STREAMINGQUEUE MUSIC FORGENESYS ENGAGEAN INVESTMENT IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEIt’s time to reassess the way your contact centerplatform handles customer hold time.Unlike static IVR/queue voice files, audiostreams in the hold queue are easily managedby marketing teams, taking into account callerprofiles and various stages in the customerjourney. To bring in live streaming content, EasyOn Hold has developed STREAMING QUEUEMUSIC , a scalable, end-to-end customizedsolution that works with Genesys Engage.

FOCUS: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEWhat causes a customer to stick with your brand?Price? Product? Not today. Customers stay loyal as aresult of the experience they receive from gA SuperOffice study found that customer experiencewill be the top priority for most businesses in the next5 years (see above graphic). Customer needs arerightfully receiving ultimate priority in today’s businessstrategy.Brands need modern tools to quickly and efficientlysatisfy customer needs, which is why contact centertechnology is more important than ever. Platformssuch as Genesys Engage bring together multiplecustomer touch-points (chat, social, voice, etc.)to accommodate customers regardless of thecommunications channel they choose. Still, thechannel of choice continues to be voice (the phone).A 2019 Clutch Survey* concluded, “Nearly 9 in 10people (88%) prefer speaking to a live customerservice agent over a phone menu, indicating theimportance of a human touch.” And that was beforethe COVID-19 pandemic made face-to-faceinteraction obsolete, causing spikes in call volumesand epic hold times. 86% of consumers say they haveto wait on hold every time they call a business (asreported by light of the importance of customer experience,the significant preference for the voice channel andthe inevitability of hold-time, contact centers mustreassess the way callers are brought into queues andheld while waiting for the human voice they desire.There’s been a major move to chat,email and other channels. ButCOVID-19 has shown the importanceof voice as a channel; and for mostorganizations, voice it isn’t going away.COVID has highlighted a new need forcontact centers to be resilient. Andnothing is more resilient — or faster torespond to changing problems — thanWorking with Genesys, Easy On Hold has replacedrepetitive, inflexible queue music and messaging withan automated, dynamic, manageable alternative.*Clutch surveyed 501 people who called a business at least threetimes in the past six months to understand consumer opinions ofphone agent on the phone.—Craig Robinson in the Genesys Blog

THE OLD queueNO LONGERWORKSIVR/QUEUE MESSAGING is being REPLACEDBY STREAMING HOLD AUDIO QUEUESWhy replace the typical IVR/queue voiceinterruptions over a background music track?The common format brings to mind countlessunhappy experiences.In most communication platform design, thecustomer journey begins with an automated greeting.Next comes queue audio, (not the “on hold” audio),typically a background music file that repeats. TheIVR is programmed with a variety of announcements,anything from, “all agents are busy” to informationabout self-help options, etc. These announcements“barge in” to interrupt the music.This arrangement sounds like a queue. It is what wethink of when we think of waiting for an agent.57%BEING KEPTON HOLD51%AUTOMATEDPHONEMENUES44%LANGUAGEBARRIERSWhat do people find frustrating when calling abusiness? (Clutch survey.)miss-queuesthe COMMON shortcomings of theIVR/QUEUE WHEN USED AS MUSIC ANDMessages on hold» Voice recordings are intrusive, abrupt andunprofessional» Music is limited to “royalty-free” sound; the bestmusic is licensed» When background music “loops” or repeats, callersfeel their hold time is longer» IVR announcements often fail to address callerneeds; lack of customization» Voices and voice quality change throughout callerexperience, causing concern» IVR announcements are owned by the contactcenter, not marketing or business teams» IVR announcements are often programmed with noplan to change and update

