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ContentsOverview & Diagnostic . vFormative and Summative Assessment . viAssessment Technology . viiData-Driven Decision Making . viiiPerformance Assessment . ixPortfolio Assessment . xCommon Core Assessment Formats . xiTest Answer Sheet . xvPrerequisite Skills Inventory . 1-1Beginning-of-Year Test . 1-7Chapter 1 School-Home Letter (English) . 1-17Chapter 1 School-Home Letter (Spanish) . 1-18Vocabulary Game . 1-191.1 Reteach . 1-211.1 Enrich . 1-221.2 Reteach . 1-231.2 Enrich . 1-241.3 Reteach . 1-251.3 Enrich . 1-261.4 Reteach . 1-271.4 Enrich . 1-28Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyiiiTable of Contents

1.5 Reteach . 1-291.5 Enrich . 1-301.6 Reteach . 1-311.6 Enrich . 1-321.7 Reteach . 1-331.7 Enrich . 1-341.8 Reteach . 1-351.8 Enrich . 1-361.9 Reteach . 1-371.9 Enrich . 1-381.10 Reteach . 1-391.10 Enrich . 1-401.11 Reteach . 1-411.11 Enrich . 1-421.12 Reteach . 1-431.12 Enrich . 1-44Chapter 1 Test . 1-45Chapter 1 Performance Task . 1-51Answer Keys . 1-56Individual Record Forms . 1-71Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyivTable of Contents

Overview of Go Math! AssessmentHow Assessment Can Help Individualize InstructionThe Chapter Resources contains several types of assessment for use throughoutthe school year. Assessment pacing can also be found in the Go Math! TeacherEdition. The following pages will explain how these assessments help teachersevaluate students’ understanding of the Common Core standards. TheseChapter Resources also contain Individual Record Forms to help guide teachers’instructional choices and to improve students’ performance.Diagnostic AssessmentPrerequisite Skills Inventory in the Chapter Resources should be given at thebeginning of the school year or when a new student arrives. This short-answertest assesses students’ understanding of prerequisite skills. Test results provideinformation about the review or intervention that students may need in order to besuccessful in learning the mathematics related to the standards for this grade level.Suggestions for intervention are provided for this inventory.Beginning-of-Year Test in the Chapter Resources contains items that arepresented in Common Core assessment format. This test should be given earlyin the year to determine which on-grade level skills that students may alreadyunderstand. This benchmark test will facilitate customization of instructional contentto optimize the time spent teaching specific objectives. Suggestions for interventionare provided for this test.Show What You Know in the Student Edition is provided for each chapter. Itassesses prior knowledge from previous grades as well as content taught earlierin the current grade. Teachers can customize instructional content using theintervention options suggested. The assessment should be scheduled at thebeginning of each chapter to determine if students have the prerequisite skills forthe chapter.Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyvOverview

Formative AssessmentLesson Quick Check in every lesson of the Teacher Edition monitors students’understanding of the skills and concepts being presented.Lesson Practice for every lesson in the Student Edition helps students achievefluency, speed, and confidence with grade level skills and concepts.Mid-Chapter Checkpoint in the Student Edition provides monitoring of students’progress to permit instructional adjustments, and when required, to facilitatestudents’ mastery of the objectives.Middle-of-Year Test in the Chapter Resources assesses the same standards asthe Beginning-of-Year Test, allowing students’ progress to be tracked and providingopportunity for instructional adjustments, when required.Portfolios encourage students to collect work samples throughout the chapter as areinforcement of their progress and achievements.Summative AssessmentChapter Review/Tests in the Student Edition indicate whether additionalinstruction or practice is necessary for students to master the concepts and skillstaught in the chapter. These tests include items presented in a variety of CommonCore assessment formats.Chapter Tests in the Chapter Resources evaluate students’ mastery of conceptsand skills taught in the chapter. These tests assess the mastery of the CommonCore standards taught in a chapter. Item types on these tests are similar to ones astudent would encounter on a test to assess Common Core standards.Performance Assessment Tasks in the Chapter Resources are provided for eachChapter and Critical Area. Each assessment contains several tasks to assessstudents’ ability to use what they have learned and provides an opportunity forstudents to display their thinking strategies. Each set of tasks is accompanied byteacher support pages, a rubric for scoring, and examples of student work for thetask.End-of-Year Tests in the Chapter Resources assess the same standards asthe Beginning- and Middle-of-Year Tests. It is the final benchmark test for thegrade level. When students’ performance on the End-of-Year Test is comparedto performance on the Beginning- and Middle-of-Year Tests, teachers are able todocument students’ growth.Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyviOverview

Getting Ready Tests in the Getting Ready Lessons and Resources evaluate thestudents’ understanding of concepts and skills taught as readiness for the nextgrade level. These tests are available in a mixed-response format comprised ofmultiple choice and short answer.Assessment TechnologyThe Personal Math Trainer offers online homework, assessment, and intervention.There are pre-built tests that lead to intervention and a personal study plan.Algorithmically generated technology-enhanced items have wrong answer feedbackand learning aids.Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyviiOverview

Data-Driven Decision MakingGo Math! allows for quick and accurate data-driven decision making so youcan spend more instructional time tailoring to students’ needs. The Data-DrivenDecision Making chart with Diagnostic, Formative, and Summative Assessmentsprovides prescribed interventions so students have a greater opportunity forsuccess with the Common Core standards.Intervention and Review ResourcesFor skills that students have not yet mastered, the Reteach in Chapter Resources,Tier 1 and Tier 2 RtI Activities online, or The Personal Math Trainer provideadditional instruction and practice on concepts and skills in the chapter.Using Individual Record FormsThe Chapter Resources includes Individual Record Forms (IRF) for all tests. Onthese forms, each test item is correlated to the standard it assesses. There areintervention resources correlated to each item as well. A common error explains whya student may have missed the item. These forms can be used to: Follow progress throughout the year. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and provide follow-up instruction. Make assignments based on the intervention options provided.Chapter Resources Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyviiiData-Driven Decision Making

Performance AssessmentPerformance Assessment, together with other types of assessment, can supplythe missing information not provided by other testing formats. PerformanceAssessments, in particular, help reveal the thinking strategies students use to workthrough a problem. Performance Assessments with multiple tasks for each chapterand Critical Area are provided in the Chapter Resources.Performance Assessment is provided in many places in Go Math!Each of these assessments has several tasks that target specific math concepts,skills, and strategies. These tasks can help assess students’ ability to use what theyhave learned to solve everyday problems. Each assessment focuses on a theme.Teachers can plan for students to complete one task at a time or use an extendedamount of time to complete the entire assessment.Teacher support pages introduce each Performance Assessment. A task-specificrubric helps teachers evaluate students’ work. Pa

Edition. The following pages will explain how these assessments help teachers evaluate students’ understanding of the Common Core standards. These Chapter Resources also contain Individual Record Forms to help guide teachers’ instructional choices and to improve students’ performance. Diagnostic Assessment Prerequisite Skills Inventory in the Chapter Resources should be given at the .