Electrician Trainee GuideWho can Benefit from this Guide? Electricians and electrical contractors who must be in compliance withCalifornia State electrical certification requirements for electricians.Objectives of this Guide To provide you with an easy, step-by-step process to follow, so that youare successful in complying with California State Electrician CertificationrequirementsTo provide you with sources of information on forms to be completedTo provide you with resources for State-approved electrician traineeeducation and training programs.OverviewBased on current California State regulations, for an electrical worker to continueworking legally in California, he/she must either: have the required work experience hours and have passed the StateElectrician Certification Exam, orbe enrolled in a State-approved Electrician Trainee (ET) Program ANDregistered as an ET with the State, orbe indentured in a State or Federal approved Electrical ApprenticeshipProgram.How to become an Electrician TraineeTo legally perform electrical work for a C-10 contractor in the State of California ifyou have NOT either already passed the State Certification Exam or ARE NOTcurrently in a state or federal approved apprenticeship program, you must enroll in aState-approved school as an Electrician Trainee AND also register with the State ofCalifornia as an Electrician Trainee. You must also be supervised by a State-certifiedelectrician on the job.The steps for enrolling with a State-approved electrician trainee school/educationprovider and registering with the State as an Electrician Trainee are presented in thenext section of this Guide.Rev 3/2015

Electrician Trainee GuideStep by Step Guide for Electrician Trainee Compliance1. 2. Enroll in a State-approved Electrician Trainee (ET) ProgramGo to ls.htmlto find an approved education provider within your geographic area, or callthe State Certification Unit at 510-286-3900.Select a State-approved education provider. After you select youreducation provider. Please contact them and access that provider’scurriculum which will include courses that meet State-approved electricaltraining program requirements.Complete the ET Training Program Enrollment Form for theschool/education provider and submit it to them with the requiredenrollment fee.You should then receive a confirmation from your education provideracknowledging that you are enrolled in a State approved ElectricianTrainee program.Keep a copy of the confirmation letter with you as proof that you areenrolled in a State-approved Electrician Trainee program.Register with the State of California as an Electrician Trainee (ET)Get a copy of the State of California Application for New Registration ofElectrician Trainee form and complete all the required information. You candownload a copy of this Application for New Registration of ElectricianTrainee form from the DLSE website at: forms.htm or you can contactthe State DLSE-Electrical Certification Unit by phone at ((510) 286-3900. Fill out the Application for New Registration of Electrician Trainee form, andattach a copy of your ET Program Enrollment Confirmation from yourState-approved school to the State's form, and include a 25.00 check ormoney order (payable to: DIR – Electrician Certification Fund). Mail this to:DIR-Division of Labor Standards EnforcementATTN: Electrician Certification UnitPO Box 511286Los Angeles, CA 90051-7841 Rev 3/2015Upon receipt of your State ET Registration form with proof ofapproved-school enrollment, the State will send you a letterconfirming that you are a State-registered Electrician Trainee. Theletter will also include your "T" number. Please keep a copy of thisletter in a safe place. Possession of your T-number shows that youare registered with the State as an Electrician Trainee andprovides proof that you are enrolled in a State-approvedElectrician Trainee program.

