eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver Guide

The eDriver Logs ELD system complies with and is tested against the United States Department ofTransportation (USDOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) specifications asfound in 49 CFR Part 395 for Electronic Logging Devices, Subpart B.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideNOTE:This guide is intended to complement Trimble’s eDriver Logs ELDtraining. No driver should attempt to rely solely on the eDriver Logs ELDguide without first completing training from your company.If there is an ELD Compliance Malfunction on the device and youare not able to immediately resolve the malfunction, you must beginkeeping paper logs until the device is once again compliant. Refer to theTroubleshooting section for common causes and resolutions. If your logscan no longer be accessed on the device, you must reconstruct your logson paper for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7 consecutivedays. For this reason you are required to carry a paper log book in yourvehicle at all times.Trimble bears no responsibility for the driver’s failure to comply withthis requirement.You are required to keep this guide in your vehicle at all times. Provide thisdocumentation to the auditor in the case of a D.O.T. inspection. eDriverLogs ELD relies on accurate input of data and appropriate use by thedriver.Trimble assumes no liability for erroneous, accidental, or intentional inputof data or misuse of the product.The regulations announced by the FMCSA and the Canadian governmentare subject to change. Trimble will endeavor to automatically update theeDriver Logs ELD device as soon as practical. Trimble assumes no liabilityfor reasonable delays in providing system updates or upgrades.

eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideCarriers and Drivers are solely responsiblefor ensuring that eDriver Logs ELD is usedcorrectly and in compliance with all hours ofservice and other FMCSA laws and regulations.

TABLE OF CONTENTSeDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideLogin 1Editing Logs 27Logout 3Accept / Reject Log Changes 29Driver Overview 4Driver Options 30Symbols & Warnings 7Unidentified Driver 31Take Exception 32Cycle Duty Summary 33Roadside Inspection 33Device Abbreviations & Terms 9Driver Status 10Status Change 14Rest Break 16Yard Moves 17Safe Mode 34Driver Vehicle Inspection 18Troubleshooting 37Co-Driver login 21Country Selection 21Shipments 22Trailers 22Manual Location Entry 23Working With Logs 24Certify Logs 26Malfunction & Data Diagnostic Indicators 35Communications 37GPS 38Odometer 39Touchscreen 40Power 41Ignition 42Login Errors 42Application Errors 42Roadside Instructions 43

LOGINWARNING: Power on the Mobile Softwaredisplay before powering up your CommercialMotor Vehicle.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideThis screen is shown when the vehicle is stopped and no driver issigned in to the logging device. Tap on the line that says Enter DriverID, then use the on-screen keyboard to enter the Driver ID. Tap Nexton the keyboard to move to the password line. Type your driverpassword. Then tap the Done button on the keyboard. Tap Sign In.When you sign in, the device will contact the server and downloadyour daily logs.WARNING: If using a Tablet device,LOGIN, LOGOUT, and HOS data may notbe accurate if the device is not wired orwireless connected to the ECM duringeDriver Log events. Federal Regulationsrequire device to be connected to ECM ofthe vehicle.TIP: Wherever an underlined text field appears on the screen, taponce above the line to show the keyboard. Tap the Done button whenyou have finished typing to close the keyboard.1

LOGINACCESSING EDRIVER LOGS FROM MOBILESOFTWAREFrom the Home screen tap the eDriver Logs icon. Yellow box inbelow image. This will return you to the eDriver Logs application.ANDROID NAVIGATION BUTTONSThe Home button will returnyou to the main screen of theAndroid tablet.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideThe Recent Apps button will show youthe most recent applications running onyour Android device.The Back button will return you to a previous screen.The Back button is used if you mistakenly tap theStatus button. Tap the Back button to return you tothe main driver screen.NOTE: Always review your logs before operating the vehicle toensure that all information is true and correct. You are responsiblefor ensuring that all records required to be in your possession areavailable in electronic and/or paper format.Questions and AnswersQ: What if I was not provided with a password?A: If your motor carrier did not provide you with a password you will need to contact your motor carrier to request a password.2

