RevelationChapter-by-ChapterEight Lessons Bible Study Course “Study to shew thyself approved unto God,a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,rightly dividing the word of truth.”II Timothy 2:15

LESSON 1: REVELATION 1-2:171. Revelation 1:1 - What is Jesus Christ revealing to His servants?2. Revelation 1:2 - Of what did John bear record?3. Revelation 1:3 - Who is blessed concerning the words of this prophecy?4. Revelation 1:4 - On what continent were these seven churches located?5. Revelation 1:5b - How does Jesus Christ wash away sin?6. Revelation 1:6 - What are believers made by Jesus Christ?7. Revelation 1:7 - Will every eye see Jesus when He returns?8. Revelation 1:8 - How does Jesus describe Himself?9. Revelation 1:9 - From what island was John writing this letter?10. Revelation 1:11 - Name the seven churches to whom this book was sent.11. Revelation 1:14 - How did John describe the eyes of Jesus Christ?12. Revelation 1:18b - What keys does Jesus have?13. Revelation 1:20a - What do the seven stars represent?14. Revelation 1:20b - What do the seven candlesticks represent?15. Revelation 2:1-2 - Who couldn’t the church of Ephesus bear?16. Revelation 2:4-5 - What had the church of Ephesus left?17. Revelation 2:6 - Whose deeds did the church of Ephesus hate?18. Revelation 2:7 - Those that overcome will eat of what tree?19. Revelation 2:8-9 - What church is described as having both tribulation and poverty, yet “thou art rich”?20. Revelation 2:10b - “. . . be thou unto death, and I will give thee a of life.”21. Revelation 2:11b - What did the Spirit say unto the churches here?22. Revelation 2:12-13a - What did the church of Pergamos not deny?23. Revelation 2:13b - Name the “faithful martyr” that was slain.24. Revelation 2:14 - Who “taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel”?25. Revelation 2:17 - What will be given to “him that overcometh”?Memory Verse: Revelation 1:8 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was,and which is to come, the Almighty.”StudentScoreDiscipler/InstructorDate 2009 Brian and Diana Starre. All rights reserved. E-mail: [email protected] Web:

LESSON 2: REVELATION 2:18-4:111. Revelation 2:18-19 - Name three good characteristics of the Thyatira church.2. Revelation 2:20-22 - Which wicked woman seduced Christ’s servants here “to commit fornication”?3. Revelation 2:23 - What does Jesus Christ search?4. Revelation 2:27a - How will Jesus Christ rule the nations?5. Revelation 3:1b - How does Jesus describe the church of Sardis?6. Revelation 3:2 - What does Jesus instruct the church of Sardis to strengthen?7. Revelation 3:3a - “Remember therefore how thou hast received and , and hold fast, and .”8. Revelation 3:4 - Who in Sardis “shall walk with me in white”?9. Revelation 3:5 - Will the individual that overcomes have his name blotted “out of the book of life”?10. Revelation 3:8b - How is the church of Philadelphia described?11. Revelation 3:10a - “Because thou hast kept the of my patience, I also will thee from thehour of ,”12. Revelation 3:12 - Which city will come “out of heaven from my God”?13. Revelation 3:14-16 - How is the church of the Laodiceans described?14. Revelation 3:17a - “Because thou sayest, I am , and increased with goods, and have need of ;”15. Revelation 3:17b - What did this church not know?16. Revelation 3:20a - “Behold, I stand at the door, and : if any man hear my ,”17. Revelation 3:20b - “. . . and open the door, I will in to him, and will with him, and he with me.”18. Revelation 3:21 - What will Jesus grant to him that overcomes?19. Revelation 4:1b - “. . . Come up , and I will shew thee things which must be .”20. Revelation 4:2 - “And immediately I was in the ; and, behold, a was set in heaven,and one sat on the .”21. Revelation 4:4 - How many elders did John see sitting around the throne?22. Revelation 4:5 - Where did John see the “seven lamps of fire burning”?23. Revelation 4:7 - Describe the four beasts John saw around the throne.24. Revelation 4:10 - What did John see the elders cast before the throne?25. Revelation 4:11 - “Thou art , O Lord, to receive glory and and power: for thou hastall things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”Memory Verse: Revelation 3:19 “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”StudentScoreDiscipler/InstructorDate 2009 Brian and Diana Starre. All rights reserved. E-mail: [email protected] Web:

