GL-M-SQD-001 Supplier Quality Manual Revision 1229 August 20180/34Supplier Quality ManualSupplier Quality Terms and Conditions

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20181/34Rev.123456Description1st emissionTotal reviewTotal reviewMinor updates (timing for supplier response incase of 8D issued) and publishingNew Quality System scoreNew timing for 8D feedback.7Minor updates (lay-out changes typos)89101112Major revision updateMajor updates based on comments on Rev.8Minor updates based on comments on Rev.9Major updates due to transfer to IATF 16949Updates as per IATF compliance, VDA 6.3inputs and realignment globallyPage 1Date13th October 20101st June 201508th October 201508th May 2016AuthorIRSAMAMAM01st June 201618th September201623rd September201624th October 20165th January 201711th January 20171st July 201729th August 2018AMAMGGGGRGRGRGGM/TF/VM/YB

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20182/34IntroductionSuppliers of Inalfa Roof Systems are one of the fundamental pillars to achieve our goal to meet thehighest expectations of our customers and end users. This Supplier Quality Manual is the foundationof a “Performance Partnership” to achieve “Quality Everyday, Everywhere”.The Supplier Quality Manual defines our general quality related requirements for development,production, verification of delivered parts and services and is in line with IATF 16949:2016. ThePurchasing and Quality strategies in this Quality Manual are a “Global” policy where we expect acommitment from our suppliers to achieve zero defects. Suppliers demonstrate this commitmentthrough:-Deliveries On Time In Full (OTIF)Delivery of fully conforming products and servicesRigorous adherence to approved processes and requirementsPro-active risk managementContinual improvementsInalfa Roof Systems is aware of the fact that suppliers have a high influence on the total performance.Therefore suppliers must ensure that sub-suppliers also work according to this Supplier QualityManual and meet the requirements. It is required that suppliers have a Quality Management System(QMS) in place according to the international quality standard IATF 16949:2016, while a minimumstandard of ISO 9001 in the current revision is required (as stated in the IATF 16949:2016 manual).Transparency, one of the key values of Inalfa Roof Systems, is that all information for suppliers isavailable on the supplier portal. Suppliers can access the Inalfa Roof Systems Supplier Portal via thefollowing link:For Europe: http://supplier.inalfa-roofsystems.nlFor b/account/loginFor Defined terms (abbreviations) in this manual have the meaning as mentioned in Chapter 7 of thismanualIncluded in the scope of this manual are only the suppliers that supply Bill-Of-Material (BOM)components used in the manufacture of Inalfa Roof Systems. Suppliers of goods and services not onthe BOM are managed by the Inalfa Roof Systems Purchasing department.Page 2

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20183/34Table of Contents2. COMPONENTS . 52.1 Component categories.53. SUPPLIER QUALIFICATION. 63.1 Supplier Selection and Approval .63.1.1 Potential Supplier Questionnaire . 63.1.2 Potential Supplier Self-Assessment . 73.1.3 On-Site Assessment . 73.2 Periodic Re-evaluation .73.3 Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility .73.4 Access to Supplier’s premises and access to sub-suppliers .84. ADVANCED PRODUCT QUALITY PLANNING . 84.1 System Overview .84.2 Nomination and Kick-Off Review Process (KOR) .94.2.1 Key characteristics matrix . 104.3 Frequent reporting . 104.4 Project Phase Requirements . 114.5 Part Qualification . 124.5.1 Sample delivery . 124.5.2 Design and usage of gauges and tools . 124.6 Documents and Forms in APQP Phase . 134.6.1 Part History List . 134.6.2 APQP Open Issue List . 134.6.3 New Product Label . 134.6.4 Part marking . 144.6.5 Dimensional Workbook . 164.6.6 Supplier Corrective Action Plan . 164.6.7 PPAP Checklist . 174.6.8 Run at Rate . 17Page 3

