Just Us Little GuysA Series of Bible Study LessonsFor Preschool to First Grade Children(4-7 Years Old)Series 2ChristmasLesson 1What is Christmas?Lesson 2The Promise of a Savior King/ Journey to BethlehemLesson 3No Room in the InnLesson 4Of Shepherds and AngelsLesson 5Wise Men from AfarLesson 6The Flight to Egypt (God Watches over Baby Jesus)Just Us Little Guys 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellSunday School

Just Us Little GuysSunday School Centerwww.SundaySchoolCenter.comUsing these LessonsUsing these LessonsEach of these lessons: Is designed to work with children, ages 4-7 years old May be used separately, or in a series of lessons Is Bible-based and Christ-honoringEach of these lessons consists of 7 parts:Teacher Pep Talk:A few words of encouragement written especially for you, theteacher who will present the lesson. You’ll also find a fewBible verses to review prior to teaching the lesson.What You will Need:A list of items you will need to present the lesson.Review over the suggested activities to see if you need anyitems for the ones you choose.Major Points:A list of the major points to be made during the lesson.Memory Verse:A verse of appropriate length for the age of the children.Lesson:Step by step ideas for presenting the Major Points to thechildren. Use your own words, embellish with your ownstories or examples.Prayer:Pray with and for the childrenSuggested Activities:Games, crafts, or activities that allow the children to respondto the LessonTeaching Tips:Read over the Teacher Pep Talk and review the suggested Bible Verses in advance,so that the Bible truths will be in your own heart before you try to teach the children .This is the secret of being a good teacher!Suggested Activities are just that Suggestions. You may think of even bettergames, crafts, drawings or activities to do with the children. If so, then DO THEM!Remember, you have different gifts and talents than anyone else. You may havedifferent resources available. Ask God to help you be creative in ways to reach out tothe children with His message!The Major Points are the ideas that are to be conveyed to the children during theLesson. These are stated in very simple terms, but they are vast concepts to propose.Children are amazing in that they can understand these very big things, even if they arestated in very simple words. Perhaps this is why our Savior instructed us that theKingdom of Heaven belonged to “such as these”. 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage i

Just Us Little GuysUsing these LessonsSunday School Centerwww.SundaySchoolCenter.comEach time you teach children YOU SHOULD NOT FAIL TO DO THESE 3 THINGS: LISTEN to them PRAY with and for them Let them see you READ from THE BIBLELISTEN: Sit on the floor with the children and ask them how their week went. ThenLISTEN to the various children as they tell you something that is on their heart or mind.Often this takes time and effort, but the children NEED to be able to tell you about them,so that you can connect.PRAY: At the beginning of your time together, pray with the children and for thechildren. You may wish to pray for some of their concerns or for your time together.Ask God to help you teach the lesson so that they will be blessed by it. Do this out loud.Children need to know that you pray and that they can pray as well.READ from the BIBLE: Hold the Bible in your hands or in your lap and let the childrenSEE you read a verse from it. It is good for them to know that there is a referencewhere we may go to seek God’s answers. If they see you read from it, they will learnthat they may do so as well.God bless you as you work with the children to present these great spiritual truths tothem! May your work in the field bring a great harvest for the Kingdom of God!With love in Christ,Sharon 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage ii

Just Us Little GuysSunday School CenterChristmas Series – Lesson #1www.SundaySchoolCenter.comWhat is Christmas to You?Teacher Pep Talk: Talk about fun! You get to talk to a room full of young childrenabout what Christmas means to them! Be ready to be amazed!They will have a lot to tell you. You will hear about all of theChristmas traditions they have, and what they want for Christmas,and well, just about everything else! If it’s red and white, or goes“Ho-Ho-Ho” believe me, you’re going to hear about it!Then comes the most fun of all! You get to tell them whatChristmas is all about! You get to tell them about the fact thatJesus, the Son of God was born, and that the reason we haveChristmas is because we are celebrating His birth!“HO-HO” SPOILER ALERT!You don’t have to be the “hatchet man” about the “Ho-Ho” part of Christmas, but if someoneasks, you can say, “There is a pretend part of Christmas, and a real part of Christmas. (Winkat the older children here!) The pretend part may go away one day, but the real part never will.The real part of Christmas is that Jesus was born, and no one can ever take that part away!”I have given this answer many times and it works. (Let their parents talk to them later )You will need:Birthday cake or cupcakes, and/or frosting and small plastic bags.Major Points:At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birthday!Mary was Jesus’ mother.God is Jesus’ father.Scripture Ref.Luke 1:26-38 (Mary is told about Jesus)Memory Verse:Luke 1:31 You will give him the name Jesus.Lesson:What holiday is coming up soon? Christmas Of course, Christmas!What does Christmas mean to you? (Listen to each child tell about Christmas. They may want to tellyou how they celebrate Christmas at their house. Listen withinterest. Say affirming things.) All of these things, that we do with our family, are good thingsthat help us celebrate Christmas! I’m so glad you celebrate withyour family and friends!Today I want to tell you the reason we have Christmas. The reason we have Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birth! Jesus is the Son of God. A long time ago Jesus was born here, and that is why wecelebrate Christmas. It is Jesus’ birthday!! 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage 1

