ORDER PICKERV10CAPACITY 1000 KG SERIES 5021SafetyThe V10 truck is designed to guarantee the operator’s safety whendriving, lifting and order picking. Outstanding visibility through andto either side of the mast offers the highest level of security. The integrated touch sensors ensure 2 hand operation. The LSC lift controlmonitors lift height and steering angle automatically reducing tractionspeed when necessary.PerformanceEfficiency and high performance are the best words to describe theV10. It is capable of picking at heights up to 6350 mm. Its p owerfuland economical AC drive unit combines optimum performance withlow energy consumption and great reliability. Three different lift motor options allow the truck to be tailored to exactly match the application.ComfortThe soft suspended stand-on platform and the low cab step heightincreases working comfort and makes the truck as easy to use atmax. height as at floor level. Wide variety of storage compartmentsand options such as radio preparation, fans, preparation data terminals and scanners ensures that the truck can be equipped forevery kind of order picking application.ReliabilityOur expertise in designing and building material handling equipmentis the guarantee that the V10 is a truck you can rely on. Thanksto its easy maintenance, downtime is reduced and throughputis increased. Aspects like the central servicing make the V10 an extremely reliable machine. The active cooling system ensures thehighest availability even in extreme conditions.ProductivityThe V10 is designed to achieve the highest productivity possible. Thepowerful lift motors provide fast lift of the cab w henever needed.Based on the latest ergonomic standards, the working e nvironmentand the controls allow the operator to maximise throughput. Ofcourse, the truck can work just as well in a wide aisle, as in a guided aisle.

TECHNICAL DATAOtherDrivePerformanceDimensionsWheelsand typesWeightCharacteristicsACCORDING TO VDI 21981)2)1.1ManufacturerLINDE1.2Model designationV10 Simplex mast1.2aSeries5021-015021-011.3Power unitBatteryBattery1.4OperationOrder PickerOrder Picker1.5Load capacity / LoadQ (t) centre distancec (mm)4004001.8Axle centre to fork facex (mm)1801801.9Wheelbasey (mm)127014152.1Service weight(kg)1754 2)2739 2)2.2Axle load without load, front/rear(kg)597 / 21572)1142 / 2597 2)2.3Axle load without load, front / rear(kg)1054 / 7002)1552 / 11873.1Tyres rubber, SE, pneumatic, polyurethanePolyurethanePolyurethane3.2Tyre size, frontØ 250 x 100Ø 250 x 1003.3Tyre size, rearØ 120 x 50Ø 150 x 1003.5Wheels, number front / rear (x driven)1x / 21x / 23.6Track width, frontb10 (mm)003.7Track width, rearb11 (mm)6608504.2Height of mast, loweredh1 (mm)212029004.4Lifth 3 (mm)15004550LINDE1)V10 Standard mast4.5Height of mast, extendedh 4 (mm)376068104.7Height of overhead guard (cabin)h 6 (mm)226022604.8Height of seat / stand on platformh7 (mm)2002004.11Supplementary lifth9 (mm)8008004.14Platform height, raisedh12 (mm)170047502)4.15Height, loweredh13 (mm)65654.19Overall lengthl 1 (mm)246526304.20Length to fork facel 2 (mm)166518304.21Overall widthb1  / b2 (mm)790 / 790980 / 9804.22Fork dimensions DIN ISO 2331s / e / l (mm)60 x 120 x 80060 x 120 x 8004.23Fork carriage to ISO 2328, class / type A, B4.24Width of fork carriageb3 (mm)4.25Fork spreadb 5 (mm)560 / 640560 / 6404.27Width over side guide rollersb 6 (mm)118513754.31Ground clearance, below mastm1 (mm)40384.32Ground clearance, centre of wheelbasem 2 (mm)40381380nono660 / 740660 / 7404.34.2Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forksA st (mm)11904.35Turning radiusWa (mm)148516504.42End aisle width, with / without loadAu (mm)283429995.1Travel speed, with / without load(km/h)9/910 / 105.2Lifting speed, with / without load(m/s)0.18 / 0.250.22 / 0.315.3Lowering speed, with / without load(m/s)0.3 / 0.240.3 / 0.245.9Acceleration time, with / without load(s)7.0 / 7.08.0 / 8.05.10Service brakeRegenerativeRegenerative6.1Drive motor, rating S 2 60 min(kW)336.2Lift motor, rating at S 3 15 %(kW)47.66.3Battery according to DIN 43531 / 35 / 36 A, B, C, no43 535 / B43 535 / A6.4Battery voltage / rated capacity (5 h)(V)/(Ah)24 / 42024 / 5606.5Battery weight ( 5 %)(kg)3855028.1Type of drive unitMicroprocessorMicroprocessor10.7Sound pressure level LpAZ (at the driver’s seat)6169(dB(A))Examplary configuration based on a modular truck system. Please contact your local sales department for an individual truck configurationFigures with battery, see line 6.4 / 6.5.1)

