Moves ManagementRetaining and Upgrading Your DonorsPresented by

DirectionsActivityWarm UpWrite the following info on page 1of your handout.1. A donor who you think could begiving more.2. How much on average they giveannually.3. How much you think they couldbe giving.4. Why you think they could givemore? What evidence do youhave?2

Objectives1. Identify a major gifts prospect usingthe major gifts prospect chart.2. Identify where a prospect is within themajor gifts cycle.3. Create a moves management planusing a moves management plantemplate.3

Agenda Introduction and warm upDefine fundraisingDefine individual givingQualify major gifts prospectsMajor gifts cycleMoves management planConclusion4

Fundraising and Major GiftsObjective 1: Identify a major gifts prospect using themajor gifts prospect chart.5

What is fundraising?Fundraising (noun)The raising of assets and resourcesfrom various sources for the supportof an organization or a specificproject.6

Funding SourcesCorporationsFederal andstate es forserviceInterest frominvestmentsLoans7

Individual GivingIndividualGivingAnnualFundMajorGifts8

Annual Fund (noun)The total gifts made on a yearly basis tosupport yearly budgets or generaloperations.9

Major Gift (noun)A major gift is a significant donation to anot-for-profit organization, the amountrequired to qualify as a major gift beingdetermined by the organization.10

DirectionsActivitySetting a Major GiftThresholdWhat is the minimum dollaramount for a donation to qualifyas a major gift for yourorganization? Think about it andwrite down the amount on page2 of your handout.Guideline: Take your averageannual fund gift and multiply itby 10.11

Qualifying a Major Gift ProspectHigh lingnessIIIIVLow Capacity12

DirectionsActivityQualify 3 Major GiftProspectsThink of 3 prospects that arecurrently giving small annualfund gifts to your org that couldgive a major gift (i.e. are inquadrant 1). Write down theirnames on page 2 of yourhandout.IIIIIIIV13

Major Gifts CycleObjective 2: Identify where a prospect is within the majorgifts cycle.14

Major Gifts gementStewardshipDonation 15

Moves Management PlanObjective 3: Create a moves management plan using amoves management plan template.16

Moves Management (noun)Moves management is a fundraisingstrategy used to turn a major giftprospect into a committed major giftdonor.17

Moves Management Plan ExampleNameAllen,ThomasAsk Amount 100,000Q11. Phone call to share info andinvite for site visit.2. Give personal tour.Q21. Invite to President's Dinner2. Introduce to PresidentBrown,Shanna 50,0001. Invite to President's Dinner2. President publicly thanksShanna at the President's Dinner.Conway,Albert 25,000Davis,Robert 10,000English,Alice 250,0001. President calls to invite fordinner.2. President asks Shanna to hostan intimate dinner with her highcapacity friends.1. Phone to ask about familyfoundation, share informationabout org, and invite for a sitevisit.2. Conduct site visit.1. Phone to share moreinformation and invite for a sitevisit.2. Give personal tour.1. President phones to invite toprivate dinner.2. Dinner with president.Total 435,0001. Invite to President's Dinner2. Introduce to PresidentQ31. Invite to lunch with Boardmember.2. Solicit for 100K.3. President calls to thankThomas.1. President solicits Shanna for 50,000.Q41. President acknowledges gift inend of year newsletter.1. Apply to family foundation.2. Ask Albert to champion theapplication to his familyfoundation.1. President acknowledges gift inend of year newsletter.1. Ask to volunteer as a greeter for 1. President calls to thank forthe President's Dinner.volunteer work.2. Ask to volunteer involvingprogramming.1. Invite to President's Dinner1. President invites to join the2. President engages her.Board of Directors.2. President solicits for 250,000.1. President acknowledges gift inend of year newsletter.1. Solicit at end of year for 10,000.1. President acknowledges gift inend of year newsletter.2. Onboarding to make Alice aspokesperson for the organization.18

List of Potential Moves A personal, behind the scenes tour of your facility. Personal phone calls to share information about the organization. Personalized birthday cards. Invitations to special events. Featured or mentioned in organization’s newsletter. Invitation to lunch or dinner with CEO/President/Board/staff. Invitation to give feedback on strategic plan. Asking the prospect to host an intimate event for potentialdonors. Publicly thanking donor at event. Inviting prospect to join the board. Ask prospect to participate in the annual GiveBAYOU event.19

So far, we have Identified a major gift threshold for ourorganizations Identified major gift prospects with the capacity,interest, and willingness to give a major gift Analyzed the major gifts cycle and where movesmanagement fits in Analyzed a sample moves management plan Created a list of potential moves that are specific toour major gift prospects and our organizations20

DirectionsActivityCreate a MovesManagement PlanFill in the moves managementplan template on page 6 of yourhandout.1. Write the names of yourdonors and ask amounts inthe left hand columns.2. Use your list of moves to fillin appropriate moves in eachquarter for each donor.21

Objectives Identify a major gifts prospect usingthe major gifts prospect chart. Identify where a prospect is within themajor gifts cycle. Create a moves management planusing a moves management plantemplate.22

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moves management plan template. 16. 17 Moves Management (noun) Moves management is a fundraising strategy used to turn a major gift prospect into a committed major gift donor. 18 Moves Management Plan Example Name Ask Amount Q1 Q2 Q3