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TTi’s WeedMasta HandBookIntroductionThe purpose of this manual is to assist you in the assembly, operation and maintenanceof your Trans Tank International Trolley Sprayer. Please read through this manualcompletely too fully understand how to operate and maintain your equipment.This product has been manufactured to provide years of dependable service;proper operation and maintenance will ensure its dependability. Keep your manualin a safe, convenient place for future reference. Always mention the model andpart number in any correspondence.AssemblyThe Trolley Sprayer is assembled at the factory with the exception of a fewcomponents to protect them from shipping damage. Follow the steps below tocomplete assembly:Handle Assembly1. Remove sprayer and components from Carton.2. Locate and remove the two bags of components from within the tank. Open theparts bag labeled; “Acc. Bag” and remove these instructions. Read instructionsin their entirety before proceeding.3. Slide handle (Item 1, figure A) into lower frame (Item 7, figure A). Adjust handleheight to a comfortable setting for the operator. Adjust handle to align the holesin handle and lower frame closest to desired setting.4. Using the two handle adjustment knobs and bolts (Item 2, figure A), insert boltsthrough holes in handle and tighten with knobs.Front Deflector Nozzle Attachment1. Locate the bag labeled Nozzle Assembly.2. Insert Nozzle body fitting (Item 7, figure B), through the nozzle bracket (Item 8,figure B), and hold in place with nozzle body nut (Item 9, figure B) tightenedloosely by hand.3. Insert nozzle filter (Item 9, figure B) into nozzle body. Place deflector nozzle (Item11, figure B) into nozzle nut (Item 12, figure B). Thread nozzle nut with nozzle ontonozzle body fitting and tighten slightly.4. Attach Nozzle bracket to tank (Item 16, figure B) with two screws and washers.Tighten securely.5. Locate clear vinyl hose from bottom front of tank. Attach hose to nozzle bodyfitting attached to front of tank with hose clamp (Item 17, figure B).6. Tighten all nuts and screws securely ensuring the nozzle is pointing directly downtowards the 1800 816 277

TTi’s WeedMasta HandBookUsing the Trolley Sprayer as a TrailerIf the Trolley Sprayer will be used with a garden tractor a trailer tongue can beattached to the sprayer for towing. A “Remote Switch” is also supplied so the sprayerpump can be remotely operated from the tractor. If the Trolley Sprayer will be usedas a trailer, follow the instructions below:1. Locate the remote switch wiring harness from the Acc. Bag2. Locate the wiring harness remote plug in connector. The connector will beprotruding from the bottom of the black pump shield on the back of the sprayer.The connector will be labeled “Remote Switch”. Attach the Remote Switch tothe wiring harness on the sprayer.3. Attach the trailer tongue (Item 8, figure B) to the sprayer frame (Item 7, figure B)aligning the holes and using the pin and hair pin (Item 3, figure B).SetupCharging the Battery1. Obtain the battery charger (Item 27, figure B) and plug the charger into an ACwall outlet and the other end into the charging port located on the sprayer.2. Allow the charger to charge the battery until the light on the charger turnsgreen. A green light indicated the battery is fully charged. A discharged batterycould take as long as 24 hours to recharge.3. Never allow the battery to discharge completely. Doing so will damaged thebattery and void warrantyCharging the BatteryAlways test the sprayer with clean water prior to spraying with a chemical mixture.This will allow the sprayer to be inspected for leaks and repaired before expensivechemicals are used.Using the front Deflector NozzleFour things must be considered before spraying with the boom.How much chemical must be mixed in the tank?Refer to the chemical label to determine the chemical mixtureRate of spray (gallons per acre to be sprayed.See the Tip Chart below to determine the gallons per acre. The chart will also showthe speed used when spraying.Speed traveled (M.P.H.) while spraying.Refer to the Tip Chart and Speed Chart below for 1800 816 277

TTi’s WeedMasta HandBookDetermine Gallons per MinuteOnce you know how much you are going to spray then determine (from the tipchart) the spraying pressure (PSI) and the spraying speed (MPH).The pressure is preset by the pump, typically between 30 to 35 psi, but it will varydepending on the percentage of charge left in the battery. If precise chemicalmetering is desired, then the battery should be fully charged and a flow rate shouldbe measured at the nozzle. After the battery is fully charged, obtain a bucket andplace under the nozzle.Gallons per Acre, 40” spacingNozzle Part #PSIFlow GPM1 mph2 mph3 mph4 mphDF 2.0300.5277.238.625.719.3Red colored nozzle400.6089.144.629.722.3Determine MPHDetermining the proper walking speed can be done by marking off a length of 100feet. The speed chart indicates the number of seconds it takes to travel 100 feet.Speed MPHTime required to travel 100 ft168 sec234 sec323 sec417 secOperationEnsure battery is fully charged to provide optimum efficiency from the 12volt pump.Turn the valve located in the back panel to the off position. This will ensure thenozzle does not begin to spray when the pump is activated. The pump can beoperated with the switch located on the back panel or from the remote harness ifconnected. Remove the tank lid and the fill the spray tank with clean water throughthe basket strainer. Slowly pour in the desired amount of chemical.Activate the pump by turning on either switch. (The pump will run with either switchin the on position. If both switches are in the on position then both will need tobe turned off to disconnect power). The pump, when activated, will begin to rununtil 40 psi is reached. The built in pressure switch will then shut off the pump. Yoursprayer is now ready.To spray with the wand, ensure the wand nozzle is pointed in the direction meantto be sprayed and pull the lever handle. The pump will automatically activate andthe wand will disperse the chemical mixture from the tank. To stop spraying with thewand release the lever handle on the spray wand and the pump will deactivateafter reaching 1800 816 277

