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Yoobee CollegesANIMATORKia ora,welcome toYoobee CollegesAs part of the Yoobee tribe, from day one you’ll be learningthrough creating and designing or programming and coding.This means you spend time bringing your ideas to life rather thangetting bogged down in endless theory.You’ll be better prepared for the industry when you graduatebecause you’ve trained through hands-on, project-based learningwith us doing the type of work that the industry demands.YOU MAKE.YOU LEARN.At Yoobee Colleges you'll be in a supportive learning environmentwhere tutors want you to thrive. Classes are small enough so thatyou know everyone’s name and you’ll get more 1:1 guidance fromyour tutors. But that doesn’t mean we’re small fry.We’ve got campuses in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington,Christchurch and even some online learning options. Our longhistory means we have the right connections in the industry tohelp while you study and when you graduate.Yoobee Colleges is accredited atthe highest level nationally andinternationally by the New ZealandQualifications Authority (NZQA) witha Category One rating.1

2Yoobee Colleges3ANIMATORTAKE OFF WITHANIMATIONAT YOOBEE1616Animation at Yoobee Colleges has a rich 30-year history. It all started in1989 with a Disney animator called John Ewing. Ewing trained at WaltDisney studios in L.A in the 1950s and 60s, helping draw characters forclassics like Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred and One Dalmatians andThe Jungle Book.16In 1967, attracted by New Zealand’s growing television industry,John moved here and worked on commercials, creating recognisableanimations such as Ches’n’Dale and the Marley Duck. By 1989 he anddesign studio owner, Barry Pearce, were training New Zealand-basedanimators in what would eventually be known as Animation College.He helped countless animators, many of whom have gone on to workfor the likes of Weta Digital and George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magicand in New Zealand’s leading creative studios.OUR STRENGTHS INCLUDE Our Bachelor of Animation is New Zealand’s only degree-level coursespecialising in 2D and 3D character animation, producing world-classanimators who are at the very top of their field. We give you time to figure out which type of animator you want to be. Not sure whether you want to be a 2D or a 3D animator? No worries.Both pathways start with the same Level 5 Diploma, which gives youa great grounding in both areas, so you can decide which one tospecialise in. Not sure how many years you want to study for? With our 2D and 3Dpathways, you’re not locked into a set number of years, you get tochoose the level your study will finish. Not sure if animation is for you? Start with our Level 4 course whichintroduces you to Design, Film, Web and Animation so you can decidewhere your strengths lie. If you decide it’s Design, Film or Web, you caneasily switch to our Level 5 Diplomas in those specific areas.We’re one of only three Houdini Certified Schools in New Zealand, so ourgraduates who use Houdini during their studies are eligible to receive acommercial version free for six months to a year.You can study animation in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch,so the choice is yours in terms of where you want to study.16 161616Our Animation graduates areworking in amazing studios andorganisations all over the world.Here are just some of them.16161616

4Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR5KIA WHAKARONGO ATUKI TĒTAHI O A TĀTOU TAUIRAMEET OUR STUDENTSNEELYCARETSBEBACHELOROF ANIMATIONWHY CAYLEEN CHOSE YOOBEEAll the traditional universities onlyoffered contemporary arts. I reallywanted to learn how to create worldsand characters while also developingmy traditional and digital art skillsand I almost gave up my dream ofpursuing art as a career entirely.One of my classmates told me aboutYoobee. I checked out the websiteand quickly found it had everythingI was looking for and more. Not onlydid it cover everything I was after,but it also ensured I would havea solid foundation in the areas of3D and 2D animation, and a greatunderstanding of industry softwareand production pipelines.I went from being uncertain aboutthe future of my career, to extremelyexcited and inspired—to the pointwhere I was counting down the daysuntil class started.WHAT CAYLEEN LOVES ABOUTYOOBEEIt’s such a positive and enthusiasticenvironment to learn in. For thefirst time in my life, I am meetinglikeminded people who are just aspassionate about creating as I am,which has just been amazing! I havealso had the chance to learn fromtutors who go above and beyondwhat is required to impart valuableknowledge that they have learnedfrom working in the industry.Leopard painting created by Cayleen.WHAT CAYLEEN LOVES ABOUT STUDYING THE BACHELOR OF ANIMATIONMy favourite part so far has been life drawing class. Breaking down a subject, environment, orobject into its basic shapes and structure and adding layers of construction, shading, and detailuntil it starts to come to life! It’s so rewarding to see how much my peers and myself have improvedover the duration of this class—not only in skill level but also in speed. Before I joined Yoobee, itwould take me around half an hour to an hour to finish a sketch. Now I can do it comfortably inaround five minutes!WHAT IS SOMETHING SURPRISING THAT STUDYING AT YOOBEE HAS TAUGHT YOU?Collaboration skills. A lot of our class activities are done in groups, which is great because itsimulates what it will be like in the work environment. It’s fascinating to throw an idea to a group,and see how it is developed into something far greater than it would have been if you’d just beendeveloping it on your own.

6KALINDYoobee CollegesANIMATORCTUIHNOSN7WHY DID KALIND CHOOSE YOOBEEDIPLOMA INADVANCED 3DPRODUCTIONThe Level 5 Diploma was the reason I chose Yoobee.It gave me the chance to explore a bit of everything first.Straight away you are introduced to outcome orientedbriefs, project management, and a combination ofworking independently and in teams. These kinds of realworld scenarios are what make the diploma useful.HHere I am now at level 7, having gone through the threeyear pathway for 3D animation—and I wouldn’t have hadit any other way.WHAT KALIND LOVES ABOUT YOOBEE?Yoobee is the bridge between thinking it and doing it.They give you the practical know-how for working withthe latest industry standard software, and teach you howto do so with artistic purpose. For someone like me who isvery process-oriented, working on projects and developingoutcomes is a must. In this industry, portfolios are king.Originality is encouraged, so no matter what, you’re neverproducing the same thing as the person next to you.They’re passionate and knowledgeable, with tutors comingfrom a variety of backgrounds ensuring a stimulating classenvironment. My work has always been given thoughtful,pointed feedback which has been a huge factor in myimprovement over the last three years.WHAT KALIND LOVES ABOUT STUDYING 3DIt’s a marriage of creative artistry and technical problemsolving. Often you will have a particular vision or goalin mind, and the challenge is to come up with the righttechnical approach that will bring it to life. I have alwaysbeen fascinated by the process of digital creation, but 3Dreally piqued my interest. It’s like a little world where youcan create anything you like.Majestic cephalopod, created by Kalind.WHAT IS SOMETHING SURPRISING THATSTUDYING AT YOOBEE HAS TAUGHT YOU?Being able to collaborate, problem solve, and giveeach other feedback has been a real highlight for me.I’ve learned that the real value of creation is in sharingyour thoughts and ideas with those around you.Being surrounded by like-minded people who are onthe same path as I am makes me want to go to campusevery day.3D Alien, created by Kalind.

8Yoobee Colleges“Animation isnot reality.It’s muchbetter!”Nancy Beiman—director, characterdesigner, teacher, and animatorANIMATOR9HE AHA TĒNEIMOMO AKORANGAWHAT IS ANANIMATOR?At the heart of it, animators are artists withgreat software, so if you’re into drawing,the exciting and fast-moving world ofanimation is a great career choice for you.As an animator you’ll create compelling,engaging digital art that connects with anaudience through visual storytelling.Working as a freelancer or within aproduction studio, animators combinecreativity, technical skills and teamwork tocreate 2D or 3D animations for television,video games, advertisements, print, web orin movies on the big screen!If you thought this was real, think again.It’s a 3D recreation made by Joshua Oxley,in the Diploma in Advanced 3D Production.

