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ContentsPreface . 13.Audience. 13.Organization . 13.Related Documentation . 15.Conventions Used in This Guide . 16.Where to Get Help. 17.Your Comments. 18.Chapter 1: Overview. 19.The NetWorker Environment . 19.NetWorker Features . 21.Common NetWorker Tasks . 23.NetWorker User Interfaces . 25.NetWorker Services. 41.Chapter 2: Backing Up Data . 47.Scheduled Backups. 47.Save Sets . 57.Ad Hoc Backups . 60.Verifying Backed-Up Data . 66.Password Protecting Windows or NetWare Backup Data . 67.Encrypting Backup Data . 68.Compressing Backup Data. 71.Special Data Handling for NetWorker Clients on Windows . 72.Backing Up NetWorker Console Management Data . 72.Backing Up Windows Mount Points. 74.Backing Up the Windows Content Index Server. 77.EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide3

ContentsBacking Up Windows DHCP and WINS Databases . 78.Windows Backup and Recovery Notes . 79.Customizing the Backup Command. 82.Considerations for Backing Up Raw Partitions . 92.Backing Up a Mapped Drive . 93.Chapter 3: Configuring Libraries and Devices.95.Devices and Libraries. 95.Storage Nodes . 96.Dynamic Drive Sharing . 102.Autodetection of Libraries and Devices. 111.Add (Configure) Libraries . 115.Library Reconfiguration . 119.Add (Configure) Stand-Alone Devices . 121.Deleting Libraries and Devices . 123.Library Slots . 124.Troubleshooting . 126.Chapter 4: Backup Groups and Schedules . 127.Overview of NetWorker Scheduling . 127.Backup Groups . 128.Managing Backup Groups. 134.Bootstrap Report Generation and Printout. 136.Backing Up Open Files . 136.Schedules . 138.Backup Levels. 148.Save Set Consolidation. 157.4EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide

ContentsChapter 5: Browse and Retention Policies . 163.About Browse and Retention Policies . 163.Managing the Data Lifecycle . 170.Browse and Retention Policies for Ad Hoc Backups . 176.Modifying the Browse and Retention Policy on a Save Set. 177.Chapter 6: Directives . 179.Directives Overview. 179.Creating a Global Directive Resource . 180.Editing a Global Directive Resource. 181.Deleting a Global Directive Resource. 181.Copying a Global Directive Resource. 181.Applying Directives . 182.NetWorker User Program Local Directives. 184.Preconfigured Global Directive Resources. 186.Format of Directive Statements . 188.Application Specific Modules (ASMs). 191.Chapter 7: Sorting Backup Data . 197.Media Pools. 197.Label Templates . 211.Chapter 8: Archiving . 219.Overview of Archiving. 219.Permissions for Archiving . 222.About Archive Pools . 224.Archiving Data Procedures. 225.Retrieving Archived Data. 232.Archive Request Management . 236.EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide5

ContentsChapter 9: Cloning Backups. 237.Overview of Cloning . 237.Volume Cloning. 240.Save Set Cloning . 241.Manual Clone Operations . 250.Recovering Cloned Data . 251.Cloning Archived Data . 252.Directing Clones to a Special Storage Node. 252.Considerations for File Type and Advanced File Type Devices. 254.Chapter 10: Staging Backups . 255.Save Set Staging . 255.Working with Staging Policies . 256.NetWorker DiskBackup . 260.Chapter 11: Device Operations. 291.Compatible Block Size for UNIX and Microsoft Windows . 292.Library Device Maintenance. 294.Device Parameter Settings . 297.Common Device Interface. 301.Nonrewinding Tape Device Usage (UNIX/Linux Only). 302.Block Size Mode (UNIX/Linux Only) . 303.Silos . 303.Miscellaneous Device Operations. 311.Tips for Using Libraries . 314.Chapter 12: Media Management .319.Storage Management Operations . 319.Auto Media Management . 322.Volume Operations . 324.Media Handling Errors . 348.6EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide

ContentsMedia Management in a Silo . 349.Volume Save Sets . 355.Chapter 13: Recovering Data . 361.Choosing a Recovery Method . 361.Recovering by File Selection . 362.Recovering by Save Set Selection . 373.Disaster Recovery . 380.Recovering Encrypted Data. 380.Directing Recoveries to Another Client. 381.Recovering Online Indexes for a NetWorker Server . 389.Recovering the Console Database. 393.Moving a NetWorker Client to a New NetWorker Server. 393.Recovering the Windows System Configuration . 394.Recovering Windows Volume Mount Points. 402.Recovering Windows DHCP and WINS Databases . 405.Restoring a Windows Content Index Server. 406.Chapter 14: Reporting. 407.Gathering Report Data . 407.Data Retention and Expiration Policies . 409.Report Categories . 412.Configuring Reports. 415.Viewing Reports . 420.Preconfigured Reports. 430.Customizing and Saving Reports . 456.Sharing Reports. 458.Exporting Reports. 459.Command-Line Reporting . 460.Printing Reports. 462.EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide7

