FEBRU ARY 2019 NEWS LE TTE RKATHWOOD BAPTIST CHURCHPublished January 30, 2019A Letter from CBF of SCSpecial points of interest:Dear Friends at Kathwood Baptist Church, FEBRUARY CALENDARI am consistently amazed by your generosity of spirit and resources. Thankyou for your financial gifts totaling 13,150 to CBF of SC. Your gifts join theincredible 1,019,376.70 given through CBFSC to our ministries and the workof CBF and CBF Global Missions. Your faithfulness in giving has helpedspread the Good News of Christ in word and deed in South Carolina and beyond. VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE PENNY HOEY UPDATE MISSION OPPORTUNITIES ADULT CHOIR FESTIVALREPORTIn response to Christ’s love, and empowered by your generosity and service,CBFSC formed partnerships that included: WHAT’S UP AROUND THEKATHWOOD PROPERTY after school programs for children and teens; WEDNESDAY SUPPERMENUS housing rehabilitation and repair, including disaster response; literacy activities and providing school supplies; missions education and missions experiences; national and international missions partnerships; pulpit supply, interim ministry, and reference and referral support forchurches and clergy; advocacy for justice; and connections to the work of CBF and moderate Baptists worldwide.Please plan to join us at General Assembly this April 26 at First Baptist Aikenas we explore “A Future with Faith” with keynote speaker Jake Mulder of theFuller Youth Institute. We will discover together the ways churches can thriveas they nurture the faith of children, youth, and young adults. Register onlineat gratitude and prayers for peace,Jay KieveCoordinator

As part of your covenant to support Kathwood,please pray daily for these members and ministries.Prayer ListFebruary 3—9February 10—16February 17—23Feb. 24—Mar. 2SundaySundaySundaySundaySusan AveryWorship Ministry TeamKaren ShevenellDiscipleship Min. TeamDylan ConnellSocial Ministry TeamRandy BrooksMissions Ministry TeamMondayMondayMondayMondayJustin StillabowerPreschool ClassMarion AldridgeYouth SS ClassCardell BunchElementary ClassQuentin OswaltLois ClassTuesdayTuesdayTuesdayTuesdayNancy BettisLife App. ClassHayden HowellTuesday Fitness ClassAlex WilsonLeadership CouncilJoyce Kari MaschhoffExt. Care HelpersFrances YoungWomen’s Book ClubBetty LeClairCBF of SCBurt Pardue, Music MinisterChancel ChoirThursdayThursdayThursdayThursdayHayley DoyleUS MilitaryYolanda HarrisonSunday GreetersJen Kofkee, Deacon ChairYouth ChoirGeneva WaltersWednesday Night HelpersFridayFridayFridayFridayRick BlackmonStewardship CommitteeGrace HueyKBC PreschoolBrittany HueyAcolytesJuli HancockSunday School TeachersSaturdaySaturdaySaturdaySaturdayBruce PenlandChildren’s ChoirValerie Reed, Ministry Asst.Children’s Mission ClassJean DannerYouth GroupSarah TisonUS GovernmentFebruary VolunteersFebruary 3February 17Deacons: Mary Burts, Betty Friedman,Suzie Joiner, Justin StillabowerDeacons: Stephanie Blackmon, John Bradley,Betty Friedman, Lee WatersFinancial UpdatesGreeters: Chris and Debbie GilesGreeters: Jean Danner, Tandy McConnellMonthly Needs- 28,104.Ext. Care: Brittany HueyExt. Care: Rachel HowellChildren’s Sermon: Donna MatthewsChildren’s Sermon: Hayley DoyleAcolyte: Cali BallardAcolyte:Narthex Fellowship: Brittany Huey,Sherry RobertsNarthex Fellowship: Joanne Willis,Frances YoungFebruary 10February 24Deacons: Jennifer Kofkee, Cheryl Page,Joanne Willis, Beth ZuercherDeacons: Mary Burts, Suzie Joiner,Justin Stillabower, Beth ZuercherRebecca CokerJanuary Contributions:January 6 2,795.00January 132,988.00January 206,231.00January 275,871.11Greeters: John and Tracy BradleyGreeters: Sarah Tison, Joanne WillisExt. Care: Sally AldridgeExt. Care: Kevin KrummChildren’s Sermon: Mary BurtsChildren’s Sermon: McKenzie OuztsYTD Given: 17,885.11Acolyte:Acolyte: Gabby WilliamsonYTD Budget: 25,942.23Nathan CokerNarthex Fellowship: Mary Burts,Diane SmithPage 2Narthex Fellowship: Elna Corwin,Betty LeClair