LOGOUTWhen you are finished with your shift or otherwise doneusing the vehicle, tap Status and then tap OFF SignOut.Do not use the Rest Break feature unless you will bereturning to duty in the same vehicle during your shift.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideIf the DVIR feature is enabled, you may be prompted tocreate a driver vehicle inspection report before signingout. If On Duty Sign Out is enabled, you will have theoption to sign out in either Off or On Duty status. Onlysign out in On Duty status if you will be continuing towork before the end of your shift and will go Off Dutyfrom another device or through the Driver Portal.If you have the option to select Off Duty statusenabled, make sure to choose OFF Sign Out whenyou are finished with your shift. Changing status to OffDuty should only be done if you will continue using thedevice before the end of your shift.You may also be prompted to review your logs on thedevice during sign out. Tap Yes to be taken to thelog(s) that require review. See View Logs for moreinformation. Tap No to proceed without reviewingyour logs. Tap Back to cancel and return to the DriverOverview.Questions and AnswersQ: I forgot to sign out of the logging device in another vehicle before I signed into this loggingdevice. What will happen to my records?A: If both logging devices are connected to the web server, a mes-sage will be sent to the previous vehicle to sign you out. Returnto the first device as soon as possible and verify that you aresigned out. Inspect your records carefully and report any errorsto your supervisor. Make it a habit to sign out every time thatyou are finished using a vehicle, to protect the integrity of yourelectronic records.Do not attempt to edit or correct your log until you have verifiedthat you are signed out of the first device. Once you are signedout of the first device, navigate to Options and Request Logsfrom the device you are currently using before editing your log.After the sign out process is complete, the loggingdevice will send your records to the Trimble Server.3

DRIVER OVERVIEWThis is the main screen of the application, showingthe driver’s name, current duty status, and hoursand minutes of driving time left.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideA: Options Icon, tap to bring up Review Logs,Request Logs, Take Exception, Diagnostics, CycleDuty Summary, and Roadside Inspection. Eithermake a selection or tap the Options Iconagain to close the options from view.B: Driver Name, the name of the driverthat the information is currently beingdisplayed for.C: Current Status, displays the currentstatus of the of the driver and the dateand time of the status change.D: Gain Time, the date (month/day/year)and time at which your available drivetime will increase, presuming you do notchange duty status before then.E: Driver Card, if another driver is loggedinto the device a driver card will display.The status of the additional driver willbe shown as well as the name, countryselection and time left.ABCDEG: Options Button, tap to bring up the options.You may view Review Logs, Request Logs, TakeException, Diagnostics, Cycle Duty Summary,and Roadside Inspection. Either make a selectionor tap the Options icon (A) to close the Optionsmenu.OH: Driver, tap the button to allow a co-driver tosign in. The driver will become the active driverand the Driver Name (B) will be shown with thatnew driver.I: Shipment Button, tap the button to enter inshipment information.NJ: Trailers Button, tap the button to add atrailer or make a trailer change.K: Logs Button, tap the button to displaythe Logs screen.L: DVIR, tap the button to enter the DVIRMM: Rest Break Button, tap this to changeyour status to OFF and begin a breakN: System Time, displays the currentdate, time, and time zone.O: Symbols & Warnings Area, iconsdisplaying the current status ofconnection and missing information willbe displayed.PP: Available Drive Time Gauge, youravailable drive time will be shown as acolored gauge. The color reflects theappropriate driving time left.F: Status Button, tap the button to changethe status of the driver.F G HIJ K L4

