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AGENDA More Adoptable via Kanban Advances to Boards More Intuitive via Faster Reporting More Scalable via Work Cache Enhancements More Insightful via new User Report features Q&A

BrightWork is a SharePoint-based project management solution that includesbest-practice templates and cross- project reporting with the flexibility to evolveand mature as needed.

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More Adoptable:Kanban Advances to BoardsKanban boards enable project managers to movethrough work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, andissues in a visual, modern way.New Kanban Board features give you more choicein how you view your work through: SearchColumn Card CountWIP LimitHide ColumnsGrouped Columns

More Intuitive:Faster Reporting with BrightWorkReporterBrightWork Reporter, is a highly configurable webpart that lets you query multiple sites, sub-sitesand lists and display the results in a single report.BrightWork Reporter can now be configured toautomatically Refresh on Update.Once you make a change, you no longer need torefresh your report to see changes.

More Scalable:Work Cache EnhancementsThe Work Cache is a feature available withinBrightWork Reporter that enables faster crosssite reporting of large volumes of data.The Work Cache is now more adaptable withadded support for two custom list types.This gives BrightWork users even more flexibilityby allowing them to create their own custom listsin SharePoint and configure what list items areincluded in the work cache.

More Insightful:User Access ReportUnderstand your BrightWork usage evenbetter with a new reporting feature.Run this Timer Job to get regular reports ofhow many licensed users have access to yoursite collection.This new feature comes with an easy to useExcel file to manage your licensed userinformation.


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APPENDIXBrightWork Model Explained

BrightWork is a SharePoint-based project management solution that includes arange of best-practice templates and configurable cross-project reporting.

Manage ProjectsSuccessfullySimplify project processes, engage stakeholders,and increase collaboration with one projectmanagement tool.

Start with Standardized Project Management TemplatesBrightWork includes arange projectmanagement templatesthat help you get projectsstarted the right wayevery time, with the rightamount of projectmanagement for theproject and team inquestion.

Collaborate with a Team-focussed Project SiteTeam members can find,do and report on theirwork in a team-focussedproject site withBrightWork.Manage your schedulewith instant visibility intoproject and non-projecttasks

Track and Share Progress withAutomated ReportsProject Managers spendtoo much time onadministration instead ofthe project itself!BrightWork templatescome with automatedreporting and dashboardsto provide projectvisibility to the peoplewho need it.

Control Portfolios ofProjectsImprove organizational performance with completecontrol of portfolios and resources in one place.

Approve with Scalable Project Request ManagementBrightWork gives you asimple process fordeciding which projectsget approved andautomatically creates thenew project site.Develop a transparentranking process toensure alignment withbusiness objectives

Track with Real-Time Portfolio DashboardsBrightWork reportingdashboards allow you toquickly track the healthand progress of allprojects across theorganization.Get visibility and drill intothe detail of specificprojects.

Allocate with High-Visibility Resource ManagementSimple resourcereports help you trackand forecast resourceallocation to makesure you have optimalresource utilizationacross projects.Feb / 2017

Leverage yourSharePoint investmentAccelerate user adoption, support project teams, scaleperformance on your existing infrastructure.

Deploy with a Low IT BurdenAs BrightWork is builton the industrySharePoint platform,organizations canleverage existing andinvestments ininfrastructure andtraining.

Start with local, best-practice templates and BrightWorkAssistance.Taking a templatebased approach toprojects makes iteasy to improveproject standards.Reduce resistance tochange with trainingresources for newproject managers andteam members.

Evolve with Easy-to-Configure TemplatesThe BrightWork templatemanagement systemmakes it easy to capture,reuse and deploy newprocesses. You can evenroll them out to liveprojects to support thecontinuous improvementof organizational projectmanagement.

The BrightWork Approach

BrightWork Templates Spectrum

Kanban Advances to Boards Kanban boards enable project managers to move through work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, and issues in a visual, modern way. New Kanban Board features give you more choice in how you view your work through: Search Colum