Tubular Heater and Immersion HeaterMica Plate HeaterApplicationLiquid Heating, Air Heating, Food Equipment, Package Equipment, Ovens, Tanks,Electroplating and Electrolytic Equipment sed in water.Up to 100oCOptionalSUS 304Used in water, oil, air.Up to 500oCStandardSUS 316Used in mild acid and alkalinecircumstance.Up to 200oCOptionalIncoloyUsed in mild acid and alkalinecircumstance.Up to 800oCOptionalTitaniumUsed in acid and alkaline circumstance.Up to 600oCOptionalTeflon protectedUsed in strong acid circumstance.Up to 100oCOptionalMaterialCopper coatedwith nickelMica Plate HeaterCopyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

Typical maximum watt densityMica Plate HeaterFor Water 65 w/inch2 or 10 w/cm2For Air 32 w/inch2 or 5 w/cm2For Oil 20 w/inch2 or 3 w/cm2Mica Plate HeaterMinimum unheated section on each endminimum 50 m/mica Plate HeaterStandard SpecificationTubular Heater TolerancesDiameterWattageResistanceSheath LengthEffective Heated Length .0.1mm 5%-10% 10%-5% 1 2% 1 2%Copyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

Mica Plate HeaterCapacity Calculating FormulaTermination typea. Tubular heater terminal with SUS 304 thread connection,8-M12,13.8-3/4”Copyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION11-5/8”,

b. Immersion heater flange: Iron, SUS 304, SUS316, from 2” to 12”Copyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

c. Immersion heater thread connector: Brass, SUS 304, SUS316, from 1 1/2" to 2”d. Immersion heater terminal box: Bakelitee. Hanging typeCopyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

Order information(1). Tubular Heater.(2). Shape I or U (refer to drawing).(3). Tubular diameter (8,11,13.8).(4). Tubular length.(5). Voltage (100V 480V).(6). Total wattage.(7). Terminal screw-nut size8-4m/m (5/32”),(8). Number of tubular in a unit.(9). Termination type (b.c.d.e)(if not mentioned,a 2” brass thread connector will be produced).(10). With thermo-couple K or J (if desired).11up-5mm/m (3/16”).※(8), (9) and (10) are for immersion heater use only.Remark:If possible, when you want to order the heater please indicating workingtemperature and circumstance in order to design proper products and keep longlife for use.Copyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

Special immersion heater for optical electronic industry useSpecial immersion heater for optical electronic industry use (picture A, B,C, aremade with Teflon, D is made with quartz tube).Mica Plate HeaterTechnical Information(1). How to calculate required wattage:M:Weight of heating object.t(h):Time(hour).Cs:Heating rate.864:Rate of K cal. change to K watt. T:Temperature difference.H loss:Heating loss (about20% 30%).Copyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION

(2). Various material character and heating rate sheet:MaterialWeight rate(kg/dm2)Heating rate(KCal/KgoC)WaterIron,castInconel 600Incoloy 800GoldSilverBrass-yellowCopperSteelStainless steel 304Stainless steel 430Lead liquidLead solidMagnesiumMgO (Compaced)Nickel 200Nichrome 80/20Tin liquidTin solidSolder(Sn-Pb5%)AluminumCement eTeflonPlatinumPhenolicMonel 2000.2500.0350.4000.1100.0350.040Melted temp.oCCopyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP 326650143513982321826432621561773131529963410

ZincTitaniumSulfurZirconiumMica Plate dd: 3C25, Taipei World Trade Center, No. 5, Sec. 5, Hsin Yi Rd. Taipei Taiwan, R.O.C.Tel: 886-2-27206601 (Rep.)Fax: 886-2-23455120E-mail: [email protected]://www.maxthermo.comAdd: 11F., No.168, Jiankang Rd., Zhonghe Dist, New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)Tel: 886-2-22287950 (Rep.)Fax: 886-2-22286140Add: 86/132-133 m.7 Samaedum Bangkoontien Bangkok 10150 Thailand.Tel: 662-415-8318 , 662-417-2548-49Fax: 662-415-8798http://www.thaimaximum.comCopyright 2010-2011 MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION41916681191848

Special immersion heater for optical electronic industry use Special immersion heater for optical electronic industry use (picture A, B,C, are made with Teflon, D is made with quartz tube). Mica Plate Heater Technical Information (1). How to calculate required wattage: M:We