HVAC Procedures and Forms ManualSecond Editioni

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HVAC Procedures andForms ManualSecond Editionby Herb Wendes, P.E.THE FAIRMONT PRESS, INC.Lilburn, GeorgiaMARCEL DEKKER, INC.New York and Baseliii

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataWendes, Herbert.HVAC procedures and forms manual/by Herb Wendes.--2nd ed.p. cm.Includes index.ISBN 0-88173-387-3 (electronic version)1. Heating--Estimates--Forms. 2. Ventilation--Estimates--Forms. 3. Air conditioning-Estimates--Forms. 4. Buildings--Mechanical equipment--Installation--Estimates. 5. Buildings-Energy conservation.TH7335 .W4597 2001697’0029’9--dc2l2001040687HVAC procedures and forms manual/Herb Wendes. 2002 by The Fairmont Press. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.Published by The Fairmont Press, Inc.700 Indian Trail, Lilburn, GA 30047tel: 770-925-9388; fax: d by Marcel Dekker, Inc.270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016tel: 212-696-9000; fax: 212-685-4540http://www.dekker.comPrinted in the United States of America109876543210-88173-387-3 (The Fairmont Press, Inc.)0-8247-0923-3 (Marcel Dekker, Inc.)While every effort is made to provide dependable information, the publisher,authors, and editors cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.iv

ContentsINTRODUCTION . ixCHAPTER 1HVAC Testing and Balancing Procedures and Forms . iAir Balance Test Reports . 1General Procedure for Balancing . 3Equipment Test Reports . 11Air Balancing Procedure . 12Testing and Balancing Report Cover . 13Fan Test Report . 16Outlet Air Balance Report . 18HVAC Systems Recap Sheet . 20Pitot Tube Traverse, Rectangular Duct . 22Pitot Tube Traverse, Small Round Ducts . 24Pitot Tube Traverse, Large Round Ducts . 26Hydronic Balancing Procedures and Reports . 28Hydronic Balancing Procedure . 28Pump Test Report . 32Water Balance Report, Pressure Differential . 34Water Balance Report, Temperature Differential . 36Chiller Test Reports . 38CHAPTER 2HVAC Energy Auditing Procedures and Forms . 41Sample Commercial Audit Procedures and Forms . 41Energy Audit Procedures . 41In Depth Energy Audit Procedure . 42Readings Required for Thorough HVAC Audit of System . 46Average Annual Energy Performance in Btu’s Per Square Feet . 48Sample Audit and Forms . 49Drawing of Suburban Office Building . 50HVAC Energy Auditing Report Cover . 51Building and System Description . 52Electrical Consumption History . 56Equipment Schedules . 58Electrical Consumption Graphs . 60Equipment Test Reports . 62Electrical Loads Per System . 66Electrical Loads Project Recap . 68Heat Loss Calculation, Seasonal . 70Cooling Load Calculation, Seasonal . 72v

Peak Heating, Cooling and CFM Per Area . 74Energy Cost and Btu Profiles . 76Residential Audits . 78Energy Consumption History . 78Outside Wall Energy Evaluation . 80Ceiling and Roof Energy Evaluation . 82Windows and Doors . 83Cold Floor Energy Evaluation . 84CHAPTER 3Indoor Air Quality Procedures and Forms . 85Problems . 85Specific Causes of Indoor Pollution . 86Testing, Setting and Controlling Outside Air . 88Carbon Dioxide Levels . 89Indoor Air Quality Instruments and Testing . 90Humidity . 90Particulate Contaminants . 91Formulas . 93Indoor Air Quality Report . 95Building Ventilation and Pressure Report . 96CHAPTER 4Engineering Calculation Procedures and Forms . 97Heat Loss Calculation Form . 98Cool Load Calculation Form . 100Peak Heating/Cooling/CFM Per Area . 102CHAPTER 5HVAC Cost Estimating Procedures and Forms . 105Introduction . 105Sheet Metal Estimating . 106Requirements of a Good Sheet Metal Estimator . 106Efficient Estimating Procedures . 112Estimating Procedure Diagram . 115Scope of Complete Sheet Metal Estimate . 116General Estimating Forms for Both Sheet Metal and Piping . 117Estimate Coversheet . 117Job Description and Budget Costs . 118Bid Checkoff Sheet. . 120Quotation Call List and Price Comparison . 124Quantity Takeoff and Extension Sheet . 126Estimate Summary Sheet . 128Telephone Quotation . 130Bid Recap Sheet . 132Bidding Record . 134vi

Calculating Labor Costs Per Hour . 136Company Markup Calculation Sheet . 138Duct Takeoff and Extension Sheets . 140Per Piece Duct Takeoff Sheet . 142Per Pound Duct Takeoff Sheet . 143Piping Estimating . 144Requirements of a Good Piping Estimator . 144Piping Takeoff Sheet . 150Computerized Estimating . .152CHAPTER 6Hitting Home Runs in Technical ManagementIntroduction . 157Faced with A Multitude of Problems . 158Understand What Constitutes A Problem . 162Multiplicity Thinking; Avoid Partial Views . 164Be Acutely Aware of the Principles and Procedures . 164Outline of the Principles and Procedures . 165Vibrations in High School Building, Sample Case History . 168Become thoroughly Familiar with the Problem . 173Examine Possible Causes and Suspend Judgment until Verified . 176Establish and Evaluate Objectives . 178Generate Multiple Options and Hold Back on Final Choice . 180Information and Planning Worksheet . 182Evaluate Options, Compare against Objectives, Make Decision . 183Write it Down . 184APPENDIX A—Blank Forms .

HVAC Testing and Balancing Procedures and Forms . messy blueprints, and systems for which no blueprints are available. PROCEDURE FOR PREPARING REPORTS 1. Gather the following information: — Blueprints — Specifications — Fan Submittal Drawings — Air Handling Unit Drawings — Grille Schedules — K Factor Data 2. Study the plans and specifications. Read the equipment