Symantec Enterprise Vault and SymantecEnterprise Better store, manage, and discover business-critical informationSolution Overview: ArchivingIntroductionpremise, or subscribing to Symantec Enterprise ,The data explosion that has burdened corporations anda cloud-based service.governments across the globe for the past decade has becomeEnterprise Vault and Enterprise have the ability toincreasingly expensive to manage. Most organizations nowquickly ingest and index terabytes of legacy data into amanage terabytes, if not petabytes, of business criticalcentralized archive, while also scaling to support large datainformation, the sources of which continue to proliferate, on-volumes (both solutions are deployed at organizations withsite and in the cloud. While many organizations have focusedover 100,000 seats) to help you better manage the rapidon managing the cost of storage, the other costs and risks ofgrowth of information.managing a growing amount of information are often moreSymantec archiving solutions can provide your organizationsignificant.with the following five principal benefits:It can be expensive to identify, collect, and preserve1. A central archive for email and other critical informationelectronically stored information (ESI) for discovery in legal,sources.regulatory, and internal investigations. Often referred to as2. Easy and intuitive end user access to archivedelectronic discovery, or eDiscovery, this process, if doneinformation.poorly, poses significant risks if done poorly.3. Intelligence to help you efficiently retain, search, andLarge amounts of information also hamper the ability ofdiscover information.organizations to migrate to new application versions in a4. Improved IT operations, application upgrades, mailboxtimely manner, be it on-premise, such as Microsoft Exchangemanagement, and backup SLAs2010 and Microsoft SharePoint , or in the cloud5. Optimized storage management.with solutions like Microsoft Office 365 . IT operations aresimilarly hamstrung trying to manage personal email folders1. A central archive for email and all critical information(.pst or .nsf files) and meet their backup and recovery SLAs.sourcesFor these reasons, today's corporations and governmentsUsing Enterprise Vault and Enterprise, you canincreasingly need more sophisticated management tools toarchive email, email attachments, and other criticalhelp them improve IT operations and better govern theirinformation sources, whether they are on-premise or in, into a searchable repository for compliance, legal, orinternal investigations. For organizations in industries subjectOverviewto frequent regulation and lawsuits, the need to retain andSymantec archiving solutions allow organizations like yours tosearch across a broad range of information sources isintelligently retain, search, and discover information andespecially acute.improve how you manage your email and other criticalBoth Enterprise Vault and Enterprise archive thebusiness information sources. With Symantec, you have themost commonly used electronic communication tools,flexibility to easily set up, access, and manage archivedincluding Exchange, Office 365, IBM Domino , SharePoint,information by deploying Symantec Enterprise Vault on-and BlackBerry .1

Solution Overview: ArchivingSymantec Enterprise Vault and Symantec Enterprise their Exchange archives while offline, including archived .pstfiles. No other vendor offers a similar archiving experience.Figure 1. Symantec archiving solutions provide a central repository for emailand other critical data sources.Figure 2. Virtual Vault, available with Enterprise Vault, provides your endusers with transparent access to their Exchange archives while offline.Enterprise Vault also archives on-premise data sources suchEnterprise Vault and Enterprise allow users to alsoas file systems, attachments in SAP databases, and metadatarestore messages back to their inbox without IT support andfor video and audio. In addition to Office 365, Enterprise Vaultreply to or forward archived messages. Your end users'also increasingly archives other cloud-based informationMicrosoft Outlook and personal archive folders (.pst) can alsoincluding websites and social media information sources likebe replicated in the archive, making it even easier for them toFacebook, Twitter , and LinkedIn. Enterprise alsoquickly locate archived information. Using the advancedarchives cloud-based data sources including files stored infunctionality of Enterprise Vault Mailbox yourBox and Salesforce Chatter communications.end users can also send and receive messages when their1primary mail system is unavailable.2. Easy and intuitive end user access to archived informationSymantec archiving solutions provide your end users with3. Intelligence to help you efficiently retain, search, andnative access to their archived information using familiardiscover informationapplication functions, so they can easily search and retrieveSymantec archiving solutions help you make better decisionsinformation without engaging IT for assistance. Moreover, theand efficiently retain, search, and discover information.advanced features of the Symantec archiving solutionsBoth Symantec archiving solutions enable you to apply globalenhance end user access to archived information offline andand granular retention policies to your information. Withoutside the office, providing a highly intuitive end userEnterprise Vault, you have the additional option of usingexperience. Users can search their archives in seconds, andSymantec Enterprise Vault Data Classification Services—aquickly locate their intended information using advancedclassification engine built on the market leading technology ofsearch filtering capabilities.Symantec Data Loss Prevention software—to furtherEnterprise Vault comes equipped with Virtual Vault, anautomate decision making for archived Exchange email. Dataendpoint client that enables end users to manage and access1.Classification Services automates the decision on whether orRequires Symantec Email Security.cloud2