SunMonTueWedThuWeeklyFriSat125:30 Supper6:15 Children & Youth Activities6:30 Adult Discipleship7:15 Chancel Choir345SouperBowl 20212223272810am FitnessClass12:15 Deacons’Meeting17610am FitnessClassPresident’sDay2512:15 LeadershipCouncil Mtg.1910am FitnessClass2610am FitnessClass6:30 Women’sBook ClubBirthdays:Anniversaries:1Tandy McConnell14Harold & Sherry Bomar4Justin Stillabower8Rick Blackmon18Andrew & Jennifer Kofkee11Marion Aldridge, Karen Shevenell19Brandon & Alek Reaves14Yolanda Harrison15Grace Huey19Alex Wilson23Jean Danner24Randy BrooksRobert & Debra Young

A Letter from Penny HoeyJanuary 13, 2019Dear Kathwood friends,I arrived here in Greenville, NC on November 15 and began my work as achaplain at Vidant Medical Center on November 26. Even as I write thosedates, I am struck by how much has happened in such a seemingly short time.I am happily ensconced in my apartment a mere two miles from the hospitalcampus. I catch a bus to work each day, along with all the other hospital employees. Because of my close proximity, my total commute from apartment toparking lot—to bus—to hospital, is never more than 20 minutes. When I worknights and weekends, I am able to park on the hospital campus, close to the trailers where the pastoralcare department is located.Keeping with the theme of distance, Vidant Medical Center is a large campus and each day of work Iclock miles by foot moving between my office and various departments and floors within the hospital. Iwas thankful to find that they allow us to wear tennis shoes! My main clinical assignment thus far hasbeen the Heart Hospital which is approximately one mile each way from my office in the trailers on theother end of campus. I should be able to integrate exercise and work just fine!Vidant Medical Center is the 3rd largest Level One Trauma Center in the nation and so we treat manytraumatic injuries from motor vehicle accidents to gunshot wounds, stabbings, and various injuries suchas falls. We are also a major Stroke Center and so typically the chaplains answer several Code Strokepages every day. Along with the Trauma Center and the Heart Hospital, we have a Cancer Hospital andChildren’s Hospital along with the General Hospital. We serve 29 counties in Eastern NC. As you canguess, I am kept very, very busy when on duty; but I like the fast pace, and love the work.well, usually.The job can certainly be taxing and I covet your prayers for endurance, strength, wisdom and insight as Iseek to support, comfort, guide, and re-image God to many who are suffering in both chronic and acute ways.Personally I struggle at times with loneliness and know there is no way to shortcut the time it takes tobuild friendships and community. I am thankful for my distant friends who have not forgotten to upholdme even as I am “out of sight”. It has been a lesson to me to do the same for others as I have benefittedso greatly from their efforts for me. I am emotionally weary at times from so much change these past fewyears and also from the effort expended on the job as chaplain. Please pray that I will persevere, andalso that I will continue to perfect my own efforts at self-care.I am still hunting for a home church here. There are three CBF churches here that I am aware of. I havenarrowed it down to two, but neither are Kathwood!I look forward to what’s ahead here in Greenville and perhaps beyond. I have a peace and assurancethat I am where I am meant to be and pray (along with you, I hope) that I will continue to seek God in mylife path and in my relationships.Please also pray for my family. They are well, but I think we all still have much to work through from thedivorce a mere year ago.God bless you all. I continue to pray for Kathwood. For its members and for the work that you have beengiven. Take care of Beth. She is a gift!Page 4Love to all, Penny

