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Opening a Sales Quote from the Desk LogWhen eDESK is installed in a dealership a new column (Q)appears on the Desk log. This column contains a ‘Sharpie’icon.When Prospects (Showroom, Phone, Internet, Campaign) are‘Active’ and put in the showroom, the Desk Log displays the‘Sharpie’ icon.To access the Sales Quote for any Customer on the Desk Log,simply select the Green Sharpie to the left of the Customer’sName. This will load the Dealership Default quoteinformation into a Sales Quote.2

Sales Quote DetailsThe Sales Quote opens with pre-loaded Dealership Defaultinformation. The Sales Quote screen gives the User thefunctionality to perform many aspects of the Deal Deskingprocess. The tool bar at the top of the window allows theUser to Save the Quote, Print a Worksheet, Display/RemoveCost Information, Turn On/Off the Invoice Plus Option, ResetPrices to the Dealership Defaults, Post to F&I, and access aHelp Menu.3

Customer Hyper-Link and Opportunity DetailsThe Customer Hyper-Link will load the Opportunity Details page. This page displays theCustomer history, Contacts, Relationship, Lifetime Value, etc. The Opportunity Detailspage allows the User to edit Customer and Opportunity Information. In addition, a new‘Quote’ icon appears for ‘Desk Manager’ only, so managers can work a deal on ‘Active’prospect not on the desk log. The Yellow dot next to ‘Customer’ means phone, addressor email is missing. If Red, There is not a ‘County’ to calculate taxes.4

Vehicle Search ScreenWhen a Customer is entered into eLEAD with a stock number, that unit and pricing willload into the quote screen.The User can also search available Inventory by clicking on the Find Stock (circledabove), which will pop-up the Inventory Search window. Vehicles can be searchedthrough several characteristics, to include: Year, Make, Model, New, Used and otherfeatures or price levels. There is a setting to Ignore vehicles that have been previouslySold. This option can be deselected to view the entire Inventory, regardless of status.When searching the dealership Inventory, the default search will return all vehicles,unless the Ignore Sold Vehicles box has been checked. The radio button (New, Used, orBoth) is used to narrow down the vehicles returned.5

Edit Trade-In Hyper-LinkOnce the Edit Trade-In(s) Hyper-Link is selected, the screenbelow will appear.6Continued on Next Page

Edit Trade-In Hyper-Link Cont.The Edit Trade-In(s) Hyper-Link screen displays theinformation about the Trade Vehicle. If the VIN of the TradeVehicle is entered, the User can press the TAB key and theYear, Make, and Model will populate automatically.Otherwise the User can enter the Year, Make, and Modelfrom the dropdowns. The Trade Allowance, Pay Off, andTrade ACV can then be entered, along with the remaininginformation, if applicable.Once the Trade Information is Saved, the Sales Quote screenwill updated accordingly.The Green Dot next to Trade means all required information isentered. If Red, ACV is missing.7

Edit Vehicle Hyper-LinkThe Edit Vehicle Hyper-Link will open the Vehicle Inventory screen (window below).The Vehicle Inventory screen displays all of the information about the selected vehiclefrom the Dealerships Inventory. If the Wanted vehicle information was completed onthe Prospect Information screen, the Year, Make, Model, and Trim will populateaccordingly.8

Printing a Worksheet for a CustomerTo print a worksheet, click on the Print a Worksheet option in thetool bar. Select the Worksheet you want to print from the pull down(double click). The Worksheet will populate in a new Browser.REVIEW the Worksheet to ensure the information is accurate as towhat you want to present to the Customer. Select the Print icon atthe top left of the Worksheet Browser. A Sharpie with a ‘Q’ will bedisplayed on the Desk Log signifying a Quote has been provided.9

Hiding the Cost of the VehicleIf the User is going to use eDesk in front of the Customer, or wants to share informationregarding the Quote with the Customer, the User can hide the Cost Values for theQuote. Click on the COST option in the toolbar to hide the values, and click on the COSToption again for the values to reappear.10

