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A new chapter is about to startHelping you plan and save for the future is important. UAB Hospital Management, LLC is pleased to announce updates tothe 403(b) Plan.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW New Retirement Choice contracts will be issued. Anybalance in existing TIAA and CREF annuity contracts willremain in those contracts, and no new contributions,rollovers or transfers may be made to them. Mutualfund assets will move to the new RC contracts. The newcontracts will allow more flexibility. N ew investment options. The UAB HospitalManagement, LLC is taking this opportunity to improvethe investment options available through the plan.Several investment options will be removed from thelineup and replaced with new options. R etirement Plan Loans. Retirement plan loans willcontinue to be available. New loans will be offeredwith a fixed interest rate and funded directly from yourplan account. I ncreased transparency on fees. Your retirement planhas always been subject to fees—now they will be moretransparent. A new fee structure will make it easier tosee the cost of each investment option. Online contributions. Beginning October 4, 2019, TIAAwill become the new portal for making contributionelections. New salary deferral agreements and changesto current deferrals will be completed through your TIAAonline access for pre-tax and Roth contributions. You canmake percentage elections only.No longer employed by UAB Hospital Management, LLC? You are receiving this guide because you haveinvestments in the UAB Hospital Management, LLC retirement plan. Even though you are not actively contributing andactions may not be required, you should review this information carefully to learn how your account could be affected.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit TIAA.org1

What to expect with the updatesENROLLMENTOn or about the week ending September 20, 2019, newRetirement Choice (RC) contracts will be issued to youif you are currently contributing to and/or hold a balancein mutual funds in the UAB Hospital Management,LLC 403(b) Plan. Once the new contract(s) are issued,your future contributions will be mapped according tothe charts on the following pages. You will receive anenrollment confirmation from TIAA that will provideadditional information about your new account(s).Your current beneficiary designation(s) will be applied toyour new account(s); however, if you have beneficiarydesignations at VALIC, and you are currently contributingto and/or hold a balance in mutual funds at TIAA, yourbeneficiary will be defaulted to “Estate” on your newcontract. After the transition is complete, you should login to your account(s) to verify that designated beneficiariesare up to date.UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEW ACCOUNT(S)As a reminder, where RC contracts will be issued, any balancein existing TIAA and CREF annuity contracts will remain and,no new contributions, rollovers or transfers may be madeto them. Mutual fund assets will be moved to the new RCcontracts. The new contracts will allow more flexibility.There are a number of differences between legacyRetirement Annuity (RA), Supplemental RetirementAnnuity (SRA), Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) andGroup Supplemental Retirement Annuity (GSRA) contractsand the new RC contracts. Most of the differences applyto the TIAA Traditional Annuity in the following bullets.If you’re thinking about transferring some or all of yourannuity account balances to your new contract, makesure you understand the differences before you initiate atransfer. Under the RC contracts, TIAA Traditional has a rateguarantee that is between 1% and 3%, determinedannually, which may be lower than the guaranteed ratein your current contract.1 The adjustable rate guarantee inthe new contracts allows TIAA to be more responsive tothe prevailing interest rate environment, and provides thepotential for higher credited rates through the creditingof additional amounts.2 When TIAA Traditional balances are transferred out of anexisting contract, you risk giving up a favorable creditingrate(s) on older contributions. T IAA Traditional balances in the RC contract can beliquidated within a shorter time frame than under theexisting RA and GRA contracts. Moving money from an existing contract to a newcontract is a permanent decision. Money cannot bemoved back into legacy contracts.For details, see the contract comparison chart located If you have questions, call TIAAat 800-842-2252. If you have any recurring transfersor rollovers in your current contracts, you will need toprovide updated investment instructions. If you do notprovide instructions, future transfers or rollovers may beautomatically redirected to your new contracts and thedefault investment option for the plan. Please call TIAA toprovide updated instructions or to learn more.21Guarantees are subject to TIAA’s claims-paying ability.2 IAA’s Board of Trustees declares whether additional amounts will be paid in March of each year. Additional amounts are not guaranteed. SuchTadditional amounts, when declared, remain in effect for the “declaration year” which begins each March 1 for accumulating annuities and January 1for payout annuities. Additional amounts are not guaranteed for periods other than the period for which they were declared.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit

