MS-CITMS-CIT CURRICULUMCURRICULUMMS-CIT CURRICULUMMaharashtra State-Certificate in Information TechnologyAcademic Year 2018P a g e 1 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMTable of ContentsA. Computer Basics . 3B. Operating System (Windows 7). 3C. 21st Century Daily Life Skills: . 4D. 21st Century Citizenship Skills:. 5E. 21st Century Study Skills: . 7F. 21st Century Office Skills: . 9Word Processing (Microsoft Word 2013 / Google Docs) . 11Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2013 / Google Sheets) . 12Presentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 / Google Slides) . 12Personal Information Manager (Microsoft Outlook 2013 / Gmail Inbox) . 13G. Cyber Security Skills: . 13H. Basic IT Awareness . 15I. Smart Typing Skills . 17J. Computer Ethics . 17K. Study Material . 17P a g e 2 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMA. Computer Basics1. Overview of computers2. Uses of computer3. Using mouse comfortably4. Using keyboard for typing5. Understanding Input, Process and Output6. Computer Hardware and SoftwareB. Operating System (Windows 7)1. Overview of Operating System2. Basic Operationsa. How to start a computerb. How to logoff and hibernate a laptopc. How to connect a headset to computerd. Learn to interact with computers3. Personalizing Desktopa. Changing the Desktop Backgroundb. Applying a Screen Saverc. Applying Themes4. File and Folder Management5. Using Applicationsa. Creating pictures with MS Paintb. Using Notepad to create a text documentc. Using WordPad to decorate a documentd. Windows Media Playere. Calculatorf.P a g e 3 17Sticky Notes

MS-CIT CURRICULUMg. Tablet PC Input Panelh. Windows Gamesi.Math Input PanelC. 21st Century Daily Life Skills:1. I can use Google PlayStore and download apps (e.g. MKCLLearner App)2. I can use Paytm for cashless transactions3. I can open my net banking account4. I can use my credit or debit card for online shopping5. I can create and operate an email account6. I can reset my email password7. I can pay telephone bill online8. I can pay electricity bill online9. I can recharge my mobile phone online10. I can protect myself from cyber bullying11. I can use Internet Explorer to browse web pages12. I can add websites in favourite folder13. I can configure and activate internet connection14. I can use ShareIt app to share the files with others15. I can use CamScanner app to scan the documents16. I can print and save web pages17. I know importance of strong passwords18. I can build my network for professional upgradation19. I can book movie tickets online20. I can use app to search job online21. I can use GPS Route Finder app to easily track all the visited locations22. I can use an app to read newspaper online23. I can share my presentation on SlideShare24. I can listen to my favourite songs on Saavn app25. I can use Flipkart app for online shopping26. I can sell old items online on OLX27. I can use Opera Mini app28. I can send and receive eFax29. I can use GST rate finder appP a g e 4 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM30. I can use Lipikaar app for typing messages in other languages31. I can send bulk messages32. I can pay income tax online33. I can use Evernote app to access my notes everywhere34. I can use Udemy app for learning and teaching online35. I can participate in a Webinar36. I can book train tickets online37. I can use MakeMyTrip app to organize my trip online38. I can book air tickets online39. I can scan QR code using use Barcode Scanner app40. I can book gas refill online41. I can put my important files on a CD or DVD42. I can search for any location using Google Maps43. I can enhance the performance of my computer44. I can transfer data between computer and other devices45. I can capture a screen using the snipping tool46. I can compress/decompress files47. I can protect computer from viruses48. I can connect computer to a projectorD. 21st Century Citizenship Skills:1. I can apply for Birth Certificate online2. I can apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate online3. I can apply Aadhaar Card online4. I can download Aadhaar Card online5. I can verify Aadhaar Details online6. I can update Aadhaar Details online7. I can know all Emergency Numbers8. I can get help online9. I can book appointment online in Government Hospital10. I can apply application Form for Enrolment of Children (6 months – 3 yrs.) atAnganwadis11. I can apply for Age, Nationality and Domicile Certificate online12. I can apply for Caste Certificate onlineP a g e 5 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM13. I can apply for BPL Certificate online14. I can apply for Learner License online15. I can book appointment for Learner License Test16. I can know your vehicle details17. I can apply