Prescribed by the National Curriculum & Textbook Board as a Textbookfor class IX & X from the academic year 1997Home EconomicsFor Class IX & XWritten by :Hosen Ara AminNayma AkhterTranslated byKazi Rozana AkhterZohara Ummey HassanNational Curriculum and Textbook Board, Dhaka

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PrefaceEducation is the key to development. A progressively improved education system largely determinesthe pace and the quality of national development. To reflect the hopes and aspirations of the peopleand the socio-economic and cultural reality in the context of the post independent Bangladesh, newtextbooks were introduced in the beginning of the 1980s following the recommendations of theNational Curriculum and Textbook Committee.In 1994, in accordance with the need for change and development, the textbooks of lower secondary,secondary and higher secondary were revised and modified. The textbooks from classes -VI to IXwere written in 1995. In 2000, almost all the textbooks were rationally evaluated and necessaryrevision were made. In 2008 the Ministry of Education formed a Task Force for Education.According to the advice and guidance of the Task Force, the cover, spelling and information in thetextbooks were updated and corrected.To make the assessment more meaningful and in accordance with the need of the curriculum,Creative Questions and Multiple Choice Questions are given at the end of each chapter. It is hopedthat this will reduce the dependency of students on rote memorisation. The students will be able toapply the knowledge they have gained to judge, analyse and evaluate real life situation.Home management, child management, family relationship, foot and nutrition, textiles and clothingare closely linked to our everyday life. All these topices have been included in the Home Economicstextbook so that learners can grow up as confident and good citizens. The learners can gainknowledge on how to build a prosparous and good home, bring up children properly, socialise andbecome aware about proper food and nutrition. It is important to create skilled and creativemanpower as well as to teach learners applied knowledge. So that they develop a respect for labour.All these issues have been addressed in this textbook.This book of Home Economics for class IX & X is the English Version of the original textbookentitled 'Garahasthya Arthanity' written in Bangla.We know that curriculum development is a continuous process on which textbooks are written. Anylogical and formative suggestions for improvement will be considered with care. On the event of thegolden jubilee of the independence of Bangladesh in 2021, we want to be a part of the ceaselesseffort to build a prosperous Bangladesh.In spite of sincere efforts in translation, editing and printing inadvertent errors and omissions may befound in the book. However our efforts to make it more refined and impeccable will continue.I thank those who have assisted us with their intellect and efforts in the writing, editing and rationalevaluation of this book. We hope that the book will be useful for the students for whom it is written.Professor Md. Mostafa KamaluddinChairmanNational Curriculum and Textbook Board, Dhaka.

Table of ContentsChapterPart I .SubjectPagesHome ManagementChapter IHome and Home ManagementChapter IIDuties and Responsibilities of a Home ManagerChapter IIIFamily Resources16-19Chapter IVResource Management20-31Chapter VAppropriate Technology for Post- harvesting Processingand Storing of Crops1-78-1532-43Part II .Child Development and Family RelationshipChapter IChild Care in the Family46-66Chapter IICommon Behavioural Problems of the Child and theRemedies67-76Chapter IIIAdolescents of the Family77-86Chapter IVEstablishing the Relationship of the Adolescents with theDifferent Members of the Society87-94Part 1II.Food and NutritionChapter IFood, Food Nutrients and NutritionChapter IICalories124-133Chapter IIIFood Requirements and Menu Planning134-143Chapter IVPatient's Diet144-147Chapter VPreparation and Serving of food148-165Part IV.Clothing and TextilesChapter IWeaving and Fibre168-179Chapter IIImportance of colour, Line, Design and Texture in theselection of Dress180-190Chapter IIIPersonal Hygiene and Tidiness in Clothing191-198Chapter IVWashing Clothes199-206Part VPractical95-123207-242

Part - IHome Management

Chapter-IHome and Home ManagementSince the very beginning of civilization, it has been found that each and every humanbeing has been engaged in making a home of his own. As a social being, a mancreates his family. Home is the dwelling place of the family. Except shelter, all thebasic requirements of life are being fulfilled through the home. Every human beingfeels the need of creating home due to some personal and social reasons. By dint ofhonest and sincere efforts and consideration of the head of the family, the members ofthe family enjoy peace at home. At the day time most of the family members areengaged in different types of activities outside their home and after a tedious day'swork they come back home for getting rest and peace. An ideal home gives shelter,meets different needs and demands of the family, provides security, ensures privacyand honour of the family members.A home helps to fulfil all the desires and aspirations of human life . It supports todevelop all external and inner qualities of a human being. To make a positive homelyenvironment, adequate money, time and energy, etc. are highly required. These arethe most desirable family resources. These resources are needed to be properlyutilized, otherwise it will not be possible to fulfil the demands of the family. So, wecan say that by utilizing the family resources properly, a desired homely atmospherecan be attained. In this regard, a proper home management is highly required. Itmakes a home attractive, peaceful and pleasant. In fine, we can say that the ability tomanage a home properly, helps a home manager to take care of the home with allthe resources that the home possesses.Home management is the administrative part of the family. Its success depends fullyon energy, capability and experience of the home manager. We can define the termhome management in various ways. The well-known home economist Nichel stated,''Home management is the administrative aspect of a family. To attain the desiredfamily goals, home management helps in planning, assessing integrating andevaluating human and material resources and ensure their best use for the bettermentof the family members.''To use the family resources properly, a proper planning is essential. During planning,the expected demands are needed to be anticipated. That is which one is mostly

