 340—Nursing InformaticsThis course is designed to focuses on the science and practice of fundamental informaticsthat integrates nursing its information and knowledge, with management information andcommunication technologies to promote the health of individuals, families, and communities.Reviewed 1/178

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookEnd of Program Student Learning OutcomesUpon graduation from the Campbellsville University RN to BSN Program, the student will:1. Demonstrate the professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.2. Provide knowledgeable, holistic nursing care to patients, families, and communitiesacross the lifespan.3. Promote collaborative care through intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary relationships inthe workplace and in the community to improve patient health outcomes.4. Distinguish the health care issues and health care needs of diverse cultures andpopulations, including those who are socially diverse.5. Develop an individualized plan to foster professional growth and development thatincludes evidence-based practice, lifelong learning, and professional engagement.6. Interpret the impact of healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments, includinglocal, state, national and global healthcare trends, on nursing practice, health promotionand disease prevention.7. Develop a plan of care with measurable outcomes related to behavioral changetechniques to promote health and manage illness.8. Defend critical thinking decisions using scholarly inquiry and discussion with colleaguesand leaders in the nursing profession.Revised 06/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 5/2015Reviewed 1/17Revised 5/179

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookStudent Policies and Procedures10

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookAdmissions Criteria for RN to BSN ProgramRationale: Campbellsville University School of Nursing recognizes that there are many entrylevels into the profession of nursing. The School of Nursing strives to enhance the professionalstatus of nurses through continued education that elevates the professionalism of the nurse.Policy:Students may apply for the RN to BSN program at Campbellsville University if they havecompleted an associate degree or diploma program for registered nursing and have a current,unencumbered license to practice nursing in their state of residence. Students must submitofficial transcripts from all previous colleges or universities for a transcript evaluation.Because of the nature of the RN-to-BSN Program, it is anticipated that students will beemployed at least 20 hours per week as a registered nurse. Class discussion is enriched by thediverse work experience of students at this level of education. Students who choose not to workwhile enrolled in course work must discuss this option with the Director of the RN to BSNProgram prior to enrollment to establish how they will meet the requirements. New graduateswho have not yet received their license may also apply, but will be conditionally admitted andwill take non-nursing courses until the licensure process is completed.Adopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 5/2015Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1711

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookAdmissions ProcessRationale: This policy is developed to ensure seamless transition into the BSN Program and toguide the student to necessary resources for admission to Campbellsville University and to theSchool of Nursing.Policy:The applicant must complete applications for admission to Campbellsville University and to theSchool of Nursing. These applications are available online at By completing the required applications online, the student avoids the nonrefundable application fees associated with hard-copy application forms.1. Admission to the University and the School of Nursing:The application captures data required by the University admission staff and helps toestablish the student’s chosen major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Additionalinformation needed by the School of Nursing such as licensure and employment historywill also be obtained at this time.2. Official TranscriptsOne Transcript from Each School Attended!TranscriptsProvide one official copy of all transcripts from each college or university that you have attendedpreviously. Once you apply, you will receive a copy of our official transcript request form fromyour Enrollment Counselor. Please submit this form via fax to 1-800-473-2512 or via email [email protected] you would like to mail an official, sealed copy, please send to our transcript processors at:Campbellsville University C/O The Learning House801 East Park Drive, Suite 105Harrisburg, PA 17111Please contact our online Enrollment team at 888-244-0609 or via email [email protected] or Michele Dickens, PhD, RN, at (270) 789-5239 or [email protected] if you have questions or are unable to access any of the abovedocuments.12

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student Handbook3. Licensure InformationA copy of a current, valid, unencumbered RN license, or listing on a state licensing boardwebsite must be submitted. All licenses will be verified before admission into theprogram and every semester as long as the student is in the program. List yourRegistered Nurse license, expiration date, and state board granting the license on theapplication.4. Letter of AcceptanceAfter evaluation of submitted materials, you will receive confirmation of acceptance intothe RN-to-BSN Program from the University. You will be contacted by an advisor whowill assist you in preparing a program plan and registering for classes.Adopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 5/2015Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1713