Solution Overview: ArchivingSymantec Enterprise Vault and Symantec Enterprise not to archive an email (for example, do you need to retain theEnterprise Vault on legal hold, directly collect informationcafeteria menu for seven years?), optionally assigns afrom Enterprise Vault, and filter those collections using theclassification tag (for example, harassment, intellectualEnterprise Vault index and classification tags establishedproperty, PCI, or PII data, etc.), and determines theusing Data Classification Services. The added benefit ofappropriate retention policy for the message.Clearwell is the ability to search across archived and non-Enterprise Vault and Enterprise provide you andarchived content.your end users with the ability to run simple or advanced4. Improved IT operations, application upgrades, mailboxsearches. Enterprise Vault provides search capabilities formanagement, and backup SLAsover 500 file types. Plus both solutions enable you to saveSymantec archiving solutions can help you improve your ITfrequently used searches so that they can be quickly rerun atoperations and meet your changing IT staff and infrastructureany time. Searches can be filtered based on keyword,requirements.attachment file type, date, sender, recipient, and tags.You can improve how efficiently you migrate to new versionsEnterprise provides your legal team with direct,of your applications such as Exchange and SharePoint. Byroles-based access to the archive, reducing the burden onmoving old and unused information into an archive first, youyour IT team and expediting the legal discovery process withreduce the amount of active information that needs to beits real-time, iterative search functionality, and built-inmoved during an upgrade, reducing your risks and saving youcollaborative eDiscovery workflow. From within the archive,time.your legal team can apply legal holds, delegate the reviewworkload, quickly cull through information, and perform self-You can also use an archive to improve mailbox management.service exports. Exported information can then be importedEnterprise Vault mailbox management automatically reclaimsinto the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Symantec for avaluable space by enabling the administrator to set policiesunified eDiscovery solution.that archive email from the mailbox based on age, email size,and quota thresholds. Enterprise Vault and also perform journal archiving, which ensures allemail sent and received is captured in the archive. This canoptionally be set for a specific set of users or for theorganization as a whole.Enterprise Vault allows you to archive .nsf and .pst files, andoptionally delete .pst files, to reduce personal email folderFigure 3. Enterprise allows reviewers to conduct iterativesearches, adding and removing search criteria without rerunning the search.sprawl and minimize the associated risks of corrupted, lost, orstolen files. Enterprise similarly eliminates .pstLikewise, Symantec archiving solutions allow you to identifyfiles, allowing your IT department to disable .pst creationand collect information for use in internal searches andfunctionality on your mail server, while providing your endeDiscovery. Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Acceleratorusers with unlimited mailboxes via their personal archives.can be used for basic Boolean-based search queries of theLikewise, you can improve your backup SLAs. Enterprise Vaultarchive. Integration between Enterprise Vault and theallows you to expire or move old and unused information fromClearwell eDiscovery Platform provides IT and legalapplication servers into the archive, reducing the amount ofinvestigators to directly search and put information ininformation that needs to be backed up or recovered.3