DRIVER OVERVIEWAVAILABLE DRIVE TIME COLOR GAUGEUS propertycarrying limits1The color reflects the approximate driving time remaining:Yellow - between 1 and 3 hours remainingDailyCycleeDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideRed - less than 1 hour remainingWorkShiftGreen - more than 3 hours remainingCanada south of60 N limits3Driving11 hours10 hours13 hoursRest Break8 hoursNot applicableNot applicableDuty14 hours15 hours14 hoursDrivingNot applicableNot applicable13 hoursDutyNot applicableNot applicable14 hoursOff DutyNot applicableNot applicable14 hours60 hours in 7 daysor70 hours in 8 days70 hours in 7 days(Cycle 1)or120 hours in 14 days(Cycle 2)60 hours in 7 daysor70 hours in 8 daysDuty1Tap the circled arrow below Gain Time At to displayDriving Time Details, including active exceptions andthe time remaining under each applicable hours ofservice rule. You may need to swipe up and down toview more detail if it does not all fit on the screen. Theinformation displayed includes Active Exceptions, WorkShift Driving, Work Shift Rest Break, Work Shift Duty,and Cycle Duty.US passengercarrying limits2See US 49 CFR §395.32See US 49 CFR §395.53See CA SOR-2005-313 §12-29If you have uncertified logs, proposed edits, or unidentifieddriver events that require review, you will see an orangeflag over the Options button and three orange lines in theupper left corner. See Options and View Logs for moreinformation. A red flag indicates missing data. See DriverOptions.5

DRIVER OVERVIEWQuestions and AnswersQ: How do I tell which of my HOS limits is lowest(which is being displayed in the Available DriveTime gauge)?eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideA: Tap the arrow button beneath your name to show your availabil-ity details. This shows the amount of time remaining under eachapplicable HOS limit, the lowest of which is displayed in theAvailable Drive Time gauge.Q: What is Available Drive Time, and how is it calculated?A: Available Drive Time is the maximum time in hours and min-utes (hh:mm) that a driver legally may continue to operate acommercial vehicle without rest. The logging device calculatesthe time remaining until each applicable hours of service limitwill be reached. The lowest of these is displayed as AvailableDrive Time.Q: What does it mean if driving time left is N/A?A: N/A means that the logging device cannot calculate AvailableDrive Time due to insufficient data. Review all records of dutystatus, including paper logs, to determine your actual drivingtime left.Q: What is the difference between Work Shift rulesand Daily rules?A: Work Shift rules restrict the on duty time that a driver mayaccumulate from the moment the driver reports to duty to themoment he or she is released from duty. Work Shift calculationsdo not reset until the driver has accumulated the minimum consecutive off duty time required by the applicable US or Canadian hours of service regulations.Canada has additional rules, called Daily Rules, which restrictthe on duty time a driver may accumulate from the start of one24-hour log period to the start of the next and establish mandatory minimums for the total off duty time a driver must accumulate within a log period. Daily calculations automatically reset atthe beginning of each log dayQ: Why do my driving time details show “Salesperson” instead of “Cycle Duty”?A: If you are operating in the US as a driver salesperson1, the typi-cal cycle duty limit does not apply toward your driving time leftso long as you do not exceed 40 hours driving in any period ofseven consecutive days. The salesperson value shows how longyou may continue to drive under this driver salesperson exception.1See US 49 CFR §395.1(c)Canada has additional rules, called Daily rules, which restrict the onduty time a driver may accumulate from the start of one 24-hour logperiod to the start of the next and establish mandatory minimums forthe total off duty time a driver must accumulate within a log period.Daily calculations automatically reset at the beginning of each log day.6

