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Top reasons to choose ABB as your preferredsupplier of low voltage control products1. The most extensive product range, enabling you to sourceyour critical components from one supplier Air circuit breakers Arc Guard System Circuit monitoring system(CMS ) Contactors and overloads DIN rail components Disconnects Drives Enclosures Fittings Grounding systems Interface relays Limit switches Lugs Manual motor starters Miniature circuit breakers Molded case circuit breakers Pin and sleeve connectors Pilot devices PLCs Power distributionbus systems Power supplies Proline Safety locks Safety relays and PLCs Safety switches Sensors Softstarters Starters Surge protection devices Timers and monitors Universal motor controllers Wire duct and wire wrap Wire termination systems2. Ease of product selection and installation Comprehensive selection tools and extensive technicaldocumentation for easy specification and use Wide variety of product options — from standard to highlysophisticated — offering maximum value Products designed for safety and easy installation, set-up,commissioning and maintenance Common style across product line helps you create a cleanerpanel design3. Global support ABB products are available in more than 100 countries, givingyou the confidence of worldwide sourcing and support — nomatter where you build and operate your equipment Global certifications to support your business worldwide One single partner to handle your support requirements4. Ease of doing business Source for widest range of best-in-class products Pricing available 24x7x365 for qualified control panel partners Product selection tools, including configurators, crossreferences, product training and a dedicated web portal( Business efficiency resources Regulatory compliance assistance Priority supportProductsEnclosuresABB enclosures easily mount to the wall orfloor and can be vertically stacked with theuse of a joining kit. The doors can be hingedon the right or left side. They have a durablewelded construction with high mechanicalstrength ratings and are designed for smalland medium-sized automaton, switching andcontrol panels. Thermoplastic (Gemini UL) enclosures areavailable in six sizes for indoor and outdooruse — NEMA 1, 3R, 4 and 4X Painted steel (SR2) enclosures are for indooruse — NEMA 1, 2 — and are available with asolid or tempered glass door Stainless steel (SRX) enclosures are forindoor and outdoor use — NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X,12 — and are made of 304 stainless steelavailable with solid or tempered glass doorsSMISSLINE TP flexible powerdistribution bus systemModular assembly reducesinstallation time, saves space andallows simple reconfiguration andmaintenance. Design changes and future expansion are easilyaccomplished by connecting additional devices. Certified for UL508 and UL489 applications 200 A center-fed bus 0.5 to 63 A Combination motor starters Finger-safe IP20 design

ABB Ability Electrical DistributionControl System (EDCS)ABB Ability EDCS gives you the abilityto monitor energy usage, capture powerquality analytics, and perform predictivemaintenance easily, at anytime andfrom anywhere. Generate a new revenue stream by helping customers trackpanel performance Deliver ongoing differentiated solutions by helping yourcustomers increase panel reliability Easy-to-install architecture reduces wiring and connection time Unmatched scalability and flexibility enable easy integrationwith supervision and management systems in single- andmultiple-site applicationsTruONE ATSThe new TruONE ATS is the world’s firsttrue all-in-one automatic transfer switch,engineered to incorporate switch andcontroller in one seamless unit. TruONEstands ready to help ensure the steady deliveryof critical power at all times. Rated voltage 200–480 V Available in 3- and 4-pole Both in open and delayed transition Up to 1200 A with 2000 A coming soon Three levels of controller:- Standard for basic DIP switch control- Advanced with LCD display, programmable I/O, flexible timedelays and comm modules- Pro version includes power measurement and predictivemaintenanceCircuit monitoring system (CMS)The CMS is a compact system used formeasuring performance of diverse ACand DC load currents to reducedowntime and detect potential issuesbefore they occur. It is easy to use andhas intuitive installation and configuration via integratedtouch screen (CMS-600) or web client (CMS-700) in originalinstallations or field retrofits. Open and closed core sensors up to 160 A true RMS withup to 0.5% accuracy Up to 96 sensors can be monitored by one control unit Measured data can be accessed via Ethernet or polledvia Ethernet or Modbus RTU protocol interfaceIEC 60309 internationalpin and sleeve devicesIEC 60309 international pin andsleeve devices help provide safe,reliable and durable electricalconnections for different kindsof industrial applications andwork conditions. Dual-rated devices IP44, IP67 and IP69K portfolio Designed for easy connections in different applicationsEmax 2 Air circuit breakers (ACBs)Emax 2 ACBs provide the latest protectiontechnology with ease of installation and use.They function as circuit breakers for generalprotection of plants, end-user complexes andelectric lines and as protection circuit breakersfor generators, motors, transformers