Changing the LenderTo change the lender for a Quote, click on the Lender arrow.Select the Lender of your choice from the dropdown menu.If you want to add New Lenders, please contact eLEADSupport to assist you.11

Editing Add Ons, Fees, Back Ends, & Sales TaxThe Add Ons, Fees, Back Ends, and Sales Tax for each Quotecan be edited by clicking on any of the hyper-links above.These are unique for each payment type. If a value ischanged in a specific Quote type (i.e. Retail), it will not bechanged on any other Quote type (i.e. Lease) automatically.The User will need to adjust each Quote type accordingly.12

Invoice PlusThe Invoice Plus option allows the User to pencil an Invoice Plus Quote with theconvenience of clicking a button. If the Invoice Plus Option is OFF, the InvoicePlus option in the toolbar (see above) will be NOT be highlighted. If the InvoicePlus Option is ON, the Invoice Plus Option button will be highlighted. When thebutton is clicked, the above Invoice Plus pop-up will appear. The User canconfigure the details accordingly, and click on Accept. This will automaticallyupdate the Quote with the information selected.13

Using the Roll Back FunctionThe Roll Back (RB hyper-link) function allows the User tospecify a payment, in effect changing the othercomponents of the Quote to be structured around thedesired payment. Once the desired payment has beenentered, select which value to “Roll To”, click the Acceptbutton and the figures on the Quote will be automaticallyadjusted.14

Loan to ValueBanks lend their money according to guidelines; which dictate thestructure of the Quotes prepared for the Customers. The LTV hyperlink allows the dealership to make necessary changes to the Quoteaccording to these guidelines. The changes are made in the Loan toValue window above. Selecting where the “Roll Overage To:” allowsthe system to re-calculate with the selected parameters. Clicking onthe Accept button will update the Quote with the new information.15

Disclosure StatementThe Disclosure Statement (DSC hyper-link) is a read onlysnapshot of the components involved in the current LeaseQuote.16

Inception FeesInception fees are the monies due at signing of a Lease,which generally include the following: (First Payment Security Deposit Cash Down Non Cap Fees). Along withthe items listed, Back Ends and Sales Tax could also beincluded in the Inception Fees. The ‘IF’ button also allows theUser to edit the Fees, Back Ends, and Sales Tax (throughhyper-links) values that are Not Included in the Cap Cost.17

Deal ComparisoneDesk allows the ability to Compare Deals withouthaving to start another Quote. Once the Deal isinitially Saved, the Compare button will becomeavailable.Continued on Next Page18

Deal ComparisonThe Comparison Quote allows you to change allaspects of the Deal to include recalling a differentVehicle from Inventory. (In the example above, wehave entered a new vehicle in the ‘Compare’ pop-up.eDesk has the option of presenting the Original Quoteand the Comparison Quote via the Show ComparisonForm option, as seen on the following page. We canalso compare a lease special with loan options on thesame vehicle.19

Deal Comparison WorksheetThe Quotes appear side by side on a single useworksheet. This worksheet it a system tool and noteditable or customizable. It’s used to simply show aside by side comparison of two deals.20

Post Deal to F&IWhen the user wants to post the deal to ADP F&I, Theuser reviews the information, clicks on the payment/terms the customer has agreed upon (it will behighlighted in Yellow) and click the Post to F&I buttonon the top right of the Quote screen.21

Post Deal to F&IPlease Read the Pop-Up.Once the post is initiated and complete (2-5 seconds) TheADP Deal Number will be shown on the Quote Screen andthe Sharpie has a ‘QP’ (Quote Posted) with the Deal IDon the Desk log next to the Customer name. In thisexample DID: 6663722

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5 Vehicle Search Screen When a Customer is entered into eLEAD with a stock number, that unit and pricing will load into the quote screen. The User can also search available Inventory by clicking on the Find Stock (circledFile Size: 1MB