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AgendaFoundationInfrastructure-as-CodeSimplify Automation through Action Based eXtensibilityCatalog and Policies through Service BrokerNative Cloud IntegrationsExtensible Pipelines through Code StreamCost and Compliance with CloudHealth 2019 VMware, Inc.3

Foundation 2019 VMware, Inc.4

Multi-Cloud JourneyHybrid Cloud 2019 VMware, Inc.Native Public Cloud5

What is Driving Native Public Cloud Adoption?Developer andBusiness AgilityDeveloper speedInfinite scaleOn-demand services 2019 VMware, Inc.StrategicIT InvestmentsGlobal reachCost efficiencyDe-Risk strategies6

Integrating Multi-Cloud Brings ChallengesMultiple PortalsLack of Standards Different deploymentand maintenanceprocedures Lack of centralisedworkload metadata Multiple UI/API’s for Dev’sand Admins Different terminology andconcepts betweenprovidersSecurity Lack of security and auditstandards Enforcement of availablecloud providers based ondata sensitivity 2019 VMware, Inc.Growing Costs 24x7 DevelopmentWorkloads No simple correlation tocosts and business units orprojects77

Programmable Provisioning: vRealize Automation for Multi-CloudPurchase and operate as SaaS and on-premisesVMware Cloud AutomationServiceBrokervRealizeCatalog &AutomationPolicyService BrokeringSelf-service catalogofnativetemplatescatalog of native templates forfor eacheach governancegovernance guardguard railsrails acrossacross clouds.clouds.DeveloperCodeStreamContinuous DeliveryDeployment automationwith operationsApplication Function Container Ops AdminPOLICIESMulti-Cloud and Application Automation Blueprints: Multi-Cloud TemplatesCloudAssemblyOrchestrates and expedites infrastructure and application delivery in line with DevOps principlesMulti-Cloud and Application AutomationDeployment automationwithoperations and application delivery in line with DevOps principlesOrchestratesand ANCEREC2EBSS3ROUTE REDSH RDS53IFTCloud Admin,SRELAMBDAKMSKINESI IAMSEMRVMDISKSTORA SQLGESEARC REDISHDNSAPPINSTANCEDISKCloud APISelf-governing Cloud ServicesSDDC (VCF)EDGEThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.VCPP / VMCThe picturecan’t bedisplayed.PUBLIC CLOUDThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.Hybrid infraOn Premises: vRealize Automation 8 2019 VMware, Inc.SaaS: Cloud Automation Service (vRA Cloud)8

Define, Aggregate and Deploy across CloudsVMware AutomationVMware vRealize Automation 8.0VMware vRealize Automation CloudONPREMVMware CloudAssemblySAAS 2019 VMware, Inc.§ Infrastructure-as-Code formulti-cloud deployments§ Build and deploy cloudagnostic blueprints forinfrastructure and appsVMware ServiceBroker§ Consistent control acrosscloud services§ Templates for multipleclouds and platforms§ Central catalog with rolebased policiesVMware CodeStream§ Deliver developers codeand applications faster§ Reduce time required fortroubleshooting andremediation9

Cloud Automation with vRealize Automation 8Define, Aggregate and Deploy across CloudsGreenfieldBrownfieldCloudAWS CFT vROAssemblyVMware MarketplaceDIYAzureARM*Pivotal* K8s*Catalog ItemsSTARTSTOPSCALE OUT GOVERNANCE POLICIESVersioned amingCostTaggingDEVTASK DEPLOYVMwareCloud AssemblyTM 2019 VMware, Inc.Power scheduleService BrokerSTAGETASK PRODTASK DEPLOYDEPLOYVMwareTM* Indicate Templates and Services that are Coming SoonCode StreamTM10

Infrastructure-as-Code 2019 VMware, Inc.11

Cloud-Agnostic Infrastructure-as-CodeAbstract image definition maps to specific images for each cloud & regionImage mappingVM TemplatesAMIAzure VMimagesbGCPimages1b 2019 VMware, Inc.12

Cloud-Agnostic Infrastructure-as-CodeFlavors map to instance types in native cloudscCPU,MemoryMachine flavorThepicturecan’tComputebeEngine10GB PDdispla11yeAWS Instance d.Azure Instance GCP Instancetypestypestypes1c 2019 VMware, Inc.13

Ansible IntegrationConfiguration ManagementAnsible ServerThepicturecan’tbedisplayed.Cloud AssemblyPlaybookThe picture can’tbe displayed.Deployment 2019 VMware, Inc.14

Puppet IntegrationConsume Puppet Roles with Puppet Enterprise 2019 VMware, Inc.15

Integrated Version ControlIterate Release Restore 2019 VMware, Inc.16

Source Control with Source Control“Pull” Blueprint Definitions Externally 2019 VMware, Inc.17