LESSON 3: REVELATION 5-71. Revelation 5:1 - What did John see in the right hand of the Lord?2. Revelation 5:5 - Describe the One that “prevailed to open the book”.3. Revelation 5:6b - How is the Lamb described?4. Revelation 5:8 - What did the “golden vials” contain?5. Revelation 5:9b - “. . . for thou wast slain, and hast us to God by thy out ofevery kindred, and , and people, and nation;”6. Revelation 5:10 - “And hast us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall on the earth.”7. Revelation 5:11-12 - What is the Lamb worthy of receiving?8. Revelation 5:13b - “Blessing, and honour, and , and , be unto him that sitteth upon thethrone, and unto the for ever and ever.”9. Revelation 6:2 - What will the rider on the white horse have?10. Revelation 6:4 - What will the rider of the red horse have power to do?11. Revelation 6:5a - What will the rider of the black horse have “in his hand”?12. Revelation 6:8 - What is the rider on the pale horse called?13. Revelation 6:9 - Who did John say he saw under the altar?14. Revelation 6:12 - What will become as blood at the opening of the sixth seal?15. Revelation 6:13a - “And the of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a tree casteth her untimely figs,”16. Revelation 6:15 - Where will the kings of the earth and others hide themselves?17. Revelation 6:17 - “For the great day of his is come; and who shall be able to ?”18. Revelation 7:1 - Who did John say stood “on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth”?19. Revelation 7:3-4 - How many of God’s servants will be sealed in their foreheads?20. Revelation 7:5-8 - Name the twelve tribes of Israel.21. Revelation 7:9-10 - What will the “great multitude”, standing before the throne of the Lamb, have in their hands?22. Revelation 7:12 - “Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and , and , and honour,and power, and might, be unto our for ever and ever. Amen.”23. Revelation 7:14 - What will be made “white in the blood of the Lamb”?24. Revelation 7:16 - Will they hunger or thirst anymore?25. Revelation 7:17 - What will God wipe away?Memory Verse: Revelation 5:9b “. . . thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue,and people, and nation;”StudentScoreDiscipler/InstructorDate 2009 Brian and Diana Starre. All rights reserved. E-mail: [email protected] Web:

LESSON 4: REVELATION 8-101. Revelation 8:1 - How long will there be silence in heaven at the opening of the seventh seal?2. Revelation 8:2 - Who will be given seven trumpets?3. Revelation 8:7 - What will follow after the first angel sounds?4. Revelation 8:8b - What will “the third part of the sea” become when the second angel sounds?5. Revelation 8:9 - “And the third part of the which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the thirdpart of the were destroyed.”6. Revelation 8:10-11 - Name the star that will fall from heaven after the third angel sounds.7. Revelation 8:12 - What will be “smitten” when the fourth angel sounds?8. Revelation 9:1-2 - What will be opened after the fifth angel sounds?9. Revelation 9:3 - What will come out of the smoke upon the earth?10. Revelation 9:4a - What will the locusts be commanded not to hurt?11. Revelation 9:4b-5 - How long will they torment the “men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads”?12. Revelation 9:6 - What will men seek in those days?13. Revelation 9:7a - What will be “the shapes of the locusts”?14. Revelation 9:8 - “And they had hair as the hair of , and their teeth were as the teeth of .”15. Revelation 9:11 - What is the Hebrew name of “the angel of the bottomless pit”?16. Revelation 9:14-15 - From what river will the four angels be loosed to kill “the third part of men”?17. Revelation 9:16 - What will be “the number of the army of the horsemen”?18. Revelation 9:18 - By what three means will “the third part of men” be killed?19. Revelation 9:20-21 - Will “the rest of the men which were not killed” repent?20. Revelation 10:1 - What will the mighty angel from heaven have upon his head?21. Revelation 10:4b - “. . . Seal up those things which the seven uttered, and write them .”22. Revelation 10:7 - What will be finished when the seventh angel sounds?23. Revelation 10:8 - What will the voice from heaven command John to do?24. Revelation 10:9-10 - How did John’s belly react to eating “the little book”?25. Revelation 10:11 - “And he said unto me, Thou must again before many peoples, and ,and tongues, and .”Memory Verse: Revelation 8:4 “And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up beforeGod out of the angel’s hand.”StudentScoreDiscipler/InstructorDate 2009 Brian and Diana Starre. All rights reserved. E-mail: [email protected] Web:

