Capital Program ManagementConstruction SchedulingStandard Coding and ProceduresFor Designers and ContractorsManualBDC 01T-52001Prepared by: NJDOTQuality Management ServicesConstruction Scheduling and Assessment Section

Table of ContentsA.B.IntroductionScheduling SoftwareI.Construction SchedulesEquivalent SoftwareII.C.Best PracticesD.Standard CodingI.Development of Progress SchedulesII.Design/Construction Template (WBS)III.Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)IV.Standard Activity CodesE.Standard FactorsF.Level of Detail Required on a Progress ScheduleG.Designer Contract Time DeterminationDesign SubmissionI.II.Final Design SubmissionIII.Designer Standard Naming of ProjectsIV.Multi-Year FundingV.Determine Start of ConstructionVI.Production Ratesa.Table A Roadway Items (English)b.Table B Bridge Items (English)c.Table C Bridge Items One Span (English)d.Table D Bridge Items Two Span (English)e.Table A.1 Roadway Items (Metric)Table B.1 Bridge Items (Metric)f.g.Table C.1 Bridge Items One Span (Metric)h.Table D.1 Bridge Items Two Span (Metric)VII. Acceleration of Contract Schedulesa.Increased Production Ratesb.Incentive/Disincentivec.A B Biddingd.Lane RentalVIII. Designer NarrativeH.Contractor ProcedureI.Contractor Standard Naming of ProjectsAppendixA. DefinitionsB. Time Impact Evaluation FormC. Utility Companies by AreaD. NJDOT Request for Trainees MemoE. General Workday Chart (Contract Time Determination only)F. Procedure for utilizing the Construction Scheduling 40414243434445464747485051545758

A. IntroductionScheduling of a construction project is more important today than ever before. Mostconstruction projects now involve the reconstruction of existing highways, which means thattraffic will be disrupted. It is important that Designers and Contractors understand that workmust be planned and executed efficiently to minimize these disruptions.The Department has developed, with the Consultant and Construction industries, this manual tostandardize construction scheduling for Designers and Contractors. Members of the team thatdeveloped this manual were:Kevin RittenberryRandy PrescottDavid HawkRichard FormanLen DePintoJack TobinDon GoldbergRod PelloStacie DavisTim RonanFrank PaliseJoe FasanellaJason HahnStan PierzhanowskiMike DiPentoKarl RanganathanSean SheehyJim TimponeCharles MillerDave BizugaRick HammerChris ManzAndy KuchtyakMark DietrichEmerson Misner (Chair)Division of Law and Public Safety DAGFHWAFHWAAGC/NJAPARailroad ConstructionPKF Mark-IIIGoodkind & O’DeaParson’s TransportationStacie A. Davis, P.E., PCBakerNJDOT - Quality Management ServicesNJDOT - Quality Management ServicesNJDOT - Quality Management ServicesNJDOT - Quality Management ServicesNJDOT - Bureau of ConstructionNJDOT - Bureau of ConstructionNJDOT - Region North ConstructionNJDOT - Region Central ConstructionNJDOT - Design ServicesNJDOT - GeometricsNJDOT - Project ManagementNJDOT - Project ManagementNJDOT - Program SupportNJDOT - Project ManagementNJDOT - Quality Management ServicesWe would like to thank members for their contribution and continued effort as this processevolves.B. Scheduling SoftwareThe New Jersey Department of Transportation, Capital Program Management has adopted theuse of Primavera P3e software as the scheduling software to maintain a database of all CapitalProgram Management projects.This database will contain both a) Capital ProgramManagement's schedule and budget for the entire design process for each project and b) TheDesigner’s and Contractor’s schedules for the proposed construction work required to completethe project. The Designer will begin development of a construction schedule starting with apreliminary schedule at Initial Design and reaching the final schedule at the Final Design2