HOW YOUR FUTURE CONTRIBUTIONS AND CURRENT ACCOUNT BALANCES WILL BEDIRECTED TO THE NEW RC CONTRACTS AND INVESTMENT OPTIONSStarting October 4, 2019, your future contributions will be directed to your new account and the new investmentoptions according to the chart below.Starting the week of October 28, 2019, your mutual fund balance(s) will be directed to your new account and the newinvestment options according to the chart below.MUTUAL FUNDSCurrent mutual fund balance(s) and future contributions will be transferred to your new RC contract.CURRENT OPTIONTICKERFUTURE OPTIONTICKERAmerican Funds Capital World Gr&Inc R6RWIGX American Funds Capital World Gr&Inc R6RWIGXAmerican Funds Growth Fund of Amer R6RGAGX American Funds Growth Fund of Amer R6RGAGXClearBridge Small Cap Growth ISLMOIX ClearBridge Small Cap Growth ISLMOIXGoldman Sachs Small Cap Value InstlGSSIX Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value R6GSSUXPGIM Jennison Mid Cap Growth R6PJGQX Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth R6HRAUXPGIM Total Return Bond R6PTRQX PGIM Total Return Bond R6PTRQXThornburg International Value R6TGIRX T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock ITROIXTIAA-CREF Growth & Income PremierTRPGX American Funds Growth Fund of Amer R6RGAGXTIAA-CREF International Eq Idx PremierTRIPX TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx InstitutionalTCIEXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2010 PremierTCTPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2010 InstitutionalTLTIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2015 PremierTCFPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 InstitutionalTLFIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2020 PremierTCWPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 InstitutionalTLWIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2025 PremierTCQPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2025 InstitutionalTLQIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2030 PremierTCHPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2030 InstitutionalTLHIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2035 PremierTCYPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2035 InstitutionalTLYIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2040 PremierTCZPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 InstitutionalTLZIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2045 PremierTTFPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2045 InstitutionalTLXIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2050 PremierTCLPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 InstitutionalTLLIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2055 PremierTTRPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 InstitutionalTTIIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2060 PremierTLXPX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2060 InstitutionalTVIIXTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retire Inc PremierTPILX TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index Ret Inc InstitutionalTRILXVanguard Equity-Income AdmVEIRX Vanguard Equity-Income AdmVEIRXVanguard Extended Market Idx IVIEIX Vanguard Extended Market Idx IVIEIXVanguard Institutional Index IVINIX Vanguard Institutional Index IVINIXVictory Sycamore Established Value IVEVIX Victory Sycamore Established Value R6VEVRXIf you are currently contributing to and/or hold a balance in mutual funds at TIAA and have an account at VALIC, yourfuture contributions will be directed to the plan’s default investment option. See page 5 for more details.continuedQuestions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit TIAA.org3

What to expect with the updates(continued)ANNUITIESExisting balances in the TIAA or CREF Annuity options in your current contracts will remain there unless youtake action to move them to the new RC contracts. If your current contributions are directed to one or more of theannuity options below, they will be redirected to the same annuity option in your new RC contract. We recommendthat you speak with a TIAA financial consultant before making any transfers.CURRENT OPTIONTICKERFUTURE OPTIONTICKERCREF Bond Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCBMIX CREF Bond Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCBMIXCREF Equity Index R3 – Variable AnnuityCREF Global Equities R3 – Variable AnnuityQCEQIX CREF Equity Index R3 – Variable AnnuityQCEQIXQCGLIX