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IntroductionThis Brief Troubleshooting Guide is intended as the first resource for Citrix administrators andCitrix engineers to troubleshoot technical issues for all Citrix technologies.The Brief Troubleshooting Guide provides you with a single point of access to narrow down yourtechnical issues and help you resolve as many issues as possible in an autonomous manner.Citrix Technical Support expects you to perform these basic troubleshooting steps before youcontact them and will request information from you based on that troubleshooting. If you have theinformation on hand, it proactively helps them to decrease resolution time for your issue.Each product section includes a brief product description, supported languages, links to CitrixKnowledge Base articles, third-party articles, troubleshooting tools, and questions and informationto gather to help you pinpoint your technical issues.An electronic copy of this document is available from CTX106727This Brief Troubleshooting Guide should be used when tackling any issue, especially when you areunfamiliar with a product, or a product type.The Knowledge Center continues to be a very useful resource and is constantly being updated byCitrix Technical Support engineers worldwide - and you can find articles there created after thisguide has been published.If there is a Knowledge Base article that you would like to see placed in this guide, let TechnicalSupport know. Any feedback you have on this Brief Troubleshooting Guide is also welcome.Mail your feedback to [email protected] 2

Introduction .21.Citrix XenApp for Windows .52.Installation Manager for XenApp Server. 143.Network Manager for Citrix Presentation Server. 154.Presentation Server Management Pack for MOM . 165.Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX . 186.Conferencing Manager for Citrix XenApp Server . 217.Citrix XenApp Fundamentals (formerly Access Essentials). 238.XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps . 259.Citrix Offline App Plug-in . 2810.UNIX Clients . 3211.Citrix Receiver for Windows . 3412.CDF (Citrix Diagnostic Facility) . 3613.Citrix XenServer . 3914.Citrix XenDesktop . 4215.Web Interface for Citrix XenApp . 4816.Secure Gateway for Citrix XenApp . 5617.Citrix Access Gateway, Standard Edition . 6118.Citrix Access Gateway, Advanced Edition . 6319.Citrix Access Gateway, Enterprise Edition . 6620.Citrix NetScaler . 6921.Citrix Application Firewall . 7522.Citrix Repeater and Branch Repeater . 7923.Citrix Accelerator Client . 8224.Command Center . 84Page 3

25.Citrix EdgeSight . 8626.EdgeSight for NetScaler . 9027.EdgeSight for Load Testing . 9128.Citrix Password Manager. 9329.Citrix User Profile Manager . 9630.Citrix EasyCall . 9731.Provisioning Services for Datacenters and Desktops . 9832.Workflow Studio . 10033.Citrix Licensing.10134.Contacting Citrix Technical Support. 105Page 4

1.Citrix XenApp for WindowsCitrix XenApp is the de facto standard for delivering Windows applications at the lowest cost –to any user, anywhere. It offers both application virtualization and application streaming deliverymethods to enable the best access experience for any user, with any device, working over product.asp?familyID 19&productID 1861.1 Languages SupportedEnglish, French, Spanish, German1.2 Administrator’s GuidesEach version of XenApp and Presentation Server for Windows has its own Administrator’s Guide.They can be found in the Product Documentation section of the Citrix Web site – popular versions: CTX115519 Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008 CTX112223 Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 CTX106319 Citrix Presentation Server 4.01.3 Supported VersionsThere are several releases of Presentation Server and XenApp supported by Citrix: CitrixPresentation Server 4.0, Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 (32-bit only, 64-bit is no longer supported),and Citrix XenApp 5.0 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). The troubleshooting information below applies toall of these releases, unless otherwise specified. On December 31, 2009 Presentation Server 4.0reaches its End of Life. No further support is available for it after that time.For further information regarding Citrix Product Lifecycle Support, see the Citrix Web ?slID 5107&tlID 51101.4 Troubleshooting QuestionsGather general information What are the details of your environment – size of server farm, data store type, version(s) ofPresentation Server, or XenApp, operating system(s) of server(s), Service Packs,WAN/LAN architecture? Obtain this information automatically by running the diagnostic tool from the AccessManagement Console (you can collect server farm information, Presentation Servercomputer information and event logs) – See CTX104578 for more information. To manually determine the version of Presentation Server that is running, see the articleCTX107570Which type of clients are in use (If this is a client issue, refer to the ICA clients section)?What is the exact issue that you are having (what is happening – what should happen)?What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue?When did it start? What triggered the issue?Page 5