Just Us Little GuysSunday School CenterChristmas Series – Lesson #1www.SundaySchoolCenter.comMary was Jesus’ mother. Mary was the name of the woman who had baby Jesus. She was Jesus’ mommy.One day an angel came to see Mary. The angel told her that she was going to have a baby. The baby was going to be God’s Son. The angel told her that she was to name the baby, Jesus.God is Jesus’ Father. God the Father called Jesus His “One and Only Son.” God is Jesus’ daddy. God loved us very much to send His Son here. We celebrate this by having Christmas each year!Prayer:Let’s pray and thank God for sending His Son, Jesus!Dear God,Thank you that you love us.Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to be here with us.Thank you for Christmas.We love you. Amen.Suggested Activities: (Pick and choose the activities that work best for you!)Have a Birthday Party! Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesuso Sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” with Jesus’ name in it! Have Birthday Cake (optional)o For extra fun, coordinate this activity with your snacks. Have a cake(or cupcakes) with a candle on top for Jesus’ Birthday. Have the personwhose birthday is closest to December 25th blow out the birthday candle. Talk some more about Jesus’ Birthdayo Tell the children it has been over 2000 years since Jesus was born. (Thatwould be a LOT of candles!!) Explain that we still celebrate Jesus’ birthbecause it was such an important thing that happened! Play Christmas music quietly in the background while children eat and play.oOne suggestion: “Happy Birthday, Jesus” by Carol Cymbala. Copyright 1992 byWord Music LLC, a division of Word Music, Inc. Play some typical “birthday party” gameso EX: Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, Duck-Duck-Goose, etc.“Cake Decorating”Copy the attached coloring page of a plain birthday cake with Jesus’ name on it.Provide markers or crayons and allow the children to “decorate” the cake by coloring it.(Alternatively: Tape a copy of the page on the table. Cover with a sheet of plasticwrap and tape that down too. Place a little frosting in a small plastic bag for each childand twist it shut, or seal it. Snip off one tiny corner at the bottom. Now, gently squeezethe bag to “decorate the cake” with real frosting! Devour the results!! Wipe clean!) 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage 2

Page 3Christmas Series – Lesson #1 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellSunday School Centerwww.SundaySchoolCenter.comJust Us Little Guys

Just Us Little GuysSunday School CenterChristmas Series – Lesson #2www.SundaySchoolCenter.comThe Promise of a Savior King(The Journey to Bethlehem)Teacher Pep Talk: Imagine the excitement all those years ago! Everyone was waitingfor the promised Savior and King. They knew that one day soonHe would be born in Bethlehem. Despite this, most of them missedHis coming. No one seemed to notice a humble carpenter and hisbetrothed wife traveling to Bethlehem to be counted in the census.But God’s Son was about to be born, just as it had been foretold inthe scriptures and just like the angel had told Mary and Joseph!Help the children see that we need to look back and notice thethings that happened around the time of Jesus’ birth. We need torealize that God was keeping His promise to send us a Savior King!You will need:Cotton balls, glue, and crayons for the suggested craft.Major Points:God had promised that the Savior was to be born in Bethlehem.An angel talked to Mary and Joseph.Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem.The Savior, God’s Son (Jesus) would be born soon!God was keeping His promises!Scripture Ref.Micah 5:2 "Bethlehem out of you will come one who will beruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times."Memory Verse:Matthew 2:1 Jesus was born in Bethlehem Lesson:Christmas is getting closer!! Christmas will be here soon! We celebrate Christmas everyyear! Why do we celebrate Christmas? (Wait for answers.) That’s right! Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday! Today we’re going to talk about WHY Jesus was born.God made a promise to send a Savior King. A long time ago God made a promise to send us a Savior. The word Savior means “someone who saves or rescues.” That person was Jesus, God’s One and Only Son!People were waiting for the promise to be kept. When someone makes me a promise, I want them to keep it!Don’t you? (Wait for answers). I wait for them to keep theirpromise. I expect them to do it! The people waited for God to keep His promise. They knewthat the Savior was to be born in a place called Bethlehem.They waited and they watched. But God had them wait for along, long time. And some of them forgot to keep watching! 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage 4

