Seamless Integration of Marketingand Sales – The Ride with OracleIf you can read this text, you must insert the slide from the original template. Otherwise itis not possible to insert an image behind the colour area!Dr. Sandro C. PrincipeMember of the Executive Board SPSHamburg, 11 June 2013

What I hope to share Context and background of our program Evaluation and implementation SPS Demand Generation and Sales Process Results achieved and lessons learned The ride with Oracle and recommendations

The central issueconcerning post:Downturn of physicaldelivery

SPS DevelopmentHouse of brandsTransition phaseBrand alignmentBranded House1.10.2007200820102011Co-Branding

SPS Business tegrationERP / mailTelephone

CHALLENGE 1Radical Reorganization

CHALLENGE 2Increasing AsymmetricalCompetition

CONSEQUENCEInternal challengesabsorb human andfinancial resources. Theseresources should befocused on the market inorder to achieveambitious goals.

Starting Point:Individual systems, processes,methods & capabilities

Starting Point: 17 December 2009Goals of the approved SPS Sales Concept

Overall VisionLead Lifecycle Management

Evaluation and Implementation

Project 1: Sales and Client ManagementEvaluating the Market for a CRM ToolCRM VendorShort ListSiebelMarket PositionMarket Leader – CRM OnPremise 1)Market Leader – CRM OnDemand 1)@Next generation of Siebel solutionSoftware as a Service (SaaS)Has been used in some SPSsubsidiaries, but no relationship onSwiss Post or SPS level.Regional Player with firstinternational experienceCRM solution for PostMail,PostFinance, PostAuto, PostLogistics.Established CRM partnership.Oracle (Siebel) is Market Leader onthe CRM OnPremise market1)Microsoft Dynamics CRM is rated asa Challenger 1)Source: Gartner 2009Swiss Post Group CRM solution forformer Strategic Accounts.Established CRM partnership.Market Leader - CRM OnDemand 1)Rated as a Challenger. SAP is not aleader in any of the main CRM areas1)Relevance for SPSSwisscom would not meet timeline;potential future solution. Possibleadvantages in legal/data securityaspects.No CRM experience within SwissPost, risk with new partner in theCRM field.No CRM experience within SwissPost, risk with new partner in theCRM field.

Project 1: Sales and Client Management (CRM)Implementation RoadmapSetupPhase 20092010: Phase 1AnalysePilot EBSSPS salesconceptSPS OracleInsight / High levelconceptRelease SetupPhase BoardMeeting 21.10.092010: Phase 2Use of pilot and learningphase: Build up experienceNeeds analysiswith stakeholdersDesignprocesses andfunctionalrequirementsand evaluatesolutionInformationgatheringtechnical optionsStart Concept Phase, JanuaryDevelopRollout/TrainingConcept2010: Phase 3Common Methods,Processes andTechnologiesacross SPSTraining & Transition PhaseTechnical CRMcustomisation andprogramming phaseCRM Implementation & rollout (jointly/individually withSPI)Decision on Concept,Kick Off Deployment,AprilKick Off Implementation,Training, AugustImplementation of the Sales Operations Role

Project 2: AcquisitionEvaluating the market for a Marketing Automation Tool Vendor identification in Summer 2010 – LeadLife, Marketo, M2L,Eloqua, Silverpop, Aprimo Vendor short list – six-step process completed December 2010 Silverpop Eloqua M2L (due to acquisition by Oracle) Vendor evaluation – six step process, February to April 2011 Vendor decision – Eloqua: Fit to functional requirements CRMOD integration Implementation model and services Sales enablement Privacy & Security

Project 2: Acquisition (MAT)Implementation Roadmap (4 Countries, 1 BU)SolutionsProgramDeploymentBuilding ing the Ground / SelectionNewsletterRoll utionsNurturesLeadManagementHealth CheckNurturingRoll OutQ3FY‘11Q4FY‘11Q1FY’12Implementation EloquaCRMIntegrationInitial EmailActivityQ2FY’12Q3FY’12Q4FY‘12Demand Centre: Ongoing Demand Creation SupportPrivacySolutionReportingSalesEnablement

SPS Demand Generation & Sales

SPS Integrated Marketing and Sales ProcessOverview



Vision and Next StepsAn Integrated Platform for Client Experience Management (CEM)Workshop SPS / Oracle 6.6.2013

Results Achieved & LessonsLearned

What have we delivered and achievedCRM Sales accepted Management Tool(basis for objective evaluation)MAT Marketing and Sales Reporting Marketing Objectives & PerformanceMeasurement Channel Management Integration of six websites Internal and external newsletters Event Management Program Telemarketing integrationReusable Campaigns Multi-solution Lead Scoring Solution Nurture templates thatbe can be adapted by country

Our Conclusions “Top down and later bottom up” – Successful CRM implementationis a top management topic Marketing is “measurable” – Reposition the marketing function “Hard” process integration – Improve cooperation betweenMarketing and Sales “Revolution” in marketing – Opportunity to improve competences “Content is king” – Reposition to a market-aligned organization Adopt best practice – Opportunity to shorten implementation Address data privacy first – Risk of project delay Invest in capabilities – Risk of know-how transfer It was (and continues to be) a change management project!

Message to OracleWhat you did wellRoom for Improvement Account Management (SteveBrechbühl, Jean-ClaudeHauptfleisch) From Product/Solution to ValueSelling – Walk in my shoes Relationship Building Product Integration Insights Results – be more specific Competence, Skills (e.g. Sebastian Stay close(r) to the client andWilke)provide ongoing support Price Negotiation Help me and my team shine! (and Partner Recommendationsuse us for your next sale)


SPS Integrated Marketing and Sales ProcessSales MethodsObjectivesCharacterFocusCompany NavigatorOpportunity DriverGet optimal results out of a given client base.Win more dealsIncrease effectiveness and efficiency of everybody involved in the sales process by having onecommon approach, one common language across organisational and country boundaries.Mid-long term rolling planning to be wellpositioned with key customersManage a sales projectRight Business – Service UnitRight opportunity, topic, person, timingIdentify potential opportunities BU-SU segmentation Customer‘s business How can we help?ApproachDeliverableAccount development BU-SU strategies Partnering Account Marketing Account Relationships Development plansUnderstand Customer Project Buying “Politics”Plan to win Objective Opportunity Strategy Relationship Strategy Value PropositionA solid plan to reach the objective includes objectives, strategies and action plans. Having this planbased upon the information, experience and creativity of the whole team will also cause them to buy-in.

Eloqua, Silverpop, Aprimo Vendor short list – six-step process completed December 2010 Silverpop Eloqua M2L (due to acquisition by Oracle) Vendor evaluation – six step process, February to April 201