What if your hold queuedidn’t sound like a queue?Instead of the typical on-hold approach, businessand marketing teams can be empowered to designmeaningful and unique caller hold experiences. Thismeans integrating several streaming audio experiencesthat target caller groups with engaging content.The tool that does this is called STREAMING QUEUEMUSIC , which serves contact centers of any size.HERE IS WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT STREAMING QUEUE MUSIC SQM introduces streams of customized audio to serve customers while they wait.It opens up new creative possibilities, controlled in the EOH content control panel.MUSIC» Chosen to represent the brand» Unlimited variety of fully-licensed music» Unlimited number of tracks» Never interrupted» Instrumental or popular vocal hit music (no sound-alikes!)» Varying song lengths make hold time seem shorter than it is» Callers no longer will be able to count how many times the music has looped» Randomization removes predictability» Schedule different mixes of music at various timesvoice» Carefully crafted “for the ear”» Automated start and stop dates, or specific times of the day or days of the week» Out-of-date messages never play» Prerecorded emergency announcements that can be launched with a click» Brief (50 words or less)» Never interruptive or jarring; smooth, professional sound» Choose how often voices play» Set priority of each topic, so time-sensitive, critical messages are heard more oftenhow STREAMING QUEUE MUSIC works in genesys engageFor Genesys Engage, the EOH team customized their Streaming Queue Music (SQM)software to deliver a specific type of HLS stream suitable for the Engage Media ControlPlatform (MCP). SQM can operate in the cloud or as an on-premise appliance, and canhandle large numbers of concurrently-held calls. The software controls volume andsound EQ as well as monitoring, logging and redundancy/fail over.

CASE STUDYFLEXIBLE QUEUESTREAMINGBy updating to STREAMING QUEUE MUSIC fromEasy On Hold , a national broadband providerwas able to move quickly to satisfy callers in anemergency situation.A national broadband service provider using theGenesys Engage on-premise platform has integratedthe EOH SQM cloud solution, which serves several callqueues (skills). Queues are organized by region andcaller type (residential, business, entertainment, etc.).Messaging plays between popular songs with freshupdates on service offerings, customer resources andother relevant, time-sensitive topics.As sometimes happens with utilities, there was aproblem in one area of the country, causing thousands ofcustomers to loose connectivity.Contact center managers logged in to their Easy On Hold customer portal to launch emergency messaging for thatparticular region. A prerecorded announcement let callersfrom the affected region know that the engineering teamwas aware of the outage and was hard at work to restoreservices.The number of calls in queue climbed to 600 before theemergency announcement was deployed. Afterward, thequeue was reduced to less than 60 callers holding. The useof multiple, unique queues meant unaffected customershad no idea there was a problem.Illustration: the positive effect of agile, real-time hold messages on call-on-hold queues. Based on actual deployment.

TECh NOTES» The EOH Streaming Queue Music appliance (cloud or premise) transcodes to one or morecustomized HLS streams (standard HLS does not work in MCP).» Streams are generated by proprietary EOH streaming engine in 128k or 192k http mp3.» MCP handles streams as MOH resources assigned to skills.» The use of caching web proxy servers on premise will reduce incoming traffic.» If necessary, MCP can fail over to static, local audio files and attempt stream re-connection.» SQM is load balanced to provide redundancy.» Stream status and connectivity are continuously monitored.» Logging and monitoring are viewable in SQM dashboard (where made available).» Volume and audio EQ can be modified in SQM.streaming queue MUSIC FOR GENESYS ENGAGENow, with the Streaming Queue Music solution for Genesys Engage, largercontact centers can say with true confidence that they’re innovating to generate“delightful customer experiences.”BEFORE eoh sqmAFTER eoh sqm“Businesses all over the world are choosing Genesys because we have the righttechnology, innovation strategy, team and ecosystem to help them address consumers’preferences for differentiated and delightful customer experiences and the changingnature of work.”- Genesys CEO Tony BatesCONTACTTimothy Brown, Vice [email protected]: 1-888-798-4653 (Eastern)Amy O’Boyle, Business [email protected] 2021 Easy On Hold

voice how STREAMING QUEUE MUSIC works in genesys engage For Genesys Engage, the EOH team customized their Streaming Queue Music (SQM) software to deliver a specific type of HLS stream suitable for the Engage Media Control Platform (MCP). SQM can op