SYMBOLS & WARNINGSENGINE OR BLACK BOX CONNECTION STATUSGPS CONNECTION STATUS[Green] The logging device is currently connected to your vehiclegateway. All drive time will be recorded correctly.[Green] The device currently has a good lock on GPS.[Gray] The black box or Vehicle Data Service has stopped sendingdata to eDriver Logs ELD. Drive events will not be recorded and paperlogs should be used.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver Guide[Red] The connection to the engine has been lost and drive events willnot be recorded. Paper logs should be used.FLEET MANAGER CONNECTION STATUS[Green] The vehicle gateway currently has a cellular connection and isable to send data.[Yellow] The cellular connection has been closed because the loggingdevice has no new data to send. A connection will be re-establishedwhen there is data to send.[Red] The vehicle gateway cannot connect to make a cellularconnection. Reasons may include low signal strength or a networkservice interruption.[Yellow] The device is connected to some GPS satellites but notenough to establish a valid position. Location information will need tobe filled in manually.[Red] No GPS connection available. Location information will need tobe entered manually.LOGS PENDINGThe logging device is waiting for driver logs to be synchronized withthe Fleet Manager.NO TRAILERThe trailer list is empty.NO SHIPMENTThe shipment list is empty.7

SYMBOLS & WARNINGSMiscellaneous WarningsUNKNOWN DRIVER[Orange] This icon can represent a few different warnings. Read thetext that accompanies the icon to determine what the warning is andif any action is needed.The vehicle is moving but the person operating the vehicle has notbeen identified. Stop driving and either sign in or change status asdirected.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver Guide[Red] Data diagnostics appear on your device when a driver is signedin to the application. If your device enters a data diagnostic state, youwill see a red triangle icon in the action bar at the top of the screen.Navigate to your log events to determine the exact type of diagnosticevent that has occurred, and see Troubleshooting for commoncauses and resolutions.RECORD STATE LINE CROSSINGSThe logging device cannot obtain vehicle location data frequentlyenough to meet International Fuel Tax Agreement requirements.Drivers must keep paper records of their route of travel and miles perjurisdiction until normal location detection resumes. A warning audiowill sound once when the failure is detected, and a different audio willsound when this failure is resolved.8

DEVICE ABBREVIATIONS & TERMSThe following abbreviations and terms are used in records generated by this logging device.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideACCAsset Control CenterCommsCellular CommunicationsDDrivingECMEngine Control ModuleELDElectronic Logging DeviceELD LoginWhen an authorized user logs in to anELDELD LogoutWhen an authorized user logs out of anELDInactive - ChargedA log event that was edited and is nolonger the active eventInactive - RejectedA request edit that was rejected and wasnot applied to your logInactive - RequestedA log edit that has been requested by anon-driver Fleet Manager user but hasnot yet been applied to your logOFFOff DutyONOn Duty, not drivingPCPersonal ConveyanceSBSleeper BerthTFMTrimble Fleet ManagerYMYard Moves9

DRIVER STATUSPREVIEW AVAILABILITYEvery time you sign in, the logging device will request your electronicQuestions and AnswersQ: I’ve been waiting a long time, but still haven’t received my logs. What should I do?A:eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver Guiderecords of duty status (daily logs) from the server.When you receive a message that logs are received or up-to-date, tapOK to view your last recorded duty status and current driving timeleft.If you are configured to operate commercial vehicles in both theUnited States and Canada, you may preview your driving time leftfor either country before completing the sign in process. For moreinformation see Country Selection.The system will try to reach the server for sixty seconds. Ifthe server cannot be reached, you will receive an error messageand must reestablish communications before signing in. If youhave recently signed in to this device, a Stop button will appearafter sixty seconds, allowing you to continue signing in withoutreaching the server.Q: I received a message that there are proposededits and/or uncertified logs that need to be reviewed on the eDriver Logs website. What do I do?A:You will need to sign in to the ELD Driver Portal to completeTIP: If you entered the wrong login information or do not yet haveenough time available, tap Cancel to return to the Login screen. Reenter the correct information or wait until you have time available andtry again.10