Submission. The Contractor will begin development of a construction schedule at the Award ofContract starting with the preliminary schedule and continue throughout the constructioncontract with the submission of a baseline schedule and monthly updates. This manual covers theconstruction scheduling portion from the initial design until the completion of construction.B.I Construction SchedulesGenerally, on projects with an estimated construction cost of less than 5 million, acomputer generated Critical Path Method (CPM) Progress Schedule shall be submitted onPrimavera SureTrak software or other approved software that is compatible withPrimavera P3e software. However, Primavera Project Planner P3 3.0 or approvedequivalent software shall be utilized on projects that meet one of the following criteria: New Construction or Reconstruction/Rehabilitation projects that require stagingplans or a specific sequence of constructionMajor utility relocations.Significant right-of-way impacts.Estimated duration of longer than one construction season.All projects over 5 million construction costThe specific software to be utilized on a particular project will be determined byConstruction as part of the Final Scope Development process.B.II Equivalent SoftwareReference is made to Primavera products throughout this manual and also in theSpecifications. It is understood that computer software technology is constantly changingand improving and as per Subsection 106.12 that Substitutes or "Or Equal" products are ormay become available. To be approved as a Substitute or "Or Equal" the software must becompletely compatible with the database that contains the Capital Program Management'sdesign process schedule and budget as well as the construction scheduling from initialdesign through construction. The software shall be compatible with the hierarchy of thecoding and able to import and export data within the NJDOT Capital ProgramManagement's database without distortion of any coding or relationships contained in thedatabase.The Designer shall only utilize equivalent or compatible software, which has receivedwritten approval from the Department prior to their submittal of their technical proposal.The software utilized for the initial schedule shall not vary throughout the remainder ofthe design process.The Contractor shall only utilize equivalent or compatible software for a project, whichhas received written approval from the Department. Forty State Business Days will berequired for review and approval or rejection of the software. In order to obtain approvalof a Substitutes or "Or Equal" product, the manufacturer of the software must demonstrateits compatibility by submitting all required documentation, demonstration disks, or othernecessary information to the Bureau of Quality Management Services. The approvedsoftware utilized will not vary throughout the construction phase.3

C. Best PracticesIn developing a schedule, three basic items make CPM scheduling work: Clearly defined activities.Realistic duration’s.Good logic.Other Practices Include: Negative lags will not be permitted. Do not use a Finish to Start relationship with a lag. An activity must be added torepresent the lag time. A project shall have one beginning and one end. All activities shall have apredecessor and successor except the project’s start and finish milestones. No "OpenEnds" will be permitted. Durations of work activities shall not exceed the update cycle. The Departmentrequires the update cycle to be prepared monthly. "Suspension of Dates" will not be permitted. An activity must be added. If an activity has a Start-to-Start relationship - it shall be closed with a Finish-toFinish or Finish-to-Start relationship. (No open ends) The completion date of the CPM schedule shall be the completion date in Subsection108.10 of the project's Special Provisions, which shall be input as a Finish Milestonewith a Late Finish Constraint. All intermediate milestones (Interim CompletionDates) required in the Contract shall be shown in proper logical sequence and inputas either the “Start-no-Earlier-Than” or “Finish-no-Later-Than” date. MandatoryFinish and Mandatory Starts shall not be used. When updating, all "Out of Sequence" activities shall be corrected to reflect thecurrent construction operations. Original durations shall not be changed from the approved Baseline Schedule.D. Standard CodingAs a means of monitoring progress schedules, the Department has developed with the Consultantand Construction industries common coding structure and procedures to be utilized from designthrough construction. A Designer or Contractor shall utilize the Primavera template projectcontaining the latest standard coding provided from the Department’s web site or will be sentupon request.4

D. I Development of Progress SchedulesDesigner’s Submission DraftConstruction ScheduleStandard CodingDesignFinal Design SubmissionContract time determinationStandard CodingContractor’s baseline scheduleStandard CodingConstructionContractor’s updatesKey - Global link of all projects5