Who is affected by the issue (administrators, users, or both)?Does the issue affect all servers or only some?Do you get an error (send a screen shot) or an event in the Event Log?Can you reproduce the issue at the server console in a loop back session? (Make a test ICAconnection from the server back to the same server desktop.)Can you reproduce the issue when using RDP, or RDP initial application?What troubleshooting steps have you taken to resolve this issue?Have you tested with seamless and non-seamless connections?Troubleshooting Installation Where in the installation did the failure occur? Send a screen shot of the last panel seenbefore the failure occurs.Are there any errors recorded in the event viewer? If so, obtain these and send them.Does the problem occur with a local database (Access or MSDE or with Oracle/SQL?CTX114501If it is a third-party database, is it on a dedicated database server?Is the installation performed from a CD or a network share? Does it work if the CD iscopied to the server?Are you trying to install on to a Domain Controller or server with different operating systemlanguage? If so, this is not supported.XenApp creates a Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) trace by default during installation whichis saved as a .etl file. In XenApp 4.0 it is saved to: Documents and Settings\user account\LocalSettings\Temp of the user account that is used during the installation. In XenApp 5.0 it is saved to \users\user account\appdata\local. Send in the .etl filefor examination. CTX106529Which account was used during the installation?Are you enabling IMA encryption during the installation? (Citrix Presentation Server 4.5only) What error do you receive? Is it the first server of the farm or are you joining an existing farm? Are you using a new key or an existing key?Send the installation log generated using msiexec.exe mps.msi /L*v install.logDuring the installation are you joining a farm or creating a new farm? CTX677542Is the server built from an image (Ghost, Altiris, other)?Is the installation a standard installation or unattended installation? CTX371045Check the build number in the Readme file on the Presentation Server CD.NOTE: There are two different user accounts involved: the first is the user you are loggedon as while you are performing the installation. The second is the user account you specifywhile connecting to the SQL db or Oracle db during the installation.Troubleshooting IMA service and Data Store What is the Data Store type? Is it on a dedicated server? CTX105257If using an SQL, Oracle, or Access Data Store where the server is not hosting the data store,is using chfarm to a test Access data store possible to confirm that the Data Store is notcorrupt? (Refer to the chfarm section of Administrator’s Guide.)Page 6