CREF Global Equities R3 – Variable AnnuityQCGLIXCREF Growth R3 – Variable AnnuityQCGRIX CREF Growth R3 – Variable AnnuityQCGRIXCREF Inflation-Linked Bond R3 – Variable AnnuityQCILIX CREF Inflation-Linked Bond R3 – Variable AnnuityQCILIXCREF Money Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCMMIX CREF Money Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCMMIXCREF Social Choice R3 – Variable AnnuityQCSCIX CREF Social Choice R3 – Variable AnnuityQCSCIXCREF Stock R3 – Variable AnnuityQCSTIX CREF Stock R3 – Variable AnnuityQCSTIXQREARX TIAA Real Estate Account – Variable AnnuityTIAA Stable Value – Guaranteed AnnuityN/A TIAA Stable Value – Guaranteed AnnuityN/ATIAA Traditional Annuity – Guaranteed AnnuityN/A TIAA Traditional Annuity – Guaranteed AnnuityN/ATIAA Real Estate Account – Variable Annuity11QREARX1Both existing balances and current contributions in the TIAA Stable Value guaranteed annuity will be directed to the new RC contracts.LOWER-COST SHARE CLASSSome of the TIAA investment options will be directed to a lower-cost share class of the same fund, reducing yourinvestment expenses. The affected investments are shown on the chart below. There is no investment strategydifference between different share classes of the same fund.Investing in a lower-cost share class means that less of your money goes toward fees. As a result, you keep a largerportion of the potential returns generated by each investment. While returns cannot be guaranteed, paying lower feesmay help you reach your retirement goals faster.CURRENT OPTION4TICKERFUTURE OPTIONTICKERGoldman Sachs Small Cap Value InstlGSSIX Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value R6GSSUXTIAA-CREF International Eq Idx PremierTRIPX TIAA-CREF International Eq Idx InstitutionalTCIEXVictory Sycamore Established Value IVEVIX Victory Sycamore Established Value R6VEVRXQuestions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit

LIFECYCLE FUNDSThe plan’s default investment options are lifecycle funds. If you don’t choose any investment option(s) whenenrolling, your future contributions will be directed to your new account and invested in the plan’s default option, whichis a lifecycle fund that corresponds to the year you turn 65.BIRTH YEARINVESTMENT NAMEBefore 19491949 – 19531954 – 19581959 – 19631964 – 19681969 – 19731974 – 19781979 – 19831984 – 19881989 – 19931994 – PresentTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2010 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2025 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2030 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2035 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2040 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2045 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2050 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2055 InstitutionalTIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2060 LZIXTLXIXTLLIXTTIIXTVIIXWHAT ARE LIFECYCLE FUNDS?A lifecycle fund is a “fund of funds,” primarily invested in shares of other mutual funds.1 Each fund’s investments areadjusted from more aggressive to more conservative over time as the target retirement date approaches. The principalvalue of a lifecycle fund isn’t guaranteed at any time and will fluctuate with market changes. The target date representsan approximate date when you may plan to begin withdrawing from the fund; however, you are not required to withdrawthe funds at the target date. Also, please note that a lifecycle fund is selected for you based on your projected retirementdate (assuming a retirement age of 65). After the target date has been reached, some of your money may be merged intoa fund with a more stable asset allocation.NEW ONLINE SALARY DEFERRAL OPTIONSBeginning October 4, 2019, TIAA will become the new portal for making contribution elections. New salary deferral agreementsand changes to current deferrals will be completed through your TIAA online access for pre-tax and Roth contributions. Tochange your contribution percentages online, log in to your account at PLAN LOANSNew loans will be administered in the following way. L oans will be offered with a fixed rate of interest and funded directly from your retirement account. The loan amount will bededucted from your account balances, and subsequent loan payments, including interest, will be credited to your account. I f you take out a loan, you will be charged a one-time origination fee. The fee is 75 for general purpose loans and 125for primary residence loans. Additionally, there is an annual loan maintenance fee of 25. Y ou can have a maximum of three outstanding loans at any one time. If you are no longer actively employed, you will not be eligible to request new loans.If you currently have an outstanding loan, it will not be affected by this change. There will be no interruption to yourrepayment schedule, and the terms of your loan will continue as issued.If you request a new loan prior to October 4, 2019, any additional required documents must be completed and receivedby TIAA no later than 3 p.m. (CT) on October 1, 2019. If your request is not completed by this date, you may need toreapply according to the new loan process.1 Lifecycle funds share the risks associated with the types of securities held by each of the underlying funds in which they invest. In addition to thefees and expenses associated with the lifecycle funds, there is exposure to the fees and expenses associated with the underlying mutual funds.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit TIAA.org5

