Floppy To USB Floppy drive codeRevision Date - 05/16/2018Please refer to the PLR CODES (USB CODE) when ordering your drive.(s) If multiple drives for different machines are to be ordred, please specify thecodes and quanitites. We also request that you provide the make and model of the equipment to be upgradedMachine TypeABB EquipmentAccu-press 7608 Press BrakeAccurpress ETS3000 Brake PressAcramatic 2100Acu-rite MillAddison DB76Aeroflex 2399B Spectrum AnalyzerAeroflex 6844 Microwave System AnalyzerAerotech U21AGIE 200DAgie 350HSS EDMAGIE AC 100DAGIE AGIECUT 100DAgie CD 300 Wire EroderAGIE EDMAGIE Wire MachineAGIECUT 250HSSAgilentAgilent 35670AAgilent 4395AAgilent 54621D (Slim Drive)Agilent 7405AAgilent 86142BAgilent 89441AAgilent E4402BAgilent E4403BAgilent E4407BAgilent E4411B (Slim Drive)PLR FXXXUSB-FXXXUSB-FXXXUSB-FXXXwww.FloppyToUSB.com3 ½ floppy drive to USB flash drive reader upgradeEliminate your need for 3 ½ floppies and 3 ½ disk drives!!!Our 3 ½ floppy disk drive to USB flash drive reader converter will seamlessly replace yourexisting floppy drive with an independently operated USB flash drive reader. No additionalchanges to your system are needed besides removing the existing drive and replacing it withthis drive. “Plug and Play”. Easy installation and no drivers required, no system configurationsneeded and no debugging required. If you can replace a floppy disk drive, you can install thisdevice. The device connects to your existing power and data (ribbon) cables.The soundless drive emulates your existing floppy drive to act as if the floppy drive was neverPage1 Thisof drive16 will replace most any existing ity IBM format floppydrive or your money back. Do away with the painfully slow and obsolete floppy disks. Not only

Agilent HP 8714CAkai S01 samplerAkai S900Allen Bradley ControllerAlps DF354H090FAlps Electronic CoAmada Brake PressAmiga 500Anilam 3200MKAnilam 4200TAnilam 6000M Quantum S1000DAnilam ControlsAPB-5620WAPM-Flat knitting machineArburg Injection Moulding MachineASM EPI E2000ASM Epitaxial ReactorASM Epsilon chemical vapor deposition systemAtari 1040STeAutoejector model: HCS90-SAutolink DR1000Babylock EllageoBarudan 7XXBarudan 8XXBarudan BEAT 900 ('A' Drive)Barudan BEAT 900 ('B' Drive)Barudan BEDY, BEVY seriesBarudan BEMS, BEMR, BEM, BEMY, seriesBarudan BEMX seriesBarudan BENS, BEN, BENY seriesBarudan BENTBIESSEBiesse Selco EB110BonasBostoMatic SPCII CNCBridgeport -D002USB-A001USB-A001USB-EXXXBLACK BOXBLACK his drive. “Plug and Play”. Easy installation and no drivers required, no system configurationsneeded and no debugging required. If you can replace a floppy disk drive, you can install thisdevice. The device connects to your existing power and data (ribbon) cables.The soundless drive emulates your existing floppy drive to act as if the floppy drive was neverremoved. This drive will replace most any existing 720k/1.44MB capacity IBM format floppydrive or your money back. Do away with the painfully slow and obsolete floppy disks. Not onlywill this device work in PCs but, it will also work in machinery or devices that still use floppydrives. This device completely replaces the universal floppy drive of computerized system. Ifyou are not certain this device will work in your equipment, then just ask! 1 Year Warranty.This device also emulates NON IBM type drives (TEAC, etc) and can also be setup as a DRIVE 0,DRIVE 1 configurationBLACK BOX - INDICATES THE 3 1/2 FLOPPY WILL NOT WORK ON YOUR MACHINE. YOUMUST ORDER - HTTP://WWW.TEWH.COM/USB.PHP - FOR THIS MACHINEAdditional Notes:Page 2 of 16ZCustomer may need to modify control panel orchassisWMay need internal modifications such as bracketVInclude

