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What is a Cooling Tower?A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that transfers waste heat from a process to theatmosphere though the cooling of the recirculated water flow. The type of heat rejection iscommonly termed "evaporative cooling" in that, the process heat energy is absorbed by theevaporation of a small portion of the circulated flow there by, reducing the temperature ofremaining water for reuse. Cooling towers can commonly provide lower water temperaturesthan are attainable with "air cooled" or "dry" heat rejection devices.Common Cooling Tower applications include; Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems, WaterSource Heat Pumps, Injection Molding machines, Anodizing processes, Industrial/Hydraulic OilCoolers, Die Casting and Water Cooled Air Compressors.The generic term "cooling tower" is used to describe both direct (open circuit) and indirect(closed circuit) heat rejection equipment. While most think of a "cooling tower" as an opencircuit contact heat rejection device, the indirect cooling tower, sometimes referred to as a"closed circuit cooling tower" is nonetheless also a cooling tower.In a direct or open circuit cooling tower warm water is distributed over a labyrinth-like packingor “fill”.The fill pack consists of multiple sheets of closely spaced vertical film. The waterdescends by gravity through the fill pack and is in direct contact with the inlet air. The fillprovides an expanded surface area which optimizes the air-water interface allowing themaximum amount evaporation to take place. The cooled water is then collected in a cold waterbasin, and returned to the cooling loop to repeat the process. The heated and moisture ladenair leaving the fill pack is discharged to the atmosphere which completes the heat transfercycle. It is important that the tower discharge is isolated from the fresh air inlets to prevent thesaturated vapor from being drawn back into the fresh air inlet.In an indirect, or closed circuit cooling tower there is no direct contact between the processcooling fluid (usually water or a glycol mixture) and the air. Unlike the open cooling tower, theindirect cooling tower has two separate fluid circuits. The closed or system loop houses theprimary cooling fluid. This loop picks up heat from the process load and rejects it through thetube bundle or heat exchanger to the open loop of the system. The open loop water thempasses over the tub bundle or over a traditional cooling tower fill pack. Contact with the inletair will complete the evaporation phase of the heat exchange process.Cooling Towers are also categorized by their air delivery system and the airflow pattern.There are two basic air delivery systems. In a Natural Draft tower, air flow through the fill packis created as heat from the hot inlet water rises off of the fill creating a draft effect which drawsin cooler air through the tower inlets. In an Induced Draft tower, a fan is used to promote airflow. Induced draft tower can use either bottom or side mounted blower which forces airthrough the fill pack or a top mounted fan which draws air through the fill.There are two basic airflow patterns. In a Cross Flow cooling tower, the hot water flows bygravity down through the fill pack and the air travels at near a right angle across the directionof water flow. In a counter flow cooling tower the water flows by gravity down through the fillpack, while the air flows vertically up through the fill pack in the opposite or counter direction tothe water flow.In most tower applications, fresh “Make-up Water” must be added into the system to replacethe evaporation loss. Additional make-up will be needed as part of the water treatmentprocess and to account of drift or splash from that may occur during operation.Web: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-142

RSS Series Cooling TowersRSS series cross flow cooling towers feature non-corrosive FRP(Fiberglass ReinforcedPolyester) construction which will provide years of maintenance free operation. The modulardesign allows for easy installation. Tower cells can be mounted side by side with commonpiping to handle most any capacity requirement. With over 20 years in the Fiberglass CoolingTower experience, RSD cooling towers are sure to provide you the performance and reliabilityyou demand.FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Construction: All RSS towers feature FRP FanStack, Casing and Water Basins. The FRP panels are both corrosion and chemical resistant.The gel-coat finish includes UV inhibitors to protect the tower from the damaging effects of thesun.Motors: All motors are UL recognized TEFC construction, and specially designed for ourapplication. The motors are VFD rated, with frequency drive control panels available as afactory option.Fan Blades: All tower fans feature cast aluminum construction and provide a large volume ofstable air at low noise levels. The fan pitch is adjustable in the field to optimize theperformance and to account for variance in static pressure.Tower Fill: Our tower fill is constructed thermoformed PVC to ensure uniform density acrossthe entire deck. The PVC material is resistant to both chemical and biological attack. Thesheets are UV protected and meet the CTI STD-136 for rigid PVC. Limited to 115f continuousduty. Premium fill with higher temperature ratings is also available upon requestInlet Louvers: Our PVC inlet louvers are designed to allow maximum inlet air while limitingunwanted splash from the tower fill. The PVC material is UV protected and is resistant to bothchemical and biological attack.Support Structure: The tower support structure and motor frame are constructed of shotdipped galvanized steel. Optional Stainless Steel components are available upon requestLadders and Safety Railing: All RSS towers are equipped with an OSHA standard laddersand safety railing to allow safe and easy access during inspection and maintenance. Theseare available in standard hot dipped galvanized or optional Stainless Steel.Water Distribution System: Water is distributed across the fill deck though a FRP distributionpan. The pan is easily accessible for inspection and service. There are no moving parts orspray nozzles which makes the system virtually maintenance free. FRP basin covers areprovided to keep the tower clean.Web: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-143