Your investment optionsCHANGES TO THE RETIREMENT PLAN’S INVESTMENT LINEUPUAB Hospital Management, LLC is taking this opportunity to improve the investment options available through the plan.Several investment options will be removed from the lineup and replaced with new options. See pages 3-4 for moredetails about how your balances will transfer to the new investment lineup.Following is the updated investment lineup. Investments listed in bold are new to the investment menu. You can seedetails about the new investment options online at by entering a ticker symbol in the site’s search feature.The two guaranteed options in the lineup are fixed annuities that pay you interest at competitive crediting rates that areannounced in advance. The fixed annuities do not have an explicit expense ratio and are: TIAA Stable Value1 TIAA Traditional1ANNUAL FUNDOPERATINGEXPENSESNetExpenseRatio2 %RevenueSharing3 %PlanServicingFee/(Credit) %TotalAdministrativeCost %TickerGrossExpenseRatio2 %American Funds Capital World Gr&Inc R6RWIGX0.4500.4500.000.0570.057American Funds Growth Fund of Amer R6RGAGX0.3300.3300.000.0570.057American Funds New World R6RNWGX0.6400.6400.000.0570.057Account or Fund/Share Class Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth R6HRAUX0.6900.6900.000.0570.057ClearBridge Small Cap Growth ISLMOIX0.7900.7900.000.0570.057CREF Bond Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCBMIX0.3100.3100.10(0.043)0.057CREF Equity Index R3 – Variable AnnuityQCEQIX0.2300.2300.10(0.043)0.057CREF Global Equities R3 – Variable AnnuityQCGLIX0.3400.3400.10(0.043)0.057CREF Growth R3 – Variable AnnuityQCGRIX0.2600.2600.10(0.043)0.057CREF Inflation-Linked Bond R3 – Variable AnnuityQCILIX0.2400.2400.10(0.043)0.057CREF Money Market R3 – Variable AnnuityQCMMIX0.2400.2400.10(0.043)0.057CREF Social Choice R3 – Variable AnnuityQCSCIX0.2700.2700.10(0.043)0.057CREF Stock R3 – Variable .9400.000.0570.057PTRQX0.4100.4100.000.0570.057T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock I5TROIX0.6700.6700.000.0570.057Templeton Global Bond 4(0.183)0.057Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value R64PGIM Total Return Bond R66TIAA Real Estate Account – Variable AnnuityTIAA Stable Value – Guaranteed AnnuityN/A0.0000.0000.000.0570.057TIAA Traditional Annuity1 – Guaranteed AnnuityN/A0.0000.0000.15(0.093)0.05716PLAN SERVICING FEECALCULATIONSQuestions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit

ANNUAL FUNDOPERATINGEXPENSESPLAN SERVICING FEECALCULATIONSTickerTIAA-CREF International Eq Idx EF Lifecycle Index 2010 300.1000.000.0570.057TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2015 Institutional4RevenueSharing3 %TotalAdministrativeCost %Account or Fund/Share Class4NetExpenseRatio2 %PlanServicingFee/(Credit) %GrossExpenseRatio2 % 4TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 2020 F Lifecycle Index 2025 EF Lifecycle Index 2030 EF Lifecycle Index 2035 F Lifecycle Index 2040 EF Lifecycle Index 2045 F Lifecycle Index 2050 EF Lifecycle Index 2055 EF Lifecycle Index 2060 EF Lifecycle Index Ret Inc InstitutionalTRILX0.3100.1000.000.0570.057Vanguard Equity-Income AdmVEIRX0.1700.1700.000.0570.057Vanguard Extended Market Idx IVIEIX0.0600.0600.000.0570.057Vanguard Health Care AdmVGHAX0.3300.3300.000.0570.057Vanguard Institutional Index .0570.057444Victory Sycamore Established Value R61 IAA Traditional Annuity and TIAA Stable Value are guaranteed insurance contracts and are not investments for federal securities law purposes. AnyTguarantees under annuities issued by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) are subject to its claims-paying ability. Interestcredited includes a guaranteed rate plus additional amounts as may be established by the TIAA Board of Trustees. Such additional amounts, whendeclared, remain in effect for the “declaration year,” which begins each March 1 for accumulating annuities and January 1 for payout annuities.Additional amounts are not guaranteed for periods other than the period for which they were declared.2 Gross expense ratio includes all of an investment’s expenses. Net expense ratio takes into account any investment fee waivers and expensereductions, giving an indication of what is currently being charged.3 “Revenue Sharing” describes the practice when investment providers share in the cost of plan administration. Please note that TIAA