Just Us Little GuysSunday School CenterChristmas Series – Lesson #2www.SundaySchoolCenter.comAn Angel talks to Mary and to Joseph. Mary was a wonderful young woman who lived back then. One day an angel from God visited Mary. The angel told Mary she was going to have a special baby. The baby was going to be the Son of God. (The Savior) Later, the angel told Joseph too. (Joseph was the man whowas going to be Mary’s husband.) The angel told them they were to name the baby Jesus.Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem Mary and Joseph both lived in a place called Nazareth. One day, the ruler of the land (Caesar) ordered everyone toreturn to their hometown, so that they could be counted. So Mary traveled with Joseph a long way to Bethlehem, whichwas his family’s original hometown.God keeps His promises. Jesus was born in the little town called Bethlehem, just like Godhad promised all those years before! Whenever God makes a promise, He always keeps it! God promised to send a Savior, and He did! Jesus, God’s Oneand Only Son, is the promised Savior! God always keeps His promises, no matter how big or small.Prayer:Let’s pray and thank God for keeping His promise to send a Savior.Dear God,Thank you for keeping your promises.Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to be our Savior.Thank you for Christmas.We love you. Amen.Suggested Activities: (Pick and choose the activities that work best for you!)Cotton Ball Angel WingsFor this craft, make one copy of the Angel Wings page for each child. Remind thechildren that the angel came and visited Mary and then Joseph to tell them about babyJesus! Provide crayons, glue, and cotton balls. First, ask the children to color theangel’s face, hair, hands and robe. (Do NOT color the angel’s wings or the gluemight not stick well!) Next, allow the children to dip the tip of the cotton balls in glueand place them on the angel’s wings. (HINT: Squeeze out a little glue into a smallplastic lid. That works fairly well for dipping the cotton balls!) Allow the angel pages todry and then let the children take them home.NOTE: If you keep these an extra day or so, you can make some GREAT Christmastree decorations! Glue the finished angel page to a sheet of construction paper andallow it to dry. Cut out around the angel. Glue a loop of yarn to the back as a hanger.) 2010, Sharon Kay ChatwellPage 5

Just Us Little GuysSunday School Centerwww.SundaySchoolCenter.comChristmas Series – Lesson #2Sing Christmas CarolsSilent NightSilent night, Holy night,All is calm, All is bright,Round yon virgin, mother and child,Holy infant, so tender and mild.Sleep in heavenly peace.Sleep in heavenly peace.We Wish You a Merry ChristmasWe wish you a Merry Christmas,We wish you a Merry Christmas,We wish you a Merry Christmas,And a Happy New Year!O, Little Town of BethlehemO, little town of Bethlehem,How still we see thee lie.Above thy deep and dreamless sleep,The silent stars go by.Yet in thy dark streets shineth,The everlasting light.The hopes and fears of all the years,Are met in thee tonight.Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday dear Jesus!Happy Birthday to You!Learn the Memory VerseThe memory verse for the day is Matthew 2:1 Jesus was born in Be

For Preschool to First Grade Children (4-7 Years Old) Series 2 Christmas Lesson 1 What is Christmas? Lesson 2 The Promise of a Savior King/ Journey to Bethlehem Lesson 3 No Room in the Inn Lesson 4 Of Shepherds and Angels Lesson 5 Wise Men from Afar Lesson 6 The Flight to Egypt (God Watches over Baby Jesus) Just Us Little Guys Sunday School Center Using these Lessons