Yoobee CollegesKIA MŌHIOTIA AKETE ĀHUATANGA O TĒTAHI UMANGAWHAT IS A2DWHAT IS AANIMATOR?3DIf you live for drawing, 2D animation justmight be the right career path for you.2D animation is considered the traditional animation style, but nowadays theseanimations are far from traditional. Everything you see in 2D animation has tobe drawn, usually frame by frame, and these drawings are then assembled tocreate the illusion of motion.ARTIST?3D Charboiser sculpted by Paramveer Singh.Diploma in Advanced 3D Production.Your skills will enable you to create characters and bring creative concepts tolife through the 12 principles of animation which guide an animator to createrealistic movement, gesture, colour and expression for their characters andscenes. 2D is a popular and diverse medium, used in TV shows, video games,feature films, advertisements, mobile apps and on websites.There is demand for skilled and enthusiastic 2D animators who love motiongraphics and are good at creating original and appealing content. You willwork closely with art directors, producers and other members of the productionteam to create your animations.ANIMATOR2D illustration, created by Ngarangi Thompson.Diploma in Specialised Animation.10For a 3D artist, while being able to drawis an advantage, it’s not a must.Your job is to make a flat image walk, talk, and bounce like a real object.When you’re animating in 3D you move the character using the computer,simulating gravity and creating virtual skeletons to manipulate using riggingthat controls the animation.The world of the 3D artist is a collaborative one. You’ll be a key memberof a production pipeline creating characters, special effects and CGenvironments for movies, commercials, games and other video content,and you can work in roles such as a 3D Animator, 3D Modeller, Texture Painter,Character Rigger, VFX Artist, Matte Painter and Compositor, depending onyour specialist skill area.There is huge demand for 3D Artists and you could find your work featuredon the big screen!11

12Yoobee CollegesANIMATORME PĒHEA AI E TAREADIPLOMAPATHWAYPATHWAYS TO YOURANIMATION CAREERLEVELThe Yoobee pathway to a 2D or a 3D animation career starts in thesame place. We give you time to figure out which type of animatoryou want to be before you choose your pathway at Level 6.DIPLOMAPATHWAYS4CERTIFICATE INCREATIVEMEDIA20WEEKSCertificate in Creative MediaLevel 4 OPTIONALFor students that have little or no experience inanimation, our Level 4, 20-week certificate is theperfect way to test out your creativity and experiencea range of creative fields.What will you learn?20WEEKSDESIGNYou’ll learn the key principles of design and apply themto work you create in InDesign and Photoshop. Design isall about conveying a message and you’ll discover how totarget a specific audience to get your ideas across.OPTIONALLEVELFILM5DIPLOMA INANIMATIONUsing Illustrator and other digital software, try your handat a range of animation techniques, including claymation,stop-motion and shadow puppetry. You’ll also learn howto tell incredible stories through the animated characteryou’ve designed.LEVELARTISTPATHWAY32WEEKS6DIPLOMA IN3D PRODUCTION40WEEKSINTERACTIVEYou’ll look at the basics of both UX and UI (UserExperience and User Interface) design.LEVELYou’ll touch on the principles of code, and work oninteractive projects such as creating simple websitesand learning about what makes a game truly ORPATHWAYDIPLOMA INSPECIALISEDANIMATIONWhy are some films great and others not so much?You’ll explore what makes an awesome film and theprocesses behind making it.40WEEKS2D7BACHELOR OFANIMATION7YEARONE13DIPLOMA INADVANCED 3DPRODUCTIONYEARTWOThis certificate also leads to filmmaking, design andgame development oma in AnimationLevel 5If the world of animation is for you, the Level 5 Diploma inAnimation is the next step. Or if you decide that you wantto specialise in one of our other areas like filmmaking,design or game development, you can jump straight intothe Level 5 course in those pathways.First you’ll focus on the fundamentals of generalanimation, which includes 3D production to ensure youhave a well-rounded base level of skills.What will you learn?ANIMATION FOUNDATIONSThis hands-on programme gives you a strong foundationin software used in the animation industry as you buildon your art skills. Through life drawing classes exploringanatomy, gestural drawing and movement, you’ll becomea skilled artist, and learn to translate these skills intocreating authentic characters in compelling animations.DIGITAL PRODUCTIONYou’ll learn to model and texture in 3D, bringing yourideas to life as realistic and lifelike 3D models.KEY ANIMATIONExplore injecting emotion into characters to bring themto life and build the worlds these characters live in, whiletelling a compelling story.FINAL IMAGELighting, texture and rendering skills are used to createfinal images and sequences for animation, using Industrystandard software you’ll work in teams to achievecompelling digital images.

14Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR2D ANIMATORPATHWAY32WEEKS3D ARTISTPATHWAYDiploma in Specialised AnimationLevel 640WEEKSCommunication is key to any animation. We’ll showyou how to apply visual concepts and aesthetics to ananimation to communicate a message to its audience.You’ll develop animation project skills and knowledge ina simulated studio environment, with group workdeveloping your team skills.POST PRODUCTIONClass sizes are small so that you get attentivetutor support.Applying specialist knowledge and skills, within an industrystandard production pipeline, you’ll work in a team tocreate an animation sequence.Projects are either individual or team focused. You’ll learnto work independently as well as collaboratively where youcan show leadership skills within an animation productionteam, all in a nurturing inclusive environment.What will you learn?15Diploma in 3D ProductionLevel 6The final polishing of the animation, you’ll explore varioustechniques and learn how to respond to complex postproduction requirements.You’ll focus on what’s important to the industry, usingindustry standard software. You’ll learn to work in a teamas well as independently —in a way that replicates aproduction pipeline used in the animation Industry.ADVANCED ANIMATION STUDIO 1 2What will you learn?VISUAL STORYTELLINGEngaging with the audience through clever narrative andclear communication, you’ll create an animation sequencethat shows your visual storytelling skillsADVANCED PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATIONPORTFOLIO AND CAREER PREPReviewing and analysing existing animations to thenapply those learnings to your own animation creations.The animation workflow is an important aspect ofany successful project and you’ll learn how to workindependently and collaborate to achieve amazing results.You’ll complete this diploma with portfolio that preparesyou for employment in animation and related industries.MODELLING AND TEXTURINGLearn to draw from reference and then apply this skill tomodelling and digitally sculpting a character. Lightingand texture are added to make your character realistic.TECHNICAL STUDIOLearn how to apply rigging to a character so it movesand reacts. Then design and create rigging for ananimated piece.ANIMATIONCreate a short character-based 3D animation, usingpractical and theoretical skills you’ve developed.VISUAL EFFECTSIn a team apply VFX and motion capture to create ashort, animated film.40WEEKSDiploma in Advanced 3D ProductionLevel 7Learn how to combine technical skills with creativity,producing 3D work to a photo-realistic standard, whilelearning to solve technical issues.Learn more about 3D asset creation, character/creaturerigging and effects simulation, while working in ourindustry-like learning environment. Use industry standardtools and best practices derived from ongoing industryadvice and input.Our green screens and green screen rooms (in our largercampuses) give you the opportunity to create excitingvisual effects onto live filmed sequences, enhancing livefootage and creating the impossible and the magical.What will you learn?ENVIRONMENTAL REALISMBuild on your skills to achieve a higher level of photorealismin your modelling, and learn to analyse and understandlighting, texturing and shading so your quality of modellingis at a professional level.TEAM PRODUCTIONWork in a team to produce a highly crafted, large scaleanimation production.You’ll develop an industry informed production pipelineand you’ll be assigned one or more specialist roles withinthat pipeline. This means you’ll become experienced inproject planning, time management, communicationfeedback, self & peer evaluation and problem solving,all in a simulated studio environment.RESEARCH AND SHOWREELProduce a dynamic showreel demonstrating a range ofcreative and technical 3D skill sets, tailored to your chosenpathway of specialisation.2D character sequence created by Dante Bidois Kelly. Diploma in Specialised Animation.

