Manske Property Management, Inc.Our office is in Whytecliffe Apartments10050 W. Beloit RoadGreenfield WI 53228(414) 546-8090 Office(414) 543-5433 FaxRENTAL APPLICATIONVisit us on the web: www.manskepropertymanagement.comEmail us: [email protected] does not discriminate on the basis of any protected classunder federal, state or local laws, rules, or ordinance.Thank you for applying for residency with Manske Property Management. Each adult 18 years of age or older must complete an application. Allrequested information must be completed before this application will be processed. In order to insure prompt processing of your application,please print clearly and provide complete information including names, addresses and telephone numbers where requested.Management requires that the combined net household income meets or exceeds three times the rental payment amount. For example, if therental payment is 600.00 per month, the net household income must be 1,800.00 per month or higher to qualify.To be completed by Authorized Personnel OnlyShown by:Property Address (s):Advertising Source:Monthly Rent: Seen the Actual Unit(s)?Improvements or Specials offered:Date of Showing:Unit # (s):ID Verified by:Available Date:Required Move Date:Security Deposit: Lease Term:Description Given for Unit (s)?APPLICANT INFORMATION:Date of Application:Name of Applicant:Total # of Occupants:(First)Total # of Vehicles:(Middle)Have you ever been known by another name? YES NO If yes, list names:Driver’s License. #:Issuing State:Date of Birth:Social Security #:Home Phone:Work Phone:(Please check your preferred method of contact above)(Last)Email:Cell Phone:(Proof of identification is required)RESIDENCE HISTORY:Present Address:Landlord Name:Landlord Address:Current Rental Payment: Are you being evicted?(street)YesPrevious Address:Landlord Name:Landlord Address:Current Rental Payment: Were you evicted?EMPLOYMENT HISTORY:Present Employer:Employer Address:Telephone #:Position Held:Other sources of income:Previous Employer:Employer Address:Telephone #:Position Held:No(street)YesNo(apt #)(city)Landlord’s Phone:Dates of Occupancy:Why are you moving?(apt #)(zip)to(city)Landlord’s Phone:(state)Dates of Occupancy:Why did you move?(state)(zip)toName of Supervisor:Length of Service:Net Income (monthly): toMonthly Amount: Name of Supervisor:Length of Service:Net Income (monthly): toLast Updated on 3/23/2021

MISCELLANEOUS:Have you ever convicted of a felony or been arrested for a crime other than a traffic offense?Have you ever filed bankruptcy?Have you ever been served an eviction notice or been asked to vacate a property you were renting?Have you ever willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent or mortgage payments when due?Do you know of anything which may interrupt your income or ability to pay rent?Have you ever broken or failed to honor a lease agreement?If you answered yes to any of the questions above please explain:YESYESYESYESYESYESNONONONONONODo any of your household members smoke?YESDo any of your household members have pets?YESPET INFORMATION:All household pets must be listed below even caged animals. Pet Agreement Must Be Signed. Total # of Household Pets:NONOANIMAL TYPEBREEDWEIGHTAGENAMEDESCRIPTION/COLOREach property may have its own restrictions in type, breed, weight and number of pets. None of our properties allow more than two pets total per household.Please review the descriptions carefully. You may review our Pet Policy by visiting our website at If in doubt, please ask forclarification or contact our office before applying.The following dog breeds, mixed or pure are not allowed at any of our properties:Pit Bull TerrierDobermanRottweilerGerman ShepardHusky American BullyAkitaChowMalamuteStaffordshire TerrierBull TerrierVEHICLE INFORMATION:MAKEMODELYEARCOLORPLATE NUMBERAll vehicles must be registered, licensed and in operable condition! We do not allow trailers, campers, RV’s, jet-ski’s, monster trucks or other oversized trucks!MINOR HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS: Please list all individuals under the age of 18 years below.Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Name:Date of Birth:Social Sec. #:Social Sec. #:Social Sec. #:Social Sec. #:Failure to obtain written permission prior to adding/changing occupants or pets is a violation of the lease contract and a FIVE-DAY NOTICE TO VACATE may be servedto the tenant (s).EMERGENCY CONTACT (This person must be local and not a household member)Full Name:Address:(Street)(Apt#)Telephone Number:Relationship:(City/state/zip)Terms and Conditions of ApplicationApplicant agrees to pay a non-refundable Credit Check Fee of 20.00 at the time of application. Personal checks are not accepted as payment ofthis fee. Any application submitted without payment of the 20.00 Credit Check Fee will be denied. If applicant pays the 20.00 Credit Check Fee,applicant will be provided with a copy of the consumer credit report obtained by management regardless of whether the applicant’s application isaccepted or denied.Applicant understands that a security deposit is required and must be paid in full before occupancy will be given. If the full security deposit is notpaid upon the execution of the lease, the applicant will not be provided with occupancy of the rental unit and the acceptance of the applicant’sapplication will be rescinded. Tenant further acknowledges and agrees that the security deposit cannot be used to pay the first or last month’s rent.Applicant agrees that there are no verbal agreements. All agreements must be in writing and must be signed by both management and applicant.Applicant hereby certifies that the information contained within this application is true, correct and complete and does not contain any false ormisleading information. Applicant understands and agrees that if any information provided on this application is found to be false or misleadingduring the application review process, this application shall be denied.By signing this application, applicant hereby authorizes management to conduct a credit check, rental history verification, employment verificationand criminal background check with organizations that provide such services.Applicants Signature:Signature Date:Last Updated on 3/23/2021

