SUPPORTING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYINTEGRATEDSOLUTIONSWe design and deliver a complete range of scientific services enabling research,analysis, discovery and diagnostics – to optimise your performanceASSET MANAGEMENTHEALTH AND SAFETYQUALITY AND COMPLIANCESourcing, purchasing, PAT,installation, tagging, tracking,total cost of ownership, lifecyclemanagement, redeployment, sale,donation, disposalLearning and development,visual management, continuousimprovementTechnical agreements, qualitymanagement, regulatory intelligence,continuous improvement, sharing ofbest practiceDATA MANAGEMENTDatabase administration, dataanalysis, financial and operationalreporting, compliance healthcheckreports, trending, recordsmanagement, archiving and retrievalDECONTAMINATIONAND CLEANING SERVICESLaboratory, clinical, manufacturingenvironmentsEQUIPMENT SUPPORTRepair, maintenance, calibration,decommissioning, recommissioning,reconfiguration, modification,application support, IT2LABORATORY STAFFMedia, reagent, instrument and samplepreparation, sample management,environmental monitoringLOGISTICSJust in time, Kanban, consignmentstock, IT systems, usage reporting,satellite stores management, gases,solvents, consumables, chemicalsPROJECT MANAGEMENTRelocations, installations, capitalasset replacement programmes,technical writing, cost containmentprogrammes, Environmental Healthand Safety (EHS) and compliancesupport goods, lab design andretrofittingSUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPMANAGEMENTVendor approval process,management of visiting contractors,governance, strategic partnershipsTRAININGOperational excellence, GxP, science,technology, logistics and wastemanagementWASTE MANAGEMENTReduce, reuse, recycle, recoverand dispose

SCIENTIFIC SERVICESBY SODEXOSOLUTIONSAt Sodexo, we have developed onsitescientific services which are designed tolet your professionals focus on their corebusiness.Nowhere is this more important than inpharmaceutical, healthcare, food andpetrochemical environments which arecomplex and demanding, presenting everchanging requirements, constraints andchallenges.We are closely aligned with scientificenvironments, both laboratory andclinical. We have the expertise, experienceand qualifications, and the globalpresence, to support you.Scientific services by Sodexo offers anextensive portfolio of opportunities foryour organisation. Whether it is assetmanagement, logistics, equipmentmaintenance or scientific support yourequire, we have the skills and experience todesign, manage and deliver the solution.We invest heavily in people, products andrisk management to ensure we deliver aholistic integrated solution that alignswith your business needs.The solution designed for you will deliverfinancial and operational benefits andpositively impact on compliance.Our global reach and establishedrelationships ideally position us to provideyou with the best possible outcomes forall your scientific support needs and todeliver you real business benefits.3


CLIENT VALUE PROPOSITIONOur vision is to become a truly strategic partner by designing,managing and delivering services which make a meaningfuldifference to your organisation. The value pillars of compliance,innovation and performance underpin our proposition and reflectthe benefits we can deliver to your organisation.COMPLIANCEINNOVATIONApplying regulatoryintelligence through ournetwork of expertsDesigning, managing anddelivering industry leading,award winning solutionsGlobal quality and IT systemscontinuously improveperformanceEnvironmental expertiseand ongoing investment tomeet our socio-economiccommitmentEffective leadership thatenforces sharing of bestpractice and operationalexcellenceActively working withregulatory bodies to ensurean operational framework foroutsourced service provisionAssurance of continuouscompliance throughimplementation of the mostup to date standards andregulationsStrong, collaborativerelationships withmanufacturers, vendors andindustry leading global expertsProactively reviewing andintroducing the latesttechnology in accordance withthe change control processProgressive product trials forcleaning, decontaminationand sterile servicesPERFORMANCEAbility to combine skill sets toprovide the optimum solutionRobust quality managementsystem performing to globalstandards and industry bestpracticeProven track record ofsignificant year on yearsavings through self deliveryof multi-skilled on site teamsBespoke solutions tailoredby our experts to meet clientrequirementsOperational excellencemethodology used to removewaste, error and variationto deliver continuousimprovement

DELIVERING QUALITYOF LIFE SERVICESWe reinforce the wellbeing of individuals by improvingtheir effectiveness, and help organisations to improve theirperformance every day. Sodexo is a global company delivering grouprevenue of 18.4bn 427,900 employees operate in 80 countries acrossthe globe 18th largest global employer Named ‘global sustainability industry leader’in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Ranked number one for ‘diversified outsourcingservices provider‘ Ranked ‘Gold‘ in Corporate Responsibility Indexfor third year 10 years’ experience operating in Science andTechnology integrated services6