Traditional,TIAA Real Estate, TIAA Stable Value and all CREF annuity accounts do not have an explicit revenue share. Rather, they have a “plan services offset”that is applied to your plan’s administrative and recordkeeping costs.4A voluntary fee waiver applies. See the prospectus for the fee waiver expiration date.5A redemption fee may apply. See the fund’s prospectus for details.6A contractual fee waiver applies. See the prospectus for the fee waiver expiration date.Investment products may be subject to market and other risk factors. See the applicable product literature, or visit for details. Stable valueinvestment options may be subject to equity wash restrictions.Annuity account options are available through annuity contracts issued by TIAA or CREF. These contracts are designed for retirement or other longterm goals and offer a variety of income options, including lifetime income. Payments from the variable annuity accounts are not guaranteed and willrise or fall based on investment performance.TIAA Stable Value, CREF Money Market R3, and TIAA Real Estate Account—equity wash restriction: In order to provide the performance, stabilityand liquidity attributes of a stable value option, participant transfers from stable value options are subject to an industry standard 90-day equitywash rule. This means participants are prohibited from transferring from TIAA Stable Value directly to competing funds. Competing funds are planinvestment options that exhibit a pattern of performance consistent with stability and include money market funds, short-term bond funds, the TIAAReal Estate Account and the TIAA Brokerage account. The TIAA Brokerage account option is considered a competing fund since it offers access tocompeting funds. Participants wishing to transfer amounts from TIAA Stable Value to competing funds must first transfer to noncompeting funds,where the amount originally transferred must remain for 90 days before the participant can then transfer the amount to one or more competing funds.In addition, to minimize the negative effects of frequent trading, transfers into TIAA Stable Value are restricted for 30 days following a transfer out.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit TIAA.org7

Understanding retirement plan feesWhen making decisions about your account, it is importantto know there are fees associated with many of the plan’sservices and investments. A recent change impacts how yourplan administration costs will be assessed and displayed onyour quarterly statements.GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES FEEAnnual administrative fees cover services such asrecordkeeping, legal, accounting, investment advisory,and other plan and participant services.1There have always been fees associated with yourretirement plan—now they will be more transparent.Effective October 1, 2019, an annual plan servicing feeof up to 0.057% ( 0.57 per 1,000 invested) will bededucted proportionally from each of your investments on aquarterly basis. This amount will be realized by assessing afee or credit to each investment you choose within your plan.Each fee or credit will be applied to your account on the lastbusiness day of each quarter and identified as a “TIAA PlanServicing Fee” or a “Plan Servicing Credit” on your quarterlystatements (see the “Investment-specific services” sectionof your statement for more detail).INVESTMENT-SPECIFIC SERVICES FEEEach investment option has a fee for investment managementand associated services. You generally pay for these coststhrough what is called an expense ratio. Expense ratios aredisplayed as a percentage of assets. For example, an expenseratio of 0.50% means a plan participant pays 5 annuallyfor every 1,000 in assets. Taking the expense ratio intoconsideration helps you to compare investment fees.In some cases, investment providers (PGIM, T. Rowe Price,TIAA, Vanguard, etc.) share in the cost of plan administration.This practice is called “revenue sharing.” An investmentmanager, distribution company or transfer agent may pay aportion of a mutual fund’s expense ratio from their revenuesto a plan recordkeeper, such as TIAA, for keeping track of theownership of the mutual fund’s shares and other shareholderservices. Any revenue shared by an investment provider isincluded as part of each investment’s expense ratio (it is not inaddition to the published expense ratios).Please note that TIAA Traditional, TIAA Real Estate Accountand all CREF annuity accounts do not have revenue sharing.Rather, TIAA may apply a “plan services expense offset” toa plan’s administrative and recordkeeping costs for theseinvestment options.If an investment’s revenue sharing amount exceeds 0.057%,no additional plan servicing fee is assessed and the excesswill be returned to you as a credit. If the revenue sharingamount is less than 0.057%, the difference is applied as a18plan servicing fee. These fee assessments will be shown onyour next quarterly statement.For