andcapacitors, making them the ideal solutionfor designers, installers, OEMs and end users. For applications in accordance to UL1066 standards 600 V AC Available in fixed and drawout styles Up to 6000 A Up to 100 kA of short circuit protection Accessories include: motor operators, auxiliary and signalcontacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release, bell alarms and moreFeaturing all-in-one innovationEmax 2 all-in-one innovation embeds into an Emax 2 aircircuit breaker to provide full power control. The embeddedfeatures of all-in-one innovation extraordinarily simplify theinstallation, programming and testing of these functions: Embedded ATS Load shedding Synchronized reclosing Integrated IPS Predictive maintenanceReady-to-go programming and simplified connectionsall in a compact, reliable system.Ekip UPEkip UP provides the ability toupgrade any switching device withmeasuring and monitoring,protection and control capabilities.Update your equipment withadvanced features such as communications, measuring andadvanced protections without replacing your existing circuitbreaker, contactor or disconnect switch. Upgrade and optimize your panel with embedded energymanagement features Operating voltages: 220 V to 690 V Operating currents: 100 A to 4000 A Operating temperature: min. -25 C, max. 85 C Measurement accuracy: current, class 1; voltage, class 0.5;power, class 2; harmonics up to 50th

1234Contactors and overloadsABB’s AF contactors signify a majoradvancement in motor control and powerswitching. They come standard withelectronic coils and built-in surgesuppression. The AF contactors, along withABB’s short circuit and overload protectivedevices, provide the user with fully tested, UL-listed shortcircuit current rating (SCCR) motor combinations. UL general use and motor switching 9 to 2650 A 5 to 900 HP Up to 1500 V 3-pole and 4-pole versions Accessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contactblocks, interlocking units, timers, electronic and thermaloverload relays Available with push-in spring termination for faster,easier assemblyDisconnect switchesABB has a wide portfolio of lowvoltage switches that includesfusible, non-fusible, change-over,and enclosed switches withratings between 16 and 2000 ampsfor both AC and DC applications.These disconnects are suitable for machinery, powerdistribution, switchboards, motor control centersand photovoltaic applications. UL508 and UL98 Listed Compact size High performance Robust safety features and easy installation The most complete offering of disconnects on the marketTmax XT molded casecircuit breakers (MCCBs)Tmax MCCBs provide an extremely highlevel of performance with limited overalldimensions and installation simplicity.The Tmax line is available in 8 sizes,a complete range of trip unit optionsand with a wide variety of electricaland mechanical accessories. Thermal magnetic and electronic versions Up to 3000 A with up to 200 kA of short circuit protection 240, 480 and 600 V optimized solutions Fixed, plug-in or drawout Accessories include: motor operators, auxiliary and signalcontacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release and bell alarmsStartersABB’s starters can be used in most motorcontrol applications using mechanicalstarting means as well as solid state. IEC and NEMA rated Combination tested to 200 kA Enclosed and open styles5Manual motor startersManual motor starters can reducepanel space, installation time and cost.Applications include manual motor control,local motor disconnect, group installation andself-protected combination motor controllers. Up to 100 A, 100 HP and 65 kA shortcircuit protection Self-protected UL508 type E and F (up to 100 kA) Accessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contactblocks and shunt trips, power-feed blocks, under-voltagerelease and short circuit signaling contacts Available with push-in spring termination for faster,easier assembly6 TransformersABB X series industrial controltransformers provide stepped-downvoltages for machine tool control devicesand industrial control panels. They aremade with high-quality silicon steellaminations to minimize core loss andoptimize performance. 45 to 5000 VA Multiple primary AC voltages 24, 115, 24/115 AC secondary voltages Epoxy-encapsulated coils and molded-in terminals7 Power suppliesABB’s CP range of innovative primaryswitch mode power supplies providescompact construction, easy DIN railmounting, high efficiency, reliabilityand safety features. Accessoriesinclude buffer units, redundancymodules and more. 5, 12, 24 or 48 V DC output voltage with wide rangeof AC or DC supply voltages High efficiency, up to 94% Open-circuit, overload and short-circuit proof input fuse Coated (PCBA) and ATEX certification available forhazardous locations8Surge protective devices (SPDs)SPDs are designed for long servicelife, protecting equipment fromsurges due to lightning strikes,upstream equipment and utilityload switching. They are suitable for use inhospitals, data centers, renewable energy,water/wastewater treatment and other 4thedition-power applications. UL1449 OVR DIN rail SPD for equipment protection;15 and 40 kA Replaceable MOV cartridges and modules The ABB OVRH Series offers SPDs for all applications thatcan help protect equipment from over-current and overvoltage events.

9Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)ABB, the inventor of miniature circuitbreaker technology, offers the largestselection of current-limiting, compact,DIN-rail mounted MCBs for AC and DCapplications. Thermal and magnetic tripsare provided to cover both over-currentand short-circuit faults. UL489, UL1077 and IEC 0.2 to 125 A, up to 600 V AC/DC and 50 kA shortcircuit protection Accessories: bus bars, auxiliary and signal contacts,shunt trip, under-voltage release and lock out/tag out10 Fuse holdersABB offers a wide range of DIN-rail mountable,UL approved IP20 fuse holders. They offer ventinggrooves and cooling chambers to improve heatdissipation, increasing durability and reliability.Ergonomic flip hinge makes fuse replacementeasier in small spaces even while wearing gloves.All models offer blown fuse indication. Class J — up to 60 A at 600 V AC/DC Class CC — up to 30 A at 600 V AC/DC Midget 10 x 38 mm — up to 30 A at 600 V AC/DC Photovoltaic PV — up to 30 A at 1 150 V DC11 Ice cube and solid state relaysABB’s solid state andelectromechanical relays helpensure reliable voltageconversion between processperipherals and higher-levelcontrol systems. Suitable for use in extreme environments,our relays help ensure reliable signal switching andelectrical isolation for sensitive electronics such as PLCs. Awide variety of pluggable interface relays with standard orlogic sockets can be used for switching AC or DC loads. Coil voltages from 5 V DC to 230 V AC Up to 16 A contact ratings and up to four output contacts Optional plug-in modules available; timer, LED and more Integrated test button for manual operation Gold-plated contacts available for lowest contact resistance Super slim (CR-S), less than 1 4" wide12 Electronic relays and controlsABB’s assortment includes awide range of products forswitchgear and control gearfor electrical equipment andautomation of machinery andplants. These versatile products offer maximum security,economic efficiency and capacity. Ongoing developmentof the product range makes new applications possible. Timers Measuring and monitoring relays Grid-feeding monitors Sensor interface relays Universal motor control13 Pilot devicesABB offers three ranges of pilot devices for 22 mm and 30 mm diameterholes. The modular range is offered inmetal or plastic bodies and includesoperators, holders and contact, andLED blocks that can be combined. The compact range offersall functions built into a single unit. Adapter rings enable useof 22 mm pilot devices in 30 mm diameter holes. IP66, IP67, IP69K and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13 Wiping contacts and integrated LEDs Standard and custom legend plate shrouds A full line of emergency stops14 ProlineProLine is the first UL67 panelboard on themarket offering touch-safe capabilities andtotal breaker coordination. It provides valuablefeatures to those who demand the best possibleprotection against arc flash and electrical shockduring installation or maintenance. UL67 panelboard with a certified touchsafeIP20 rating Current-limiting branch breakers reduce potential for arcflash in a short circuit event Pluggable branch breakers with non-energized bolt-onscrew furth

water/wastewater treatment and other 4th edition-power applications. UL1449 OVR DIN rail SPD for equipment protection; 15 and 40 kA Replaceable MOV cartridges and modules The ABB OVRH Series offers SPDs for all applications that can help protect equipment from over-current and over-voltage events. 8 Disconnect switches