2Home Economicsdesirable, which one is highly expected to keep hold the honour and desire of thefamily, are needed to be well specified and at the same time the availability ofadequate resources to meet all the demands are required to be well calculated. In thisregard, a proper decision making is highly desired. In fine, we can say that homemanagement is an intellectual process and this can be attained through properplanning, organizing, controlling and assessing the family resources for their best useand thereby fulfilling the expectations of the family.Home amily ResourcesHuman ResourcesSkillsAttitudeMaterial ResourcesKnowledgeEnergyTimeBy using properlyAttain family goalsFig: Home ManagementMoneyProperty CommunityFacilities

Home and Home Management3The Qualities of a Home ManagerTo make the home management effective, each of the members of the family hashis/her specific roles. The home manager is the person who bears the mainresponsibility of home management. She is the key person of the family and thepeace and success of the whole family fully depends on her. To bear this hugeresponsibility, she has to possess some basic qualities after making remarkable effortswith honesty and sincerity. The qualities are1. Intelligence2. Enthusiasm3. Understanding of human nature4. Creativity5. Judgment6. Perseverance7. Adaptability8. Self-control9. PersonalityThe qualities are analyzed below : IntelligenceA house wife or a home manager must be intelligent. The power of observing,thinking, remembering and thirst for knowledge can make an individual greatIntelligence is an immeasurable quality. By dint of it an individual becomes able tosimplify any situation, control the situation and can make a proper judgment. That isthe ability of understanding, analyzing, referring and making judgment on variousissues are related to intelligence. To tackle any day to day situation, the quality likeintelligence is highly required. If any one fails to show appropriate intelligence inappropriate time, crisis may occur. So, the desired family goals might not beachieved. For example, to make the home more beautiful and attractive, the qualitylike intelligence is highly desirable. To take decisions on various aspects like how andwhere to place any object and how this is to be used, the quality like intelligence isvery much needed.To keep peace and discipline in home, that is deciding when some actions areneeded to be undertaken and how these will be done etc. and for finishing all theseactivities, intelligence is essential. To make the family budget, to keep the account,to buy the necessary items etc. and finally to take the decisions regarding

4Home Economicsall these aspects intelligence is highly desirable. To spend money as per the income andto make some savings for the future, intelligence is a must. For example intelligenceplays a vital role in deciding how much money is needed for studies of the children,how much will be saved, what will be the purpose of savings, how these will be spentand what is the importance behind all these etc., considering the family income.EnthusiasmEnthusiasm is such a quality which is needed to be possessed by every successfulhome manager. Success does not come in life if there is no enthusiasm. But utilizationof this quality depends on physical and mental fitness of the home manager.Enthusiasm relates giving importance to any work, acting seriously and completingthe work with due attention, etc. This quality can also inspire the other members of thefamily. For example, if the home manager is interested to invite others on any specialoccasion or in shopping and if she can do it with enthusiasm, this very quality caninspire the children of the family as well. Parents can inspire their children in variousways. If the parents place all the furniture and goods nicely and in due order, this habitalso inspires the children to work in the same way. Undoubtedly enthusiasm is anexcellent quality for making a home manager successful in her family life.Understanding of human natureTo become a successful home manager, the ability of understanding human nature ishighly required. Every individual in many ways is different from others. In everyfamily, different types of people live. The attitudes, nature, dealings, liking-disliking,behaviours etc. of every individual is quite different from those of others. To keep thefamily in peace, the home manager should know the temperament of each individual.She will not be able to understand all these aspects in a day. To acquire the knowledgeof understanding human nature, the quality like keen observation is highly needed.This ability will help the home manager to tackle any situation which might take placeat home. To keep the home in order, there is a need to instruct the children to do theirjobs accordingly and there is also a need to take the advice of the elders while doingsomething difficult. Besides, there is a need to distribute suitable work to each of themale and female members of the family according to his/her ability and interest. Thiswill help to keep the home in good order.CreativityCreativity is an essential quality of a home manager. By virtue of this quality, she willbe able to make her home more attractive and well arranged. If a home managerpossesses this quality, she will be able to draw the attention of others. In this regard,

Home and Home Management5the power of imagination and the power of creation run side by side. By dint ofimagination and creative power, a home manager will be able to make the future planand imagine the outcomes. If she wants to make any change of the preplanned action,she will use her imagination and creative power. For example, an efficient homemanager with creative power can provide an appropriate guidance to buy and set newpieces of furniture, while entering a new house. Besides, if there is a possibility ofbudget shortage, the home manager applying her creative power will take alternativemeasures beforehand. Moreover, by virtue of creative and imaginative power, a homemanager can predict any problem earlier and prepare herself to solve the approachingcrisis. In addition, to create a wonderful and attractive homely atmosphere, a homemanager should be creative and should possess the power of imagination and creation.JudgmentThe power of judgment is a desirable quality. By this quality an individual is able tojudge properly right or wrong, good or bad, and evils or blessings. The ability ofjudgment helps an individual to lead a peaceful life in home and in society. It is quitenatural that in a family, problems may arise in any time coming from any direction.These problems can easily be solved if the home manager has the ability of criticaljudgment. To give proper importance on every household activity and the way top

Prescribed by the National Curriculum & Textbook Board as a Textbook for class IX & X from the academic year 1997 Home Economics For Class IX & X Written by : Hosen Ara Amin Nayma Akhter Translated by Kazi Rozana Akhter Zohara Ummey Hassan National Curriculum and Textbook Board, Dhaka . Published by The National Curriculum and Textbook Board, Dhaka 69-70, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka [ All .