information on investment-specific expenses and fees,please refer to the investment table(s) provided on pages 6and 7 of this guide. You can also find the expense ratios andother fees and expenses at or in the prospectusesat FEEA redemption fee is charged when the mutual fund shareshave not been held in an account for a specified period oftime. This fee is designed to discourage frequent tradingactivities by investors, which drive up fund operating costsand reduce returns for long-term investors in the funds.Each mutual fund company imposes its own rules regardingthe amount charged and the holding period, which are bothdetailed in a fund’s prospectus.T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock (TROIX) shown on page 6is the only fund on this investment lineup that has aredemption fee associated with it. See the prospectusat for more information.SELF-DIRECTED BROKERAGE FEETIAA Self-directed Brokerage customers are charged acommission on all transactions and other account-related feesin accordance with the TIAA Commission and Fee Schedule.Please visit CAA for a complete list ofcommissions and fees. Other fees and expenses apply to acontinued investment in the funds and are described in eachfund’s current prospectus. Please note that you may only investup to 90% of your plan account balance in a TIAA Brokerageaccount. If you currently have a brokerage account, you willreceive a separate communication.LOAN ISSUANCE FEETIAA will charge an origination fee of 75 for each newgeneral purpose Retirement Plan Loan and 125 for eachresidential loan. The full loan amount is deducted from youraccount, and the initiation fee is reduced from the proceedsof the loan check. In addition, there is an annual maintenancefee of 25 for each new loan after October 4, 2019, which isdeducted from your account.ALL THINGS CONSIDEREDFees are important, but they are just one factor in yourdecision-making process. In addition to fees and expenses,you should be sure your investment choices reflectyour personal risk tolerance, the time frame until yourretirement and the appropriate asset allocation to suit yourinvestment needs. lan servicing fees can be deducted from investment options in Retirement Choice (RC) contracts; however, plan servicing fees cannot be deductedPfrom Retirement Annuity (RA), Group Retirement Annuity (GRA), Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) and Group Supplemental RetirementAnnuity (GSRA) contracts.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit

Retirement plan investment adviceAs a participant in the UAB Hospital Management, LLC retirement program, you have access to personalized retirement planadvice on the plan’s investment options from a TIAA financial consultant. This service is available as part of your retirementprogram at no additional cost to you.TIAA’S ADVICE IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU ANSWER IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, INCLUDING: m I on track to reach my retirement savings goals?1. AWe’ll help you analyze how your investments are performing and determine if you’re saving enough to help meet your needs.2. Which combination of retirement plan investments is right for me?Get assistance picking the right investments based on your plan investment options, diversifying properly andallocating contributions to balance your need for growth potential with your tolerance for risk.3. How can I meet my income needs in retirement?Get help determining the amount you’ll need to meet your retirement income goals.HOW TO ACCESS TIAA’S ADVICEOnlineGet quick, convenient answers using theRetirement Advisor online tool. Visit and log in to your account.By phone or in personReceive personalized retirement plan investment advice either overthe phone or in person.Schedule your advice session by calling 800-732-8353, weekdays,7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT).You can also schedule online at The projections or other information generated by the Retirement Advisor tool regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes arehypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time.Questions? Call 800-842-2252 or visit TIAA.org9

Q&A1. Why is UAB Hospital Management, LLC updatingthe retirement plan?UAB Hospital Managment, LLC is committed toproviding you with competitive retirement benefits.Based on a recent review of the retirement program,updates will be made to provide you with theinvestments, services and tools you need to pursueyour retirement savings goals.2. How can I learn about the new investment options?A list of the new investment options is included in th

There are a number of differences between legacy Retirement Annuity (RA), Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA), Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) and Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity (GSRA) contracts and the new RC contracts Most of the differences apply to the TIAA Trad