Press InformationApril 14, 2014Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014See the full Press ReleaseThe following products were awarded the Red Dot for high design quality, except where notedotherwise.HealthcareAmbient Experience - IBA Proton Therapy Suite (Willis Knighton)A leader in proton therapy technology, IBA has developed its newcompact ProteusOne system enabled with Philips’ AmbientExperience to help enhance the overall experience for oncologypatients and staff. Philips and IBA developed a solution that turnsa cold, impersonal environment into one that comforts andreassures. Read moreAmbient Experience PET/CT Suite (Sparks)A first of its kind PET/CT suite designed to comfort potentialcancer patients with Ambient Experience Design, including the useof interactive media, adaptable sound and soothing lighting. Read moreAmbient Experience PET/MRI Suite (Cleveland UniversityHospital)A state-of-the-art PET/MRI suite that uses Ambient Experiencedesign and technology to reduce patient anxiety while offering anefficient and intuitive workspace for caregivers. Read more1 of 8

EPIQ ultrasoundHighly ergonomic and intuitive to use, the EPIQ premiumperformance ultrasound system offers an entirely new level ofclinical confidence with a first-of-its-kind ultrasound architecture. Read moreVISIQ ultra portable ultrasound systemAn ultra mobile transducer-based ultrasound system with tabletdisplay designed for ease of use in providing clinical imaging1where and when it is needed. Read moreEfficia DFM100 Defibrillator MonitorThe Efficia Defibrillator Monitor offers the core functionalityneeded for emergency care, resuscitation and patient monitoringat an improved cost of ownership, allowing for enhanced patientcare, no matter where the patient is located.Lifeline GoSafe, HomeSafe Emergency Help CommunicatorsBuilding on Lifeline’s 40 years of experience of empoweringseniors, the new range of discreet communicators connect seniorsto help when needed. Read moreNuance & Nuance Pro mask systemThe first and only gel pillows sleep apnea mask, designed toaddress medical and lifestyle needs with a comfortable fit. Read more1VISIQ is not commercially available for sale.2 of 8

TP VisionDesignLine LED TV 46”, 55” (PDL8908S/12)The Philips DesignLine Smart LED TV offers a cinematic viewingexperience, with its ‘integrated glass architecture’ designappearing to be a single sheet of floating glass. Read moreElevation LED TV 60” (60PFL8708S/12)The Elevation Smart LED TV offers a fully immersive cinematicexperience through 4-sided Ambilight Prism technology. An ultranarrow, transparent stand elevates the TV. Read moreConsumer LifestyleAir Purifier (AC4374/4372)A clean and elegant air purifier with superior performance, thePhilips Air Purifier ensures hassle-free operation, housed within awell-designed, high quality product. Read more (Chinese)AquaTrio Pro (FC7080/88)A wet cleaner that vacuums, mops and dries hard floors in one go,the AquaTrio Pro is truly innovative, delivering a completely newproduct. Read moreEasyPro Bagless Vacuum CleanerA powerful, compact and easy-to-use bagless vacuum cleaner forthe Chinese market, the EasyPro radiates performance through itsrecognizable silhouette and high-quality design. Read more3 of 8

SteamCleaner Multi (FC7008/10/12)A compact, easy-to-use appliance, the SteamCleaner Multi isdesigned for use within domestic households to get kitchens andbathrooms hygienically clean. Read morePerfectCare Azur (GC4918)The PerfectCare Azur is the first steam iron to incorporate Philips’Optimal Temp technology, where no temperature settings arerequired. Read morePerfectCare Pure (GC7635)The PerfectCare Pure steam generator makes ironing simpler.With no steam or temperature adjustments required, the openhandle design is compact and distinctive. Read moreAvance Collection Table Grill (HD6360/20)The Avance Collection Table Grill brings the experience and tasteof barbecued food indoors, with the Aroma Infuser Cup ensuringauthentic smoky charcoal or herb flavors. Read moreCafé Gourmet (HD5412)A highly distinctive, contemporary design, the Café Gourmet is amodern interpretation of a design icon. Read more (German)SENSEO UP (HD7880 - HD7884)SENSEO UP is the smallest SENSEO machine ever. This singleserve, single cup appliance is modern and minimalist in its design,drawing cues from the manual espresso world. Read more (Dutch)4 of 8