for Passport online18. I can track passport application status online19. I can apply for Atal Pension Yojana online20. I can apply for Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana online21. I can apply for Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana online22. I can store certificates in Digi locker online23. I can scan documents and store online24. I can use Google Drive to store your important files25. I can apply voter ID card online26. I can search my name in voter ID card list27. I can know my Booth28. I can apply for Driving License online29. I can book appointment for driving license test30. I can get trained about Disaster Management31. I can apply for PAN Card online - Part I32. I can apply for PAN Card online - Part II33. I can apply for Income Certificate online34. I can register complaint on Consumer Forum35. I can make an appointment with government officer online booking36. I can registration on MGNREGA37. I can view details on MGNREGA38. I can check Provident Fund Online39. I can use Rakshak app for safety of women and seniorcitizens40. I can download Forms41. I can apply for Marriage Certificate online42. I can apply for Ration Card online - Part I43. I can apply for Ration Card online- Part II44. I can apply for Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana online45. I can apply for Water Connection online46. I can apply for Electricity Connection online47. I can apply for Toilet Certificate online48. I can check my property records in the government recordP a g e 6 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM49. I can check your land records in the government record50. I can apply for Pradhanmantri Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana online51. I can apply for Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana online52. I can register FIR online53. I can apply for Startup Recognition online54. I can apply for Registration of Partnership Firm online55. I can apply for Senior Citizen Certificate online56. I can use mKisan portal and Kisan App57. I can check weather status in my area58. I can get my soil health card59. I can know the market price60. I can apply for death certificate online61. I can apply for duplicate death certificate onlineE. 21st Century Study Skills:1. I can use Google to search more information about study topics2. I can use Wikipedia to search the information3. I can use Justdial to search for tutor services4. I can listen to Online Stories / Classic Literature in any language5. I watch educational videos online (YouTube)6. I can search and download eBooks (NCERT)7. I can improve my vocabulary using VoLT8. I can check for grammar and spell check9. I can search synonyms, antonyms, and thesaurus on dictionary.com10. I can organize my day/ Notes, important points using Google Keep11. I can keep track of my important events/classes all in one place (Google Calendar)12. I can share notes during class & get doubts cleared in real time with my classmate'sMaths/Physics/Accounts (Google Docs)13. I can watch educational talks on TED Talks14. I can participate in Live Discussions (Facebook Live)15. I can learn by discussions in forums ( I can learn a new language by interacting with my phone with the Duolingo AppP a g e 7 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM17. I can join Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)18. I can join online courses on Coursera.org19. I can learn any subject online for free on edX20. I can learn from Best Colleges in the World - NPTEL21. I want to learn through videos on Khan Academy22. I can express my Ideas using Mindmap tool23. I can find information about The World via I want to learn about the stars by using I want to learn about History using Google Arts and Culture26. I can learn by playing games & improve my abilities - Elevate27. I can do science experiments - Physics28. I can do Math Experiments29. I can do science experiments - Chemistry30. I can test my IQ31. I want to prepare for MPSC32. I can share information using Slide Share33. I can make a presentation on my research & take real time feedback via GoogleSlides34. I can do clustered search35. I know about the History of India, chronologically using India History App36. I can share my knowledge of technology by making a blog via Tumblr37. I can check my project report for Plagiarism using Plagiarism checker38. I can access online Research Papers (Google Scholar)39. I can collaborate with peers to practice for competitive exams like IIT JEE40. I can understand my personality type - I can conduct a Poll/survey/research using Google Forms42. I can create home design and interior decor in 2D & 3D Architecture via I can draw art on a tablet using an app44. I can listen to a podcast and learn cool