16Yoobee CollegesDEGREEPATHWAY2D/3DANIMATOR3YEARSBachelor of AnimationLevel 7Our Bachelor of Animation is New Zealand’sonly degree-level course specialising in 2Dand 3D character animation—producingworld-class animators who are at the verytop of their field.This unique and diverse degree will give you everythingyou need to launch your career as a specialist in story andcharacter, world-building and visual effects, or interactivemedia and games.YEAR ONEYear One focuses on providing a foundation of knowledgeand skills for animation—giving a background innarrative theory and practice, understanding of visualcommunication principles, art and observation skills, andan introduction to animation principles.You’ll gain knowledge of, and experience with 2D and3D animation production and post-production process,technology and techniques. You’ll also study animationhistory to help develop your academic and critical thinkingskills by connecting theory with personal practice whichwill broaden your understanding of this exciting field.What will you learn?YEAR THREEIn Year Three, you get to start your specialisation,choosing from Story and Character, World-Building andVisual Effects or Interactive Media and Games. You’ll focuson this specific area, mentored by specialist tutors.What will you learn?STORY AND CHARACTER MAJORSStory and Character majors will be skilled in the narrativeof an animation. You’ll create compelling characters thathelp build the story and use post-production techniquesto enhance the aesthetics and narrative framework ofthe production.WORLD-BUILDING AND VISUAL EFFECTS MAJORSWorld-Building and Visual Effects majors create the worldin which a story lives in. You’ll use visual effects and yourknowledge of film, set design and architecture to developreferences that enhance the narrative and message ofa production.INTERACTIVE MEDIA AND GAMES MAJORSInteractive Media and Games majors create assets fordigital interactive frameworks, like games, apps andaugmented reality. You’ll gain knowledge of game enginefundamentals and incorporate usability testing to createyour final production. Foundation knowledge and skills Principles of storytelling for film and animation Studio-based life drawing classesCONTEXTS AND STUDIO Visual communication design 2D and 3D animation and modellingThe first half of the year focuses on your specialist rolewithin animation while developing your abilities toresearch and produce animation assets that contributeto team projects.YEAR TWOIllustration created by Bruce Daya. Bachelor of Animation.17Year Two continues to deliver core subjects but introducesyou to specialist roles in group projects undertaken inour industry-style production studios. During the yearyou’ll play different key roles within production pipelinesto develop, produce and post produce animations for avariety of media formats. This helps you choose your majorspecialisation for Year Three.What will you learn?ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICEEnhance your project management and research skills,so that you can develop an effective proposal for yourproject in the second half of the year.THE CAPSTONE PROJECTThe culmination of everything you’ve learnt aboutanimation so far. Initially you’ll independently researchyour own animation concept—but then you’ll collaboratein a team to produce a single animation for exhibition. Cinematic, visual effects and game design Game assets and game art creationINVESTIGATIVE PROJECT Game creation software Development of stories, worlds and characters fordifferent genres and media types Professional practice, ethics and project managementThe final project for the year is the investigative project,which can take the form of a seminar or masterclass. You’llpresent the findings of an investigation into a topic ofpersonal interest within your major. Advanced 3D graphics practice Interactive productionOPTIONAL HONOURS YEARYou may choose to continue studying by doing an Honoursyear and pursue a passion project you began in Year Three.

18Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR19For Those Below is an experimental short film made byLinden Watkinson, Holly Newton, Marguerite Kercher andPolina Tsyinka, 3rd Year Bachelor of Animation students.Set in a post-apocalyptic world, our protagonist is visitedby a mysterious feline who leads him on a journey thatteaches him that finding what you truly need in this worldrequires a leap of faith.Hand made using traditional 2D animation drawings andtechniques, this film is a showcase of beauty, craft and thecomplex, time consuming techniques of the medium.KIA TITIRO ATU ME PĒHEA AI TEMAHI A NGĀ TAUIRA2D STUDENTPROJECTThe best way to seethe finished film isto view it here

20Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR21KIA TITIRO ATU ME PĒHEA AI TEMAHI A NGĀ TAUIRA3D STUDENTPROJECTIn times like these, just about anythingis possible even an alien invasion.And you’d be forgiven for thinkingthese images were the real thing!Aaron Hetaraka, Jameri Nunez andParamveer Padam created thisproject as part of the Level 6 Diplomain 3D Production. The brief was tocreate a short VFX sequence in ateam, producing one shot each butensuring that each shot tied together.They created a series of compositestelling a simple story of an alieninvasion. They modelled all the alienships, shot the footage, compositedthe 3D elements into the scene andthen generated and composited theVFX elements in last.The best way to seethe finished film isto view it here

22Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR23ME WHAKARONGOKI NGĀ KŌREROA NGĀ KAIAKO2D illustrated street screen, created by Rafael.MEETOURTUTORSWHY DO YOU TEACH?2D character, created by Rafael.WHAT DO YOU LOVEABOUT YOOBEE?We have an awesome and funfaculty team with different skill setsthat are useful for both student andeven fellow tutors, and we’re given achance to do our research projectswhile teaching to keep ourknowledge current.WHY SHOULD SOMEONEBECOME AN ANIMATOR?If you have stories in your head andcan draw them, wouldn’t it be nice ifyou can see them in motion?WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITEANIMATED CHARACTER?At the moment, Mugen from SamuraiChamploo. I love his erratic behaviourand highly stylized motions.COLINRAFAELNOELDEDIPLOMA IN 3DPRODUCTIONLEVEL 6WHY DO YOU TEACH?There are three main loves in my life. Family, art andteaching. When I finished my term in the military, Iwanted to pursue a career in something where thesepassions are fostered. I love teaching young minds, it’ssuch a great experience to see the wonder and passionof likeminded people. To watch them grow to see themfulfil their dreams.WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOOBEE?Yoobee is my second home. It is my bigger family.It’s not stuffy academia. In Yoobee, it’s about doing it.WHICH ANIMATION STUDIOHAVE YOU DREAMED ABOUTWORKING FOR?The Line Animation, Titmouse,or Golden Wolf. For any buddinganimators out there, I suggest youtake a look at their works if youhaven’t heard of them!PRAGGI love teaching the technical aspectsof animation and giving students thetechnical tools. I get satisfaction inseeing a student’s awe when they seetheir creations comes to life.3D metallic ball, created by Colin.2D ANIMATION, HISTORYOF ANIMATION, AND POSTPRODUCTION PROCESSESWHY SHOULD SOMEONE BECOME AN ANIMATOR?I became an animator because I was inspired by Disney.I stay with what I do because I continue to be inspired.There’s plenty of people in the artistic community thatare doing amazing things with the technology available.They push the need for technology to get even better.It’s an amazing world of potential.