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Single Cell TowerWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-145

Double Cell Tower* Each cell is free standing. Equalizer lines to be field installedWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-146

Triple Cell TowerEach Cell is free standing. Equalizer lines to be field installedWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-147

Quad Cell Tower* Each cell is free standing. Equalizer lines to be field installedWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-148

HOW TO SELECT A COOLING TOWER1. OBTAIN THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION System flow in gallons per minuteOr System load in BTU’s per hour Desired inlet water temperature (water returning to the tower)Note: Maximum inlet temperature should not exceed 115f. Desired outlet water temperature (water leaving the tower) Design wet bulb temperature System temperature range (inlet temp – outlet temp) System approach temperature (outlet temp – wet bulb)HOW TO CALCULATE THE SYSTEM GPM;System load in BTU/hr(Temperature Range x 500)HOW TO CALCULATE SYSTEM LOAD IN BTU/HRSystem flow in gpm x (System range x 500)2. TOWER SELECTION CAPACITY TABLES** These tables only list the most common system conditions. If your requirements are not listed,use the tower capacity curves. Locate the design Wet Bulb that most closely matches your system requirementAlways choose the next higher value if your system WB is not listed Find the System Range (Water In-out) that most closely matches your system requirement Move down the appropriate column until you find the design GPM for your systemDo not exceed the maximum gpm per tower cell as indicated2. TOWER SELECTION USING CAPACITY CURVES Locate the Inlet Water Temperature for your system in the upper left-hand corner of the curve. Follow the inlet temp line horizontally to the right until you intersect the design Wet Bulb Move Vertically down the chart until you intersect the diagonal temperature range line. Move Horizontally to the right until you reach the System GPM Select the tower curve that is to the right of the intersect.** ** The tower curves list only single cell performance. If you system load/gpm exceeds the singlecell capacity, you will need to divide your system gpm in equal parts and determine the appropriate2-3 or 4 cell configuration that most closely matches your load requirements.Web: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-149

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RSS Model Selection ChartEXAMPLE410 GPM97f Water In85f Water Out76f Wet BulbWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-1414

What is The Design Wet Bulb?The wet bulb temperature is a function of relative humidity and ambient air temperature. TheWet bulb temperature measures how much water vapor the atmosphere can hold at currentweather conditions. A lower wet bulb temperature means the air is drier and can hold morewater vapor than it can at a higher wet bulb temperature.For example:When selecting a cooling tower, use the highest or the design wet bulb temperature for yourgeographical area. Most published data lists multiple values. 5%, 2%, or 1% values arecommon. This represents the % value during a given period. For example 1% indicates thewet bulb temperature for the most severe 1% of the year.The highest wet bulb a temperature generally occurs in the summer when higher ambient andrelative humidity conditions exist. Initial system design and proper system maintenance iscritical to ensure your cooling will provide proper performance.Other Factors That Can Impact Performance Scale build up in the tower or heat exchangersLoss of air flow through the towerImproper water flow through the towerWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-1415

BASIC SYSTEM LAYOUTBYPASS SYSTEM LAYOUTRSD COOLING TOWER WARRANTYRSD warrants our Cooling Towers to be free ofdefects in material and/or workmanship to theextent, but only the extent, set forth below:(A) F.R.P. components for ten (10) years* fromdate of installation. To be replaced or repaired asneeded.(B) P.V.C. fill material for two (2) years from dateof installation. To be replaced as needed.(C) All electrical, mechanical and non-F.R.P.structural components for one (1) year from dateof installation. To be replaced or repaired asneeded.FLUID COOLING LAYOUTTHE FOREGOING EXPRESSED WARRANTY ISIN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES,EXPRESSED, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY(INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO,WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ANDFITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.)R.S.D. SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FORANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL ORSPECIAL DAMAGES AND/OR EXPENSES.Web: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-1416