DESIGNWithin our scientific community,Sodexohas expertise in many disciplines, rangingfrom junior level lab technicians, to PhDeducated academics.As a result of Sodexo’s global organisationstructure, these individuals can give theirinput to design solutions, regardless oftheir geographic location.Our extensive experience in thePharmaceutical, FMCG and Healthcarearenas gives us invaluable knowledge.This, combined with insight into yourspecific requirements, allows us to designthe optimal solutions for your scientificsupport needs.8

WE DESIGN,MANAGE ANDDELIVER SOLUTIONSMANAGEHaving designed the optimum solution,we ensure we embed robust managementprocesses to define and measure successin this highly regulated environment.Underpinning our performance is Sodexo’sgreatest asset – our people.People are at the heart of everything wedo. So, managing our people in a waythat allows them to contribute to their fullpotential, is fundamental to our successand yours. Our integrated services arecreated to deliver increased employeesatisfaction, motivation and effectiveness.Our muti-skilled team can transformyour organisational workflow bymanaging up to 90% of scientific tasks,releasing your workforce to focus on yourcore business activity.Our training and coaching programmeensures employees are fully engaged withour joint business objectives, ensuring aclient-centric approach is delivered throughthe integration of all work streams.Part of our approach is to establishstrategic supplier relationships. Ourposition as partner to many globalpharmaceutical and FMCG clients createsgreater opportunities for strategiccollaboration and enables greaterleverage and choice when sourcingproducts and services, as well asoptimising equipment usage.Performance management is a vital partof our offer. It enables us not only tomonitor how we perform in relation toyour needs, but also enables us to futureproof our services to you.We base our performance measurementon jointly agreed Service Level Agreementsand key performance indicators that areunderpinned by standards of ISO9001,OHSAS1800 and ISO14001. We fosterand manage a culture of zero defectsto remove waste error and variation byestablishing operational excellence anddeveloping effective leadership.

DELIVERThe successful delivery of scientificservices is managed through ourholistic operating model. This modeldraws upon expertise from our globaloperating platform and is supportedby a combination of factors, includingstringent policies, international qualitystandards, supply chain partnerships,codes of practice, innovation forums,insight, and the experience of our multiskilled teams.The level of this success is dependantupon good communication. This isvital at all stages in the developmentof our relationship. One of the keyelements of communication during theearliest stages of the delivery phase isagreeing on expectations. The formatof expectation meetings varies; fromlooking at tangible elements of themobilisation plan and expected levels ofperformance at key stages, to broaderstrategic discussions regarding thefuture development of our servicesand meeting your strategic goals.Fundamentally, this is about definingexpectations and then meeting them.We recognise that effective transitionand transformation is critical to thesuccess of the contract life. We havededicated experts within our teamwho take full project ownership fornew contracts, as well as relocationsof individual laboratories andentire campuses; both locally andinternationally. This may involvedecommissioning, moving of equipmentand collaboration at an executive level.We are confident taking full projectownership, synchronising the workflow to ensure time, cost and scopeconstraints are met through a clientcentric approach.We endeavour to build long-termpartnerships and ensure the highestlevels of commitement, value andservice standards.This integrated approach deliversoptimum solutions, driving forward thefollowing areas for your abilityCreativityScience and Technology10

At Sodexo our reassuringly stringent quality standards ensurecompliance and our high level of innovation brings greaterefficiency. In addition, our operating model delivers real businessbenefits by increasing output by up to 40%.These are the value pillars that drive our delivery and underpin ouroperating model and value propostion.COMPLIANCEWe deliver within a robustoperating framework thatguarantees regulatorycompliance and riskmanagementINNOVATIONOur sustainability strategyleads us to create innovative,bespoke solutions forenvironmental andsocio-economic benefitPERFORMANCEOur highly trained, multiskilled teams drive efficientand effective output – givingour clients a competitiveadvantageSUPPORTING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYAn effective service partner should integrate itself within every aspect of the business,building a mutually beneficial long term partnership with clear strategic goals anddirection. With our unparelled market insight, diverse service offering, flexibility andstrategic vision Sodexo will do exactly that.11

Sodexo255 quai de la Bataille de Stalingrad92866 Issy-les-Moulineaux, FRANCETel: 33 (0)1 30 85 75 00www.sodexo.com5733/02/17Karen PlevaGlobal Head of Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, SodexoEmail: [email protected]

Sodexo 255 quai de la Bataille de Stalingrad 92866 Issy-les-Moulineaux, FRANCE Tel: 33 (0)1 30 85 75 00 Karen Pleva Global Head of Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Sodex