V10 with simplex mast (1)Height of mast loveredh1 (mm)16202120Lift height without supplementary masth 3 (mm)100015001910h 3 h9 (mm)1800230027102775Lift height with supplementary mast2530Total lift height from groundh25(mm)18652365Supplementary lifth9 (mm)800800800Platform heighth12 (mm)120017002110Picking height (h12 1600 mm)h 28 (mm)280033003710Extended heighth 4 (mm)239537604170Height of mast loveredh1 (mm)24002900-Lift height without supplementary masth 3 (mm)35504550-(1) available with 790 mm and 980 mm chassis widthV10 with standard mast (2)h 3 h9 (mm)43505350Total lift height from groundLift height with supplementary masth 25 (mm)44155415-Supplementary lifth9 (mm)800800-Platform heighth12 (mm)37504750Picking height (h12 1600mm)h 28 (mm)53506350-Extended heighth 4 (mm)58106810-(2) available with 980 mm chassis width

STANDARD EQUIPMENT / OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTSTANDARD EQUIPMENTOPTIONAL EQUIPMENTModular truck design for optimum customizationOperator‘s compartment:Operator‘s compartment:LCD „Comfort“ display with keypad log-on, lift height indicator, speedometer,hour meter, steered wheel position indicator, battery status and service codesMast or load side controlsSuspension mounted cab to absorb shocks and vibrationSoft rubber mat isolates operator from shocks and vibrationAlternative cabin widths (800 mm - 1500 mm)Tilting barriersStorage compartments, pen holders and space for bottles, cans or toolsintegrated into cab interiorRearview mirrors (left / right) on load side and / or mast sideLED display with hour meter, steered wheel position indicator, battery statusand service codesMacrolon cover for overhead guardVery low step on height for easy and off accessSteering knobThroughput:Durable polyurethane wheelsRegenerative electric braking through the drive motor for optimum use ofenergySteering wheelLighting focusable on rack, pallet or cab interiorAttachment bars on mastside and on overhead guardClipboard DIN A4Fan in overhead guardRadio preparation 12 V / 50 W with 2 speakers and antennaLinde connect: data management systemBattery discharge indicator with lift cutoutKneepad on front barrierMotors:Throughput:AC drive motor for robust, economical high performance with minimum wearand maintenance2 different chassis, 790 mm and 980 mm to suit application3.0 KW drive motorButtons for supplementary lift on load side for easy handling3.2 KW lift motorInching buttons for pedestrian operation on both sidesSafety:Truck prepared for data terminal, printer, scanner installationAutomatic reduction in travel speed with platform raisedMotors:All traction and lift functions interlocked through foot switch and sensorsensuring two handed operation4.0 kW lift motor for higher throughputSupplementary lift 800 mm for easy order picking7.6 kW lift motor for maximum throughputSafety:Side barriers fitted with gas struts and safety interlocksAlternative speed reduction and end aisle stop functionsPersonal safety scannerLift and traction cut offAnti-collision sensor for liftingWarning lightsWarning soundsLSC for speed reduction with steering angleMast / Forks:Different fork lengths 700 mm - 2500 mmCarriage for adjustable forks (FEM)Environment:Mechanical side guidanceInductive wire guidanceCold store versionAntistatic guide rollers and wheelsOnline diagnosis tool

FEATURESTwo versions are availableOperators compartment Model V10-01 with fixed forks weldedto the operator platform, for workingwith walk on pallets Model V10-02 with supplementary lifton operator platform, forks weldedto fork carriage. Pallet can be raisedto most convenient working level for picking. Optimum matching of lift carriage minimizes dead space to allowfull utilization of pallet surface area Cab is suspension-mounted and hasa floor designed to absorb shock andvibration Lighting to illuminate racks, load and / orcab Storage compartments, pen holders andspace for bottles, cans or tools integratedin cab lining Radio preparation, fans, preparation fordata terminals and scannersModular concept Unique modular design allows the perfect specification for each application Combination of different lift motors, chassis, masts, batteries, cabins, etc. to suitevery application Side guide rollers can be fitted for narrowaisle workingDrive and lift Robust, economical high performancetraction and lift motors are fitted asstandard Optional lift motor sizes (3 options forlight, standard and heavy duty applications) allow truck performance to bematched to customer requirementsSafety Two handed operation of controls viatouch sensors ensures safety All traction and lift functions inter lockedthrough deadman‘s switch and integrated2 handed operation Automatic speed reduction when turning Emergency lowering under rear hoodreadily accessible in aisleControl concept Simple ergonomic controls a llow precise,accurate operation reducing driver fatigueand increasing throughput Simultaneous traction andlifting / lowering Safe two handed operation ensured byintegrated sensorsLSC Stepless automatic adjustment of speeddepending on steering angle and liftheight Highly efficient use of energy and e nergyrecoveringOrder Picking Spacious cabin for comfortable orderpicking Tilting barriers enable better reachinginto the racking Optimal height of front barrier for productive order picking Safe stand at cabin sidePresented by:Subject to modification in the interest of progress. Illustrations and technical details could include options andnot binding for actual construc tions. All dimensions subject to usual tolerances.Linde Material Handling GmbHCarl-von-Linde-Platz 63741 Aschaffenburg GermanyPhone 49 6021 99 0 Fax 49 6021 99 [email protected] in Germany 123.e.2.0119.IndF.Ki

is increased. Aspects like the central servicing make the V10 an extremely reliable machine. The active cooling system ensures the highest availability even in extreme conditions. Productivity The V10 is designed to achieve the highest productivity possible. The powerful