TYPICAL TOWER APPLICATIONSCOOLINGTYPE OF EQUIPMENTBTUGPMRANGE (F)Air Conditioning or RefrigerationPer tonPer tonHermetic/ Semi-hermetic compressor15,000/hr1.5-310-20Open drive compressor (external motor)12,000/hr3-3.610-12Steam turbine driven compressor30,000/hr2-320-30Absorption chillier30,000/hr3-415-20Diesel Engine; jacket water & lube oilFour-cycle supercharged2,600/hr0.2620Four-cycle non supercharged3,000/hr0.3020Natural Gas Engine Jacket Water & Lube Oilper/bhpper/bhpFour-cycle engine4,500/hr0.4520Two-cycle engine4,500/hr0.4020Electric Motor Driven Air Compressorsper/bhpper/bhpSingle stage380/hr0.07610Single stage, with aftercooler2,545/hr0.5110Two stage, with mandPlastic Injection Machines2,545/hr/bhp.51/bhp10Hydraulic Oil Coolers84/min(avg)110Welding Tip Coolers5,000 btu/lb cap. 3 gpm/ton10Dry Cleaning Machinesbhp Brakehorse power1 ton 15,000 btu/hr,500 8.33 lb/gal x 60 minACCESSORIESControl PanelsRSD can provide control panels for any application. Whether yourrequirement is for a simple fan cycling control or full DDC integration,our UL panel division is uniquely equipped to engineerdesign and build a control panel to meet your specificsystems demands. All control panels are UL 508certified, guaranteeing that your control system willmeet all code requirements and provide years oftrouble free operationHeat ExchangersFor applications where water temperatures prwater quality requirements are outside the normalrange of an open cooling tower, RSD offers avariety of close loop cooling systems. Suing andRSD cooling tower in conjunction with a properlysized heat exchanger provides an extremely costeffective and service friendly alternative to a selfcontained fluid cooler. Simply provide us the systems flow and watertemperature requirement leave the design to us.Circulating PumpsRSD can design your water circulation system.Proper water flow is essential to ensure effectsystem performance. Since not all systems arecreated equally, efficient system design cansave time and money. Our trainedprofessionals can assist you in not only selecting the correctcirculating pump for you flow requirements, but also help design themost efficient piping layout for your systemValvesMost water cooled systems require valves to control the circulatedflow or isolate the system during maintenance and repair. RSD hasa full array of valves available from the manual ball and gate valvesto actuated butterfly and globe control valves. Give us your systemrequirements and we will choose the best value solution.Water FiltrationRSD can select the proper filtration option for you. Oneof the biggest challenges in an open cooling system isthe control of foreign materials in the water. This cancause everything from valve and control damage to theslow erosion of heat exchanges and system piping.Whether the debris come from the outside atmosphereor is a by-product of the system itself, we can select afiltration option that is best suited for your specificneeds.Water TreatmentRSD can choose the correct whattreatment for your needs. In all opencooling system it is essential that thewater be treated for dissolved solidsand potential bacterial growth.Regardless of system design, over time,minerals in the water will form scale throughout the systemperformance. In some systems, the formation of algae can alsocause system problems. Let our water treatment specialists choosethe proper chemical and feed system for your specific needsWeb: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459rev 03-1417

COMPANY PROFILERefrigeration Supplies Distributor - Total Control has been a wholesale distributor of refrigeration,air conditioning and control products since 1933. Family owned and operated, RSD-TC wasfounded on the basis of quality products, knowledgeable staff and the highest in customer service, both before and after the sale.In the early 1980’s RSD-TC saw a need in the marketplace for a durable and economic alternative tothe traditional metal and wood cooling towers. RSD Fiberglass Cooling Towers have been designedwith the customer in mind. Fiberglass construction provides the double benefits of being lightweightand virtually non-corrosive. All the mechanical components have been engineered to meet the exactingstandards of today’s high tech marketplace.RSD-TC takes pride in being more than a “me too” supplier. Though it is true that our Cooling Tower is theleader in its class, the benefits of choosing RSD-TC go far beyond the tower itself. Whether your requirements are for a simple HVAC application or a complex water-cooled system, RSD-TC has the technical support,products and services you need. With the largest inventory of Equipment, Controls and Accessories in theindustry, RSD-TC is the clear choice when looking for a one-stop solution.Our friendly technical support staff is trained to take your requirements and turn them into the mosteffective and cost efficient solution possible. To turn your problems into solutions, simply contact usvia E-mail, Phone or Fax. We look forward to serving you.Corporate Office 26021 Atlantic Ocean Drive * Lake Forest, CA 92630For The Location Nearest You Call 800 - 245 - 8007 or Visit us at

Web: - Email: [email protected] - Phone: 800-245-8007 - Fax: 949-461-7459 rev 03-14 2 What is a Cooling Tower? A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that transfers waste heat from a process to the atmosphere though the cooling of the recirculated water flow. The type of heat rejection is