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20184/344.6.9 APQP Planning . 174.7 Final PPAP Submission . 174.7.1 PPAP nomenclature . 204.7.2 Deviations on PPAP . 204.7.3 Sending PPAP to Inalfa Roof Systems . 214.7.4 Delay in PPAP submission . 214.8 Ongoing Production . 214.9 Product safety and liability . 224.10 Information Security . 235. SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT . 245.1 Continual Improvement . 245.1.1 Change request . 245.1.2 Contingency plans . 245.2 Supplier Performance . 255.2.1 Non-conformity and escalation . Project phase escalation . Running production escalation . 275.2.2 Top Focus . 285.3 Supplier Complaint Management . 285.4 Supplier Award and Recognition . 295.5 Supplier Business Review Meeting . 296. FINAL PROVISIONS. 307. ABBREVIATIONS. 32APPENDIX . 33Page 4

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20185/342. Components2.1 Component categoriesInalfa Roof Systems has defined three different component categories. By using categories, bothInalfa Roof Systems and suppliers can effectively plan and utilize all resources, identify the AdvancedProduct Quality Planning (APQP) sign off level and establish on-going production and processcontrols.The purpose being that, the more significant or critical components will receive more detailed and indepth control. The component category shall in all cases be determined by Inalfa Roof Systems priorto any APQP activity.Table 1: Component Categories OverviewComponent CategoriesComponent Number123ComponentdescriptionSafety critical parts / Influencescustomer significant characteristics/ Product is performance related/ Part has an FMVSS or EconomicCommission for Europe (ECE)regulatory callout- Glasspanels,raworencapsulated- Motors / Sun roof control unit- Guides- Large injected plastic parts- Middle beams- Glass brackets- Primary seals- New mechanism tools- Wire Harness- Other Safety critical products- APQP- PPAP (all elements unlessotherwise agreed)- Safe launch plan- Run at Rate- Annualdimensionalrequalification- Capability study 30 pcs- Re-PPAP frequency based onagreement with Inalfa SQD- Annual business review withpurchasing department.- Yearly self-assessments- IMDS- Other itemsNon safety critical part / Doesnotinfluencecustomersignificant characteristicsStandard “off-the-shelf” ormiscellaneous item-Non-functional castings,mouldings or pressingsMechanism components(carry over usage)Secondary sealsGlass seals-GasketsFastenersConnectorsFeltTapeGrease / LubricantsPlastic bagsChemicalsAssessment of risk toproduct conformity anduninterrupted supply ofsupplier (IATF elements unlessotherwise agreed)Annual dimensional requalificationCapability study 30 pcsYearly self-assessmentunless otherwise agreedIMDS-PPAP (all qualificationIMDSExamplesRequirementsPage 5----

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20186/343. Supplier Qualification3.1 Supplier Selection and ApprovalAll suppliers of production goods to Inalfa Roof Systems must be approved qualified suppliers.Suppliers that already deliver to Inalfa Roof Systems are maintained in an approved supplier listtogether with a supplier scorecard. Depending on the score of the supplier, Inalfa Roof Systemsdecides to continue the quotation and selection procedure or to nominate a different supplier.The selection process of potential suppliers includes (per IATF An assessment of the selected supplier’s risk to product conformity and uninterrupted supply ofthe organization’s product to their customersb) Relevant quality and delivery performancec) An evaluation of the supplier’s quality management systemd) Multidisciplinary decision makinge) An assessment of the software development capabilities, when applicable. Or demonstrate theimplementation and maintenance of a process for sotware quality assurance (as per IATF8. suppliers and/or new production sites of approved suppliers can be added to the approvedsupplier list when fulfilling all of the following requirements:--Potential supplier questionnaire is filled in and approved by Inalfa Roof Systems.Potential supplier self-assessment form is filled in and approved by Inalfa Roof Systems.Inalfa Roof Systems or an authorized agent of Inalfa Roof Systems has performed an on-sitePotential Analysis according VDA 6.3 (or IATF 16949 equivalent) with a positive result,measured against the VDA 6.3 requirements (or IATF 16949 equivalent) and possibly aMaterials Management Operations Guideline / Logistics Evaluation.The supplier has a valid certificate (minimum requirement: ISO 9001 in the current revision)provided by a certified body.3.1.1 Potential Supplier QuestionnaireIn the early stages of the supplier selection process, potential suppliers are sent a questionnaire. Thisquestionnaire solicits general information about the company: Location(s), size, capabilities Financial stability Conflict minerals reporting Availability of business continuity plans Confirmation that an insurance is in place to cover all possible setbacks Questions regarding the company's (quality) management system and quality history Adherence to Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performancein the Supply ChainPage 6

