System1010 Familyof Non-IntrusiveUltrasonic

Welcome to the world of Controlotron Non-Intrusive Clamp-On Transit-TimeUltrasonic Flowmeters, (plus a few special ones that need to be intrusive). Since beingnon-intrusive is the key to universal applicability, it should not surprise you that ourproducts are found in essentially every industry, and in most of their applications.This short brochure is just a taste of our broad product line, consisting of well over100 individual models in 6 major product families. This wide choice assures you thatthere is a model which is more perfect for you than essentially any other flowmetertechnology. You will find that they will give you. Very high accuracy Very high reliability Excellent cost effectivity Direct interchangeability with conventional intrusive flowmeters and, they will provide performance not available from any other flowmeter, evencompetitive Ultrasonic Flowmeters.The 1010 Clamp-On products share many common technological advances:All use Controlotron’s exclusive Wide Beam Transducers, which Insure accurate flow measurement regardless of the liquid type or temperature. Enable operation with up to 50% Aeration, and indicate its presence. Are resistant to Aberrated Flow Profile and Crossflow errors. Provide continuous Automatic Zero Adjustment to prevent Zero Drift. Are fully maintainable without need to open pipeline or stop flow. Sonic identification of Product Type and Quality. Provide all conventional digital and analog data outputs.Since this short brochure cannot hope to provide all the information that you maydesire, simply use it to locate your class of applications, and the Families of productsthat we offer for each. Then feel free to call on us or our local representatives formuch more information that is available when you contact us. 383)227-86-73- (846)206-03-16(812)309-46-40(845)249-38,: 9(495)268-04-70(863)308-18-15(347)229-48-12P2

The Hydrocarbon Industry Products Family, for Production Fields,Pipelines and RefineriesAmong the products listed below are the most accurate and application friendly flowmeters availableto the Hydrocarbon Processing industry. These products truly are cost effective, and providevaluable functions and features not available from any other type of meter.The 1010DV FieldProved Clamp-OnCustody Transfer andCheck-Metering MassFlowmeters1010DV meters are extensivelyused on many Crude Oil andRefined Product pipelines toprovide Custody Transfer (withField Prover) and Check-Meteringservice in both onshore andoffshore applications.The 1010LD TurnkeyPipeline Leak Detectionand Leak LocationSystemsOver 30 Major internationalinstallations testify to the highperformance and reliability ofControlotron’s 1010LD LeakDetection and Pipeline Managementsystems. This complete Softwareand Hardware solution assuresthat Controlotron can take fullresponsibility for all aspects ofoperation and performance, ascompared to hybrid systems.Optimized trend performance tobetter than 0.25 % in One Minute.Separate 1010LL Leak Locationsystem triangulates leak locationto within 10 meters in mostapplications.The 1010GC Portable andDedicated Clamp-On NaturalGas Check-MeteringFlowmetersA major Controlotron innovation isthe adaptation of our High PrecisionClamp-On Liquid flowmeters topreviously unachievable Clamp-OnNatural and Process Gas metering.Available as either 1010GC Portableor Dedicated Installation models,Controlotron’s Wide Beam Gas Transducerscan measure flow rate of gas withoutstopping flow or cutting pipe. They are idealfor Check-Metering or simply to determinehow your process is operating.The 1010G Pre-CalibratedNatural Gas CustodyTransfer and Check-MeteringSpool FlowmetersControlotron’s 1010G Natural andProcess Gas flowmeters operate atpressures from less than oneatmosphere to over 3000psi, inpipes from 2 inches to 48 inches.Provided as a pre-calibrated Spool,1010G is available in affordable HighPrecision models, as well as UltraPrecision 8 Path systems for certifiedAGA-9 Custody Transfer applications.The 1010S Pre-Calibrated LiquidClamp-On Spool CustodyTransfer and Check-MeteringFlowmetersThe 1010GCS Pre-Calibrated GasClamp-On Spool Natural andProcess Gas Custody TransferFlowmetersControlotron’s Clamp-On technology, deliveredas a fully installed, operational and Calibratedsystem provide the reliability of 1010Clamp-On systems with the Certifiedpre-calibrated accuracy well known to thosewho have used these systems for many years.Ideal for Crude Oil and Refined products withproved batch accuracy of better than 0.1%.Providing 1010GC Clamp-On Gas flowmetersalready installed on a Spool, and pre-calibrated,provides a Custody Transfer certified flowmeter infull accordance with AGA-9. Simply install as youwould with other Intrusive gas flowmeters, andnever be concerned with need to stop operationsto service transducers, or deal with cumbersomeRetrieval tools. Clamp-On transducers do notrequire the cavities needed by intrusive gasflowmeters, which are a source of failure due tobuild-up of deposits.P3

The 1010N and1010X Dedicated GeneralPurpose FamilyThe 1010P Portable FlowSurvey FamilyBattery operated portable Compact andWeatherproof Single and Dual-ChannelClamp-On Transit-Time flowmeters for accuratelychecking calibration of installed flowmeters ofall types, for all locations which do not requirecontinuous monitoring.Easily installed without cutting pipe or stoppingflow, these meters provide extremely accurateWide Beam Transit-Time ultrasonic flowmetering.Suitable for essentially any liquid, and capable ofoperating even under high aeration conditions thatusually require less accurate Doppler flowmeters.The 1010E Portableand Dedicated ThermalEnergy Family for theHVAC IndustryJust like the 1010P and 1010Nfamilies, except specially adaptedto the needs of the HVAC industryfor measurement and billing for thevalue of delivered thermal energy.Portable models are used to checkthe efficiency of chillers and heatexchangers to insure optimumefficiency and cost savings.The 1010FT Pre-Calibrated Clamp-OnFlowTubes for High Accuracy ProcessControl FlowmeteringThe 1010A Aerospace HydraulicSystem Test and Aircraft EngineFuel FlowmetersUnique among ultrasonic flowmeters is the ability toprovide high accuracy non-intrusive Clamp-Onflowmetering on pipes from 1/4 inch to 4 inches indiameter. Among the primary features of the 1010FTare exceedingly Low Pressure Drop, choice of eitherVolumetric or Mass Flowrate, calibrated accuracy tobetter than 0.1%, bi-directional flowrate over a rangeof true Zero to over 40 ft/second.Adapting the 1010FT’s ability to provide accurateflowmetering on small pipes, the 1010A providesairlines with an instrument that enables FAAHydraulic System test requirements to be met inonly hours, instead of days. Test of the system isenabled by simply "Snapping On" the 1010Atransducers to the hydraulic lines. Fuel Flowinstruments are available to replace low reliabilitymechanical turbine type flowmeters with anincrease in accuracy of 10:1, and no need forperiodic maintenance or re-calibration.P4

MISSION STATEMENTControlotron is committed to manufacturing Proprietary State of theArt instruments and instrumentation systems ubiquitously applicableto the flow control needs of many different industries. Our foundingprinciple is to deliver unmatched flow control technology that providesinformation and data of extremely high value improving productionand profitability for all our customers. 383)227-86-73- (846)206-03-16(812)309-46-40(845)249-38,: 9(495)268-04-70(863)308-18-15(347)229-48-12P5

Welcome to the world of Controlotron Non-Intrusive Clamp-On Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters, (plus a few special ones that need to be intrusive). Since being non-intrusive is the key to universal applicability, it should not surprise you that our products are found in essen