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookCourse Progression PolicyRationale: To establish expectations of student performance within the RN to BSN Program.Policy:In order to progress through the RN to BSN Program, the student must meet certain guidelines:1. The student must earn a C or higher in each course in the core curriculum and guidedelectives in the BSN area in order to demonstrate achievement of End of Program StudentLearning Outcomes.2. Student must achieve a GPA of 2.5 or higher by the end of his/her third core nursingcourse after entering the program.3. If the student’s GPA drops below 2.5 during the course of study, the student will beplaced on academic warning and may not take more than one core nursing course duringa given term. The student will have two consecutive eight-week semesters to bring theirGPA up to the acceptable level of 2.5.4. If the student’s GPA drops below 2.5 a second time, the student will be placed onacademic suspension.Faculty has adopted a new course order for progression that will help to guide students throughthe program. This order is suggested to ensure success of students based on recommendations ofthe accrediting body and on identified characteristics of the courses. Exceptions may be made bythe Dean or the Director of the BSN completion program.Suggested Progression of Courses:Fall-1st BitermNUR 340SOC 361Fall-1st Bi-term2nd Bi-TermNUR 380NUR 360NUR 381NUR 410NUR 350SOC 3622nd Bi-TermSpring-1st BiTermNUR 370NUR 380Spring-1st BiTermNUR 340SOC 3612nd Bi-TermSummer-EarlySummer-LateNUR 371NUR 381Spring-2nd BiTermNUR 350SOC 362NUR 360BA 300 SummerBA 300 NUR 410SummerNUR 370BA 300 NUR 371BA 300 Additional courses will be added as needed based on students’ personalized degree audit.14

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookRed-If start here this is the progression pathBlue -If start here this is the progression path*NUR 380/381 and NUR 370/371 may be interchanged dependent on the student’s preferenceand availability of courses. Both of these grouped courses are deemed to be of relevantly equaldifficulty and are independent of one another in subject matter.*NUR 410 is the last course that should be taken prior to graduation. Exceptions may be madeby the Dean or the Director of the BSN completion program.Adopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 5/2015Reviewed 1/17Revised 5/1715

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookPolicy: WithdrawalStudents in the School of Nursing may have to withdraw from the School for personal reasons,academic reasons, health issues, and other factors. The student is encouraged to discuss possiblealternatives to withdrawal with his/her faculty advisor. When no other alternative seems viable tothe student, the School of Nursing follows the same policy outlined in the CampbellsvilleUniversity Student Handbook under ―Refund and Withdrawal Policy.Please also refer to the Online Policy and Procedure Leave of Absence policy.The student is advised that if s/he chooses to leave unofficially—that is, without approval of theVice President of Academic Affairs and the completion of withdrawal forms, s/he forfeits allrights to any reduction in his/her account and will receive an ―”F” in all applicable courses. Toalleviate this situation, the student must follow the guidelines as stated in the CampbellsvilleUniversity Student Handbook. Students who have financial aid should check the Federal StudentFinancial Aid Handbook to identify policy guidelines regarding this aid.Students in the RN to BSN Program may reenter the program at will as long as they meet thestandards related in the Progression Policy. Abandoning coursework without prior approval asnoted above could subject the student to a reduction in GPA that might prove insurmountable.Adopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 3/2015Revised 11/16Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1716

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookPolicy: Graduation RequirementsIn order to fulfill the requirements for BSN graduation, the student must comply with thefollowing: Successful completion or transfer of 123 credit hours in the RN to BSN Program asoutlined in curriculum plano 25% of general education courses must be taken through CU to meet SACSresidency requirements after student admission to CU. (11 credits)o 33% of courses in the program of studies must be taken through CU to meetSACS residency requirements. (28 credits)o 42 credits must be upper division. (Satisfied through the BSN requirements.)o 25% of total hours toward degree must be taken through CU. (32 credits) A minimum over-all GPA of 2.5 Satisfactory completion of End of Program Student Learning Outcomes as evidenced byacceptable completion of coursework Payment of all applicable tuition and feesAdopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 3/2015Reviewed 1/17Revised 5/1717

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookSUBJECT: CourseSubstitutions for Transferred CreditsCampbellsville University accepts courses from other accredited colleges and universitiesbased on course equivalency determined by the Office of Student Records. When transferringcredits from other schools, the student must request an official transcript from the school(s) to besent to the Admissions Office. Admissions will then assemble information needed from theserecords to determine admission to the University. The School of Nursing will use these recordsfor course information applicable to determine placement in the nursing program. The transcriptswill be forwarded to the Office of Student Records to be placed in the student’s permanent file.In order for the appropriate substitution to be made for required subjects for the nursingprogram, a Course Substitution Request must be completed by the student and the Dean. Thisform will be sent to the appropriate Dean/ Chair of the department which offers that course forfinal approval if needed. Approval will be determined based on a satisfactory comparison of thecourse with the equivalent course offered at Campbellsville University. Courses must meet thescholastic standards required at Campbellsville University. All credits applicable to thecompletion of requirements for the nursing program must have a minimum of a ―C‖ grade.It is highly recommended that the student meet with the advisor early in the program toreview needed substitutions and comply with this procedure to ensure that requirements arebeing met timely for graduation.Due to the nature of the nursing program, a transfer student coming into this programmust complete a minimum of 50% of their core nursing coursework at CampbellsvilleUniversity.18