Use Qfarm to identify which server is the Data Collector. CTX111964Does changing the Data Collector help? Farm Properties (Zone – Set Election Preference)Does the IMA service start? If not, what is the error message?Check the Event Viewer and send any errors to Citrix Technical Support.What is the currently loading plug-in? Check ngPlugin?Check the troubleshooting IMA service article for possible causes – CTX105292.For Presentation Server 4.x, enable tracing using the CDF and send the log file from theserver during an attempted IMA service restart to Citrix Technical Support if requested:CTX104578. See CTX539756 to determine which modules to trace.Verify in the Administrator’s Guide, that the MDAC is a supported version. CTX809548 –How to Determine the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) Version.Does IMA fail to start on all servers or on just one server? If it does start on other servers,are there any Event viewer errors stating that the server cannot reach the data store?Try recreating the Local Host Cache (LHC) on the server.Troubleshooting Load Manager Ensure that you have the Advanced or Enterprise Edition of Presentation Server (pre- 4.5versions). Highlight the server to see the Edition.Run qfarm /application and send Citrix Technical Support the result, if requested.Are there many disconnected sessions (disconnected sessions do not use load balancing) –CTX439031?Are you using Custom Connections to connect directly to a specific server? These do notuse the load balancing system.Is Load Manager showing correct information in the Presentation Server ConsoleCTX103441? If incorrect, take a screen shot and send to Citrix Technical Support.Are you using throttled load balancing? (Presentation Server 4.x only)What is the Impact of Logons on Load set to? (Extreme, High, Medium-high, Medium, Mediumlow)Does the issue persist when default load evaluators are used?Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Check article CTX106250 for Troubleshooting ICA Session Initialization steps.Is the same behavior seen with a local account from the server? With an administratoraccount? With a brand-new user account?Can you ping the server and telnet to the ICA port (1494 by default)? CTX075552Are there any routers, firewalls, or proxy servers used between the client and the server?Can you connect using RDP?Test a connection with both TCP/IP HTTP and just TCP/IP? (Check PN ApplicationSet Settings Network Protocol.)Can you make a direct ICA connection to the server? Using its NetBIOS name? IP address?Using Program Neighborhood , Web Interface, or published application?Does a loopback connection work (ICA connection from the server console back to thesame server)?Can you delete and create a new ICA listener from the Citrix Connection Configurationtool?Page 7

Can you capture a network trace of a successful and unsuccessful connection?Can you connect if Session Reliability is disabled?Disable on the server at Management Console Farm properties Session reliability tab orICA client Application set settings Default optionsUse netstat to check that server is listening on connection ports:(1494 by default for ICA, or 2598 (by default) for Session ReliabilityTroubleshooting Printing IssuesGeneral What kind of printer is it? Client autocreated, Client network printer, or Session printer?What are the make and model and driver of the printer?Is the driver installed on the Presentation Server? (Check in Print Server Properties Drivers tab or Citrix Management Console.)Is driver mapping or compatibility list used? (Check in Presentation Server Console Printer Management Drivers tab Compatibility.)Is the printer issue only with a specific application? Test that application with RDP.Are printers created synchronously or after the application is displayed?Check application properties client options.CTX113554 CTX CPSVCUser Recreation tool for permissions related printing issuesCTX114079 Breakdown of the Print Driver Mapping ProcessCTX111967 Common Microsoft Windows and Citrix Printing Terms DefinedCTX113261 Troubleshooting Printer Issues in Presentation Server 4.5CTX106698 Unable to Print from Presentation Server with McAfee and ICA Client Version9.0 or LaterCTX119690 Print Jobs Become Very Large when using the Citrix Universal Print DriverCTX119691 How to Retain Printer Settings in ICACitrix Presentation Server 4, XenApp 5 Printing architecture is changed in version 4.0 and above; extra troubleshooting steps arerequired.Autocreation of printers is now manually controlled and must be configured through apolicy in the Presentation Server Console.Check the policy filter. Check if there are any policies with higher priorities with similarsettings.Test reverting to pre-4.0 printer functionality by enabling the Legacy Client Printers rule inthe policy.While a user is logged on, check that the policy is actually enforced on the session of theserver registry key HKLM Software Citrix SessionidCTX107137 Troubleshooting Printing Problems In Presentation Server 4.0Test ICA client 10.2 or later to take advantage of version 4.0 printing changesCTX106698 Unable to Print from Presentation Server 4.0 when Connecting using ICA 9.0ClientCTX106623 Failure to Create Printer Monitors or Drivers When an Application is Installedinto an Isolation EnvironmentCTX106629 Client Printers Fail to Autocreate in Presentation Server 4.0Page 8