science facts in 60 seconds45. I can test my EQ46. I can learn by playing games & improve my abilities NeuroNation47. I want to improve my Social Learning/General Knowledgeusing Facebook48. I can improve my productivity using StayFocusd AppP a g e 8 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM49. I can learn programming/ coding with peers on www.codecademy.comF. 21st Century Office Skills:1. I can make the Letter better2. I can draft a NOTICE3. I can design a GREETING CARD4. I can make creative BOOKMARK5. I can design a GIFT LABEL6. I can design a WEB PAGE7. I can build a professional PROFILE ( RESUME)8. I can make a good PROJECT REPORT9. I can create a LETTERHEAD10. I can design a VISITING CARD11. I can make an eCard12. I can create a USER MANUAL13. I can design an attractive BROCHURE for summercamp14. I can create a REGISTRATION FORM15. I can create a professional INVITATION LETTER16. I can create an ENVELOPE17. I can create an impressive NEWSLETTERP a g e 9 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM18. I can design an eye-catching ADVERTISEMENTI cancreate a BLOG POST using templates19. I can create a CHECKLIST20. I can design an attractive BROCHURE21. I can create TO-DO LIST22. I can prepare an AGENDA23. I can create useful ADDRESS BOOK24. I can create a simple TIMESHEET25. I can design a simple DATABASE26. I can track EVENT EXPENSES more easily27. I can prepare personal BUDGET sheet quickly28. I can create a LOAN CALCULATOR29. I can create a monthly APPOINTMENT CALENDAR30. I can manage MEETING MINUTES quickly and easily31. I can create a CHECKLIST32. I can design beautiful GREETING CARD33. I can make a CERTIFICATE34. I can make a design a creative GIFT VOUCHER35. I can design a COMPANY PROFILE36. I can prepare effective TRAINING PRESENTATION37. I can prepare a professional BUSINESS PRESENTATION38. I can create a digital PRODUCT CATALOGUE39. I can create a DIGITAL PHOTO ALBUM40. I can create a PERSONAL PORTFOLIO41. I can make a SCHEDULE42. I can design personalized STICKERS43. I can design an inspiring MAGAZINE COVER44. I can design a professional POSTER45. I can create BLOODSTOCK database (Combine Output)46. I can create and send MAIL MERGE-NOTICE (CombineOutput)47. I can create a GREETING CARD (Combine Output)48. I can create ATHLETICS EVENT MANAGEMENT sheet (Combine Output)49. I can create a PROJECT REPORT (Combine Output)50. I can SCHEDULE seminar ( Combine Output)P a g e 10 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMWord Processing (Microsoft Word 2013 / Google Docs)1. Basic Operations2. Creating and Editing documents3. Formatting documents4. Enhancing documents5. Applying Page Setup6. Working with various objects like shapes, SmartArt, Picturesand Tables7. Inserting Header and Footers8. Linking and embedding documents9. Previewing and Printing documents10. Advanced Word Processinga. Creating and Editing PDF documentsb. Comparing two versions of a documentc. Proofreading of a documentd. Using track changese. Including Digital Signature into the documentf.Inserting ActiveX controlsg. Using Table of Contentsh. Using Mail Mergei.Protecting a documentj.Sharing document onlinek. Creating a web pageP a g e 11 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMSpreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2013 / Google Sheets)1. Creating and editing workbook2. Organizing and formatting worksheets3. Data analysis and management4. Using formulas and functions5. Previewing and printing worksheets6. Advanced Spreadsheeta. Managing multiple worksheetsb. Producing and designing chartsc. Creating Pivot tables and pivot chartsd. Importing and exporting data between spreadsheets and other applicationse. Using advanced functionsf.Applying conditional formattingg. Using data validationh. Using sort and filterPresentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 / Google Slides)1. Creating and Editing Presentations2. Designing and Enhancing Presentation3. Delivering Presentation4. Advanced Presentation Graphicsa. Creating videos of presentationsb. Saving presentation in various formatsc. Importing and exporting presentationsd. Using templatese. Working with slide masterP a g e 12 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMPersonal Information Manager (Microsoft Outlook 2013 / Gmail Inbox)1. Setting up a new email account in Microsoft Outlook2. Sending, receiving, replying, forwarding mailmessages3. Including a signature in outgoing message4. Scheduling meetings with others5. Creating contacts and appointmentsG. Cyber Security Skills:1. I can manage and maintain strong passwords2. I can secure my online banking and take care ofinformation safety3. I can set Emergency Text on ANDROID phone to be usedwhen it is locked4. I can track the data (internet) usage