D. II Design/Construction Template ttalsStage 1Area 1*Stage 2Area 2** User defined by Area Codes6

D. III. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)MilestonesACTIVITYACTIVITY ---------------------------M100Advertise Date (Start Milestone)M200Bid Date (Start Milestone)M300Award Date (Start Milestone)M400Start Design Work (Design/Build only) (Start Milestone)M480Complete Design Work (Design/Build only) (Finish Milestone)M500Construction Start Date (Start Milestone)M600Stage Complete (increase by 5) (Finish Milestone)M700Interim Completion Date(s) (Increase by 10) (Finish Milestone)M800ROW Availability Date(s) (Increase by 5) (Finish Milestone)M900Substantial Completion (Finish Milestone)M950Completion (Finish --------------------------PRIMAVERA PROJECT PLANNERWORK BREAKDOWN --------------------------WBS CodeTitle0 MilestonesC ConstructionC.00 AdministrativeC.01 Stage 1C.01.1AC.01.1BC.01.1CC.01.1DC.01.1EStage 1 AStage 1 BStage 1 CStage 1 DStage 1 EC.02 Stage 2C.02.2AC.02.2BC.02.2CC.02.2DC.02.2EStage 2 AStage 2 BStage 2 CStage 2 DStage 2 E7

C.03 Stage 3C.03.3AC.03.3BC.03.3CC.03.3DC.03.3EC.04 Stage 4C.04.4AC.04.4BC.04.4CC.04.4DC.04.4EC.05 Stage 5C.05.5AC.05.5BC.05.5CC.05.5DC.05.5EC.06 Stage 6C.06.6AC.06.6BC.06.6CC.06.6DC.06.6EC. 7 Stage 7C.07.7AC.07.7BC.07.7CC.07.7DC.07.7EStage 3 AStage 3 BStage 3 CStage 3 DStage 3 EStage 4 AStage 4 BStage 4 CStage 4 DStage 4 EStage 5 AStage 5 BStage 5 CStage 5 DStage 5 EStage 6 AStage 6 BStage 6 CStage 6 DStage 6 EStage 7 AStage 7 BStage 7 CStage 7 DStage 7 EC.10 Final CleanupD Design (Design/Build only)P ProcurementP.CS Contractor Submittals (Not 06P.CS.07P.CS.08Safety PlanNight LightingDemolitionDisposalPavingSteel ErectionHealth and Safety PlanDeck Placement8

P.PP PermitsP.PP.01P.PP.02EnvironmentalDewateringP.MS Material Submittals (Long Lead Items)P.MS .01ConcreteP.MS .02Structural SteelP.MS .03AsphaltP.MS .04ElectricalP.MS .05Sheeting/CofferdamP.WD Working DrawingsP.WD .01Bridge Working DrawingsP.WD.01.01 Bridge Working Drawings Requiring DesignP.WD.01.01.01Structural Steel Working DrawingsP.WD.01.01.02Structural BearingsP.WD.01.01.03Prestressed Concrete BeamsP.WD.01.01.04Prestressed Concrete PilesP.WD.01.01.05Expansion WD.01.01.08Machinery for Movable BridgesP.WD.01.01.09Electrical Items for Movable BridgesP.WD.01.01.10Precast Concrete CulvertsP.WD.01.01.11Steel Bridge Deck FormsP.WD.01.01.12Prefabricated Modular WallsP.WD.01.01.13Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) WallsP.WD.01.01.14Concrete Crib WallsP.WD.01.01.15Alternate Retaining Wall DesignP.WD.01.01.16Temporary StructuresP.WD.01.01.17Temporary ShieldingP.WD.01.01.18Electrical Items not pre-approvedP.WD.01.02 Bridge Working Drawings Not Requiring DesignP.WD.01.02.01Structural Steel Working DrawingsP.WD.01.02.02Structural BearingsP.WD.01.02.03Prestressed Concrete BeamsP.WD.01.02.04Prestressed Concrete PilesP.WD.01.02.05Expansion DamsP.WD.01.02.06CofferdamsP.WD.01.02.07Machinery for Movable BridgesP.WD.01.02.08Electrical Items for Movable BridgesP.WD.01.02.09Strip SealsP.WD.01.02.10Armored Deck JointsP.WD.01.02.11Bridge Storm DrainsP.WD.01.02.12Sign Support StructuresP.WD.01.02.13GA Sign Support PostsP.WD.01.02.14Noise BarriersP.WD.01.02.15Bridge Railings and Fencing AnchoragesP.WD.01.02.16Sign Legends9

