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Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsMonetize New ServicesMonetize New ServicesInnovate Business ModelsCustomers today no longer just buy products, they subscribe to experiences.That means instead of a single transaction, revenue comes in incrementally overa period of time. Service providers must learn how to turn this to their advantage.Outpace CompetitorsSAP InnovationsSwitching costs are low in the service economy,so retaining customers can be a challenge. Ifclients spot a better value, they may make anon-the-spot decision to go elsewhere.Finally, success in services means scalingup rapidly after initial rollout. That may meantaking on tens of thousands or tens of millionsof customers in a short period of time. Thesehigh-volume transactions must be processedquickly and reliably to produce bills thatcustomers can understand and pay on time.Efficient processing also allows companies tobook and recognize revenues and to deliverreal-time insights on performance.That’s why service providers must take everystep to ensure customer retention and tomaximize billing opportunities.Providing compelling pricing offers that can berapidly adapted to exploit fast-moving marketopportunities is a smart strategy.19% decrease in days salesoutstanding (DSO) withintegrated CRM to trackorders, fulfillment, andreceivables in real timeSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingService providers need consume-to-cashfunctions that allow them to rapidly innovatewith new revenue models, while maintainingstrict financial discipline across the businessprocess.It’s also important to look at reselling offersthat may arise through partner channels. Forexample, partners may want to leverage billingrelationships to sell each other’s services.2 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovate Multisided Business ModelsMonetize New ServicesInnovate Business ModelsBest-run companies change their pricing offers faster than the competition andenhance offerings with bundled partner services. They do this with the secureknowledge that the back-office will still be able to collect, share, and book revenuesreliably.Outpace CompetitorsSAP InnovationsHow can companies differentiate themselveswhen multiple providers are all offering thesame service? By adapting their pricing modelsfaster than the competition.That means companies must have the abilityto make pricing model changes in hours anddays, not weeks and months.This is not a journey that companies are takingalone. As they bring partner solutions andreseller partners along in multisided businessmodels, revenue capture and revenue shareprocesses must be interlinked to ensuretransparent win-win relationships.Of course, it’s critical to ensure that businessscales at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).To do this, companies’ back offices musthandle the order-to-cash process with reliable,automated processing through every step, fromorder capture to pricing, billing, revenue share,collections, financial customer care, revenuerecognition, and analytics.SAP software for the consume-to-cash processis designed to allow this kind of businessflexibility while ensuring reliable operations.3 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsOutpace Competitors in Dynamic MarketsMonetize New ServicesInnovate Business ModelsOutpace CompetitorsSAP InnovationsServices-based business models are intrinsically dynamic. Best-run companiescan outpace the competition by remaining nimble in their pricing models andconsistently providing new offers and value from third parties.SAP solutions support the complete order-to-cash process, allowing companies toquickly adapt their pricing models and offers, while ensuring that customers canunderstand and control their spending. Drive growth in market share through reduced time to market Improve customer retention with pricing models that reward loyalty25%Decrease in accountsreceivable write-offs whenreceivables are integratedwith credit, billing, andcollections systems Improve customer sentiment by providing clear invoices and quick dispute resolution Reduce days sales outstanding by optimizing collections strategies Reduce write-offs by extending services based on credit scoringSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarking4 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsSAP InnovationsMonetize New ServicesInnovate Business ModelsSAP solutions that support monetizing high-volume services businesses usetechnology innovations to help ensure massive scalability and reliable operations.At the same time, they provide up-to-the-minute insights into customer and revenuetrends that can be rapidly converted into a competitive advantage.Outpace CompetitorsSAP InnovationsApplications from SAP for billing and revenueinnovation management operate as a completesolution that integrates with SAP software forcustomer management. Modular architectureallows deployment in piece-by-piece stages toleverage existing legacy customer care andbilling solutions, while unlocking value witheach implementable step.Analytics are embedded into the solution tohelp ensure that customer reactions to newpricing, billing, and cash collection strategiescan be immediately analyzed. If modification isnecessary, it can be accomplished quickly totake advantage of fast-moving opportunities intoday’s highly-competitive services industries.Big Data is intrinsic to monetizing servicesbecause massive volumes of transactions andcustomer accounts must be measured, priced,and billed, and often in real time. SAP softwareleverages in-memory processing to providefully automated processing with dynamicscalability.5 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovate Revenue Models for ServicesSolution OverviewConvergent