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20187/34 Strategy on contingency plans3.1.2 Potential Supplier Self-AssessmentWhen a potential supplier is being considered based on the Potential Supplier Questionnaire, a selfassessment survey request will be sent consisting of: A Quality aspect: VDA 6.3 self-assessment (or IATF 16949 equivalent)A Logistics aspect: Materials Management Operations Guideline / Logistics EvaluationThe supplier completes the self-assessment and returns it along with a copy of its certificates andother supporting documents. Subsequent evidence will be collected from feedback based on thePotential Supplier Questionnaire. Inalfa Quality, Purchasing, Logistics and Engineering will review thedocumentation to determine if the potential supplier meets Inalfa’s requirements.3.1.3 On-Site AssessmentFor potential suppliers of Inalfa, an on-site assessment of the supplier’s facility is performed. The onsite assessment includes four components: A quality review by Inalfa Roof Systems Supplier Quality Development (SQD) according toVDA 6.3 Potential Analysis (or IATF 16949 equivalent) to determine whether the supplier’squality management system is in place and functioning effectively.A business resource assessment by Inalfa Purchasing to confirm the supplier has financialresources, production capacity, items mentioned in Chapter 3.1.1 and other businessresources needed to fulfil Inalfa Roof Systems production needs.A technology assessment by Inalfa Roof Systems Engineering to determine whether thesupplier has the needed Project Management skills and technical resources, includingproduction and inspection equipment, facilities, engineering resources, software systems, etc.A Logistics Process Review if necessary. Please refer to Chapter 8.2 of the Inalfa RoofSystems Logistics Manual.If the review team determines that the supplier meets Inalfa Roof Systems’ requirements, the auditteam qualifies the supplier to bid on new business.3.2 Periodic Re-evaluationInalfa periodically re-evaluates suppliers through the use of quality performance data and/or on-siteassessments, using VDA 6.3 or IATF 16949 methodologies.When requested, the supplier shall make their facility available for onsite process and productverification, by Inalfa Roof Systems’ personnel and relative customer, within reasonable notice.Inalfa Roof Systems always has the option to review and assess sub-suppliers if deemed necessary3.3 Corporate Social and Environmental ResponsibilitySuppliers are obliged to report on Corporate Social Responsibilities upon request of Inalfa RoofSystems.Page 7

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20188/34Please refer on or to the Supplier Code which can befound by clicking the “Processes” tab followed by the “Purchasing” tab:“Inalfa has agreed to abide by moral and ethical values in the management of the company. Weexpect our third party suppliers to respect and adhere to the same philosophy in the management oftheir own companies. We seek to work with suppliers that agree to comply with the requirements ofthis Supplier Code which also abides by the principles stipulated in the Conventions of theInternational Labour Organization, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the guiding principlesof the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the principles of theGlobal Compact. Any breach of conduct or any violation of this code of conduct by our suppliers ortheir subcontractors will result in a review and possible termination of the business relationship.”As Inalfa we stimulate suppliers to conform to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. This isreflected in additional points which contribute to the SMS score. See Chapter 5.2 of this manual.For environmental aspects please refer on or to theGeneral Terms & Conditions which can be found by clicking the “Processes” tab followed by the“Purchasing” tab.3.4 Access to Supplier’s premises and access to sub-suppliersInalfa has the possibility to visit the supplier or its sub-suppliers at any time if the situation requires,Inalfa customers may attend such meetings. The supplier will be notified of these visits, Inalfa RoofSystems will not visit sub-suppliers without prior notice. Preferably the supplier should be on siteduring Inalfa Roof Systems visits to sub-supplier’s premises.4. Advanced Product Quality PlanningAdvanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is paramount in achieving a successful product launchand in setting the foundation for on-going process control and continual improvement. The supplier isin all cases responsible for the entire APQP process and needs to communicate/report this to InalfaRoof Systems on a regular basis.The APQP process shall be conducted according to the VDA Volume 2 or to the AIAG ReferenceManual “Advanced Product Quality Planning”. During the Kick-Off Review supplier shall check whichprocess needs to be followed.4.1 System OverviewInalfa Roof Systems and the supplier will work together to achieve “Production Readiness”. InalfaRoof Systems will specify the requirements to suppliers, in terms of pre-production planningtechniques and documentation requirements. Supplier shall abide by these requirements.Inalfa Roof Systems expects the supplier to be pro-active and take the initiative during the productand process development stage, which will include “self-led” multi-disciplined project managementPage 8