P.WD .02Road Working DrawingsP.WD.02.01Road requiring 02.02Impact attenuatorsSheetingElectrical items not pre-approvedRoad not requiring t attenuatorsSign legendsRecycled/synthetic routed spacers10

D. IV Standard Activity ---------------------PRIMAVERA PROJECT PLANNERACTIVITY CODES --------------------------CODE -----------------------------------Activity Codes:RESP ResponsibilityCONPPrime ContractorCONAAdjacent ContractorNACOArmy Corp of EngineersNCOGCoast GuardNDBCDelaware Bridge CommissionNDEPNew Jersey DEPNDOTNew Jersey Department of TransportationNDPADelaware Port AuthorityNSJTSouth Jersey Transportation AuthorityNGSPNJ Highway AuthorityNPCMPinelands CommissionNPPAPalisades ParkwayNPTAPort Authority of NY and NJNTPKNew Jersey TurnpikeTHRDThird Party (Property owners, etc.)UACEAtlantic City Electric DBA ConnectiveUAMTAmtrakUATTAT&TUCBLCable UtilityUCVECity of Vineland Electric Co.UELGElizabethtown GasUELWElizabethtown Water CompanyUGPNJCP&L DBA GPU Energy - (North)UGPSJCP&L DBA GPU Energy - (South)UMCIMCI WorldComUMIWMiddlesex WaterUNGNNew Jersey Natural Gas (North)UNGSNew Jersey Natural Gas (South)UNJTNew Jersey TransitUNJWNew Jersey American WaterUNWCUnited Water CompanyUPECPublic Service Electric (Central)UPEMPublic Service Electric (Metropolitan)UPEPPublic Service Electric (Palisades)UPESPublic Service Electric (Southern)UPGNPublic Service Gas (North)UPGSPublic Service Gas (South)UPVSPassaic Valley Sewerage CommissionUPVWPassaic Valley Water CommissionURELRockland Electric11

URCRURNSURCSURNYUSCCUSJGUSPTUVERConsolidated Rail CorporationNorfolk and Southern RailroadCSX Transportation Inc.New York Susquehanna & Western Railway CorporationSprint Communications Company L.P.South Jersey GasSprint DBA United Telephone Co of NJVerizon Communications12

ntic CountyAbsecon CityAtlantic CityBrigantine CityBuena BoroughBuena Vista TownshipCorbin CityEgg Harbor CityEgg Harbor TownshipEstell Manor CityFolsom BoroughGalloway TownshipHamilton TownshipHammonton TownLindwood CityLongport BoroughMargate CityMullica TownshipNorthfield CityPleasantville CityPort Republic CitySomers Point CityVentnor CityWeymouth TownshipBergen CountyAllendale BoroughAlpine BoroughBergenfield BoroughBogota BoroughCarlstadt BoroughCliffside Park BoroughCloster BoroughCresskill BoroughDemarest BoroughDumont BoroughEast Rutherford BoroughEdgewater BoroughElmwood Park BoroughEmerson BoroughEnglewood CityEnglewood Cliff BoroughFair Lawn BoroughFairview BoroughFort Lee BoroughFranklin Lakes BoroughGarfield CityGlen Rock BoroughHackensack CityHarrington Park Borough13