Bridgeport CNC Torq Cut TC3Bridgeport CNC TorqCut 22Bridgeport Lathe - EZ-PathBridgeport Mille - EZ Trax DXBridgeport Milling Machine EZ-TrakBridgeport V2XT with a DX32 controlBrother 3100DBrother AF-110Brother BAS 304ABrother BAS 311ABrother BAS 311EBrother BAS 311FBrother BAS 412Brother BAS 415, 416, 423Brother BE-0901E-ACBrother BE-1201B-ACBrother BES-120Brother BES-1210ACBrother BES-916ACBrother Pacesetter ULT2002DBrother PR600Brother ULT 2002DBrother ULT2001Burny 3Burny 5 FD-235HFCannon MD3522Capod MillCEM SPACentroid M400Centurion controlCharmille Roboform 30/31Charmille Sinker EDMCharmilles 440 ccCharmilles Robofil 2020Charmilles Robofil 290Charmilles Robofil 0USB-D010NOTESUSB-D002USB-A001USB-D002Page 3 of 16

Charmilles Robofil 310Charmilles Robofil 40Charmilles Robofil 400Charmilles Robofil 4020Charmilles Robofil 440Charmilles Robofil 510 WEDMCharmilles Robofil 6020-1Charmilles Roboform 20Charmilles Roboform 50Charmilles Roboform 55Charmilles Roboform CT200Chinon FZ-357Cincinatti Arrow 1250CCitizen LR102061 MNCitizen OSDCitizen OSDB Floppy DriveCitizen OSDB-25CCitizen OSDB-25G-UCitizen OSDC-29CCM402 Panasonic equipmentCognex 3100Commodore Amiga 500 driveComputer or laptop with slim floppyComputer with regular sized floppyCosmos Machinery InternationalDaewoo Puma 6sDelem CNC Press Brake ControlDelem DA-24 cncDinema FDU 2DISCO DFD-651DISCO DFD-640Dornier Air-Jet LoomDynapath Control PanelElecsys 2010EMI Test Receiver - Rohde & SchwarzEngel Injection CC100 KEBA -D002USB-A001USB-A001USB-D021USB-DYYYUSB-A001Page 4 of 16

Engel Kempo PFD35Engel machines (Rubber Injection Systems)Ensoniq ASR-10Ensoniq EPSEnsoniq MirageEpson 340Epson PC-286UXESAB L-Tec: Avenger 2 plasma CutterESAB VISION 2000ETC lighting consoleETS3000 Brake PressEZTrak MachinesFadal Vertical Machining CenterFANUCFanuc 160iFANUC 16MFANUC 16-PFanuc 180iFANUC 21MFanuc 275Fanuc 280Fanuc Series 15-M.FANUC X-312 Floppy ReaderFardinge VMC600IIFEIYAFryer ET25 LatheFryer MB-10Fryer Milling MachineFSI Mercury Sprayer MachineFujitsu FMR-50Fukuhara F-SEC-UYG&L (Giddings and Lewis) CNC MillG&L 8000-BG&L CNC MillGE Electrocardiograph MAC 5000GEM WK2 002USB-D028USB-D028USB-A001USB-EXXXUSB-A001Page 5 of 16