DRIVER STATUSINITIAL STATUSAfter previewing availability, tap Status and then choose the button that best represents your initial duty status. See the Change Status section for acomplete list of buttons and corresponding duty statuses. The screenshot below may be different if Driver Role Selection is enabled.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideYou will be required to enter an annotation (comment) when selecting Yard Moves (ON YM) or Personal Conveyance (OFF PC). See Change Status formore information about these options.If you are the first driver to sign in during your work shift, the device will prompt you to confirm the vehicle ID. If the vehicle ID has changed or is not correct,tap the pencil icon and enter or update the vehicle ID. If the vehicle ID displayed is correct, or you are finished entering the ID, tap OK. Please use cautionwhen updating your vehicle ID to validate that the vehicle ID matches the one used by your carrier. This is only available if you company has enabled thesetting in configuration.You may be prompted to enter your location if GPS data is not available. See Manual Location Data Entry.11

DRIVER STATUSQuestions and AnswersQ: I don’t see a Driving button. How do I record whenQ: I don’t have a co-driver. Do I still need to tap theA: When you tap ON Driver, you are indicating that you are on dutyA: Yes. The logging device uses this information not only to main-I am driving the vehicle?eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver Guideand preparing to operate the vehicle. The logging device willdetect when the vehicle is moving and record the correct dutystatus for you based on the movement of the vehicle. See thedetails below.On Driver button before I operate the vehicle?tain accurate driver logs but also for other record keeping, suchas determining when driver vehicle inspection reports need tobe created or reviewed.If you are the only driver signed in to the vehicle, you will beautomatically transitioned to Driving status any time the vehiclemoves, unless you are in Personal Conveyance or Yard Movesstatus.ON DriveruVehicle reaches 5mphuDriver’s duty status is recorded as Driving (Line 3)uD (Automatic origin)DuVehicle stops then ignition is shut offuDevice ends automatic Driving event and starts a manualDriving EventuD (Driver origin)DuVehicle stops for 5 minutesuDriver is prompted whether to remain Driving or changeto On Duty or another statusuON DriverDuVehicle stops then device is shut offuNo odometer change when device turns back on (odometer must be available)uOn Driver (when device shut off)12

DRIVER STATUSeDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideREVIEW PREVIOUS DVIRQuestions and AnswersIf the DVIR feature is enabled and you are the driver of the vehicle, youwill be prompted to review the most recent driver vehicle inspectionreport for each resource in the current vehicle combination. If a trailerwas removed during sign in, you will be prompted to create a drivervehicle inspection report for each trailer removed. See Driver VehicleInspection.Q: I performed some work after signing out of theThe Driver Overview screen will be shown when the sign in processis complete. Always review your logs before operating the vehicle toensure that all information is true and correct. You are responsiblefor ensuring that all records required to be in your possession1 areavailable in electronic and/or paper format.logging device but before signing in again. Can Irecord that activity now?A: Yes. After completing the sign in process, go to Options to addPre Shift time (on duty time worked just before signing in to thelogging device) and/or Post Shift time (on duty time workedjust after signing out of the logging device).Go to Logs and Events to make additional edits as needed (seeView Logs for instructions). Your driving time left will be recalculated accordingly. You are also able to use the Driver Portalto make edits to your log, including to log dates before thoseavailable on the device.TIP: Tap Back to go back and change a response without startingover. Tap Cancel to discard all previous responses and restart the signin process from the beginning.1See US 49 CFR §395.15(b)(4) and CA SOR-2005-313 §8413

DRIVER STATUSSTATUS CHANGEStarting from the Driver Overview screen, tap Status and then choose the option that best describes your current activity.These options are available for all drivers:eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideChoose this when you are on duty and taking controlof the vehicle. The logging device will detect when thevehicle is moving and automatically record your activityas D (Line 3) when the vehicle is moving and ON (Line4) when the vehicle is stopped. No other driver may takecontrol of the vehicle until you choose a different status,start a Rest Break, or Sign Out.Choose this when you are relieved of duty and aresigning out of the Android device. This will record youractivity as OFF (Line 1). To record your status as offduty without signing out of the logging device, see RestBreak. If the carrier has enabled it, you may have theoption to sign out while remaining on duty.Choose this if you are on duty but not in control of thevehicle, such as if you are a co-driver. This will recordyour activity as ON (Line 4). However, if there is noprimary ON Driver, and vehicle movement is detected bythe logging device, you will be considered the primarydriver and your status will be moved to D (Line 3).Choose this when you are beginning a period of rest inthe vehicle’s sleeper berth. This will record your activityas SB (Line 2).14