TENANT DISCLOSURE AND RELEASEI authorize Manske PropertyManagement to obtain both past and current information concerningthe names and dates of previous employers, public records, credit data,bankruptcy proceedings, eviction or landlord judgments, criminalbackground checks/records and income verification.I AUTHORIZE WITHOUT RESERVATION, ANY PARTY OR AGENCYCONTACTED BY MANSKE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TO FURNISH THEABOVE-MENTIONED INFORMATION.Furthermore, I authorize procurement of consumer report(s) fromfederal, state and other agencies that provide such services. Ifapproved as a tenant, this authorization shall remain on file and shallserve as an ongoing authorization for you to procure consumer reportsat any time during my contract period.Your current AddressAddressUnit #CityStateZipPrinted NameDateDOBSignatureDateDOB

WISCONSIN REALTORS ASSOCIATION4801 Forest Run RoadMadison, Wisconsin 5051Manske Property ManagementDISCLOSURE TO CUSTOMERSPage 1 of 2Prior to negotiating on your behalf the Broker must provide you the following disclosure statement:BROKER DISCLOSURE TO CUSTOMERSYou are a customer of the broker. The broker is either an agent of another party in the transaction or a subagent of another brokerwho is the agent of another party in the transaction. The broker, or a salesperson acting on behalf of the broker, may providebrokerage services to you. Whenever the broker is providing brokerage services to you, the broker owes you, the customer, thefollowing duties:The duty to provide brokerage services to you fairly and honestly.The duty to exercise reasonable skill and care in providing brokerage services to you.The duty to provide you with accurate information about market conditions within a reasonable time if you request it, unlessdisclosure of the information is prohibited by law.The duty to disclose to you in writing certain material adverse facts about a property, unless disclosure of the information isprohibited by law (See Lines 55-63).The duty to protect your confidentiality. Unless the law requires it, the broker will not disclose your confidential information or theconfidential information of other parties (See Lines 22-39).The duty to safeguard trust funds and other property the broker holds.The duty, when negotiating, to present contract proposals in an objective and unbiased manner and disclose the advantages anddisadvantages of the proposals.Please review this information carefully. A broker or salesperson can answer your questions about brokerage services, but if youneed legal advice, tax advice, or a professional home inspection, contact an attorney, tax advisor, or home inspector.This disclosure is required by section 452.135 of the Wisconsin statutes and is for information only. It is a plain-language summary ofa broker's duties to a customer under section 452.133 (1) of the Wisconsin statutes.CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE TO CUSTOMERSBROKER WILL KEEP CONFIDENTIAL ANY INFORMATION GIVEN TO BROKER IN CONFIDENCE, OR ANY INFORMATIONOBTAINED BY BROKER THAT HE OR SHE KNOWS A REASONABLE PERSON WOULD WANT TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL,UNLESS THE INFORMATION MUST BE DISCLOSED BY LAW OR YOU AUTHORIZE THE BROKER TO DISCLOSE PARTICULARINFORMATION. A BROKER SHALL CONTINUE TO KEEP THE INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL AFTER BROKER IS NO LONGERPROVIDING BROKERAGE SERVICES TO YOU.THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS REQUIRED TO BE DISCLOSED BY LAW:1. MATERIAL ADVERSE FACTS, AS DEFINED IN SECTION 452.01 (5g) OF THE WISCONSIN STATUTES (SEE LINES 55-63).2. ANY FACTS KNOWN BY THE BROKER THAT CONTRADICT ANY INFORMATION INCLUDED IN A WRITTEN INSPECTIONREPORT ON THE PROPERTY OR REAL ESTATE THAT IS THE SUBJECT OF THE TRANSACTION.TO ENSURE THAT THE BROKER IS AWARE OF WHAT SPECIFIC INFORMATION YOU CONSIDER CONFIDENTIAL, YOU MAY LISTTHAT INFORMATION BELOW (SEE LINES 35-36). AT A LATER TIME, YOU MAY ALSO PROVIDE THE BROKER WITH OTHERINFORMATION YOU CONSIDER TO BE CONFIDENTIAL.