Tags, Tags, TagsResource placement is intent-based and determined at provisioning timeThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplayed.Configures theCAPABILITY TAGSfor the resourcesSets theCONSTRAINT TAGSin the blueprintsCONSTRAINT TAGSto CAPABILITY TAGSat deploymentProjectCloud ZoneProjectThepicturecan’tbedisplayed.Determines resourcesby matchingPriorityBLUEPRINTRESOURCESDEPLOYMENTImage mappingMachine flavorNetwork profileStorage Profile 2019 VMware, Inc.Cloud Zone18

The picture can’t be displayed. 2019 VMware, Inc.19

DemonstrationInfrastructure-as-Code 2019 VMware, Inc.20

Simplify Automation throughAction Based eXtensibility 2019 VMware, Inc.21

Extensibility with Event Broker ServiceCloud service lifecycleMANAGEPROVISIONRETIREARCHIVEInvoke vRO OYEDDEPLOYMENTEVENTEVENTApprovedRequestEvent brokerEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTEVENTInvoke Action scripts)Sample integrationsCustom hostnamingCreate AD OUInstall puppet agentAdd admins to OUsInstall centrifyAdd requesterConfig LVMUpdate CMDBCleanupArchive the instancediskGet IP Address fromInfoblox 2019 VMware, Inc.22

ActionsServerless code execution frameworkAWS LambdaThepicturecaEvent n’tBasedbedisplayed.ThepicturCatalog Requesteca(XaaS)n’tbedisplayed. 2019 VMware, Inc.Thepicturecan’tbeAzure played.23

Cloud Assembly Integration with Event Based ExtensibilityCloud Lifecycle ayed.Thepicturecan’t ntSubscriptionEventSubscriptionAWS LambdaThepictureca 2019 VMware, Inc.n’OnPrem ABXRemovalOrchestrator ovisionAzure FunctionsvRealize OrchestratorIT services and custom IToperations (XaaS) Storage as a service Backup/recovery Security/compliance AD management tasksThird-Party integration CMDBDNSIPAMLoad balancersService deskMonitoring systemsDatabasesWeb servicesThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.24

Extensibility ProvidersNew CapabilityAWS LambdaAction BasedExtensibilityAzure FunctionsPython / NodeJSGCP Functions (tbc)ExtensibilityProviderABX OnPrem (beta)vRealize Orchestrator 2019 VMware, Inc.vRO InstancevRO Workflow25

Action FlowsCombine many serverless functionsAction Flows can betrigger based on anevent subscription orstandalone (ABX XaaS)You can control of flowexecution, usingprogramming concepts(like forks, joins) andpass parametersbetween multipleactions. 2019 VMware, Inc.26

Action Based eXtensibility VersioningGit Integration Two way Git IntegrationCloud AssemblyVisual Studio Code Use existing IDE tools fordevelopment Iterative developmentand release Diff in Cloud Assembly orin Git 2019 VMware, Inc.27

DemonstrationAction Based eXtensibility 2019 VMware, Inc.28

Catalog and Policies throughService Broker 2019 VMware, Inc.29

What is Service BrokerPOLICIESEnforce constraintsfor the templates,services and cloudresourcesService BrokerPORTALLIBRARYConsume cloudservices with asingle click througha self-service portalCurate a collectionof ready toconsume templatesand servicesBROKERMake 3rd partyservices availablefor developers Self-service, single clickconsumption experiencewith governance Aggregation Service brokering Out of the box templates 2019 VMware, Inc.30

Central Governance for Distinct ServicesPOLICIESServices across cloud S esAccessPower SchedCONTROLLEDCONSUMPTION OF CLOUDSERVICESCloudAssemblyTEMPLATES & sVMwareOVFTemplatesResourceCostApprovalVMware vRABlueprintsTagging 2019 VMware, Inc.Individual(isolated)consumption Single click consumption of CodeAssembly templates, AWS CFTs,ARM templates, Helm charts Catalog of existing services that canbe consumedPolicy based governance Access, lease, approval, cost policiesfor catalog items Day 2 management of deploymentswith access constraintsNamingCodeStreamVMware vROWorkflowsVmwareCode m ChartsAggregated catalog of servicesacross cloud platformsAutomatedCD pipelineExtensibility Publish any vRealize Orchestratorworkflow to catalog31

Publishing Versioned Blueprints to CatalogEnable consumption of versioned blueprintsCLOUD ASSEMBLYSERVICE BROKERSERVICE BROKERBLUEPRINTCATALOG ADMINISTRATIONSTOREFRONTCloud AssemblyRELEASEMulti-tier appwith isolatednetworkMulti-tier app with isolated networkSUSE Linux EnterpriseServer 15VMwarev4REQUESTContentv4v3Request Formv1RELEASEDv4v4RELEASEDv3v3Forms autocreated, canbe furtherupdated foreach versionCanonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, the leading open-source platform for cloud, personalcomputing and next-generation devices. Ubuntu delivers reliability, performance and interoperability tocloud and scale-out environments. Together with our partners, we ensure that Ubuntu runs reliably on everyplatform from the PC and the smartphone to the server and, crucially, the cloud.VRequest DetailsDeployment namev2v1 2019 VMware, Inc.ProjectSizeNetworkStorage tierRequest SummaryRELEASEDv1DescriptionREQUEST32