DRIVER STATUSAdditional options may be available if enabled by your carrier:eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideChoose this if you are relieved from all responsibilityfor performing work and taking control of the vehiclefor your own personal use. This will record your activityas “Authorized Personal Use of CMV (PC)” (OFF, Line1).Choose this status if you are off duty waiting at a wellsite.Choose this if you are in other sleeping accommodations at a well site.Choose this if you are moving your vehicle inside yourcarrier’s yard. This will record your activity as “YardMoves (YM)” (ON, Line 4).Choose this if you are going off duty but not finishedwith your shift.Choose this if you are switching vehicles, continuing towork in the office or shop, or performing other dutiesthat are NOT associated with the ELD you originallysigned into.15

DRIVER STATUSREST BREAKThe Rest Break feature is used for recordingoff duty activity during the work shift. Driverswho use this feature remain signed in to theapplication, thereby avoiding the screen promptsassociated with signing out of a logging deviceand signing back in again.eDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideTo begin a rest break, tap the Rest Break buttonin the upper right of the driver overview screenand confirm that you want to start a break now.This will record your activity as Off Duty (Line 1)without signing you out of the application.The application will determine the minimum restnecessary to improve driving time, and showthis value as Gain Time At. When the requiredrest break time is fulfilled, Gain Time At andAvailable Drive Time will be recalculated.To end a rest break, tap the red Stop Breakbutton in the upper right to display the Statusscreen.Choose ON Driver if you are returning to dutyand will be operating the vehicle or ON NotDriver if you are the co-driver. Choose SB if youwill continue resting in the vehicle’s sleeper berthbefore returning to duty. Choosing any buttonother than OFF Sign Out will return to the DriverOverview screen and cause Gain Time At andAvailable Drive Time to be recalculated.Questions and AnswersQ: Why wasn’t I prompted for a DVIRwhen I chose to sign out from theStop Break status options?A: Completing a DVIR is considered to be an onduty activity. You must end your break andreturn to duty by selecting ON Driver, thensign out to be prompted through a DVIRWhen you are finished using the vehicle, don’tuse the Rest Break feature. Instead, choose OFFSign Out from the Status screen. This will beginthe sign out process and trigger a post-trip drivervehicle inspection (if applicable).WARNING: Drivers should only use thisfeature if they return to duty in the samevehicle before the end of the work shift.16

DRIVER STATUSeDriver Logs ELD Android Driver GuideADD REMOVE RESOURCESIf you are the first driver to sign in during yourwork shift, you may be asked to review the trailersand shipments added by a previous driver, andremove or add new resources.Tap Remove to remove the selected resourceshown on the left without recording it on your log.To add a shipment, enter the ID in the ShipmentID field on the right and then tap Add. You mayalso add or remove resources after you aresigned in.Tap Next to keep all resources shown. This willrecord these resources, if any, on your currentdriver log.YARD MOVES(AUTOMATIC)Selecting ON YM (On Yard Moves) and cyclingthe commercial motor vehicle’s (CMV) enginethrough power off cycle, the driver will continueto remain in Yard Move status. This will continueuntil the vehicle departs the predefined yardarea or exceeds 20 mph. This requires carrierspredefine yards and the enable the setting.YARD MOVES(MANUAL)Selecting ON YM (On Yard Moves) and cyclingthe commercial motor vehicle’s (CMV) enginethrough power off cycle, the driver will continueto remain in Yard Move status. This will continueuntil the driver selects OFF

The eDriver Logs ELD system complies with and is tested against the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) specifications as found in 49 CFR Part 395 for Electronic Logging Devices, Subpart B. NOTE: This guide is intended to compleme