GEM WK8 KeyboardGEM WS-400 Piano WorkstationGenius Data Filer by Voice SystemsGiddings & Lewis 8000BGilson Keypad ControllersGleasonGraphics Microsystems, Inc ControllerGrecoGreco LC-OEMKTGyro 20 CompactorHAAS HL2 LatheHAAS MachineHAAS Mini MillHAAS SL20 Lathe 1999HAAS VF2 MillHAAS VF3HAAS VF7 w/ Mitsumi D359T6HACO ERM40200Happy Embroidery MachineHitachi 345Q EDMHitachi Analyzer 911Hitachi Analyzer 917Hitachi Elecsys 2012Hitachi Roche Elecsys 2010 RackHolzher Eco Master 7113 CNCHolzma HPP-81Honeywell DL 900HP 8753E Network AnalyzerHP Agilent 0950-2782HP8713C Scaler Network AnalyserHurco BMC - 20Hurco CNCHurco VM1Hurco VMX24 Max ControllerHusqvarna DesignerHypertherm EDGE Oxifuel Cutting Machine 1USB-A001USB-A001USB-EXXXUSB-A001Page 6 of 16

IBM DriveIC 5 DepositionIFR Aeroflex 2399BIGM RobotsIGS MachineION ATOM SoundmasterJacquard Bonas S500Jacquard DataJacquard Stubli JC4Jacquard Stubli JC5Johnson & Johnson VITROSJU-256A798PJuki 740Juki KP-620 SMDKawai Q-80Kawasaki AD controller (UX120 robot)Kawasaki Robot ADKawasaki roboticsKB10 CNC Tube and Pipe benderKeins Tube Bending MachineKomo CNCKorg 01W/FDKorg DSM-1Korg Triton ClassicKrauss-MasseiKURZWEIL Music WorkstationLeCroy Digital OscilloscopeLevitron Lighting ConsoleLiebherr LC382 CMDLonati LoomLucas CNCMAKA CNCMakino SP43Materwood Timber CNCMatsushita EME 279HKC FDDMazak Micro 01USB-D006USB-A001USB-A001USB-HVYYUSB-D002Page 7 of 16

Mazak Vertical CNC MachineMelco 10/12Melco CE (NON Black)Melco EMB6/10Melco EMC6, EMC10, EMT10 (NON Black)Melco EP1Messer Titan with Navigator ControlMF353B-12UJMF355-F-252MFMicron Pick and PlaceMiller MR-2000 RobotMilltronics CNCMilltronics Partner IMisubishi Wire EDMMitek 3 Axis Bed w/ Acramatic 2100Mitsubishi 3015LXP CNC LaserMitsubishi 520LMitsubishi CX-2 Wire EDMMitsubishi DWC110HAMitsubishi FX-10Mitsubishi FX20K Wire EDMMitsubishi Laser ControlMitsubishi LC10 controllerMitsubishi M35JMitsubishi MF-355F-3252MGMitsubishi SX-10Mitsubishi VX-10Mitsubishi VX-20Mitsubishi Wire EDM w/Citizen OSDMitsumi D353F3Mitsumi D353M3DMitsumi D353T3Mitsumi D359M3DMitsumi D359T6Monarch Digital PrinterMonarch Knitting -D001USB-H026USB-A001USB-D022USB-DYYYUSB-A001Page 8 of 16

Morbi floppy driveMorbidelliMorbidelli Author 503Morbidelli Author 510 w/Tria 7500Morbidelli U550MorbidelliAuthor 510Motoman RobotMPM Ultraprint 2000 machineMX2 Milling MachineNachi RoboticsND-3561GR TOSHIBANebiolosheet-Fed printing pressNEC FD1035NEC FD1037ANEC FD1135DNEC FD1137DNEC FD1139CNEC FD1148HNEC FD1231HNEC FD1231TNEC FD3238NEC PC-9801NEC PC-9801UVNEC9801 ComputerNED FD1231MNUM CNC 1060 Rack system OS2OKUMA 7000Okuma Cadet L1420Okuma Cadet Mate 4020Okuma CNCOKUMA DOS BasedOkuma LU-15OKUMA LU-25OKUMA Non-DOS BasedOKUMA OSP-E100LOkuma B-D013USB-D002USB-D013USB-D013USB-D002Page 9 of 16