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION:NON-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION (The following information may be disclosed by Broker):(INSERT INFORMATION YOU AUTHORIZE THE BROKER TO DISCLOSE SUCH AS FINANCIAL QUALIFICATION INFORMATION.)CONSENT TO TELEPHONE SOLICITATIONI/We agree that the Broker and any affiliated settlement service providers (for example, a mortgage company or title company) maycall our/my home or cell phone numbers regarding issues, goods and services related to the real estate transaction until I/wewithdraw this consent in writing.List Home/Cell Numbers:SEX OFFENDER REGISTRYNotice: You may obtain information about the sex offender registry and persons registered with the registry by contacting theWisconsin Department of Corrections on the Internet at: or by phone at 608-240-5830.BY SIGNING AND DATING BELOW I/WE ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY OF THIS DISCLOSURE ANDRobin BarrazaManske Property Management, Inc. are workingTHATandSales AssociateFirm Nameas: (Owner's/Listing Broker's Agent) (Buyer's/Tenant's Agent or Buyer's Broker's Agent) STRIKE ONE .52 SIGNING THIS FORM TO ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT DOES NOT CREATE ANY LEGAL OBLIGATIONS TO BROKER.53DateSignature54 SignatureDateNo representation is made as to the legal validity of any provision or the adequacy of any provision in any specific transaction.Copyright 2012 by Wisconsin REALTORS Association Drafted by Attorney Debra Peterson ConradManske Property Management, 10050 W. Beloit Road Greenfield, WI 53214Phone: (414)546-8090Fax: (414)543-5433Rocheleau RossowProduced with ZipForm by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen Mile Road, Fraser, Michigan 48026 www.zipLogix.comMPMI Broker

555657585960616263Page 2 of 2DEFINITION OF MATERIAL ADVERSE FACTSA "material adverse fact" is defined in Wis. Stat. § 452.01(5g) as an adverse fact that a party indicates is of such significance, or thatis generally recognized by a competent licensee as being of such significance to a reasonable party, that it affects or would affectthe party's decision to enter into a contract or agreement concerning a transaction or affects or would affect the party's decisionabout the terms of such a contract or agreement. An "adverse fact" is defined in Wis. Stat. § 452.01(1e) as a condition or occurrencethat a competent licensee generally recognizes will significantly and adversely affect the value of the property, significantly reducethe structural integrity of improvements to real estate, or present a significant health risk to occupants of the property; or informationthat indicates that a party to a transaction is not able to or does not intend to meet his or her obligations under a contract oragreement made concerning the transaction.Produced with ZipForm by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen Mile Road, Fraser, Michigan 48026www.zipLogix.comMPMI Broker

who is the agent of another party in the transaction. The broker, or a salesperson acting on behalf of the broker, may provide brokerage services to you. Whenever the broker is providing brokerage services to you, the broker owes you, the customer, the following duties: The duty