TTi’s WeedMasta HandBookTo spray with the nozzle located on the front of the tank, ensure the wand is firmlyattached to the tank or frame handle. Turn the valve located on the back panel tothe ON position. The nozzle on the front of the tank will begin to spray. Immediatelybegin to push or pull the sprayer at the desired speed for proper chemical delivery.To stop spraying with front nozzle, turn off the valve and the pump will deactivateafter reaching pressure.Cleaning & StorageMost spray materials are highly corrosive. The most important aspect of longdependable service from the sprayer is a thorough cleaning immediately followingeach use. In addition, the residue of one type of chemical could cause anundesirable effect when a different chemical is used for a different purpose.The most effective cleaning method is to pump several rinses of clean waterthrough the tank, pump, hoses, boom, spray gun, etc. A neutralizing agent such asa solution of Nutra-Sol, a detergent or household ammonia as recommended bythe chemical manufacturer can assist in removal of a persistent chemical. Whenthe system is thoroughly cleaned drain the tank, suction line, pump, hoses, etc.The following steps should be followed for the maintenance and storage of yoursprayer.Wash and flush out sprayer after completion of each phase of your program. Flushout sprayer when changing chemicals if there is a possibility of the chemicals beingincompatible. Use of a detergent is advisable if the chemical manufacturer doesnot make specific cleaning recommendations. Flush system completely, includingnozzles. Never use metal objects to open clogged nozzles.Clean sprayer thoroughly before storing at the end of the spraying season. Permanenttype anti-freeze added to the final rinse will leave a rust inhibiting film in parts ofthe sprayer.Periodically charge the battery (every 3 months) even if sprayer is not being used.Warranty Parts ServiceProducts sold shall be warranted from defects in workmanship and material whenused within the service and scope for which they were designed for a period ofone year from date of purchase. Contact your distributor/ dealer for replacementsparts or warranty work. Please have your original sales receipt or other proof ofpurchase date when requesting any warranty work.To ensure the correct parts are acquired always provide the model number ofyour sprayer/attachment and the part number and description obtained from theillustrated parts breakdown in this 1800 816 277

TTi - WeedControl SprayersTTi’s WeedMasta HandBookOperators HandbookPARTS LIST TROLLEY SPRAYER FRAMEPartsQtyList TrolleyPart No. Sprayer 100158Part 533-10015833-10015433-10015833-10015833-100158w w w. t t i . c o m . a, Handle (Only available as entire frame)DescriptionHandle adjustment knobs (Pair with bolts)Frame, Handle (Only available as entire frame)Hitch PinHandle adjustment knobs (Pair with bolts)Wheel and TireHitch PinAxel Nut and Washer (Pair)Wheel and TireRubber Pad (Pair with bolts)Axel Nut and Washer (Pair)Frame, Lower (Only available as entire frame)Rubber Pad (Pair with bolts)Hitch, Tongue (Only available as entire frame)Frame, Lower (Only available as entire frame)Hitch, Tongue (Only available as entire frame) Call 1800 816 2776Call 1800 816 277

TTi’s WeedMasta 1800 816 277

Qty111111111111111191IN11111111BOM -GASPart No.Hose ClampElbow, 1/2 NPT x 3/8 Hose BarbHose, Baided, Clear Vinyl (ask for length)Pump, 1 gpmScrew, Pan HeadFitting “T”, 3/8” Hose BarbValve, 3/8” Hose BarbHarness, Remote SwitchBattery, 12vSwitch, RockerCharger, 12vNozzle StrainerNozzleNozzle NutCapGarden Hose WasherAdaptor, 3/4’ GHT x 1/2” NPTTank (9 Gallon)Nozzle BodyNozzle BracketNozzle Body UnitGun Hose AssemblyRecoil HoseGun Clips (Pair)Tank LidBasket StrainerGasketDescriptionPARTS LIST TROLLEY SPRAYER TANK ASSEMBLYTTi’s WeedMasta HandBookCall 1800 816 277

TTi’s WeedMasta 1800 816 277

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7 Call 1800 816 277 TTi - WeedControl Sprayers Operators Handbook Ref Qty Part No. Description 1 1 33-100158 Frame, Handle (Only available as entire frame) 2 1 33-100157 Handle adjustment knobs (Pair with bolts) 3 1 33-100156 Hitch Pin 4 1 TWA12.5x2-5/8 Wheel and Tire