NCU Virtual CampusContentsPortal URL: . 3Login page . 3Student homepage . 4Top Navigation Bar . 5Home icon . 5Announcements icon . 5Contacts and communication icon . 5Library icon . 6Student resources icon . 6Course catalog and sign out . 6Left Navigation Bar . 6View all courses . 6Financial information . 7Program information . 7Schedule and grades . 7The degree plan . 8University documents . 9Book store . 9Virtual Campus tutorials and student success tour . 10Communicating with the instructor . 11The Course Room . 12Accessing the course room . 12Course room navigation. 12The grade book . 13Course room activities . 14Submitting an assignment . 15Delete an uploaded assignment . 15File size and type . 16Discussion activity . 16Accessing activity feedback . 17Commonly used resources . 17The academic integrity policy . 171-3-2014Page 1 of 20

NCU Virtual CampusAttack Your Day . 17Writing center . 17Smarthinking . 17Syllabus . 17Purchase books . 17Transcripts. 18Contacts & Communication . 18Faculty biography . 191-3-2014Page 2 of 20

Portal URL:NCU Virtual Campus: https://my.ncu.eduAll users log in to the NCU Virtual Campus at pageThe login page provides a link to send the password to the email address on record.The option to change the password is available on the My Profile page after logging in.1-3-2014Page 3 of 20

Student homepageGeneral navigation – 1-3-2014Use the icons along the top and the links on the left navigation bar to access information.The activities section and the current courses section provide links to current courses.Down-pointing carets (arrows) indicate that the section is collapsed. Click on the caret toexpand the section.When there is no caret, click on the section title to open the page.Courses will show on the homepage on the date they are scheduled to begin. Futureregistered courses can be seen on the ‘view all courses’ link on the left navigation bar.Page 4 of 20

Top Navigation BarSeveral of the icons were designed to open in a new window so that you can easily move betweenresources and the course room.HomeThe home icon is the place to link to the course room, resources and communication.AnnouncementsFive announcements display on the home page but you can click on the announcements icon or the‘show all’ link to view all the current announcements. Once an announcement has been openedand closed, it will be marked as read and move to the bottom of the list, keeping the unreadannouncements at the top of the list.Contacts and communicationThis is communication central where you can find contact information, have access to email andthe faculty directory. The contacts link on the communication tab is divided into functional sections and prepopulated with contact information to school support team members, plus your past andcurrent faculty members. You will not be able to add contacts to this page.o Email links don’t open in your NCU email account so you should copy theaddresses in the links and add them to your NCU email address book. Email is accessed by clicking on the email link on the dropdown. You won’tneed to sign in to the email once you are logged on to the Virtual Campus.Email is not accessible from outside of the Virtual Campus. The faculty directory is the place to search for any active faculty member byname or by area of instruction. The name search can be by first or last name. The searchresult provides a link to learn about the faculty member and also contains contactinformation.1-3-2014Page 5 of 20

LibraryThe library opens in another window to enable you to move between the Virtual Campus and thelibrary.Student resourcesYou can use this dropdown to access the Writing Center, Dissertation Center andthe Time Management/Attack your Day training. These links also open in separatewindows allowing you to easily move between sites and still keep the VirtualCampus open.Course catalog and sign outThe course catalog opens in a new window.The sign out link returns you to the login page.Left Navigation BarThe information on the left navigation bar is accessible when you are on the home, announcements,or communication page. The remaining icons along the top open in new windows. The courseroom has a separate left navigation bar.The following explains the information you will find on the left navigation bar.View all coursesThis link provides access to your current, past and future registered courses. You can order books,view the syllabus, link to the course room and copy the instructor’s email address. An abbreviated syllabus is available up until the time the course is accepted.1-3-2014Page 6 of 20

Profile page – things you can do on your profile page View your new NCU email address. It will be the primaryaddress.Select and update your security challenge questions.Find your student ID.Update your contact information.Change your passwordFERPA updateSpecify locations to send your report card.Financial information My Account – View the ledger in Great Plains.Payment Options – Change credit card information.Financial Aid – Sallie Mae1098-TProgram informationYou can view your degree plan and schedule in the programinformation link.Schedule and gradesYou can see your progression and any future registered/scheduled courses.The schedule & grades page also contains a link to the full degree plan.1-3-2014Page 7 of 20

The degree planYou can see all the courses in their degree plan by clicking on the degree plan link or from thelink on the schedule and grades page.1-3-2014Page 8 of 20

University documentsThis section contains links to the Taskstream instructions and FAQs;the assignment cover sheet; appeal and request forms; plus otherinformation that is often needed.Book storeThe book store links to RedShelf, Northcentral’s online bookstore.1-3-2014Page 9 of 20

Virtual Campus tutorials and student success tourThe success tour and Virtual Campus tutorials are accessible fromthe link at the bottom of the left navigation bar.1-3-2014Page 10 of 20