Omega Flat Knitting MachineONA KE350Osai 10OSI/365 ControlPanasonic CM402A Pick and Place SMTPanasonic equipment CM402Panasonic FA (Factory Automation) MV2FPanasonic JU-226A033FCPanasonic JU-226A131FPanasonic JU-253-011PPanasonic JU-253-011PPanasonic JU-253-263PPanasonic JU-253-403PPanasonic JU-256A198PCPanasonic JU-256A428PCPanasonic JU-257A606PPanasonic JU-257A686PPanasonic JU-257A687PPanasonic JU-257A726PPanasonic JU-257A826PCPanasonic JU-363Panasonic RH2 Insertion MachinePFAFF SM-3Pine Tube BenderProbex CorpPROMAK CNCPrototrack LX3Prototrak M3 CNCPrototrak MX2 Milling MachineProtti 500DRainer 2000Rainer 3000Rationator 'ROBOMAT L' CNCRhode & Schwarz Spectrum AnalyzerRoche Elecsys 2010Roland 01USB-A001USB-D002USB-A001USB-D021USB-D002Page 10 of 16

Roland S-330Roland S-330 samplerRoland S50Roland S-550Roland W30Roland XP80Routech R2000Rover 322Rover 346-ARover 346-BSABRE 3000 CUTTING MACHINESakurai 472 ED2Samick SXP411 Digital PianoSamsung SFD-321BSamsung SFD-321B / LBLSamsung SFD-321B / LESandretto Plastic Moldings MachineSanGiacomo CUS 6Sangiacomo X machineSchirmer BAZ 1000SCM Tech-100 CNC Point to Point Boring MachineSEM MicroscopeSharnoa (Vertical CNC)Shima SeikiSiemens OP 35Siemens OP 37SODICK 812Sodick A280SODICK A320DSODICK A320D with EX21 ControlSodick A350WLSODICK AQ300LSODICK AQ535LSODICK Epson 286 UXSODICK Epson 486 PSODICK Epson 486 USB-H009USB-D001USB-H026USB-HZ09USB-HZ09Page 11 of 16

Sodick Mark 11SODICK Mark 21SODICK Mark 25SODICK Mark IX - GSODICK Nec 9801 11SODICK Nec 9801 USODICK Nec 9801 UFSODICK Nec 9801 USSODICK Nec 9801 UV2SODICK NEC PC-9801UVSODICK SDKSodick w/ Canon MD3522SODICK w/ Epson SLIM floppySODICK w/ Mitsumi D353T3SODICK w/ NEC 1137 floppySODICK w/ NEC 1139C floppySODICK w/ TEAC floppySodick A500LSony 520Sony 920Sony MFP-920Sony MP-F11W-502Sony MP-F11W-50DSony MPF-420-2Sony MPF520-FSony MPF-53WSony MP-F53W-00DSony MP-F63W-00DSony MPF920ESouthwest Industries Prototrak MX2 MillingSouthwestern IndustriesSouthwestern Industries TRAK DPMSpectrometer SplectrolabStandard PCStaubli JC4Staubli 1USB-A001USB-A001USB-A001USB-D014USB-D011Page 12 of 16

Staubli RobotSuzuki 1200ESuzuki HG 500 EXSuzuki SMT-1100CSuzuki SMT-1200ESWF CompactSWF Machines Color Control PanelSWF Machines Standard PanelTajima NeoTajima TEHX or TFHXTajima TEJT-IITajima TME-DCTajima TMEFTajima TME-HCTajima TME-SCTajima TMEX (one cable on the back) 26 PinTajima TMEX (two cables on the back) 34 PinTajima TMFDTajima TMFX (one cable on the back) 26 PinTajima TMFX (two cables on the back) 34 PinTEAC FD-04HG-2600-UTEAC FD-05HFTEAC FD-05HF-2301-UTEAC FD-05HF-230-UTEAC FD-05HF-245-UTEAC FD-05HF-4630TEAC FD-05HF-5630TEAC FD-05HF-8630TEAC FD-05HF-8830TEAC FD-05HGSTEAC FD-235HF-100UTEAC FD-235HF-230UTEAC FD-235HF-3201UTEAC FD-235HF-4429TEAC FD-235HF-6291TEAC YUSB-D002BLACK BOXBLACK BOXBLACK -D014USB-A001USB-A001Page 13 of 16