MediationConvergent MediationSimplify usage collection across operational platforms.Convergent ChargingConvergent InvoicingCustomer Financial Mgmt.Convergent ChargingBring competitive offers to market with flexible pricing.Convergent InvoicingProduce understandable invoices that enhance cash flow and customer satisfaction.Customer Usage AnalyticsSales Effectiveness andInsightWhy SAP?Customer Financial ManagementUse a 360-degree view of customer financial information to answer inquiries andmake decisions about accounts. Tailor the collections process to customer profilesand account for, and control, high volumes of financial transactions.Customer Usage AnalyticsLearn how pricing models, billing, and collections strategies can be tuned forimproved revenue performance.6 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsBilling and Revenue Innovation ManagementSolution OverviewConvergentMediationConvergent rgent ChargingMarketingOfferDesignSales andCustomerServiceSales andOrderManagementConvergent InvoicingCustomer Financial Mgmt.Customer Usage AnalyticsSales Effectiveness eivablesandPayablesWhy SAP?BillingSAP software providesa complete solution thataddresses the consumeto-cash business processfor new high-volume ountMeasureUsagePrice andRateEventsManageBillingAccountBookRevenueand Service7 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsConvergent MediationSolution OverviewConvergent MediationCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations53%Enterprises that report a biggap between the availabilityof Big Data and their abilityto analyze it for insightsSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingThis scalable software simplifies dataaccess across networks for newbusiness models. It supports key usecases for global companies in telecommunications, high tech, banking, postalservices, and logistics.The mediation layer is a critical component ofa competitive billing solution, which integratesnetwork elements and data sources. SAPsoftware for convergent mediation comespreintegrated with an SAP application thatsupports convergent charging. That meanscustomers can optimize data streams toshorten time to market for new servicesand respond quickly to changes in networkinfrastructure or regulatory demands.As networks evolve and consumers demandan increasingly complex array of innovativeservices, the ability to rapidly support newofferings is a critical competitive advantagefor service providers.8 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsSimplify Data Access Across NetworksSolution OverviewConvergent MediationCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations14%Increase in accuracywhen data warehouse iscontinuously monitoredwith extension andintegration of new dataSAP software for convergent mediation enablesa standardized approach to data mediation.With flexible workflow functionality, serviceproviders can collect data from a wide rangeof network technologies.The software then filters, transforms, andconsolidates data feeds into required formatsbefore routing it to applications such as billing,fraud management, service assurance, andbusiness analytics solutions.The solution comes preintegrated with SAPsoftware for convergent charging. Supportingboth real-time and batch processing, thesolution provides a single platform for allmediation activity. This reduces the numberof integration points required to manage dataacross networks.The hardware-agnostic mediation platformeliminates the requirement for multiple,disparate solutions, and significantly reducescosts. The user interface with intuitive dragand-drop features allows for easy in-houseconfiguration and response to new marketchallenges with very short turnaround times.Source: SAP PerformanceBenchmarking9 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewConvergent MediationCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations28%Decrease in IT expendituresas a percentage of revenuewith a consolidated singlesolution and platformlandscapeSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSolution OverviewContact UsStreamline Data Management, Lower Costs, andIncrease RevenueSAP software processes usage datafrom multiple sources across networksin one solution for faster response tobusiness challenges, reduced IT costs,increased flexibility, and innovationsupport.SAP software for convergent mediation reducesthe total cost of ownership by simplifying yourIT infrastructure. This is accomplished throughdeployment of online and offline data integrationfunctionalities, as well as through fast andflexible configuration options for supportingnew requirements to improve competitiveness.and offers a scale-out architecture that allows formassive scaling on a cost-efficient hardwarefootprint.SAP software helps businesses process highvolumes of raw-usage data more efficiently andin a cost-effective way. It supports a wide rangeof industry-standard protocols and data formats,In addition, the solution simplifies your businessprocess with access to up-to-date, accurate, anddetailed information. Redesigning mediationarchitecture is a simple matter of configurationbecause this solution supports intuitive integration in multivendor and multinetwork environments. Finally, businesses can respond quicklyto new market opportunities by launching newservices in days instead of months.10 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovations for Convergent MediationSolution OverviewConvergent MediationCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP innovations enable smart analyticsand data intelligence while scaling tomassive volumes in the data center orthe cloud.Insertimage #hereSAP Innovations66%Expect cloud computing toimprove flexibility and agilityfor increased businessadvantageSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingApplicationSAP software for convergent mediation workswith SAP software for convergent charging toprovide enterprises with a single platform for allmediation scenarios. Any data integration ordata processing scenario is solved throughconfiguration – not coding. This data integrationtool was designed for massive scale, supportingmany millions of transactions per second.CloudSAP convergent mediation software is now alsodeployable as a cloud service, enabling highavailability and dynamic, elastic scaling to takefull advantage of both private and public cloudenvironments.11 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsConvergent ChargingSolution OverviewConvergent ChargingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations14%Lower applications perbillion in revenue whenorganizations undergoa portfolio rationalizationprocess to reduce TCOSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSAP software helps you innovatepricing models faster than competitors.Calculate customer fees and partnerrevenue sharing in real time, whilegiving customers insight and controlover spending.With SAP software, companies can bringinnovative pricing offers to market faster thanthe competition with an intuitive user interfacethat requires zero coding.Finally, sales organizations can consolidatepricing for multiple services on a single, highperformance platform that reduces the numberof applications per billion revenue.Enterprises can monitor customer accounts inreal time and improve customer sentiment bygiving clients control over spending.Organizations can empower service providersto craft pricing models that reward loyalty, offerpartners flexible terms, and help ensureaccurate settlement.12 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsPrice, Rate, and Charge in Real TimeSolution OverviewConvergent ChargingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations20%Decrease in IT expendituresas a percentage of revenuewhere organizations drivescalable and effectiveprogramsSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSAP software for convergent charging allowsdevelopment of new pricing offers and revenuesharing plans through a pricing- and costmodeling interface that uses visual programming. All pricing logic can be combined within asingle-rate plan by time, date, location, contentsize, pricing tier, subscriptions, activations, payfor placement, bundles, cross-product promotions, and more.Enterprises can manage customer accountbalances in real time for prepaid or hybrid,prepaid-postpaid models.Plus, SAP software can be deployed as partof an end-to-end charging and billing transformation, or as a stand-alone module to augmentthe functionalities of a legacy system.They can also calculate revenue sharing forany number of third parties in the value chain,while managing royalties, commissions, andsponsorships.Organizations can calculate prices and chargesfor recurring subscriptions, one-time fees,and metered usage, scaling from initial trialdeployments up to hundreds of thousands oftransactions per second.13 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsBuild New Revenue Streams with Flexible PricingSolution OverviewConvergent ChargingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations14%Increase in satisfaction whenIT facilitates a high degreeof integration with theorganization’s ecosystemSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingBest-run companies speed time torevenue by introducing new pricingmodels for any kind of service, whileprotecting profit margins and improvingcustomer loyalty with timely,personalized offers.Companies in fast-moving services markets needto build new revenue streams and drive growth bylaunching competitively priced models faster thanthe competition through simple configuration.By offering real-time promotions, loyalty-basedpricing, and personalized offerings, companiesdrive a better customer experience.Customer sentiment improves when they havereal-time insight into their spending and cancontrol it per service for individuals, families,and businesses.Services business models are naturally multisided. Including partners in the overall valuechain strengthens service-providers’ offerings –especially when they can create win-win revenuesharing deals among partners.Being nimble in the marketplace does not meanthat companies should take undue revenue risk.SAP software for convergent charging helpsreduce the risks of fraud and credit exposure bydelivering services only when customers can pay,based on continuous, real-time monitoring ofsubscriber balances.14 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovations for Convergent ChargingSolution OverviewConvergent ChargingCapabilitiesSAP innovations integrate across theorder-to-cash process while supportinghigh-volume transaction processing.BenefitsInsertimage #hereSAP Innovations68%Increased ability to useBig Data with well-defined,high-performance analyticsstrategySource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingApplicationsAnalyticsSAP software for convergent charging works withenhanced order capture, so new pricing offers areimmediately available.Convergent charging transactions can be moved inreal time to the SAP HANA platform for instant insightoffered through SAP software for customer usageanalytics.SAP HANABuilt on an in-memory computing platform, SAPsoftware for convergent charging helps ensuremassive scalability with low TCO. Recent tests showscalability up to 750,000 transactions per second for200 million customers.MobileSAP software is readily integrated into mobile appsfor sales quotation and customer self-care thanks toan enhanced set of open Web services.CloudSAP software is deployable as a cloud offeringthrough partners to decrease time to value.15 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsConvergent InvoicingSolution OverviewConvergent InvoicingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations28%Decrease in error rate whenbilling systems are integratedto receivables so reenteringinformation is completelyeliminatedSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSAP software consolidates servicepricing from multiple sources to produceeasily understandable invoices anddiscounts that drive loyalty, enhancecash flow, and increase customersatisfaction.SAP software pulls rated events or evencomplete bills from several upstream, multivendor rating or billing streams, and thenconsolidates the information into a singleconverged invoice.Then the final invoice can be designed toconform to readability and marketing objectives.That makes it easy for the customer to understand bills to ensure prompt payment.The invoice can be enriched with flexiblediscounts, multiple aggregations, differentlevels of detail, and statements about priorpayment activity or late payments.16 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsConsolidate High-Volume InvoicingSolution OverviewConvergent InvoicingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations32%Decrease in errors whenaccounts receivable andbilling are integrated so openitems are generated at thesame time as the billSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSAP software for convergent invoicing offers aflexible solution for automating the billing andinvoicing process.The process starts by accepting input from oneor more rating or billing software systems, SAPand non-SAP. Inputs can be individual lineitems, recurring charges, or complete bills.These are intelligently combined into a singleinvoice for the customer and a singleoutstanding receivable.Invoice-level discounting can be easily setup fordifferent types of customers and personalizedfor individual accounts.Third-party charges or payables to third partiesare also fully handled, so that payment statements can be produced with the same level offlexibility as for customer invoices.Finally, billing and invoicing run as a massprocess that executes automatically atscheduled intervals, balancing the billing loadacross the month and throughout the day asrequired to meet business and IT needs.Invoices can be designed and laid out to meetthe needs of different kinds of customers.17 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewConvergent InvoicingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations15%Decrease in DSO whencustomers are billedelectronically and canview account details andpayment status onlineSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSolution OverviewContact UsSimplify Customer Invoicing and Speed Up CashCollectionsSAP software helps customers getbilled faster and better so they pay forservices faster. And the software helpsbuild trust with partners because theyhave more visibility into payments.SAP software for convergent invoicing allowsservice providers to produce a single customerbill across multiple lines of business. This leadsto immediate, direct savings in printing andmailing costs. More important, a well-designedbill can significantly reduce billing-relatedcustomer inquiries, contributing savings to thebottom line.The software streamlines collections andreceivables management by maintaining asingle, consolidated stream of receivables percustomer, rather than multiple parallel streams.The software also helps improve customer andpartner satisfaction because they get bills andstatements that they can quickly check andwhose accuracy they trust.Because SAP software for convergent invoicingis fully integrated with the SAP CustomerFinancial Management package, full transactionlevel detail is preserved. That way, customercare personnel have access to all the detailbehind charges, discounts, and taxation. Theresult is that customer issues can be resolvedfaster.18 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovations for Convergent InvoicingSolution OverviewConvergent InvoicingCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP innovations enable convergentinvoicing that supports scalable, reliablemass-volume billing and flexible,powerful analytics.Insertimage #hereSAP Innovations24%Improved insights when BIsystems enable access toadvanced tools for specialistemployeesSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingAnalyticsWith support from customer analytics softwarepowered by the SAP HANA platform, SAPsoftware for convergent invoicing replicatesbillable items in real time, enabling instantinsight into billed and unbilled transactions toreveal how customer behavior translates intorevenues.ApplicationsSAP software has been proven to scale tohandle hundreds of millions of customeraccounts and billions of event records perday, while still enhancing configurable flexibilityfor discounting operations.CloudSAP software is deployable as a cloud solutionthrough partners for faster time to value.19 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsCustomer Financial ManagementSolution OverviewCustomer Financial Mgmt.CapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations27%Decrease in DSO whenaccounts receivable tracksshort payments and alertsstaff of recurring issues orthose outside a giventoleranceSAP software provides a 360-degreeview of customer financial information toanswer inquiries and make decisionsabout accounts. Revenue managementis automated for high volumes oftransactions.Service providers in high-volume businesseshave to deal with mass data coming frommultiple billing systems and different paymentchannels.When customers have difficulty paying on time,then SAP software tailors collections strategieswith built-in analytics to help ensure rapidpayment.Best-run companies seek to fully automatethese processes. They also make customerfinancial information