on Android PHONE5. I can use good antivirus software for my Laptop and PC6. I can secure the Profile and other pictures shared onFacebook7. I can use App Locker tools for important Mobile Apps8. I can restrict Administrator account access on Personal Laptops9. I can use "safely remove hardware option” for plugand play devices10. I am aware about the legal aspects of fake Profileson Social Media Sites11. I can secure my WhatsApp DP12. I know the legal aspects of publishing/transmitting material containing sexually explicitconducts13. I am aware about defamation through social media and it’s legal implications14. I am aware about cheating through matrimonial sites15. I can be careful while Sharing and Forwarding on social media16. I know the importance of using a physical lock for laptopP a g e 13 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM17. I know the importance of noting down the IMEI Code18. I can avoid malware while downloading Android apps19. I know about the legal consequences of using crackedor pirated software20. I know how to secure net banking and onlinetransactions on Public computers21. I know about data theft and IT Act 200022. I know about Online Sexual harassments and it’s Legalimplications23. I know how to protect myself from online lotterycheating and fake messages24. I am aware about and can protect myself from 'Workfrom Home' scams25. I can protect myself from social media blackmailing26. I know the consequences of downloading unknown Email attachments and safetytips27. I am aware about the legal consequences of displaying and distributing piratedmusic/ videos28. I know how to protect data in case of loss or theft of computer/laptop29. know what steps to follow if my Mobile is stolen /lostI can use safety tips for using public Wi- Fi networksI can secure my Aadhaar card dataI know about the hazards of playing online mobile gamesI am aware about data theft through shoulder surfing34. I can use the safety tips while taking selfies35. I know the legal consequences about data tampering36. I am aware about the hazards of using mobile whilewalking or driving a vehicle on road37. I know the legal aspects of offence like internet and drug trafficking38. I can protect myself while travelling by a hired car39. I can identify and protect myself from fraud calls regarding online lucky drawP a g e 14 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUMH. Basic IT Awareness1. What is booting?2. Google Name Story3. What is Data?4. Google’s Self-Driving Car 5. Know aboutInformation System6. What is Software?7. Google Project Loon8. What is Hardware?9. Google Glass10. Various Types of Micro Computer11. Smart Watches12. Know about Working of Computer13. Flexible Technology14. Use of Internet for Entertainment15. Transparent Technology16. Uses of the internet for education 17. Know aboutInternet & Web18. What is Browser?19. What is URL & Hyperlink20. What is Email?21. What is Instant Messaging?22. What is WWW?23. What is e-commerce?24. Electronic Commerce Securities25. Using Wikipedia26. Domain Name27. What is Social Networking28. Mark ZuckerbergP a g e 15 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM29. Service ProviderBudhayanaAbout Internet ModemWorld Wide Web's HistoryFile Transfer Protocol34. Navigation Technology35. Web Based Applications36. Takshashila37. Plugins and Extensions38. Homi Bhabha39. Filters40. Larry Page41. Content Evaluation & Internet Security Suites42. Home Network and Wi-Fi43. Device Drivers44. Device Drivers45. Disk clean up and defragmenter46. Motherboard47. Microprocessor Chips48. Specialty Processors49. Bus Lines50. About AC and DC Power Supply51. Bus Line52. What is Binary system & Binary coding scheme53. Power Supply54. Power Supply Unit55. What is Input?56. Digital Camera57. About Output Device58. QWERTY59. About Features of monitor60. Voice Recognition Systems61. 3D Printing62. Card Reader63. Bill Gates64. About Storage65. Optical DiscP a g e 16 17

MS-CIT CURRICULUM66. C.V. Raman67. Hard Disk and RAID68. Steve Jobs69. Using Solid State Storage70.71.73.74.Mass Storage DevicesTim Berners Lee 72. Internet Hard DriveWhat is Topology?Types of Network75. Robert Cailliau 76. What is Protocol?77. Know about Physical Connection Of Networks78. Analog and Digital79. BandwidthI. Smart Typing SkillsJ. Computer Ethics Computer Ergonomics Go Green NetiquettesK. Study Material Highly illustrative book called Introduction to Information Technology By Timothy J.O'Leary & Linda I. O'LearyP a g e 17 17

4. I can download Aadhaar Card online 5. I can verify Aadhaar Details online 6. I can update Aadhaar Details online 7. I can know all Emergency Numbers 8. I can get help online 9. I can book appointment online in Government Hospital 10. I can apply application Form for En