LESSON 5: REVELATION 11-131. Revelation 11:1 - What will the angel say for John to measure?2. Revelation 11:2 - What will not be measured, but “given unto the Gentiles”?3. Revelation 11:3b - With what type of clothing will the two witnesses be dressed?4. Revelation 11:4 - “These are the two trees, and the candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.”5. Revelation 11:5-6 - What will these two witnesses have power to do?6. Revelation 11:7 - Who will kill the two witnesses?7. Revelation 11:8 - What are the spiritual names of the city where the two witnesses’ bodies shall lie?8. Revelation 11:11-12 - What will the “voice from heaven” say when the “Spirit of life” enters into them?9. Revelation 11:15b - According to the “voices in heaven”, how long will Christ reign?10. Revelation 12:1 - What will be upon the head of the “woman clothed with the sun”?11. Revelation 12:3 - How is the “great red dragon” described?12. Revelation 12:4b - Who did the dragon intend to devour?13. Revelation 12:5 - How would this child rule all nations?14. Revelation 12:7 - Who fought against the dragon and his angels?15. Revelation 12:7-9 - Where were the Devil and his angels cast?16. Revelation 12:10 - Who does Satan accuse “before our God day and night”?17. Revelation 12:11 - “And they overcame him by the of the Lamb, and by the of theirtestimony; and they loved not their lives unto the .”18. Revelation 12:13 - What does Satan do to the woman “which brought forth the man child”?19. Revelation 13:1-2 - Describe the beast that will “rise up out of the sea”.20. Revelation 13:3-5 - How long will power be given to this blaspheming beast?21. Revelation 13:11 - Describe the other beast that will come “up out of the earth”.22. Revelation 13:13 - “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh come down from heaven on the earthin the of men,”23. Revelation 13:15-16 - Where on the body will the mark of the beast be received?24. Revelation 13:17 - What will a person not be able to do if they do not have the mark?25. Revelation 13:18b - What is the “number of a man”?Memory Verse: Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; andthey loved not their lives unto the death.”StudentScoreDiscipler/InstructorDate 2009 Brian and Diana Starre. All rights reserved. E-mail: [email protected] Web:

LESSON 6: REVELATION 14-161. Revelation 14:1 - Where will the Lamb stand with the 144,000?2. Revelation 14:4a - “These are they which were not with women; for they are .”3. Revelation 14:5 - What will not be found in the mouth of the 144,000?4. Revelation 14:6a - What will be preached “unto them that dwell on the earth”?5. Revelation 14:7 - “Fear God, and give to him; for the hour of his is come:”6. Revelation 14:8a - What will the angel say of Babylon?7. Revelation 14:9-10 - Who will face the wrath of God?8. Revelation 14:13a - Who will be the “blessed” here?9. Revelation 14:13b - “. . . that they may rest from their ; and their do follow them.”10. Revelation 14:14 - What will the One sitting on the white cloud have in his hand?11. Revelation 14:16 - Where will the sickle be thrust?12. Revelation 14:20 - “And the was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, evenunto the horse , by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.”13. Revelation 15:1 - Who will have “the seven last plagues” filled up with the wrath of God?14. Revelation 15:2a - Who will have the harps of God?15. Revelation 15:3a - “And they sing the song of Moses the of God, and the song of the

Revelation 9:8 - “And they had hair as the hair of _, and their teeth were as the teeth of _.” 15. Revelation 9:11 - What is the Hebrew name of “the angel of the bottomless pit”? 16. Revelation 9:14-15 - From what river will the four angels be loosed to kill “the third part of men”? 17. Revelation 9:16 - What will be “the number of the army of the horsemen”? 18 .