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 20189/34where possible. This pro-active approach also requires that the supplier takes the initiative to run andimprove tools until parts are to print and capability is achieved.Annual layouts, scrap, rework, repair, variation, cost of quality, first time through, PPM, reject analysisand process reviews should be some of the techniques used to verify the on-going product andprocess controls throughout the product life cycle. Also, examining and comparing capability such asproducts/processes through the use of statistical control are techniques that are requested to beused.Although Inalfa Roof Systems has a Global APQP policy, some elements may differ between regions.4.2 Nomination and Kick-Off Review Process (KOR)The supplier will be informed by the Inalfa Roof Systems Purchasing department of the nomination forthe development of the Inalfa Roof Systems component(s), subject to the terms in the nominationletter and successful KOR process. Inalfa Roof Systems Engineering will be in close contact withsupplier’s engineering to develop the 3D models and 2D drawings. Once all is agreed, the KORprocess will start where the supplier: Agrees on the Customer Specific Requirements (for example VW Formel-Q, GM BIQS, etc.)mentioned on the 2D drawings cascaded down from OEM via Inalfa Roof Systems to supplierGuarantees robust and capable reproduction of each dimension and toleranceFully understands each test requirementUnderstands the requirements for the checking fixture and respects the datums as marked ondrawingAgrees on the future PPAP deliverables (see chapter 4.6) and confirms that each deliverablewill be sent as soon as the development of the tool allowsHas a packaging proposal readyAgrees on Logistics demand flexibility (see Logistics Manual chapter 3.2)Agrees on Logistics capacity flexibility (see Logistics Manual chapter 3.3)Commits to the timing (according APQP or VDA book 2)Agrees on country specific legal certification required activities and re-qualification (such asChina Compulsory Certificate (CCC))Agrees on the terms of this Supplier Quality ManualAgrees on the remaining items in the KORThe Purchase Order (PO) can be officially released by the purchasing department only when thecomplete KOR document is “green” meaning all the topics on the checklist have been discussed andagreed. If the KOR is “red” it means that on one or more topics there is no agreement between InalfaRoof Systems and the supplier. Release of PO usually takes place on the basis of a purchasecontract between Inalfa Roof Systems and the supplier (“Purchase Contract”). The General Terms &Conditions as referred to above will apply to these Purchase Contracts and POs, all other terms areexplicitly rejected by Inalfa Roof Systems.Page 9

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 201810/344.2.1 Key characteristics matrixDuring the KOR process all items of the 2D drawing will be discussed and agreed. Part of this are theCustomer Key Characteristics (C-items) and Functional Key Characteristics (F-items) as shown in thetable below. All C-items re-validation of the component shall be performed annually and shall beclearly mentioned in the Control Plan. The evidence shall be submitted to Inalfa Roof Systems uponrequest. See also Chapter 4.8 for more details.4.3 Frequent reportingAs from the week after the PO is issued, the supplier shall send on a weekly basis to the ProjectTeam and assigned SQD an update of the timing with a clear indication of the progress, risks (relatedto part timing, quality and/or delivery) and delays. This timing shall include at least: A timing on a week-to-week basis showing in detail the planned activitiesA visual projection of the week-to-week timingThe Inalfa Roof Systems milestones (PL1/NOTE6, PL2/NOTE3, Run at Rate, PPAP/NOTE1)The customer milestonesIn all cases of delays a very detailed plan on recovery of the lost time is mandatory and shall be sentproactively and frequently.Continuously improve part quality by improving production tooling and processes. Pro-actively informInalfa Roof Systems in order to align on preparations for these improvements (bank build, changeover moment, traceability, etc.).Page 10