rapidly searchable so thatbilling-related communication can be efficientand accurate.Efficient customer care for billing inquiries anddispute handling allows for optimal cash flowand improved customer satisfaction.Source: SAP PerformanceBenchmarking20 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsControl Revenues and CollectionsSolution OverviewCustomer Financial Mgmt.CapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations20%Fewer write-offs as percentage of accounts receivablewhen customer profiles areused to determine the rightcollections strategySource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSAP software for customer financial management automates routine tasks while ensuringtransparent revenue management, excellentcustomer service, and compliance toaccounting standards.The solution considers every possible paymentchannel, from credit cards, to checks, to internalor external cash desks, as well as bank transfersthat are initiated by the customer or serviceprovider.Customer payment behavior is continuouslymonitored for an up-to-date picture of creditrisk. Customers are segmented into groups,each with a different collections strategyapplied. These strategies can be compared andrefined to optimize efficient cash collection.When items are in dispute, guided processingand approvals can be invoked before deferringindividual line items or applying credit notes.With integrated financial customer care anddispute management, agents can access andamend data for customer contracts, paymentinstruments, and accounts as needed.21 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewCustomer Financial Mgmt.CapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations74%Decrease in billing and collection costs as percentage ofrevenue with optimized collections and dispute handlingSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingSolution OverviewContact UsCreate Faster Revenue Cycles and Improve CustomerServiceHighly automated revenue managementand collections enable reduction ofprocessing costs and days salesoutstanding, while empowering serviceagents to provide superior customerservice.SAP software for customer financial managementimproves customer satisfaction and loyalty byallowing service agents to provide prompt andexpert service with a personal touch.Compliance risk is lowered because the softwareis designed to fulfill legal requirements for revenuerecognition and tax reporting – even in complexmulticurrency, multicountry businesses.The software helps reduce days sales outstandingby automating the payment reconciliation processand removing error-prone manual tasks.Customer retention and loyalty is improved byproperly evaluating a customer’s ability to pay inadvance and by applying preventive measuresonly where needed.It reduces the risk of uncollectible accountsreceivables write-offs by evaluating the credit riskaccording to each individual customer profile. It alsoextends credit and delivers services based onproper credit scoring.Finally, ROI is fast, since the solution integrateswith existing infrastructure.22 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsInnovations for Customer Financial ManagementSolution OverviewCustomer Financial Mgmt.CapabilitiesBenefitsWith SAP software, prepaid andpostpaid scenarios can be handled withflexible configurations and integratedanalytics.Insertimage #hereSAP Innovations31%More time spent on dataanalysis with query optimization and accelerationfunctionsSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingApplicationsSAP software for customer financial management now allows collections steps to be finetuned with an enhanced business rulesframework. Disputes and deferrals can bemanaged down to the line-item level.AnalyticsChampion-challenger analysis can be used toevaluate a new collections strategy against asample of the target customer profile, usingintegrated analytics to support the decisionmaking.SAP HANAActivity generated in the software can bereplicated in real time to the SAP HANAdatabase. This gives organizations rapidinsight into customer behavior.CloudSAP software is deployable as a cloud solutionthrough partners for faster time to value.23 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsCustomer Usage AnalyticsSolution OverviewCustomer Usage AnalyticsCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations53%Enterprises that report a biggap between the availabilityof Big Data and the abilityto analyze it for insightsSource: SAP PerformanceBenchmarkingThe SAP Customer Usage Analyticsrapid-deployment solution enablesbusiness agility through instant analysisof large volumes of customer usagedata from charging and billing systems.Charging and billing systems are not onlythe revenue engines at the heart of serviceproviders’ businesses, they also see everyusage transaction that a customer makes andhow this translates into revenue.With SAP software, service providers canunlock the power of this data stream to betterunderstand customer usage patterns.These lightning-quick, in-memory analytics canhelp marketing, sales, customer service, andfinancial operations teams to create competitivedifferentiation, improve business agility, enhancethe customer experience, and improve financialperformance.24 / 31 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.All rights reserved.

Executive SummarySolution OverviewContact UsGain Insight into Customer ActivitySolution OverviewCustomer Usage AnalyticsCapabilitiesBenefitsSAP Innovations68%Of enterprises have limitedor no predictive modelingfun

solution that integrates with SAP software for customer management. Modular architecture allows deployment in piece-by-piece stages to leverage existing legacy customer care and . Receivables and Payables Book Revenue and Costs Credit Scoring Prepaid Refill Invoicing and