Content SourcesCloudAWS CFT vROAssemblyAzureARM*Pivotal* K8s*Catalog ItemsSTARTSTOPSCALE OUT GOVERNANCE POLICIES 2019 VMware, Inc.Power tTagging* Indicate Templates and Services that are Coming Soon33

DemonstrationCatalog 2019 VMware, Inc.34

Native Cloud Integrations 2019 VMware, Inc.35

Cloud Specific ProvisioningRich support of IaaS and PaaS servicesThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.AWSThepicturecan’t bedisplEC2 ayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplEBS ayed.VMDISKS3Thepicturecan’t bedisplayed.STORAGEThepicturecan’t bedisplROUTE53ayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplREDSHIFTayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplRDS ayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplLAMBDAayed.Thepicturecan’t bedisplKMS ayed.SQLSEARCHREDISDNSAPP***Thepicturecan’t bedisplKINESISayed.TRAFFICThepicturecan’t bedisplIAM ayed.KEYThepicturecan’t bedisplEMR ayed.FUNCTIONSAZURE*INSTANCEDISKSTORAGE BIGQUERY*CLOUD DNSSQLAPPENGINEGCP 2019 VMware, Inc.37

Terraform IntegrationEmbrace and integrate with TerraformUSE BLUEPRINTSUSE TERRAFORM TEMPLATES*Cloud Assembly building blocksbased on Terraform resource typesTerraform plugin for Cloud APICloud form plugin for Catalog ItemsTerraformtemplatesSOURCE CODEREPOSITORYSOURCE CODEREPOSITORYUse Cloud API fromTerraformTerraformresource typesCLOUD APICompute 2019 VMware, Inc.TerraformtemplatesStorageUse Service Brokercatalog items fromTerraformCATALOG APINetwork38

DemonstrationNative Public Integrations 2019 VMware, Inc.39

Extensible Pipelines throughCode Stream 2019 VMware, Inc.40

Application Delivery Lifecycle Has EvolvedSource Code1SourceControlProduction268CI sitoryContinuous Integration 2019 VMware, Inc.4Continuous Delivery7MonitorContinuous Monitoring41

Two Key Types of Pipelines – Infrastructure and Apps1Infrastructure orchangesCreate/UpdateDep. Separate Git for eachMonitor,RollbackNotify2Environment Plan, Check, UpdateDeployments Integrate with Blueprints,K8sApplication PipelinesBuildCreateImageDev &TestApp 2019 VMware, Inc.DeployUATE2E TestsApprovalUpdateProd Separate Build andDeployment pipelines Deployments throughBlueprints, K8s One image update at a time42

Code Stream – Tito ApplicationPipeline integrationsGit ediVMwarespCloud Assemblylayed. 2019 VMware, Inc.Deploy toany CloudThepicturecan’t bedisplayed.SlackUI TestThepicturecan’tbedisplayecypress.iod.Load isThepicturecan’tbedisplayeVMwared.WavefrontBlue plVMwareayed.Secure Statelocust.io43

DemonstrationCode Steam 2019 VMware, Inc.44

Cost and Compliance withCloudHealth 2019 VMware, Inc.45

RoadmapCost VisibilityCost information at multiple levelsORGANIZATIONCloudAdminCOMPONENT COSTPROJECTSDisplay costing at adeployment, resource,and project levelCalculate individualcomponent costs forworkloadsPROJECT LEVELAGGREGATED COSTDEPLOYMENTS*DEPLOYMENT LEVELCOST 2019 VMware, Inc.Real cost informationwith advanced reportsand drill-down forpublic clouds46

CloudHealth Features Group by line ofbusiness forchargeback orshowbackRightsizingPerspectives Graphical,tabular, multidimensional Across multipleclouds, on-prem,and containersCostmanagementDashboards andreportingOptimizationVisibility Enhance the toolingyou already use Connect Datadog,New Relic, Puppet,Slack, JIRA, andmore EC2, EBS, VM,SQL rightsizingacross CPU,memory,network, ce Cost savingsrecommendations Amortization,budgeting,forecasting Plan, buy,manageStandard andConvertible RIsAutomatedActionsSecurityPolicies 2019 VMware, Inc. Managecompliance topolicies such as CIS Automatically getalerted of securityrisks Set and ensure policiesthroughout a distributedorganization Take automated actionssuch as start, stop, deleteassets47

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Infoblox Install puppet agent Install centrify Config LVM Cleanup Archive the instance disk Cloud service lifecycle PENDING DEPLOYMENT DESTROYED DEPLOYMENT EXPIRED DEPLOYMENT ACTIVE . CATALOG API USE BLUEPRINTS USE TERRAFOR