ContentsChapter 15: Monitoring. 463.Overview of Monitoring . 463.Events . 463.Monitoring Window. 469.Chapter 16: Console Server Management. 483.Managing Console Server Users . 483.Moving the Console Server Component . 490.Managing Product Licenses. 492.Setting System Options. 496.Setting Environment Variables. 502.Using the Console Configuration Wizard . 505.Displaying International Fonts in Non-US Locale Environments. 505.Chapter 17: NetWorker Server Management. 507.Enterprise. 507.Configuring a NetWorker Server . 519.Improving Backup Performance. 520.Managing Server Access . 522.NetWorker User Groups. 525.Server Communication Issues within Microsoft Windows. 531.Notifications. 532.Indexes. 543.Message Log Management. 555.Chapter 18: NetWorker Client Management .559.NetWorker Client Overview. 559.Client Configuration. 560.NetWorker Authentication . 563.Multiple Clients from the Same Computer . 575.Adding or Changing the NetWorker Servers for a Client . 577.Client Priority. 578.8EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide

ContentsChapter 19: Cluster Support . 579.Cluster Terminology . 579.Cluster-Aware and Cluster-Unaware NetWorker Servers . 580.Backing Up Data on Windows Cluster Environments. 581.Backing Up Data on UNIX Cluster Environments. 584.Configuring a Virtual Client to Back Up to a Local Storage Node . 589.Configuring an External Client to a Virtual Server . 590.Recovering Data in a Windows Cluster Environment. 590.Recovering Data in a UNIX Cluster Environment. 591.Tracking Scheduled Saves. 592.Using a Physical Storage Node with a Virtual Server on UNIX Cluster Platforms . 596.Using Autochangers and Stand-Alone Tape Devices . 598.NetWorker Cluster Licensing. 612.Client Configuration Wizard Support Requirements. 614.Chapter 20: NetWorker Server Support for NDMP . 615.Overview of NDMP . 615.Supported NDMP Configurations . 616.Requirements for and Limitations of NDMP Support. 623.Configuring the NetWorker Server for NDMP Operations . 630.Performing NDMP Backups. 644.Performing NDMP Recoveries . 652.NDMP Cloning. 662.Ancillary Product Information. 664.Chapter 21: SNMP Module. 687.SNMP Traps . 687.Configuring NetWorker SNMP Notifications . 688.Configuring SNMP Management Software. 691.EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide9

ContentsChapter 22: Support for Microsoft Removable Storage. 693.Microsoft Removable Storage. 693.Types of Support for Removable Storage. 695.Removable Storage Media Pools. 697.Usage Scenarios. 699.Configuring the NetWorker Server for Removable Storage . 702.Library Operations with Removable Storage . 706.Device Cleaning . 716.Considerations for Uninstalling the NetWorker Software . 716.Chapter 23: Support for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server .717.Microsoft SPS . 717.The SHAREPOINT Save Set . 719.SPS Backup . 720.SPS Recovery. 722.Performing an SPS Disaster Recovery . 725.Chapter 24: Support for Microsoft Automated System Recovery. 727.Microsoft ASR . 727.NetWorker Support for ASR. 728.ASR Backup. 730.Creating an ASR Disk . 731.Using the ASR Disk to Recover a NetWorker Client. 735.Limitations and Special Considerations . 739.Chapter 25: DiskXtender Data Manager File System Support. 741.Supported Configurations . 741.DiskXtender Data Manager File System Overview . 742.Backup of DXDM File Systems . 745.Recovery of DXDM File Systems. 748.10EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform VersionAdministration Guide

ContentsChapter 26: Volume Shadow Copy Service . 753.Overview of VSS . 753.VSS and the Backup Process . 754.Controlling VSS from NetWorker Software. 756.Chapter 27: Troubleshooting . 763.Before Contacting Technical Support. 763.NetWorker Functionality Issues. 766.Devices and Autochangers. 781.NetWorker Locale and Code Set Support . 786.Resource Database Notes . 787.Network and Server Communication Errors . 789.NetWorker Archiving and Retrieval . 801.Storage Nodes. 802.Console Error Messages and Corrective Actions. 804.Console Log Files. 809.Console Troubleshooting Notes and Tips . 810.Appendix A: SYS

EMC Legato NetWorker, Release 7.3, Multiplatform Version Administration Guide 13 Preface This guide is part of the EMC Legato NetWorker documentation set. For a complete list of documents related to the use of this product, see "Related Documentation" on page 15. This guid