ChulatarianThe weekly newsletter of the Rotary Club of Chula VistaChartered February 16, 1926 - Club Number 908 - District 5340ROTARY CLUBJanuary 8, 2021Steven WeitzenRotary District 5340 GovernorOFFICERS 2020-2021Zaneta EncarnacionPresiden[email protected] onna MossSecretaryJesse FernandezExecutive [email protected] SilvasPast [email protected]:Rich BrocchiniGlen GooginsLisa JohnsonKathy MitsMora de MurguiaEric RimmeleSteven Weitzen is a resident of La Jolla with his wife, Ava. Steven isa native San Diegan. He has been a licensed attorney since 1987 andopened his law practice in 1990. Today, he is a solo practitioner inthe area of civil litigation.Steven has been a member of the Del Mar-Solana Beach RotaryClub since 2006 and served as President in 2013-14. He has been toEl Salvador twice with the club to work on international projects inthe poorest of Central American countries. He also serves at StandDown as a counselor of homeless military veterans.He was an Assistant Governor from 2015-18 and was the Chief Assistant Governor from 2019 -2020.

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Page 3 Chula Vista Rotary ChulatarianPROJECT MERCY UPDATEMeet the Gonzales FamilyGabriela (35) was born in Mexico City and Elid (36) in Chiapas. They migrated separately to Tijuana to help aging parents. They met each other while working in a factory and have been together for 16 years.Both Elid and Gabriela still work in Maquiladoras and earn 1400 pesos per week (@ 70) each.Daughter Brenda (15) likes to read books, follow the news, and study. She hopes to get into business administration.José (14) likes to help people. He likes school and likes to take things apart and rebuild them. He wants to be an automechanic. Michelle (12) enjoys time at home with her family and helping around the house. She wants to be a chef orteacher. Verónica (10) is very cheerful, likes to play, and be with her mother. She wants to be a teacher or doctor.José suffers from attention deficit disorder. He hasn’t learned how to read and is slow in learning. He is on a medication but they can’t always afford it. Michelle has myopia and has to have her prescription for her glasses increased every year.In Gabriela’s own words: “At times, we have been homeless. My husband's job is far away but he can’t leave it because he already has seniority and they accepted him even though his left thumb is missing. We have no electricity, andour house is too small for the family. The medicine for José is very expensive and combined with the money we haveto pay for the land does not leave enough for other basic household expenses or to even think about building a biggerhouse.We dream of a place where our children would have their own space and privacy. It would be a great blessing to havethe security of having a home, we would be very happy and grateful to have something that allowed us to live in a moredignified way. We thank you, we would be grateful forever for your help for my family. As a parent, I would be very,very appreciative if you could find a way to help us. My children dream about having a good home where they can beThe Gonzales Family’s new home will be built on January 23 andis sponsored by our Club.

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Eric Rimmele January 8, 2021 Steven Weitzen Rotary District 5340 Governor Steven Weitzen is a resident of La Jolla with his wife, Ava. Steven is a native San Diegan. He has been a licensed attorney since 1987 and Steven has been a member of the Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club sinc