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 201811/344.4 Project Phase RequirementsTable 2: Project Phase RequirementsNote 6Note 3Note 1PL1Serial toolingPL2Serial toolingPPAPSerial toolingNo requirementSerial locationSerial locationNo requirementSerial processSerial processNo requirementSerial facilitySerial facilitySurfaceNo requirementGrained (applicable inEU for VAG group)GrainedColourmatchingSerial colourSerial colourSerial colourDimensionalstatusDeviations allowedwith action plan inplace.All F dimension intolerance.All dimensions intolerance.Processcapability (Fdimensions)No requirementAll F-dimensions min.Pp 2All F dimensionsmin. Ppk 1,67No requirementLaboratory testresults nufacturingprocessManufacturingfacilityTest resultsTraceability of Part history list allsamplesparts labelledPart history list allparts labelledBoundarysampleTemporary boundarysample agreed withIRS SQD Engineer.Temporary boundarysample agreed withIRS SQD Engineer.ReworkAllowedAllowed5 pcs. all dimensionsfor each batch.25 pcs. F-dimensionswhen applying forPL2 statusPartmeasurement5 pcs. all dimensionsfor each batchPPAPdeliverablesAll possible PPAPdeliverables (Materialdata sheet, IMDS(initial submission),Control Plan, etc.)Page 11All possible PPAPdeliverables notsubmitted so far.All tests passedand confirmedbased onlaboratory reportPart history list all parts labelledFinal boundarysample agreedwith IRS SQDEngineer.Not allowed5 pcs. alldimensions25 pcs. FdimensionsAll PPAPdeliverables asagreed duringKOR. Includingfinal IMDSaccepted.

Supplier Quality Manual29 August 201812/344.5 Part QualificationThe supplier is responsible for submitting data requested by Inalfa Roof Systems on the samplingrequirements. Inalfa Roof Systems and the supplier will agree on the total number of the samples tobe checked and submitted in the sampling phase until fully approved PPAP. The DimensionalWorkbook has to be sent to the SQD contact person before the shipment of the samples. SQD willsign a “Pre launch evaluation sheet” as agreement that parts can be used. Material shipped withoutthe written authorization of the SQD contact person can be rejected and all involved costs can becharged back to the supplier.4.5.1 Sample deliveryEach delivery of samples shall contain: Hard copy or digital copy of the Part History List. See Chapter 4.6.1 of this manual for details Agreed amount of samples, packed in such a way that part quality in every aspect is notcompromised Marking on the part in such a way that parts are still usable. See Chapter 4.6.4. of this manualfor details Hard copy or digital copy of the dimensional workbook. See Chapter 4.6.5 of this manual fordetails Hard copy of the Supplier Corrective Action Plan (SCAP). See Chapter 4.6.6. of this manualfor details Proper labelling on the outside of the box. See Chapter 4.6.3. of this manual for detailsDimensional workbook SCAP latest ballooned drawing shall be sent as digital file to the involvedSQD Engineer.The supplier shall plan for packaging of products shipped to Inalfa. The supplier will provide adocumented packaging plan including container size, a number of parts per container, packagingconfiguration, etc. Packaging will be designed to provide protection from any damage that may occur.Packaging, labelling, and shipping materials must comply with the requirement

Materials Management Operations Guideline / Logistics Evaluation. - The supplier has a valid certificate (minimum requirement: ISO 9001 in the current revision) provided by a certified body. 3.1.1 Potential Supplier Questionnaire In the early stages of the supplier selection process, potential