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Chapter 1 Introduction to Passport Data Query .3User Types . 3General User . 3Administrative User . 3PBS 12.04 Limitation Note . 4Chapter 2 Quick Start Examples .5Example 1 . 5Starting PDF and Running a Query . 5Operating the Query Display . 7Making Changes to the Query . 8Exporting Data . 12Saving Your Work . 13Chapter 3 Reference Documentation . 15Access to PDQ . 15Query List . 15The Query Selection Screen . 16Navigation and Options Buttons . 16Processing . 17Fields on the Query Selection Tab . 20Query Title . 20Function . 21Sorting Field Groups. 22Sort-by . 22Record Selection . 22Then by . 23Filter Field Groups . 23Filter On . 23Relation . 23Value. 24Date Values . 24Value Field Wildcards . 24and/or. 25Chapter 4 Standards, Case Sensitivity and Sorting . 26Standards . 26Automated Lookup Fields . 26Field and Screen Handling . 26Entry Conventions. 26Case Sensitivity . 27Sorting Optimization . 28Appendix A Glossary . 29PDQ User GuidePage 1Passport Business Solutions

Fields, Records and Files . 29Relational View/Primary Files/Associated Files/Fields . 29Natural Key. 30Query Field List or Export Field List . 30Record Selection/Filtering . 30Sorting . 31Sort-by Field . 31Filter-on Field . 31Selection Set. 32CSV File . 32Appendix B Special Codes in PBS Files . 33Introduction to Codes . 33PDQ Code Tables . 34Accounts Receivable . 34Accounts Payable . 35Payroll. 35Point of Sale. 36System . 36Manufacturing . 36PDQ User GuidePage 2Passport Business Solutions

This is the User’s Guide to the PBS Data Query (PDQ) Application:Chapter 1 Introduction to Passport Data QueryPassport Data Query (PDQ) adds flexible data Query and Export functions to Passport Business Solutions.It can operate in either a traditional mode or in conjunction with the Passport Thin-client product.Passport Data Query is an open-ended way of viewing PBS data or exporting it to aspreadsheet file format.Passport Data Query will only function in the non SQL version of PBS.User TypesThere are two types of PBS users: general and administrator. These types correspond to the types of PBSuser logins. Following is an explanation of the PDQ functions accessible to both user types:General UserThe general user can work with assigned queries. With assigned queries the general user can determine:The output of display or exportThe sorting sequence of the dataThe filters to be used to restrict the records being queriedIn some cases save or delete changes made to the output type, sorting and filteringThis guide is mostly a non-technically oriented description of PDQ for the general user, where theprimary interest in the product is the practical aspect of “getting at the data”.There are 4 chapters and two appendices:The introduction which you are in nowQuick start examplesReference Documentation which is a detailed walk through of all fields and functionsTechnical information on case sensitivity and sortingAppendices which give a Glossary of terms used in these guides, and a list of special codes that usersmay need to reference when sorting and filtering dataAdministrative UserAn administrative user can work from existing queries, change them or create them from scratch.The administrators guide describes the operation of screen functions and additional tabs. It explains thequery setup including file and field selection, user report assignment and much more. For a completedescription, see the PDQ Administrators Guide.PDQ User GuidePage 3Passport Business Solutions

PBS 12.04 Limitation NoteDue to file changes in v12.04 PDQ now has some limitations.Most of the queries work as they did in 12.02 and earlier. However, some of them will not functionproperly or completely. These include:QueryData sourceIssueAP Vendor History- Sample #3 Vendor historyThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldAR Cash History – DepositsA/R Cash HistoryThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldAR Cash History - ReceiptsA/R Cash HistoryThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldGL Transaction Master FileG/L TransactionsThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldIC Item Transaction HistoryI/C Trx HistoryThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldIC Serial# Transaction HistorySerial HistoryThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Journal # fieldPR Employee MasterEmployee fileThe data is not accurate for any fieldafter the Term Insurance Premium fieldPDQ User GuidePage 4Passport Business Solutions

Chapter 2 Quick Start ExamplesThe purpose of the general user manual is a practical help in running the main functions of the PDQproduct. We have two examples that can be used to immediately try out the PDQ system.An example of a query is a list of those customers in Colorado with YTD sales over 2000. Since you wantto phone these customers and are breaking up the calling by area code, you will need to sort the data bytelephone number. In this case the fields selected might be customer name, customer contact, phone#,state, YTD Sales. You would set filters to select State CO and YTD Sales 2000. The query fields arepre-selected by the administrator however you have options for filtering and sorting.Note: It is assumed that for these examples that you are a PBS general user. Thesequick start examples do not touch on the subject of selecting fields to be queried andother administrative functions. It is assumed for these examples that a PBSadministrator has made a query available to you.Example 1Starting PDF and Running a QueryWe will use the above Customer sales example as our first example. Open the query program by goinginto any application and clicking the magnifying glass icon on the tool bar.You will see a list of queries somewhat like the following come up:PDQ User GuidePage 5Passport Business Solutions