Solution Overview: ArchivingSymantec Enterprise Vault and Symantec Enterprise Enterprise helps you meet backup windows byYou can achieve additional savings using Enterprise Vault byallowing you to confidently expire entire messages andestablishing storage tiers and through the ability to chooseattachments from your mail server. End user access remainsyour preferred storage hardware or cloud storage vendors.unaffected since they have access to their personal archive.ConclusionDeployment options for Symantec archiving solutions can alsoReliability is a key factor when choosing an archiving vendorreduce the burden of these management tasks on your IT staffsince your archive is your long-term repository for your criticaland infrastructure. With no mandatory hardware or softwarebusiness information. Symantec delivers visionary archivingrequired, Enterprise is easy to deploy andsolutions that continue to evolve with market requirements,maintain.and has been archiving corporate and governmentSimilar benefits can be realized through services forinformation since 1999. The feature-rich roadmap fromEnterprise Vault. Symantec Managed Enterprise Vault Symantec is based on feedback from a large installServices allow you to out-task administration of your on-base—over 25,000 customers, including 57 of the Fortunepremise archive with the additional benefit of defined service100—and from product innovation delivered by hundreds oflevels and automatic upgrades. Alternatively, hosteddedicated engineers and technical support specialists.Enterprise Vault services delivered by Symantec partners Enterprise VVaultault—The industry's most widely-deployed,allow you to deploy Enterprise Vault software to minimizeon-premise enterprise archiving solution offers customerscapital expenditures and reduce IT management costs.a central archive platform to optimize storage, enable5. Storage optimizationretention and defensible deletion, and improve search andSymantec archiving solutions help you optimize your storage.eDiscovery needs across Exchange and SharePoint,Enterprise requires no on-site infrastructure andDomino, file servers, and additional content sources.2 Managed Enterprise VVaultault—A monitoring, management,includes unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee,allowing you to expire archived information from your primaryand support service for organizations that want to retainsystems (for example, Exchange, Salesforce Chatter), astheir data on-premise while leveraging the benefits ofneeded.remote management. Customers are supported by theSymantec Business Critical Services team, who areEnterprise Vault also reduces your costs at the outset byexperts in both service delivery and the Symantec archivingallowing you to establish retention policies and expiretechnologies.information accordingly. The remaining information in the Enterprise VVaultault.cloudcloud—A cloud-based archiving servicearchive is then compressed and deduplicated acrossthat helps organizations better store, manage, andinformation sources (if the .ppt file archived from your filediscover business-critical information. Enterpriseserver is the same .ppt archived from Exchange, it is securely and defensibly captures informationonce in the archive, but still optionally accessible from bothin a single repository. It delivers a highly intuitive end useroriginal applications via shortcuts). Enterprise Vault has aexperience, with seamless access and rapid searchlight index that is typically 15 percent or less of the size of thefunctionality. Plus, the built-in collaborative eDiscoveryoriginal information.workflow provides legal teams with roles-based access tothe archive, expediting the eDiscovery process.2.Radicati, Information Archiving Market 2012-2016, Radicati Group, July 2012 (based on WW market share)4

Solution Overview: ArchivingSymantec Enterprise Vault and Symantec Enterprise ClearClearwellwell eDiscovereDiscoveryy PlatfPlatformorm—An enterprise-scaleeDiscovery solution that allows enterprises, governments,and law firms to manage legal, regulatory, andinvestigative matters using a single application. TheClearwell Platform is purpose-built for eDiscovery, makingit easy for organizations to defensibly solve real-worldchallenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle from legalhold and collections through analysis, review, andproduction.More InformationVisit our website speak with a Product Specialist in the U.S.Call toll-free 1 (877) 253 2793To speak with a Product Specialist outside the U.S.For specific country offices and contact numbers, please visitour website.About SymantecSymantec protects the world’s information, and is a globalleader in security, backup, and availability solutions. Ourinnovative products and services protect people andinformation in any environment – from the smallest mobiledevice, to the enterprise data center, to cloud-based systems.Our world-renowned expertise in protecting data, identities,and interactions gives our customers confidence in aconnected world. More information is available or by connecting with Symantec World Headquarters350 Ellis St.Mountain View, CA 94043 USA 1 (650) 527 80001 (800) 721 2013 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, and the Checkmark Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S.and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.21283470 02/135

Enterprise provides your legal team with direct, roles-based access to the archive, reducing the burden on your IT team and expediting the legal discovery process with its real-time, iterative sear