Missions CornerThank you for your donations to the Warmth Drive in January!We are taking the items donated to Transitions and Koinonia of Columbia next week!We hope to do some on-site work atHarvest Hope soon. We’ll keep youupdated with opportunities and dates.Love Offering for Rev. Sanchita KiskuMany of you were blessed by the friendship and ministry of Sanchita Kisku. While she lived in Columbia andcompleted 2 years of Clinical Pastoral Education through the Palmetto Baptist Hospital system, she chose tobecome a member at Kathwood. While here she shared her spiritual journey with us, teaching us about growing up very poor in India and about Baptist history in India. The Baptist development of schools and a hospitalin her village was life-saving for them. As we learned and grew together in friendship and in the sharing ofour faith, Sanchita chose to ask Kathwood to ordain her to the Gospel Ministry. And we did! It was a beautifulday of celebration and commitment.Sanchita moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan to complete her Clinical Pastoral Education through a residencyprogram. Her ministry calling is Chaplaincy, so this is an important part of her training. She is currently in theprocess of seeking endorsement through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as a Chaplain.Unfortunately her visa status has shifted and she has gone through great personal trials due to this. Her current visa only authorizes her to work at that particular hospital, but their attorneys determined that she cannotwork there without a green card. This has put her in the position of no income for almost 2 years now. Wehave been helping her through a love offering we collected. This money will be depleted by the end of April,so the Stewardship Committee determined that we should take another offering to help her. We have beensending her 200.00 a month and this helps her with food, toiletries, and car insurance. She will be at leastanother year, waiting for a green card, without any possibility of legal employment.Please consider giving. We will collect this offering during February. Please mark your envelope with: LoveOffering. If you choose to write on the memo line of your check, notate: “Missions.”Keep Sanchita in your prayers. These are trying days, that have turned into years, for her.Page 5

Adult Choir FestivalBy: Susan WattsMembers of the Kathwood Chancel Choir attended Festival by the Sea 2019 in Charleston, SC at the FirstBaptist Church on January 25 & 26. G. Phillip Shoultz was the clinician for the festival and was absolutelywonderful! There were over 250 people in attendance lifting up songs of praise.The group worked on learning six different anthems and participated in a worship service to end the festivalby singing May a Song Remain.This was my first time at festival and I am already planning to attend next year! What a wonderful time ofworship and fellowship!Souper Bowl SundayThis Sunday, February 3rd, the New England Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Rams inthe Super Bowl in Atlanta. Every year youth groups around the country collect money tohelp eliminate hunger turning the Super Bowl into the Soup-er Bowl. This year is no different! The youth will be standing in the narthex after worship on Sunday with big soup pots. The goal is to collect as much money as we can and then the youth will be purchasing canned goods and donating everythingto Harvest Hope. Please bring cash and help us feed the hungry!Women’s Book ClubThis month we are reading Educated by Tara Westover. This will be our first meeting of 2019. Make plans tojoin us on Tuesday, February 26—6:30 p.m. Our hostess will be Diane Smith. Please let her know if you planto come.Page 6

Property & Space ReportBy: Joanne Willis, ChairCommittee Members- Joanne Willis, Ken Zuercher, Jean Danner, Chris Giles, Edward FarmerUpdates:Lights in sanctuary were replaced. Thanks to Chris and Debbie Giles and John LedellPreschool deck was repaired (new boards). Painting will be done in severalmonths. Thanks to Ken and Beth Zuercher, Edward Farmer, Tandy McConnell,Randy Brooks and Isaac Shevenell. It looks great!Downstairs Men’s Bathroom—plumbing repairs to urinals.New Projects:Safety Doors for our front entrance– Estimates being sought.Parking Lot lighting– Lamps in the process of being replaced.Spring Work Days coming up– Dates to be announced soon.Work to include: painting inside and outside, repairing the brick wall,cutting and trimming shrubbery and planting flowers.Thank you for all your support of our Property Committee and for yourcontributions to our Building Fund. You are a truly giving congregation!Busy Bees Around our CampusPreschool Parents came out tomove sand on the playground!Thanks to the families who sharedtheir time and energy. It looksgreat and we appreciate you!Page 7

Kathwood Baptist Church4900 Trenholm RoadColumbia, SC 29206Wednesday Supper MenusFebruary 6PDQ Chicken Tenders, Mac-n-cheese, Broccoli, & DessertHelper: Kevin KrummFebruary 13Hamburgers with all the trimmings, Cole Slaw, Chips, & DessertHelper: Nancy BrownFebruary 20Soup & Salad NightHelper: Sandy RaderFebruary 27Baked Chicken, Rice, Green Beans, Rolls, & DessertHelper: Lee WatersJoin us on Wednesdays for supper (5:30—6:15pm).Cost is 7.50/adults, 4.00/children under 13 or 20/family (4 max).Make a standing reservation or contact the church office by noon on each Monday to reserve your place.

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