Note: Your PBS administrator determines the actual content of this list. The list ofapplications you use and may be shorter or even longer than this list and will likelyhave different query titles. You may not have been given any queries that you canaccess so then the list is empty.Double click a query. In this example we selected AR Customer - Sales Query Sample #1. You should get ascreen that looks like this:This is the Query Selection screen where you specify the parameters of your query.There are filtering and sorting options, however you can click the Process button to run the Query as is.Note: If you have many thousands of customers this query may take a little while toprocess. You will see the record counter counting by units and then by hundreds.If the file you are processing is too large and the process is taking too long you may hitPDQ User GuidePage 6Passport Business Solutions

the Esc key or click the Exit button in the top left corner and select Exit; the programwill stop compiling the data file and will show you whatever has already beenaccumulated. This is a general feature that you can use to curtail the amount of timerequired to run a query, especially when you are in an “experimental” phase ofdeveloping a query and having all the data is less important than seeing if your setup isthe way you want it.When the processing has finished you will see a screen like this:This is the Query Display window and shows you the results of your query. Notice that the list is sortedby State because in the Query Selection screen, the first and therefore primary sort field was specified asState. Customers are sorted in Customer Name sequence within State since the second sort-by isCustomer Name.All customers are listed because the Filter Selection frame is empty.Operating the Query DisplayThe Query Display shows the results of your query and works a lot like a PBS Lookup. It has its own set ofoperating buttons.You may scroll line-by-line up/down or page up/down through the displayed list by using the single anddouble arrowheads on the right hand side of the window. You may also go directly to the end of the listor to the beginning by clicking on the End or Home buttons.Data may be sorted by selecting the Sort by button in the lower left or by hitting the F1 key, whichcycles through each of the columns in turn starting with the Query Selection Sort By field.The Search-by feature allows you to type in the first few characters of the data being used to sort thePDQ User GuidePage 7Passport Business Solutions

list and the program jumps to the nearest match. This is very useful for long lists and saves a lot ofpaging. For example, try hitting F1 to change the Sort-by to Customer Name and then in the Searchby field type “Ho” and hit Enter , the program immediately jumps down the list to the first matchingentry, which in our example is “Holloway”.Note: Searches are case insensitive so “Ho” will match “HOxxxx” or “hoxxx” or“Hoxxxxxx”.You exit the Query Display window by clicking the X in the upper right or pressing the Esc key. This willreturn you to the Query Selection screen.Making Changes to the QueryIn this example we will apply a filter. Let’s select only customers listed in Colorado (or whatever Statemakes sense given your business). If you only do business in one state, then substitute the City or Zipcode fields for State.Click the down arrow in the first field called Filter On in the Filter Selection Panel. This will produce adrop-down list of available fields to filter on – single click State.Go to the next field and select Equal.In the third field, Value, enter CO and hit Enter or Tab or Esc .Now run the query again by clicking on the large Process button. This time our Query Display list shouldbe shorter showing only those customers in the selected state:PDQ User GuidePage 8Passport Business Solutions

In our case only two lines are shown but for most businesses there could be many lines. So let’s apply asecond filter to further restrict our data to only those customers that have this year’s sales (YTD Sales) ofover 2000.In the fourth field of the filters frame labeled and/or click the down arrow and select and. Then fill thefollowing three fields in by selecting:Sales-YTD as the field,Greater as the Relation and2000 as the Value.The Filter Selection area should now look like this:Running the query now with this more restrictive filter, in our case, will show just one record – the singlecase – the American Coffee Corp that resides in Colorado and has YTD sales of over 2000.By clicking Save or Save As in the Options frame on the far right, you can save the current form of thequery or save it with a different name.Note: Saving does not mean changing or saving the PBS/business data itself. It meansPDQ User GuidePage 9Passport Business Solutions

saving the parameters of the query under a query name so when the list of availablequeries is shown the new or updated query is there.Example 2Let’s do one last example with the Customer data. Let’s find out any customers who haven’t boughtfrom us since June of 2008. Substitute a date makes sense for your business.First clear the filters by clicking the down arrow of the first Filter On field: At the bottom of the dropdown list select the entry Blank or simply delete all the characters in the entry window. Hit Esc or Enter . This will caus

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