0304Hasbrouck Heights BoroughHaworth BoroughHillsdale BoroughHohokus BoroughLeonia BoroughLittle Ferry BoroughLodi BoroughLyndhurst TownshipMahwah TownshipMaywood BoroughMidland Park BoroughMontvale BoroughMoonachie BoroughNew Milford BoroughNorth Arlington BoroughNorthvale BoroughNorwood BoroughOakland BoroughOld Tappan BoroughOradell BoroughPalisades Park BoroughParamus BoroughPark Ridge BoroughRamsey BoroughRidgefield BoroughRidgefield Park VillageRidgewood VillageRiver Edge BoroughRivervale TownshipRochelle Park TownshipRockleigh BoroughRutherford BoroughSaddle Brook TownshipSaddle River BoroughSouth Hackensack TownshipTeaneck TownshipTenafly BoroughTeterboro BoroughUpper Saddle River BoroughWaldwick BoroughWallington BoroughWashington TownshipWestwood BoroughWoodcliff Lake BoroughWood Ridge BoroughWyckoff TownshipBurlington CountyBass River TownshipBeverly CityBordentown CityBordentown Township14

rlington CityBurlington TownshipChesterfield TownshipCinnaminson TownshipDelanco TownshipDelran TownshipEastampton TownshipEdgewater Park TownshipEvesham TownshipFieldsboro BoroughFlorence TownshipHainesport TownshipLumberton TownshipMansfield TownshipMaple Shade TownshipMedford TownshipMedford Lakes BoroughMoorestown TownshipMount Holly TownshipMount Laurel TownshipNew Hanover TownshipNorth Hanover TownshipPalmyra BoroughPemberton BoroughPemberton TownshipRiverside TownshipRiverton BoroughShamong TownshipSouthampton TownshipSpringfield TownshipTabernacle TownshipWashington TownshipWestampton TownshipWillingboro TownshipWoodland TownshipWrightstown BoroughCamden County0401Audubon Borough0402Audubon Park Borough0403Barrington Borough0404Bellmawr Borough0405Berlin Borough0406Berlin Township0407Brooklawn Borough0408Camden City0409Cherry Hill Township0410Chesilhurst Borough0411Clementon Borough0412Collingswood Borough0413Gibbsboro Borough0414Gloucester City15

Gloucester TownshipHaddon TownshipHaddonfield BoroughHaddon Heights BoroughHi Nella BoroughLaurel Springs BoroughLawnside BoroughLindenwold BoroughMagnolia BoroughMerchantville BoroughMount Ephraim BoroughOaklyn BoroughPennsauken TownshipPine Hill BoroughPine Valley BoroughRunnemede BoroughSomerdale BoroughStratford BoroughTavistock BoroughVoorhees TownshipWaterford TownshipWinslow TownshipWoodlynne BoroughCape May County0501Avalon Borough0502Cape May City0503Cape May Point Borough0504Dennis Township0505Lower Township0506Middle Township0507North Wildwood City0508Ocean City0509Sea Isle City0510Stone Harbor Borough0511Upper Township0512West Cape May Borough0513West Wildwood Borough0514Wildwood City0515Wildwood Crest Borough0516Woodbine BoroughCumberland County0601Bridgeton City0602Commercial Township0603Deerfield Township0604Downe Township0605Fairfield Township0606Greenwich Township0607Hopewell Township0608Lawrence Township0609Maurice River Township0610Millville City16

0823Shiloh BoroughStow Creek TownshipUpper Deerfield TownshipVineland CityEssex CountyBelleville TownshipBloomfield TownshipCaldwell Borough TownshipCedar Grove TownshipEase Orange CityEssex Fells TownshipFairfield TownshipGlen Ridge TownshipIrvington TownshipLivingston TownshipMaplewood TownshipMillburn TownshipMontclair TownshipNewark CityNorth Caldwell TownshipNutley TownshipOrange City TownshipRoseland BoroughSouth Orange Village TownshipVerona TownshipWest Caldwell TownshipWest Orange TownshipGloucester CountyClayton BoroughDeptford TownshipEast Greenwich TownshipElk TownshipFranklin TownshipGlassboro BoroughGreenwich TownshipHarrison TownshipLogan TownshipMantua TownshipMonroe TownshipNational Park BoroughNewfield BoroughPaulsboro BoroughPitman BoroughSouth Harrison TownshipSwedesboro BoroughWashington TownshipWenonah BoroughWest Deptford TownshipWestville BoroughWoodbury CityWoodbury Heights Borough17