CTX108170 Printing Enhancements WhitepaperCTX458114 Steps for Connecting Local Printers to Thin Client DevicesCTX774641 Printer Driver Replication Failed for Certain Printers and Printer DriversCTX104553 A4 Paper Size Setting and Citrix PrintingCTX051476 Troubleshooting the Deletion of Autocreated PrintersCTX111464 CTX SMAUser Re-creation toolQuestions for Application Install and Integration Issues Is this application a multi-user application Ref TechNet (check with vendor)? Consider usingAIE.Is AIE involved? Refer to Troubleshooting Application Isolation EnvironmentsCTX111545What is the name and version number of the application?If the application is custom written, what language was it written in? Is it a 16-bit, 32-bit or64-bit application? Are there any other application details?Does the application run properly when you are logged on at the server console?Do you have the same issue when you make an ICA connection to a desktop?Do you experience the same problem using a seamless connection? A fixed sized window?Different color depths? CTX101644Is it working with an RDP client?Was the application installed using Add/Remove Programs? (change user /installationmode)CTX101709 - How to Troubleshoot Application Integration IssuesCan you install the application on a server without Terminal Services?For Presentation Server 4.x and XenApp 5.0, check if the application requires unique clientIP addresses or loopback address ( to function properly. See the Virtual IP sectionbelow.For Presentation Server 4.x, check if Memory Optimization is enabled at the farm or serverlevel.Does the application work properly if the feature is disabled or the offending processes areexcluded?For Presentation Server 4.x, check if CPU Utilization Management is enabled at the farm orserver level.Does disabling the feature affect the application?Troubleshooting Performance Issues / Server Lock-ups What kind of server (IBM, Compaq, Dell, other) and how much CPU and RAM does ithave?Does the Event Viewer show any entries just before the slow-down or trap occurs?Under what conditions is the server lock up seen?Does the slow down also occur when connected using RDP?Is the server blue screening? What is the STOP code?Troubleshooting blue screens – MS Article Q216206.Is a memory dump created? If not, can you create one?If the server freezes completely, can you generate a full dump (MS Article Q244139)?Page 9

Can you see which process and thread (TID) is consuming CPU using Qslice (fromWindows Resource Kit)?CTX106110 How to get a spiking thread ID using Process Explorer when QSlice utility doesnot workCan you get a user dump of the process that is using high CPU (MS Article Q278689)? FTPit to the Citrix site. Contact Citrix Technical Support for FTP instructions.If a process crashes, a Dr. Watson dump is generated (see MS Articles Q308538, Q246084).FTP it to the Citrix site. Contact Citrix Technical Support for FTP instructions.CTX105888 – Dr. Watson doesn’t work as the default debuggerIf your server crash is caused by Citrix, then send or FTP the memory.dmp or user.dmp.FTP details are available from Citrix Technical SupportTroubleshooting Virtual IP Issues To correctly configure the Virtual IP feature, you might need to work with your applicationvendor to determine the specific requirements of the application. To determine whether the application requires a Virtual IP address or Virtual Loopbackaddress, consult the Administrator’s Guide (p 240). Ensure that the IP Address range provided to the Presentation Server(s) is unique and is onthe same subnet as the Presentation Server(s). Ensure that the Virtual IP address range is correctly assigned to appropriate servers using theFarm and Server properties. Check that the correct processes are configured for Virtual IP, Virtual Loopback, or both,within the Virtual IP Process section of the Farm Properties. Check that the correct IP address is being assigned to the process by using TCPView. If there is a red X beside the server name when configuring farm properties, ensure thatVirtual IP is enabled at the server level – CTX106063Troubleshooting Application Isolation Environment Issues CTX106868 Application Isolation Environments ExplainedCTX106100 Application Isolation Environment Supported ApplicationsRefer to Advanced Concepts Guide Troubleshooting Application Compatibility IssuessectionEnsure that AIE is enabled in the Management Console Farm Properties IsolationSettings.Is the application installed into an AIE using AIESETUP or associated with an AIE?Check Management Console AIE Properties.Does the application install correctly using the AIESETUP command? What is the errormessage?Are there any sessions at installation time? Reboot the server and retry.Is it possible to create a new AIE in the Management Console and try again?Verify that the folders and registry keys were created after application installation.Check AIE properties for exact locations.Does the application launch successfully using the AIERUN command on the serverconsole?Is it possible to publish the application?Can the application be correctly seen in the Management Console AIE properties afterinstallation?Page 10