Grind & Brew (HD7762/00)The Grind & Brew coffee maker features two coffee beancontainers, allowing you to easily change and mix two of yourfavorite coffee bean blends. Read more (German)Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition (HX9352/04)Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition is a special edition ofPhilips’ most premium power toothbrush, designed forsophisticated users seeking a distinguished design. Read moreBeard Trimmer 9000 (BT9290, BT9280)The world’s first laser-guided precision trimming system, thePhilips Beard Trimmer projects a beam of light giving usersultimate control for perfect results every time. Read moreClick & Style (YS534)The Click & Style is a 3-in-1 grooming tool, allowing users toachieve a flawlessly smooth face, perfect stubble and a groomedbody. Read moreWake-up Light (HF3500/HF3505)Wake-up Light is a natural alarm clock, mimicking the effect ofsunrise. Energy-efficient LED light technology makes for a slimmer,more affordable model. Read moreBR-1X Portable Bluetooth Speaker (SB5200K/10)The loud, small and sharply designed Philips BR-1X portablespeaker has both outdoor and indoor modes. Plus the ruggedinterchangeable silicone jacket, and ability to daisy chain devicestogether make it very flexible. Read more5 of 8

Splash-proof wireless portable speaker (SB2000)Enjoy music everywhere – on the beach, by the pool, in thebathroom – with the SB2000 speakers. These rugged, splash-proofspeakers deliver loud, clear Bluetooth-streamed sound. Read moreFidelio wireless portable speaker (P9X/P8)High performance Fidelio wireless speaker that is powerful yetportable. Bluetooth streaming, creates sharp, dynamic sound in asmall, easy-to-carry package suitable for home or travel. Read moreFidelio Home Cinema E5 (CSS7235Y/12)Equally beautiful to look at and enjoyable to listen to, the FidelioHome Cinema E5 is a home cinema surround sound system withwireless detachable speakers. Premium finishes complement anystylish home décor. Read moreFidelio premium over-ear headband (L2BO)The Fidelio L2 is a high fidelity headphone, embodying the look ofa traditional hi-fi product but utilizing new technologies andfeatures. Exquisitely crafted for lasting comfort. Read moreFidelio Bluetooth headphones (M1BTBL)Premium high fidelity wireless headphones that embodytraditional Hi-Fi features, while incorporating new technologiesand features to deliver high sound quality and excellent comfort. Read moreHiFi Stereo Headphones SHP9500A high fidelity headphone, with a modern, progressive design,capable of delivering excellent Hi-Fi quality at home. Read more (Dutch)6 of 8

M1X-DJ DJ Sound System (DS8900)Inspired by top DJ Armin van Buuren, the Philips M1X-DJ combinesa DJ mixing desk with a portable sound system, allowing users tomix, play, record and share the music they’ve made. Read moreSoundStage cinema speakers (HTB4150B/HTL4110B)The Philips SoundStage range offers high-fidelity sound packed ina sleek wooden casing that supports a flat screen television up to55-inches in size. Read moreScreeneo Smart LED Projector (HDP1590TV/HDP1590)(Honourable Mention: for excellent detail solutions)Screeneo for big screen entertainment at home, stands only ashort distance from the wall - the first of its kind. Read moreWeCall Bluetooth conference speaker (AECS7000)A slim portable conference speaker with four omni-directionalmicrophones for adaptive 360 voice pick up, featuring Bluetoothconnectivity and a free WeCall app that allows integration of theuser’s personal contacts. Read moreXenium W6500 smart phoneThe Philips Xenium W6500 smartphone comes complete with aselection of colorful, protective covers, designed to be easilyexchanged to suit your mood. Read more (Chinese)7 of 8

LightingLirio by Philips - Piega LuceOptimized for use over long tables, Piega Luce is inspired by asingle folded sheet of paper, wrapping light in a slimline form,giving the impression that it is an object ‘draped’ over light. Read moreLirio by Philips - La Lente(Honourable Mention: for excellent detail solutions)La Lente is a characterful table luminaire that spreads indirectlight from a hidden source, and is inspired by the shape of amagnifying glass. Read moreSlimStyle LED Lamp 60WWith a recognizable Edison shape, the SlimStyle LED lamp has aninnovative slim design, ideal for table or pendant luminaires, whileproviding a low cost, better quality, low energy consumptionbulb. Read more8 of 8

Lifeline GoSafe, HomeSafe Emergency Help Communicators uilding on Lifeline’s 40 years of experience of empowering seniors, the new range of discreet communicators connect seniors to help when needed. Read more Nuance & Nuance Pro mask system The