Electrician Trainee Guide3. Sign up for an Electrician Trainee (ET) Class Select the courses that are most appropriate for your knowledgelevel and work experience. Complete all Class Sign-up Forms or other required documents. Order your textbooks for the course, if required. Send in the completed Class Sign-up Forms/documents with yourtuition fees to your selected school/education provider. Put the class start date, time and location on your calendar andattend all classes to get credit toward your 150 hours of requiredannual training. Note that though you may achieve a passing gradein a class, you will only be credited for the amount of training hoursyou have actually attended for that class.4. Renew Your State Electrician Trainee Application Annually!The State of California requires annual ET Application Renewal for allElectrician Trainees until you have the required work experience hours (8,000for General electrician, 4,800 for Residential electrician, or 4,000 for Fire/LifeSafety technician, 4000 for Voice Data Video Technician, and 2,000 for Nonresidential Lighting Technician) and have applied for and passed the StateElectrical Certification Exam. The Renewal does NOT require a fee. Thefollowing information is required to accompany the Application for ETRenewal: Copies of transcripts or class completion documents showing ApprovedCurriculum class work completed during the prior year; andThe name of the Electrician trainee’s current employer in the electricalindustry, andThe amount of on-the-job experience acquired during the prior year.Within 90 days of receipt of a renewal application, the ElectricianCertification Unit shall inform the applicant in writing whether that theregistration has been renewed or the application is deficient, or that theapplicant has submitted insufficient proof of further class work or workexperience, in which case, the Electrician Certification Unit shall informthe applicant of the information or documentation still required and thereason for the request.You can download a State ET Application Renewal form RenewRegistration.pdfRev 3/2015

Electrician Trainee Guide5. Apply to take the California State Certification ExamAfter you have completed the required hours (shown below) to be eligible totake the State Certification Exam, please fill out the State's Application forElectrician Examination and Certification, include required payment andsubmit it to the State of California. The Application for ElectricianExamination and Certification can be found on the State website tml. You may also call(510) 286-3900 to have a copy of the form mailed to you.Required on-the-job hours to qualify for the exam:8,000 for General Electricians; 4,800 for Residential Electricians; 4,000 forFire/Life Safety Technicians; 4,000 for Voice Data Video Technicians; and 2,000for Non-residential Lighting TechniciansOnce your exam application has been approved, the State will notify you andsend you an information packet containing the toll-free phone number to callto arrange for your test date, time and location.Anyone applying to take the State Certification Exams has one year from theapplication acceptance date to actually take the exam. If they do not take theexam this timeframe, they must reapply and pay the full fee to take the exam.Until June 1, 2007, those taking the Certification Exam will have the NEC codebook available as reference material during the test.After June 1, 2007, the NEC is provided as reference material during the test.If an applicant has taken and failed the Certification Exam, there is a 60 daywaiting period from the date he/she took his exam before he/she can retake hisexam. Application for Retest must be accompanied by a fee of 100 to retest.6.Notify Your School that You have Passed Your ExamWhen you pass the state exam, please notify your school/educationprovider so that they can cancel your enrollment as an Electrician Trainee intheir program. The school/education provider will also notify the State thatyou are no longer enrolled in their Electrician Trainee program.Valuable Web Sources:State’s main website for the electrical trade: lDefinition of an Electrician Trainee: tmState’s frequently asked questions: FAQ.htmDownloadable State ET forms: forms.htmRev 3/2015

AppendixElectrician Trainee GuideBackground InformationOn May 29, 2002, the Governor of California approved AB 1087, an act to amendSection 3099 now §108 of, and to add Sections 3099.2, 3099.3 and 3099.4 now§108.2, §103.3, and §108.4 to the Labor Code relating to electricians. This Billpreviously charged the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) now the Divisionof Labor Standards Enforcement with the following: Establish and validate minimum standards for competency and training ofelectricians in the State of California. Establish an advisory committee and panels to carry out the functions ofthis bill. Establish an electrical certification curriculum committee (ECCC) todevelop written educational curriculum standards. Establish and adopt regulations to enforce this bill. Issue certification cards to electricians who have been certified.The California Labor Code §108.4 states, “an uncertified person may performelectrical work for which certification is required under Section §108, in order toacquire the necessary on-the-job experience for certification, if all of the followingrequirements are met: Rev 3/2015Registration with Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) now theDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE)Completion of or enrollment in an approved curriculum of classroominstructionEmployer attests that the person works under the DIRECT supervision ofa certified electrician.

The steps for enrolling with a State-approved electrician trainee school/education provider and registering with the State as an Electrician Trainee are presented in the next section of this Guide. Rev 3/2015. Electrician Trainee Guide . Step File Size: 238KB