24Yoobee CollegesANIMATOR25KI HEA KOE WHAI AI I TE NGWe have three Auckland campuses, ranging froma Hollywood-style production studio to high-techanimation and technology centres.You’ll find us in Rotorua’smain shopping precinct.We’re inside the WellingtonRailway Building andfeature nine computer labs,three theory rooms, a largeA/V studio with a greenscreen and sound booth,and a flatbed and pulldown screenfor photography.With space for 700students, our brand-newcentral-city campus iscustom-made for creatingand collaborating. Ourbright, fully renovatedspace contains twomakeup studios, designstudios and workrooms,a green screen room,seven computer labs anda special lab for short andindustry courses.We understand thereare different lifestylesor preferences to fittingin your study so wherepossible, some of ourprogrammes are offeredonline.CITY ROADCAMPUSSOUTH SEASCAMPUSMANUKAUCAMPUSYoobee City Road is a tech, design,animation & gaming powerhousefeaturing 11 computer labs, a 3Dgraphics suite, a green screen roomand a fully loaded sound studio.This campus functions like a real-lifeworking Hollywood-style studio.Focusing on animation and creativepathways, the Manukau City Campuswas created to capture the talent ofAuckland’s south.There’s also a dedicated exhibitionspace and, with over 400 students,there’s always something amazingon show.The 40,000 square-foot productioncomplex completely immerses youin the world of film and televisionproduction and has bred an armyof creatives in post-production,directing, scriptwriting, art anddesign, VFX and acting.Level 43 City RoadGraftonAuckland 1010Unit 375 Ellice RoadGlenfieldAuckland 0629Level 2Westfield Manukau CityManukauAuckland 2104T. 64 9 303 3120T. 64 9 444 3253T. 64 9 373 4958Located in the Westfield ManukauCity mall, right next to the trainstation, our campus is equipped withthree fully loaded computer labs andareas for life drawing.Our Rotorua campusfeatures fully equippedtechnical and computerlabs as well as a lifedrawing room. Studentscan relax in their owncommon room before orafter class.Level 21220 Eruera StreetRotorua 3010T. 64 7 460 1131Our large classrooms areperfect for collaborationand there’s a comfy studentcommon room area whereyou can relax when you’renot busy creating.Level 2West WingWellington Railway Station2 Bunny StreetPipiteaWellington 6011T. 64 4 384 9624573 Colombo StreetChristchurch CentralChristchurch 8011T. 64 3 377 1978

26Yoobee CollegesANIMATORME WHAKARONGO KI TĒTAHI TAUIRAKUA MUTU ANA NEI AKORANGAMEET ANANIMATIONGRADUATEPIXEL-BASEDFILM-MAKINGHe’s worked for the best VFX studios in the world, on themost legendary movie blockbusters of our time.From The Adventures of Tintin, District 9 and The LovelyBones to The Hobbit, Ice Age 5 and Captain Marvel,when it comes to animation, Te Awamutu’s Jesse LewisEvans is a force to be reckoned with.Jesse, began his creative studies back in 2000, and set his sights on becominga classic 2D ‘pencil and paper’ cell animator. In his final year of study he enteredthe 24 hour film competition and took out first place. The prize included aninternship at Oktober, a small but high-end post-production house in Auckland.His eight-week internship morphed into a full-time job and Jesse spent the nextyear sharpening his skills there.“Not only did I learn more about 3D at Oktober, I learnt a strong work ethic.Passion and a willingness to learn and work your butt off beats raw talentalone. I was an okay animator, but I wanted to succeed so badly I wouldn’tlet myself fail.”From Oktober, Jesse went to Weta Workshop, where he spent the first coupleof years as an animator, before becoming a previs artist. Jesse was part of ateam, creating sequences from scratch, getting into mocap suits and actingout sequences they dreamed up, taking them through from concept to final."I’d always wanted to live in New York, so I was pretty excited when I landeda job at Blue Sky. I’d spent six years at Weta, so with that under my belt it waseasy to find work internationally.”Blue Sky was a whole new ballgame—Jesse would get storyboards and designsfrom different departments and have to find a way to marry the two to provethat the concepts could work, before passing them down the pipeline.While at Blue Sky Studios, Jesse worked on Ice age 4, Epic, Rio 2, Peanuts,Ferdinand and Ice Age 5.For close to a decade Jesse has been based offshore, spending six years inNew York before heading west to L.A for surf, sun and a kick-ass job assupervisor at The Third Floor.ESSJESNAVESILEW27

3D illustration, ‘Frida’ created by Layla Viscu. Diploma in Advanced 3D Production.


2 Yoobee Colleges ANIMATOR 3 TAKE OFF WITH ANIMATION AT YOOBEE Animation at Yoobee Colleges has a rich 30-year history. It all started in 1989 with a Disney animator called John Ewing. Ewing trained at Walt Disney studios in L.A in the 1950s and 60s, helping draw characters for classics like Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred and One Dalmatians and