Faculty of Economics and Social SciencesBachelor’s Degree in Business -uic/ade/business-administrationbarcelonaName of Coordinator:Marta Trapero Bertran ([email protected])Contact person at the TechnicalSecretary:Paula Borandi ([email protected])Contact Information:E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] number: ( 34) 93 2541800Office:Beta building, 4th floor, professor’s room 3Monday and Thursday 8 am – 10 amOutside these times, please make an appointment by email* Please note that the list of available courses and the teaching language are subject to annual change and that thedates are approximate. The final information will be available on our web page and will be communicated by email assoon as the academic calendar is confirmed.GENERAL INFORMATIONAcademic calendar*September – JulyWelcome session*SEMESTER 1: during first/second week ofSeptemberSEMESTER 2: during second/third week of JanuaryCoursesSEMESTER 1First semester examsSEMESTER 2Second semester examsExam retakes (first and second semester)Are students allowed to extend their stay?September – DecemberFirst 3 weeks of JanuaryJanuary – MayLast two weeks of MayEnd of June - Beginning of JulyUniversitat Internacional de Catalunya will considera request to extend a student’s stay if the followingconditions are fulfilled:- A formal request must be made before 15November.- The request must have an academicjustification approved by both home and hostuniversities.1

-UIC will evaluate the progress of the studentduring the first semester (students who failmore than 20 % of their credits will be subjectto the Faculty’s decision).SUBMISSION OF YOUR LEARNING AGREEMENTDeadlines to submit theon-line application and send requireddocuments by email*:SEMESTER 1: 15th of June of earlier academic yearSEMESTER 2: 15th of November of same academicyearHow to submit your Learning Agreement (LA): The student has to register on our Student need to fill the required personalinformation, in the Relint application, and pickthe subjects provided by the Faculty ofEconomics and Social Sciences.Once the subjects have been selected, thestudent will need to select the option of “sendingto the coordinator”and save the document.Otherwise, the coordinator will not receive theLA, and therefore, this implies that your LA havenot been submitted. Check Table 1 in Page 4 forthe subjects available for International students.Subjects: Check Table 1 in Page 4 for the subjects availablefor International students.Undergratuates. Bachelor’s Degree: there mightbe the possibility for International students totake subjets from either the Law, Humanities orCommunication departments, but this needs tobe agreed by the coordinator in the Faculty ofBusiness ([email protected]) and the coordinatorof the other Faculty. Please, you need to contactfirst the coodinator of your Faculty and, once youhave her approval, then you contact the othercoordinator and gets her/hir approval. Once youhave both approvals, you can fullfill your LA withsubjets from other Faculties.Students should take between 20 and 30 ECTSper semestre, depending on what you haveagreed with your origin University.2

Deadline to have approved your LA:Changes in your LA:Anual students, need to choose subjects for bothsemesters on the 1st semester.There will be a COMPULSORY Meeting at thebeginning of each semestre where the processand the policy of enrolament at the Faculty ofEconomics and Social Sciences will be explained.In order to confirm your stay at UIC Barcelona, yourLA need to be approved by the coordinator at UICbefore:SEMESTER 1: July (earlier academic year)SEMESTER 2: December (same academic year)Deadline: 30 days after semester has startedOnce classes have started, students have around twoweeks to make changes to the subjects enrolled in.Please, check the deadline with your coordinator([email protected]). After the deadline, NO changeswill be allowed.How to proceed:1. Contact academic coordinator UIC2. If academic coordinator UIC approveschanges, contact academic coordinatorHome University, and get his/her approval.3. If the academic coordinator at HomeUniversity approves your changes, thenintroduce your changes in Relint clicking onthe “send to the coordinator” option andsaving. In addition, you need to send anemailtoyourcoordinator([email protected]) letting her know that youhave introduced some changes in your LA,for her to approve them. Please, make sureyou send an email to your coordinator or thechanges will not take place.3