Communicating with the instructorCommunication with the course instructor is primarily by email and telephone. Instructors mayoccasionally be available to chat though the chat link at the bottom of the course room.The faculty email address can be found in the course room; on the view all courseslink next to the course; on the contacts list in the communication dropdown; and inthe faculty directory.An address book is not automatically created in your NCU email account so untilyou enter the addresses into your NCU email address book, addresses should becopied from the link and pasted into a new NCU email.Clicking the email link directly to initiate an email won’t open your NCU emailaccount.o Follow the directions in the screenshotto copy the address.o Open your NCU email account fromthe contacts and communicationdropdown.o Start a new email and paste the addressinto the address bar.o Email addresses can be added to theNCU email address book so addressesare available for future emails.1-3-2014Page 11 of 20

The Course RoomAccessing the course roomThe student home page contains several links to enter current courses as seen in the screenshotbelow.Go to class linkThe go to class link in the current courses section is one link to the course room.Activity feedbackTo view the feedback and grade for an activity, click on the activity link. You can thennavigate to any course room activity.Upcoming activitiesThese are links to the next four activities due for all current courses. This will also give youaccess to each course room.Course room navigationThe course room opens to the courseroom view where the course concepts and learning outcomescan be viewed.The top section of the left navigation bar in the course room has links to the faculty bio, thesyllabus, books and resources that will be needed for the course, plus the grade book.1-3-2014Page 12 of 20

The grade bookAccessible from the left navigation bar in the course room, the grade book opens in the collapsedview except for the current week.1-3-2014Page 13 of 20

Course room activitiesActivities in the course room, including the pre and post-course surveys, are listed in due date orderand divided into weekly sections.Clicking on the week number displays all activities and resources for the week. The calendar isvisible at the bottom of the week view.An individual activity can be opened by clicking on it from the left navigation bar or from thebottom of the week view.There are four activity types that may be included in courses. Discussion – respond to the discussion activity and to posts by other students. Lecture – pre-recorded presentation Assignment – written assignment Quiz1-3-2014Page 14 of 20

Submitting an assignment Upload an assignment from the link at the bottom of the assignment page. Click the upload assignment linkA popup box will displayEnter the title and notes in the required boxesAttach the fileCheck the academic integrity agreement boxSubmit the assignmentA confirmation box will display and you can see that the assignment was uploaded inthe box at the bottom of the assignment.Delete an uploaded assignmentThe uploaded file displays at thebottom of the assignment page.The assignment can be deleted up untilthe time that the assignment has beengraded.1-3-2014Page 15 of 20

File size and type File size up to 250 MBAcceptable upload file types shown in the chart below.Discussion activityYou can reply to theactivity as well as any ofthe previous posts.Posts remain in thediscussion for 90 days.The reply post does not currently have aspell check but messages can be written ina word program and then pasted into thereply after running spell check and wordcount.The character limit in the reply is 5000.You will see a confirmation when the postwas successful.1-3-2014Page 16 of 20

Accessing activity feedbackYou are notified of activity feedback on the homepage in the activities section.The link connects to the feedback section in the activity where you can view the assignmentgrade and feedback.You can also enter the activity from the course room to view feedback and the grade.Commonly used resourcesThe academic integrity policy The academic integrity policy, tutorial, and questionnaire can be accessed from the leftnavigation bar under the Office of Academic Affairs.Attack Your Day Time management/Attack Your Day training is accessible on the student resources icondropdown along the top bar.Writing center The writing center is accessible from the student resources icon along the top bar.Smarthinking Smarthinking is a tutoring service available in the writing center.Syllabus Prior to acceptance of the course, an abbreviated syllabus is available by clicking on the‘view all courses’ link on the left navigation bar and then clicking on the syllabus linkbelow the course. Once the course has been accepted, the full syllabus is availableto download and print from the link on the homepage and fromthe left navigation bar inside the course room.Purchase books 1-3-2014Links to purchase books from RedShelf bookstore are available atthe bottom of the left navigation bar, in the view all courses link, andin the course room.ISBNs to purchase books elsewhere are available in the syllabus.Page 17 of 20

TranscriptsThe ‘transcripts’ link on the left navigation bar gives access to request an official transcript andprint or download the unofficial transcript.If you have multiple degree plans, you will need to request an unofficial transcript from theRegistrar’s office.Contacts & CommunicationCompass messaging is being replaced by email as the primary form of communication in the NCUVirtual Campus. You will automatically be given an NCU email address and account when youbegin your first course in the NCU Virtual Campus. Email is accessed from the contacts & communication icon dropdown on thetop navigation bar. It does not require a separate sign on. The contacts link on the communication icon dropdown is divided intofunctional sections. It is pre-populated with contact information for school support teammembers and your past and current faculty members. Email addresses on the contact list and elsewhere in the NCU VirtualCampus, should be copied and pasted into a new email in your NCU emailaccount and not sent directly from the link or contact list. This is because thelink does not open your NCU email account.o Follow the directions in the screenshotto copy the address.o Open your NCU email account from thecontacts and communication dropdown.o Start a new NCU email and paste theaddress into the address bar.o An address book is not automaticallycreated in your NCU email account soyou can build your address book byentering addresses into your NCU emailaddress book for future emails.1-3-2014Page 18 of 20

Faculty biographyThe biography for any faculty member is available in the faculty directory on the contacts &communication dropdown.A link to the course instructor’s biography is also found on the left navigation bar inside the courseroom.1-3-2014Page 19 of 20

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All users log in to the NCU Virtual Campus at Login page . The login page provides a link to send the password to the email address on record. The option to change the password is available on the My