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookAdopted: December, 2008 Reviewed: July, 2009 Reviewed August 2011 Reviewed: July2012 Reviewed: August, 2013 Reviewed August 2014: Reviewed January, 2015, Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1719

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookPolicy: Student Services for Distance Education StudentsRationale: To ensure that students in distance education courses have the same accessibility tostudent services as those who are attending classes on campus.Policy: Students will be oriented to the methods to access services that are available to theonline community and will have written information related to services as outlined in thishandbook. Advisors will deliver this information to students via the Campbellsville UniversityRN to BSN Student Handbook. Students may contact these services directly or may ask theiradvisor for assistance with accessing needed services.See listing of services on the following pages. Please see listings for:Academic Support ServicesBusiness Office ServicesBookstoreEmail CommunicationsFinancial Aid ServicesLearning Management System: MoodleLibrary ServicesAdopted 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 3/2015Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1720

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookBadgett Academic Support CenterAccessibility for Online StudentsRationale: To provide online students with the process for obtaining academic support servicesthrough the Badgett Academic Support Center.Policy: Online students have academic support resources available to them in the distancesetting. Students can access these services by contacting the Badgett Academic Support Centerdirectly by phone or by online request for services. Beginning in the fall, 2013, the BASC willsponsor online tutoring services for students enrolled in distance education courses atCampbellsville University. Students should contact the center by one of the methods below:1) Contact Meagan Davidson at (270) 789-5370 to sign up for tutoring sessions,or2) Go to, click on “Current Students” then “AcademicSupport.” Then on the menu on the left of the screen, “Click here to Requesta Tutor.” Complete the electronic form and submit.A member of the Academic Support team will contact you to set up times for tutoring. This willbe arranged via email and/or phone communications.Students also have access to SmarThinking an online tutoring service that provides informationabout writing in all disciplines to all undergraduate distance education students. This service canbe accessed at 02/01/2012Revised 06/18/2013Reviewed 08/2014Revised 3/2015Revised 9/2015Reviewed 1/17Reviewed 5/1721

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student HandbookCampbellsville University BookstoreAccessibility for Online StudentsRationale: To provide online students with the process for ordering books through Barnes andNoble on the Campbellsville University campus. Students can order and have the books shippedto them either through use of a credit or debit card or through designated authorization fromfinancial aid if the student qualifies for such aid. Students can access the Bookstore from theQuick Links button on the Campbellsville University website and from the Moodle homepage.Policy: Students can use the online ordering system offered through Barnes and Noble on theCU website. The Bookstore can ship textbooks and other needed supplies to the student’s homeaddress if the student chooses this option. Payment can be processed (1) through a debit or creditcard in the online order system or (2) through authorization from financial aid, when the studentqualifies for such aid.(1) Paying with a debit/credit card—After enrolling for courses and identifying the coursespecific information, the student can go to the bookstore link on the Campbellsville Universityhomepage. At this location, the student can follow the prompts and utilize the dropdown boxesto identify: the term, the department, the course, and the section for each course. This will lookas noted below:For NUR 350-01 Advanced Health Assessment for fall semester, the student would enter:Fall 2013NUR35001The student will then click “GO.” The next page offers the option to enter multiple courses.Student may enter all courses for that given term. Click “Find materials for course(s).” This willtake the student to a page which lists course requirements and a price range for each. Byclicking on the price range, students will receive a menu listing the formats in which this text isavailable and will have the option to choose the format and price that is suitable to his needs.The student will then be prompted to add this item to the cart. The student will be giveninformation about availability and other options if indicated. After finalizing the selectionprocess, the student will be taken to “Checkout” where he can enter his payment and shippinginformation. The student can either establish an account or use the guest checkout. If thestudent opts to do so, he may pick up his selection(s) at the bookstore or may pay to have itemsshipped to his home.22

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student Handbook(2) Ordering with financial aid—Students who qualify for financial aid resources can use thebookstore site to identify textbook needs. These students will email their order [email protected] Send a detailed email including name, student ID number,shipping address, and phone number with a listing of courses. (It is not necessary to list thetextbooks; these will be identified by the bookstore from lists provided by faculty.) Financial aidwill provide verification of the student’s eligibility for such resources. The student will receive aconfirmation email and the books will be shipped within one to two days depending onavailability. Shipping char

Campbellsville University * RN to BSN Student Handbook 5 Mission Statement The RN to BSN Program is committed to the mission of Campbellsville University. The mission of the RN to BSN Program is to offer a higher level of nursing education through an innovative, highly accessible curriculum.