0824Woolwich TownshipHudson County0901Bayonne City0902East Newark Borough0903Guttenberg Town0904Harrison Town0905Hoboken City0906Jersey City0907Kearny Town0908North Bergen Township0909Secaucus Town0910Union City0911Weehawken Township0912West New York Town1000Hunderton County1001Alexandria Township1002Bethlehem Township1003Bloomsbury Borough1004Califon Borough1005Clinton Town1006Clinton Township1007Delaware Township1008East Amwell Township1009Flemington Borough1010Franklin Township1011Frenchtown Borough1012Glen Gardner Borough1013Hampton Borough1014High Bridge Borough1015Holland Township1016Kingwood Township1017Lambertville City1018Lebanon Borough1019Lebanon Township1020Milford Borough1021Raritan Township1022Readington Township1023Stockton Borough1024Tewksbury Township1025Union Township1026West Amwell Township1100Mercer County1101East Windsor Township1102Ewing Township1103Hamilton Township1104Hightstown Borough1105Hopewell Borough1106Hopewell Township1107Lawrence Township1108Pennington Borough1109Princeton Borough090018

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CLAS Class of WorkBRID Bridge itemsType of VESTELPRECOSIGBEXCBMICSheetingClearing site, bridgeConcrete culvertsPilesNoise BarrierTemporary ShieldingCofferdamsReinforcing SteelTemporary StructureDeck RepairStructural ConcreteUnderwater InspectionStructural SteelPrecast/Prestressed BeamsOverhead/Cantilever signsBridge ExcavationBridge Miscellaneous (Fence, railing, joints,guiderail etc.)25

CLAS Class of WorkROAD Road ItemsType of Clearing site itemsDrainage itemsEarthwork itemsAsphalt Pavement itemsLandscape itemsUtility itemsMiscellaneous itemsElectrical and Signal itemsCurb itemsMaintenance of traffic itemsTraffic stripes, signs and delineatorsAggregates (Subbase, DGABC, etc.)ITS WorkConcrete PavementDemolitionEnvironmentalMillingApproach and Transition SlabsRemoval of Concrete Base and RoadwayRemoval of curbSidewalks and DrivewaysTemporary LightingFenceBeam Guide RailAREP Project Area (Values of YYYY will be the name of the project – Last two places –user YYYYA8YYYYA9YYYYB1Area 1 (Description to be defined by user)Area 2 (Description to be defined by user)Area 3 (Description to be defined by user)Area 4 (Description to be defined by user)Area 5 (Description to be defined by user)Area 6 (Description to be defined by user)Area 7 (Description to defined by user)Area 8 (Description to be defined by user)Area 9 (Description to be defined by user)Area 10 (Description to be defined by user)26

E. Standard FactorsStandard factors that shall be taken into account when preparing a Construction Scheduleinclude:1.Scheduling the advertisement of small, short duration projects in order to allowconstruction to be completed in one construction season (Designer Contract TimeDetermination only).2.Seasonal limitations such as concrete construction, paving, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)availability, curb, placement of long life traffic stripes, landscaping and bridge painting.3.Utility relocation’s (each utility treated separately - work on the same pole line must betreated sequentially, not concurrently).4.No natural gas service interruptions during the winter months. Normally from October 1to April 1, to be verified through the Utility and Railroad Engineering Unit.5.No water service interruptions during the summer months. Normally from April 1 toSeptember 30 to be verified through the Uti

Feb 15, 2002 · The New Jersey Department of Transportation, Capital Program Management has adopted the use of Primavera P3e software as the scheduling software to maintain a database of all Capital .