EXAMINATIONS:The date of exams will be published along eachsemester. Exams will occur in: SEMESTER 1(January) and SEMESTER 2 (May). Dates for examsCAN NOT be changed unless there is a goodjustification for it.When exams overlap, students must inform theacademic coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance tofind a solution.-Only in very specific cases can students justifytheir absence.- Absence from an exam is equivalent to NS (noshow).- Copying during any examination earns a "zero"mark.For more details, students should consult theinternal regulations of the UICCLASS ATTENDANCE:Attending class is compulsory. In case of not beingable to attend, it is necessary to present ajustification. Students with an attendance record ofbelow 50 % can be expelled from the course.EXAM ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CLASSTIMETABLE:Class timetables and exam announcements of anytype appear on the boards located in the hall of thedepartment (Beta building, 4th floor).JUSTIFICATIONS FOR BEING ABSENT:To get permission for changing an exam, first youneed to contact your academic coordinator([email protected]) and bring her the justification fornot attending the exam. Then, you will need to askfor permission to the Faculty formally, filling arequest that you can find at the Secretary of theFaculty. If you get accepted your request, then youwill need to ask permission to your teacher.SYSTEM OF EVALUATION:Continuous assessmentFor any other academic topics, write to the academiccoordinator of the Faculty (Marta Trapero [email protected]).4

COURSE LANGUAGE:Required level of SpanishB2 Certificate in SpanishWe accept Spanish certificates issued by the homeuniversity.Required level of EnglishTOEFL (550 written test, 213 computer-based, 65internet-based), First Certificate, IELTS (6.5).We accept English certificates issued by the homeuniversity. This will need to be handed in to theInternational Office ([email protected]) at UICBarcelona before your stay.SUBJECTS – LEARNING AGREEMENTUNDERGRADUATEDegree on Business Administration(Direct link to subjects on the 5NameSubjects in course 1Business LawEconomic HistoryMathematics 1Microeconomics 1Business EconomicsInformation SystemsMacroeconomics 1Mathematics h/EnglishSubjects in course 80827110312Statistics 1Accounting 1Macroeconomics 2Microeconomics 2General EthicsAccounting 2Accounting 3Financial Management 1Spanish EconomyWorld EconomicsStatistics 2Subjects in course 3Accounting 45

ial Management 2Operations ManagementHHRR ManagementEconometricsMarketing 1Subjects in course 4Organizational BehaviorStrategic ManagementFinancial Management 3Marketing 2Business EthicsOptional SubjectsAdvanced ExcelInternational TradeInvestment ManagementInternational MarketingEntrepreneurshipCorporate GovernanceQuantitative Market 003,003,003,008550International 077110282107691077313010Current Issues of ChristianityEuropean LawLabourLawQualitative Marketing ResearchLogistics and DistributionOn-Line MarketingBusiness AdvertisingEnterprise Information SystemManaging Strategic AlliancesFinancial MarketsPersonal BrandBusiness m.2Sem.2Sem ,003,006,001 ECTS1 ECTSDegree in Business AdministrationMaster's Degree in Business Administration and Production anishSpanishSpanish10 hours5 hours6

POSTGRADUATEMaster’s Degree Subjects*These subjects can ONLY be chosen by the following UniversitiesUniversity of Texas at San AntonioSeoul’s Women’s UniversityUniversidad La SalleUniversidad Adolfo IbáñezInstituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreyPolitecnico di TorinoRuhr-Universität BochumKatolinski Institute – LjubjanaUniv. Applied Sciences, Hochschule KaiserlauternPole Universitaire Leonardo da Vinci- r*Master’s Degree SubjectsFinancial EconomicsSem.1Innovation and Product DevelopmentSem.1MarketingSem.1Project ManagementSem.1Total Quality Management MethodsSem.1Productions and Operations h7

9316 Business Advertising Sem.2 3 3,00 Spanish 10771 Enterprise Information System Sem.2 3 3,00 Spanis