TEAC FD-235HF-6540TEAC FD-235HF-6591TEAC FD-235HF-7291TEAC FD-235HF-7339TEAC FD-235HF-7529TEAC FD-235HF-8385TEAC FD-235HF-A291TEAC FD-235HF-A429TEAC FD-235HF-A529TEAC FD-235HF-B291TEAC FD-235HF-C291TEAC FD-235HF-C429TEAC FD-235HF-C527-USTEAC FD-235HF-C529TEAC FD-235HF-C591TEAC FD-235HF-C700TEAC FD-235HF-C829TEAC FD-235HF-C891TEAC FD-235HF-C929TEAC FD-235HG A417TEAC FD-235HG-A417TEAC FD-235HG-C804TEAC FD-235HG-C817Teatronics Producer 2Technics PR-902 pianoTektronix 370ATektronix 370A Curve TracerTektronix 371BTektronix 744ATektronix 754ATektronix OscilloscopeTektronix TDS 3014BTektronix TDS 380Tektronix TDS 510A ScopeTektronix TDS 724ATektronix -FXXXUSB-FXXXUSB-FYYYUSB-FXXXUSB-FXXXUSB-FYYYPage 14 of 16

Tektronix TDS3012Tektronix TDS-3054Tektronix TDS684ATektronix TDS744ATektronix TDS784ATencor Surfscan 6200Thermotron 7800 controllerThermotron ChamberToshiba CNC Mill (Tosnuc Control)Toyokoki Press Brake APB-5620WToyota 820Toyota 820AToyota 830Toyota 850Toyota 851Toyota 860Toyota 9000, 9100TRAK DPMTrak DPM A.G.E.3Trak DPM AGE3Trak Edge 2 Control ModuleTrak K2 with Trak Edge Control Module.Tria ESA 7500 controllerTRUMPF CNCTrumpf Press BrakeUniversal Knitting Machines MC748Van Dorn 50Viking DesignerVOMARD CNCWaldrichsiegen Roll GrinderWax injection dieWendt WAM ECOWENGER PERIPHERALS AGWhitman RoboticsWiedeman Muratec Brake PressWiltron Model 360B Vector Network B-A001USB-D002USB-A001USB-A001USB-D005BLACK BOXBLACK BOXBLACK BOXBLACK BOXBLACK -A001USB-HYYYUSB-A005Page 15 of 16

Windows NT ComputerWP PERIPHERALS 100XLTEK 1002Xycom PC Model 9450Xycom PC Model 9450XYZ PRO2000XYZ Proturn 420Yamaha Clavinova CVP-107Yamaha Clavinova CVP-109Yamaha Clavinova CVP-20Yamaha Clavinova CVP-203Yamaha Clavinova CVP-900Yamaha DKC-500RYamaha EL90 OrganYamaha ELX-1Yamaha PSR 550Yamaha PSR-9000Yamaha QX3Yamaha QY300Yamaha TX16WYasnac FC1 floppy driveYD-702D-6238DYD-702D-6539D AYE-DATA 7020-66390YE-DATA 702-6639YE-DATA 702B-6036YE-DATA 702D-6639DYokogawaYokogawa DL-750 Oscilliscope / Data RecorderZevatech CE 97ZSK (Newer 1.44M Type)ZSK (Older 720k 014USB-DYYYPage 16 of 16

HP 8753E Network Analyzer USB-EXXX HP Agilent 0950-2782 USB-EXXX HP8713C Scaler Network Analyser Hurco BMC - 20 USB-A001 Hurco CNC USB-A001 Hurco VM1 USB-A001 Hurco VMX24 Max Controller USB-A001 Husqvarna Designer USB-