Why exactly did the application need to be isolated?Can you provide a copy of the software to Citrix Technical Support for testing?You should involve the software developers; they might advise you to add rules to the AIEproperties.CTX106595 Unable to Start Different Versions of Acrobat Reader in an IsolationEnvironment from a Single User SessionTroubleshooting Citrix Application Streaming (Presentation Server 4.5, Citrix XenApp 5) CTX112526 Citrix Application Streaming GuideCTX116618 Enabling Application StreamingDo you have Presentation Server 4.5, XenApp 5, Enterprise or Platinum Edition installed?Are you using Program Neighborhood Agent version 10.2 or higher?What version of the streaming client are you using?What version of the streaming profiler are you using?Are you using Web Interface version 4.5 or higher?Are you using Citrix License Server version 11.5 (required for Hotfix Rollup Pack 06 forPresentation Server 4.0 and Hotfix Rollup Pack 03 for XenApp 5?How is the streamed application configured in the published application’s properties andwhere is the application delivered? Streaming to Server Streaming to ClientAre there any errors returned when streaming the application?Is the application configured for offline access?Do you have the RADE client installed on the client machines?Is Web Interface configured for Streaming or Dual Mode?Do you have any Streaming Policies enabled?Are the correct permissions configured on the file server hosting the application profilepackages?Do you have Application Streaming licenses installed on the license server? (Note: these aredifferent from the licenses for Presentation Server 4.5).Are all the licenses being used?Does the Web Interface receive a license from the License Server?CTX112636 – Application Streaming Licensing ExplainedWhen does the error occur? When starting the installation? When running the installation? When saving the profile?Is the same issue experienced on a different profiling station?Page 11

Migrating and Upgrading Presentation Server from Previous VersionsCitrix recommends using the latest release of Presentation Server, and having all servers on the sameproduct and service pack. For further information regarding Citrix Product Lifecycle Support, seethe Citrix Web p?slID 5107&tlID 5110When migrating your server, you should consult the guide (below) corresponding to the version youwish to migrate your system to.CTX112223 - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Administrator's Guide – Page 77-84CTX117913 - Technical Guide for upgrading to XenApp 5CTX114618 - Technical Guide for upgrading to Presentation Server 4.5 FR1CTX106832 - Migrating to Citrix Presentation Server 4.01.5. Related Knowledge Base Articles CTX107572 Troubleshooting Tools for Your Citrix EnvironmentCTX101892 Application Troubleshooting in a MetaFrame EnvironmentCTX564283 How to Troubleshoot 1003 and 1004 Terminal Server Licensing ErrorsCTX159159 Troubleshooting and Explaining Session SharingCTX424827 Troubleshooting and Installing the Citrix Web ConsoleCTX051476 Troubleshooting the Deletion of Autocreated PrintersCTX089874 Troubleshooting and Explaining the Citrix Universal Print Driver, UPDCTX104216 Troubleshooting and Optimizing Digital DictationCTX086028 Troubleshooting Client Clipboard IssuesCTX103126 Troubleshooting Server to Client Content RedirectionCTX238200 Troubleshooting Various Client Drive Mapping IssuesCTX107433 The Logon Process Hangs At "Running logon scripts."CTX101705 Troubleshooting Slow LogonsCTX104891 Troubleshooting Slow LogoffCTX106021 FAQ: The CPU Utilization Management FeatureCTX106023 Virtual Memory Optimization FeatureCTX956895 Error: Could Not Write Application Data to the Citrix Server Farm.CTX107323 Unable to Delete Objects from the Citrix Management ConsoleCTX106951 Session Stays in Active State after User Logs OffCTX102750 Seamless Applications Launch in a Fixed WindowCTX106920 Error: You do not have access to logon to this Session.CTX107411 Troubleshooting TWAIN with Citrix Presentation Server 4.0CTX106610 Error: An unknown error occurred while communicating with server servername CTX228511 Explaining Printer Properties for Network PrintersCTX106058 Known issues with Windows 2003 Service Pack 1CTX106393 How to Recreate the Ctx SmaUser AccountPage 12

