SAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE:THE ELD MANDATEJim RodiExecutive Vice President/Group General Manager, Transportation

About the ELD MandateSAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE Carriers and drivers using paper logstoday will be required to install or usea compliant ELD Applies to most motor carriers anddrivers who are currently required tomaintain records of duty status(RODS) Estimated to impact 3.1 milliontrucks and 3.4 million drivers Nearly half of commercial drivers areestimated to already use electroniclogs (AOBRDs)

SAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATEELD Mandate Implementation Timeline

SAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATECongressional Challenge to Mandate Stand-alone bill introduced in House to delay mandate by two years The first step in what can be a lengthy legislative process Implementation takes time; fleets shouldn’t wait in hopes of delay

ELD Mandate Implications: Fleets Save drivers time by reducing paperworkSAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE Reduce and eliminate HOS violations Store vehicle inspection reports and otherimportant data Keep dispatchers up-to-date on a driver’s status Accurately track detention time Provide back office with real-time access todriver information

ELD Mandate Implications: ShippersSAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE Shippers will need to choose ELD-compliantcarriers or risk liability ELD Mandate expected to reduce carriercapacity in short-term Mandate helps level the playing field byeliminating unsafe fleets, reducing accidentsand insurance rates Shippers can help improve driver efficiencies,specifically by: Having flexible shipping/receiving timesReducing driver wait timeQuickly and efficiently loading driversProviding and offer legal parking at pickup anddelivery locations In the long-term, savings can be realizedthrough better load visibility, planning anddispatching


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Selecting an ELD ProviderSAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE Self-certification process Buyer beware: do your homework Take opportunity to addressmultiple components of youroperations: Onboard event recordingEngine fault code monitoringFuel tax reportingFuel economy monitoringIn-cab navigationVideo and safety analytics

Implementation Best PracticesSAFETY ANDCOMPLIANCE UPDATE Prepare for initial roadblocks Educate drivers on newtechnology New technology will impact allparts of your organization:establish clear vision andtransparent plan Go beyond the mandate’sminimum requirements

Carriers and drivers using paper logs . to impact 3.1 million trucks and 3.4 million drivers Nearly half of commercial drivers are estimated to already use electronic logs (AOBRDs) SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE UPDATE ELD Mandate Implementation Timeline. . PeopleNet. [email protected]