1.6. Other Relevant Information CTX107059 Advanced Concepts Guide for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0Page 13

2.Installation Manager for XenApp ServerInstallation Manager for Citrix XenApp Server is a feature of Citrix XenApp Servers, Enterpriseand Platinum Editions, that allows you to rapidly deploy software to servers from a central oduct.asp?familyID 19&productID 1862.1 Languages SupportedEnglish, Spanish, French, German2.2 Administrator’s GuidesCTX118309 Installation Manager Administrator’s Guide for XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008CTX112379 Installation Manager for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5CTX106469 Installation Manager for Citrix Presentation Server 4.02.3 General Troubleshooting Steps: Does the application’s .exe function as a wrapper and subsequently spawn msiexec to installthe wrapped MSI components? MSI components are not recorded.Packaging cannot complete if a restart takes place during the recording. Choose to restartlater if an installation prompts you to restart.The Citrix packager does not acknowledge component file names that contain specialcharacters.If a folder with the hidden attribute is included in the package, the hidden attribute is notretained when the package is deployed to servers. The hidden attribute must be manually seton the folder after the package is deployed.Does an application such as WinZip package and deploy? Compare another application tosee if it is an application specific problem.Does a standard MSI package deploy? If WinZip failed but a MSI was successful, theproblem can be isolated to the packager.2.4. Related Knowledge Base Articles CTX115255 Case Study: MSI Packages Fail to Install on Presentation Server 4.5 with Hotfixrollup Pack 1 when using transform files with Installation ManagerCTX118308 Installation Manager for XenApp 5.0 for windows Server 2008 Readme.CTX113786 Installation Manager Error: Failed to add package.CTX103634 Can an Installation Manager Package SharePoint be a Novell File Share?Page 14

3.Network Manager for Citrix Presentation ServerNetwork Manager for Citrix Presentation Server is the component included with the EnterpriseEdition that provides systems management capabilities through third-party SNMP roducts/product.asp?familyID 19&productID 1863.1 Languages SupportedEnglish, Spanish, French, German3.2 Administrator’s GuidesCTX112378 Network Manager for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5CTX106453 Network Manager for Citrix Presentation Server 4.03.3 Troubleshooting QuestionsGeneralWhat SNMP managed console is being used? Network Manager is an optional component of CitrixPresentation Server, Enterprise edition. Network Manager supports the following SNMPmanagement consoles: Tivoli NetView 7.1 for Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 HP OpenView Network Node Manager 7.0 for Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 CA Unicenter TNG 2.4.2 for Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1, using either the 2D or3D WorldView CA Unicenter TND 3.1 for Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1, using either the 2D or 3DWorldView For CA Unicenter, the Agent Common Services and Windows NT Enterprise Manager mustbe installed, and the Security Management (secadmin) and trap daemon (catrapd) agentsmust be active. You can install the Distributed State Machine, Enterprise Manager, andWorldView on separate computers. Are UPD Ports 161 and 162 open? Is the SNMP Service Running? CTX701562 – Trap Dialogs do not pop up on the NetworkManager Unicenter Plug-inXenApp 5 Users:Network Manager is no longer available to manage vendor-specific snap-ins for SNMP Networkmonitoring; the snap-ins for third-party products and instructions for their

Citrix engineers to troubleshoot technical issues for all Citrix technologies. The Brief Troubleshooting Guide provides you with a single point of access to narrow down your technical issues and help you re